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  1. May be a silly question that's been covered in the past, but if we bid and win how does the transaction take place? Are we expected to send cash/check, or it is done via Paypal or some other online service? If I don't know there may be others who also could use a bit more information. Thanks and good luck!
  2. forphase1

    Orioles Attendance Article

    Growing up I was one of the few Orioles fans in my area (close to Huntington, WV), and that was largely due to my Grandparents, who have a house in Baltimore on the bay, but not in the city (Chesapeake Ave, Baltimore 21220 if anyone wants to know the general area I'm referring to). My Grandfather was a police officer for the city while my Grandmother was a nurse at John Hopkins. When I was young and visiting we'd go into the city often for Orioles games (both at Memorial and later Camden Yards), and visit the inner harbor and various attractions. But starting about 10-12 years ago when I'd visit, they tried keeping me and my children from visiting the city itself, including Oriole games, due to their fears of what they said the city was becoming. Granted they were older and retired by then, and I attributed it to their age at first. But many of their neighbors felt the same way and had quit going into the city when at all possible. My Grandfather is passed now, but my Grandmother still lives there, and she refuses to go into the city under pretty much any circumstance. I have no idea if her fears are rational or not, but there is no question that some who used to go into the city for games, shopping and events no longer feel safe doing so. May be an irrational or media generated fear, but it's there, nevertheless. That being said, last time I was in Baltimore, 2 years ago this fall, we went to the aquarium, visited some of the harbor tourist stuff (ships, etc) and drove by Camden Yards. Didn't have any bad experiences at all, though it seemed more....run down than I remembered. Just my 2 cents.
  3. forphase1

    OK, time to grade the offseason moves

    Since I neglected to vote for this way back after the end of the off season, with the benefit of hindsight I give them a solid 'F'. The signings have turned out to not be very good and obviously holding onto our free agents to be wasn't wise either. Horrible off season that, along with the Davis anchor around our necks, will set us back for years. With the injuries and regression of players in the minors the future is looking very bleak.
  4. forphase1

    Orioles Mount Rushmores

    Fruit Loops. Opps...this was supposed to be on the Rushmore of nicknames post...sorry.
  5. After seeing Beckham miss two more bad plays already in this game, and it's only the 2nd inning, I think it's clear this experiment needs to stop. I don't really care about what Manny wants, we need to do what's best for the team. And that's having Manny at 3rd and Beckham at Shortstop. While we certainly have other issues on the team, this is a glaring issue and needs resolved.
  6. forphase1

    Anyone ever used the broker app Robinhood?

    Just an update and a response to a few things. 1) Still using it. Have gotten 5 free stocks so far, 1 for signing myself up and 4 for others I referred. Free stocks, why not? 2) Why am I using it instead of Scottrade or TD Ameritrade? Simple costs. I have 2 IRAs with Scottrade (soon to be TD Ameritrade) but they charge every time I buy or sell a stock. With Robinhood I'm taking $50 a paycheck and am able to put all of that into buying a stock. I'm not day trading or anything like that, but I like the fact that I'm able to invest in the market without any expenses. Still going to use my IRAs of course, but here I can do some little things without taking a cost. 3) And some a right, there is very little research features. I've been using my Scottrade account to research, then buy on Robinhood. :-) Anyway, if anyone else has any comments or questions, ask away. Again, I'd highly recommend it.
  7. I hope it's ok to post this, but a resolution I made for 2018 was to be more serious about my retirement and investing. I did a bit of research and came across an interesting stock broker company called Robinhood that is currently giving away a free stock to anyone who tries them out. Plus all trades are free. Has anyone tried them out before? Any thoughts on them? They are similar to E-trade or Scottrade, but with no fees for buying/trading/selling stock. Also the page that asks for bank information, if you don't want to put that information in you can skip that step and still get the free stock. Full disclosure, if you sign up with the below link, we both then get a free stock. I got a free Chesapeake Energy stock when I signed up. Check it out, and feel free to ask me any questions, though I'm certainly not an expert either at the app or in the stock market. :-) Hope this helps some fellow Orioles fans! https://referral.robinhood.com/willias2408/
  8. This 'new' site isn't as mobile friendly as Tapatalk. I don't know why, but when I'm on my Samsung S7 using Chrome, about a 1/3rd of the time the site simply locks up when I try to go from one page of a thread to another, and can take as long as 2-3 minutes to 'unlock'. Every other mobile site I go to works fine, and no other issues on with the phone. Only on Orioles Hangout. I know you had to make this change for revenue, but I miss Tapatalk and my viewership of Orioles Hangout is basically down to when I am at the PC.
  9. forphase1

    Tapatalk is not working.

    I'm not very happy that it's gone. I use Tapatalk for 95% of the message boards I read regularly. While I rarely, if ever, post, I check the boards 4-5 times a day or more to get my Orioles fix. Not sure I like this change, and not sure if it'll change my view habits. *shrug*
  10. forphase1

    vs. PADRES, 6/21

    Davis has looked completely lost tonight....huge hole in the lineup when he isn't seeing the ball well.
  11. I'd be game for a league too. Have done one in years, but want to get back into it. Thanks.