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  1. Hey look at that, I picked 3/4 without reading that far. Smith was a thought, but seemed a bit too much behind Mancini.
  2. The reverse would be, who IS the All-Star of this team? Means (unlikely this early), Givens (relief pitchers aren't voted, so maybe higher chance), Mancini if he continues hitting... While I get Davis would be an unconventional pick, it's not like we're overflowing with All-Stars.
  3. But didn't people assume Grayson was an underslot guy last year and he signed about at slot? Until you sign them, seems a bit risky.
  4. so positional weighting, C would be even more important. How much would he even save? How different are their projections. It seems that C would still be the better choice.
  5. It was Witt for a long time first, so while were light years closer to the draft I'm not going think too deep until the pick is made. Then, like everything else, we will are read/post judgements now and over the next 10 years about the pick and the we could have had that guy talk. Just get better.
  6. Let him pitch 3 or maybe 4 outs, and be done. These longer outings seem to have had an effect. Not closer vs setup, whatever. Just get he a more consistent like reliever innings and hope that he thrives.
  7. 1. They mentioned this in the broadcast the other day and it is an interesting thing to watch as the season progresses. 2. While it did seem there was more middle of the pack ratings (I know Keith Law was worse then others) I thought the biggest knock from a bunch of places was lack of high end talent. If Hess/Means/others can show improvements like this, clearly the team overall will be in a better position. Especially, if a similar type bump also occurs with some of the higher ranked guys
  8. Makes sense. If so I definitely think they'll use the cheap OF until Hays/Diaz/others force them to move him to 4th or trades. I think we have him at least all of 19 and most of 2020.
  9. Well, since I'm reading this as CD gets a hit, I just have to add it now! Way to break the streak. I know it's the wrong game, still silver lining.
  10. Where is he in the 6 year pre-arb, arb, FA part of things? He has about 60 ML games so I'm guessing this is 2nd year pre-arb and not super 2 eligible (but I'm not sure how confirm any of that). If he plays well, I think the O's at least keep him through the 3rd cheap pre-arb year. Also, as others have mentioned, SSS and slightly negative war. He's worth more to us at this point I'd think,
  11. You literally have a garbage pail in your post. Haha.
  12. Certainly less painful to watch than 3 K's. So there's that.
  13. The dropoff is quite amazing.
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