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  1. Did you buy your tickets and then post the link? That's the best way to do it
  2. Yeah, my poorly worded post really just was to say I'm just glad he's playing, but right now the results don't matter too much. It's nice he got the homer and hard contact, but for it's nice to see him out there.
  3. This is GCL right? Where Tony said he'd be super experienced for? It's great he made good contact, but hopefully this was just a warm-up to get back into the groove of things. edit: not to mean his HR was bad or anything, I just imagine this level should be easier for him.
  4. Against Price to boot. He's having a good night. Hit the cutoff man after mid-deep fly ball to RF and runner on 3rd stayed put.
  5. He had a nice inside the park HR today. Off wall, deflected off RF glove and then slight bobble. Might be 3B and error, but it was fun either way.
  6. No C sent down? Sisco to see time at 1B? I'll be curious what follows.
  7. So I get some people don't like the Cashner deal, but I personally think Givens will still be a better return. Part of my reasoning? I'd rather trade for Givens then Cashner. Cheaper contract (although the O's did pay that...), Control and I think there is a higher upside. I feel like overuse and 4-5 out saves are part of his struggles this year. I'd want him as a setup guy, who could close if needed. It may not be a huge difference in haul, but I still expect better.
  8. I saw someone mention it was happening and gave no names. I was afraid to jinx it and look, so thanks for posting.
  9. jerios55

    Who is next?

    https://blogs.fangraphs.com/2019-positional-power-rankings-second-base/ This pre-year had the O's ranked as 30th for 2B production. Villar WAR is slightly better than best Blue Jay, but it's pretty close. While there could be down seasons, injuries, etc. I think the expectations for/of Villar aren't that high. They show his WAR as 1.0 right now, so over the projection (how much specific to 2B IDK). Again you'd have to look at all the 2B currently to see how this panned out, but a 20-30 range may not be that unfair. edit: His WAR is lowered a good bit based on defense. As mentioned some of that could be a factor of not being suited for SS, again IDK. Things like fielding %, UZR are better at 2B, but that's about all I see for specifics. So if he was full time 2B, his numbers would be a bit better.
  10. jerios55

    Who is next?

    If Cashner was worth 2, I think he'd jump at one for Hanser. Always depend on how he sees the quality of that ticket.
  11. Well, we'd still be contractually obligated to pay him, but I won't pretend there are differences. And I do base part of that comment on the fact that I doubt others will try him out as a reclamation attempt. If I were Davis, I wouldn't try another team if cut loose. Well, hopefully Hyde does get decisions with the lineup and Elias gives him the 40 man. I'd like to think they talk a bit, but if I were Hyde, I'd play the same game. I'm not saying Elias is sabotaging the team on a level that others would. My only point is cutting him doesn't really net anything at this point.
  12. Well, even if we cut him, won't he still technically be under contract. They aren't gonna get out of paying him, so.... I always thought with the money he has left he'd be here all year. If the plan is 3 #1's (or high pick target), there is reason to work with him and put him out there. He is helping secure a lower pick. And if he does anything they get something out of the deal. Spring is the next best window and I still have a feeling it's end of 2020 season. He is already paid, so cutting doesn't save money. Cutting him and getting someone else costs more money. And they aren't looking to win right now. Elias made a comment that every move would have long term evaluation as a priority. Right now, cutting Davis doesn't help get high draft picks, doesn't save money and may cost service time to another player. It does suck watching him swing at crappy pitches and watching balls down the middle of the plate (seriously, sometimes I really don't get his pitch selection). At the same time, at this point he's helpful in securing a higher pick. Maybe silly justification, but it does put me at peace with it.
  13. If Villar goes and Wilkerson comes back to the infield this would make sense (it does either way, but they seem content to stay put at this point). I still wonder if Stewart would be called up first, but there is the CF need. Although if they think Broxton/Wilkerson are doing well enough maybe we'd see a Reinheimer/Jace Pederson instead. Hays would definitely be the player I'm most excited to see though. Maybe some could argue Mountcastle, but we've been teased by Hays so long, it would be lovely to see him bust out in the bigs.
  14. Cashner could have been the one to get hurt or simple throw a bad game. Means hit a fairly hot swinging Rays team. Means recent stat line for Cashner wouldn't have helped things. Although no one will ever know that now. I don't disagree with your idea, but if the return in Elias eye was acceptable, then waiting doesn't always matter. If the team put out feelers in the offseason and again now, they probably have a good idea of the number of suitors. We don't so I'm not gonna worry about a few starts.
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