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  1. jerios55

    Fangraphs: July 2 Prospects International

    There are a good number of big name guys now that weren't the big names early. Let's start with a few of those and I'll be happy.
  2. jerios55

    Interesting FAs

    Limit deals to 1 year after say Jan 31. That should push the big contracts.
  3. jerios55

    Fangraphs: July 2 Prospects International

    So I hope the Orioles are involved, but I don't see them mentioned in this article. Am I missing the signs?
  4. https://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/philadelphia-phillies/phillies-open-new-development-academy-dominican-republic (article dated Feb 2016) So the Twins and Phillies working together took near 2 years to get this set up (give or take based on your artcile Jan 2017 and what "last year" means in the other article). So even if the O's are working on something bigger, they can't just wait 2 years to get started.
  5. jerios55

    Interesting FAs

    Clay Buchholz and Karns could probably combine to be 1 SP this season, both with upside. I think he's the only other guy I'd consider (maybe one of the SS, but I just don't know that much about them).
  6. jerios55

    2019 Spring Training Tracker

    http://forum.orioleshangout.com/forums/index.php?/topic/33784-orioles-bump-up-reporting-dates/ Adding this here for others, so they don't have to dig (as this is now on page 7)
  7. jerios55

    MLB Pipeline: Rutschman's rank if draft in 2018

    At the end of the day I trust him more than myself and I'd bet Aglets feels the same.
  8. jerios55

    Jack Reinheimer- interesting target (claimed)

    The bottom 3 guys must keep their bags packed this time of year. I forgot about Brice. As someone mentioned before, I'm going to need a roster with me for spring training. There have been a good number of guys brought in starting in July and this off-season (and I expect more to follow)
  9. jerios55

    Yolbert Sanchez (Cuban defector)

    Is the 300k limit for this year only?
  10. jerios55

    Fantasy GM - Can You Make the Os Competitive in 2019?

    I was thinking more about free passes from PED suspensions, but this works too.
  11. jerios55

    Yolbert Sanchez (Cuban defector)

    So I'm sure some will be really pumped about this post, but I've been thinking.... With posts of handshake agreements and maybe being a few years out, would it be in the best interest of Elias/Orioles to trade money to the White Sox? I know we have lots of happy people about Zoellner, but are there players they have we might be interested in? Miami found teams that would offer $$, so I'm sure other teams could do it. If Sanchez wants to start this year, he and the WS have incentive to make a deal this round of money. Obviously, I understand that people would prefer, actual international signings. However, getting something beats nothing (if you wish to argue JZ is negative value,fine...not the point of this post...hold your anger!! haha). I'd still like to see a few international signings, but doubt we can get through the money without being wasteful. How did people feel about the players the Marlins gave up for the Mesas?
  12. jerios55

    Yolbert Sanchez (Cuban defector)

    Ok, so the scout stat sheet has tools listed, and a score for each and then an overall. Cool, thanks. 2 million would work if he plans to sign pre-reset of $$ and teams can't get more $$. Certainly a starting point and you'd at least get a good idea if he would even consider. If 2 mill doesn't get him thinking about starting his career here, then it may not be happening with us even with the extra money. No point in just dropping 4-5 mill in a prayer.
  13. jerios55

    Yolbert Sanchez (Cuban defector)

    This would be overall, right? So he could be 55 Defense and a big ??? offensively so ~40 at the moment? Just curious since I don't look at these numbers often. (Considering it's talked about a lot figure I should start figuring it out).
  14. jerios55

    Tim Locastro

    This is baseball, you forgot to ask if they're lucky socks. If so, the answer is just no.
  15. Considering the trade happened so quickly, any chance they picked Valera knowing a trade was there? I guess chances are they would have just traded him if that was the case and not waited for a waiver claim...just thinking out loud.