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  1. jerios55

    Will Givens be traded this offseason?

    I think it's really hard to tell at this point. If we have a FO that is ready to instill changes, has the means/abilities/resources and a manager that aligns with them it could be faster. Just like the wait until we have a GM to say we are/aren't trading XXX, we kind of need to wait for the same to have an idea of turn around time (and even then it'll probably take a few years to know how it plays out).
  2. jerios55

    Will Givens be traded this offseason?

    The one thing we'll need to look at is usage. Someone posted (I don't remember exactly) that Givens was among the highest innings for usage. If some of his down year is related, then we need to watch that. Although, if made a closer, that should limit the opportunities....
  3. jerios55

    Will Givens be traded this offseason?

    I agree he should be considered, but I also think relievers seem to make more sense at the trade deadline, not winter.
  4. jerios55

    Will Givens be traded this offseason?

    Let's get a GM and let them decide. Let them build the plan for the future. There should be zero statements like this right now. Otherwise, we still have a lot of frustration ahead of us (well....more than we already know we do...)
  5. jerios55

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    So I will admit, I don't know the Cuban population in Miami or Baltimore either. And 5 mill to 3 mill or whatever may change the thoughts towards Baltimore. I'm not saying I'd pick Miami period. There are factors to me that are worth more than money. Where the value changes from one side to the other, isn't a set number. But there are some scenario's that I could see less money still getting the signature. And yes it is just my opinion. I chatted with my wife and she too agreed with you. Haha
  6. jerios55

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    He is seeing this from going near nothing to millions of dollars. It would not be the same as simply taking a pay cut. If my pay was going to be up 75% or 90%, I'd pick the place that was a better fit. I took a 20% pay cut to live somewhere that made me happier. Florida doesn't have state income tax, so he'd also also save there. That might get me close to the 25%, haha. I think there are guys that want only money, but maybe that is what he wants. That IDK. I just wouldn't see it that way myself.
  7. jerios55

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    If I had a chance to make 3 million in Miami or 4 million in Baltimore, I don't think 1 more million jumps that much for me. The transition will be hard either way, but a stronger community that matches my comfort zone would be a big benefit. It's also a factor if the brothers want to sign in the same place together. His brother, being 16 will likely need a little more support. A big advantage the O's have is we can sign both offering a bit more, as being together would make things easier. I'm not sure how much they'd get to see each other in different leagues, but it'd still be a factor for me if I was moving to a new country.
  8. jerios55

    Who are your Oriole Award Winners? (Nominations)

    MVO - Manny or Jones (as others have said) LVO - Davis MDO - Cobb (and Cashner a bit less), I thought we had offense and their pitching would get us going. Turns out the offense also was slow, but I was really excited about actually signing pitchers. ROTY - Mullins for me, although Stewart may have been the pick with more time. BSOTY - The O's actually trading away players at the deadline. While we all may not agree with how/who they traded, most will agree it needed to happen. I wasn't really sure they would/could pull it off. POTY - https://www.mlb.com/orioles/video/mullins-robs-stanton-of-300th-hr/c-2425436983?tid=51231442 Already down and out, with Judge looking to get 300 against us, this play made me happy. I'm sure there are a dozen Manny plays that may be better, but that time feels like forever ago already.
  9. Funny how that works, right? I'm laughing at how Rasmus was the guy that was the highest vote total as well. I have a strong feeling people are not as excited about him now. Jones had been a vocal leader and really brought this team up over the years. He was quieter this year and I'm not sure if the message wasn't heard or is the massive amount of losing just took the fight out this year. Either way, the only way I could see him back is if that fire is there. Pushing guys as a leader. There is plenty of behind the scenes stuff we don't see, but I would imagine the team would look at those items. That would be, if his price tag was low enough to meet their requirements, as I also don't see the O's being big spenders in FA. So I would imagine, the likelihood is low.
  10. You missed defense.
  11. jerios55

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    Interesting that Gaston is joining in. Makes a lot of sense for him really.
  12. jerios55

    PressBox: D.J. Stewart Thinks He Could Help

    While the bat speed is a nice thing to hear, I'm really glad to see the leadership aspect. We seem to have a lot of quiet guys on the team and it'll be nice to see some player leadership. *not always things we see, but hopefully he can be a strong positive influence on things*
  13. https://www.ellines.com/en/good-news/33197-50-wealthiest-greek-americans/ This was from just last year. Yes there is valuation from the O's and other things. So of course it's not liquid. But I'm not suggesting he spend a billion dollars. I'm saying maybe 5-10 million. 2 Tillmans and a Rasmus. All that's assuming there isn't a surplus from ad revenues and other things. We're talking about scouts at 60k per year? More 10K-50K international players? He can't put an average effort into MiLB because of spending on MLB? At the end of the day it was his decision and as it now shows, his legacy will be no WS and a weak farm system. He can't be the only owner that put more effort into the MLB team.
  14. jerios55

    2019 Draft Order Tracker

    I'm hoping for a few wins against the Yankees, at least make it a bit more stressful on them that the WC game wouldn't be at home. That's the closest to spoiler that we can play. We are 6-10 against them, which is a better win% then just about any other team. I could see the team mildly getting pumped up enough to win 1 or 2 vs them. If we could get to 46/47, I think I'd be ok with that (at this point, clearly not overall). It wouldn't be too far off the norm for the year, and they are a bad team. It would show that they are still trying, not giving up, just proving they are a bad team that is generally over matched.
  15. I have a few thoughts, but many align with others here. I would like to add, that if Peter wanted to focus on getting one WS in his lifetime, I don't get why it had to come at the expense of everything else. I get you don't want to operate at huge losses or anything, but the man is worth 2 billion. His legacy is no WS and a beaten down system. We'd all like to have a WS in our recent history. However, there are lots of good teams every year that miss in the end. What we are left with looks be be quite the horror. There will be inheritance to family and I get that's important, but how much was needed? Would he really have lost that much to maintain international signings and scouts (if at all)? None of this is my money (if I had that much, I'd be talking to the O's about purchasing the team :)) , but it just seems weird, that they pumped all this money to the MLB team and there was no other funds to try and remain competitive in the future as well.