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  1. no1pony

    Report: Orioles Show Interest in Moss

    This feels like a message to Trumbo's people that we are ready to move on if that situation isnt resolved in the next few days.
  2. no1pony

    Fan that threw banana comes forward

    Mainly because I realize that many of the points you make are correct and racism in any form at all is not to be tolerated. I was only pointing out it appeared to be a broad brush you were painting with. No issue with you personally. As you can see I've been here a while and elect not to post much but when I read that I thought I would comment on it.
  3. no1pony

    Fan that threw banana comes forward

    I bolded it. So that you would see that I was not speaking to the rest of your post. I can not speak to what was in that persons mind but I see based on this "In any case, getting back to the banana, there WILL BE those who will try to pass it off as some sophomoric prank or a "misunderstanding" instead of calling it what it is." from your other post that you can. So God Bless and was only pointing out that is might not be a good idea to assume others are racist when you don't know them.
  4. no1pony

    Fan that threw banana comes forward

    The bolded part seems like it is only meant to insult the people on this board. There is racism in the world it is wrong and it sucks but no one is condoning racism here.
  5. This kind of thinking is why I like to read your posts. Not all the Nationals love you spout.
  6. Agreed, I am one of those people who read everyday and would post more if it wasn't for people like that. It's one thing to disagree but quite another to troll posters the way he does.
  7. I am 42 years old and went to my first Orioles game in 1979. My uncle was a cab driver and friends with Wild Bill. I sat in section 34 right next to Wild Bill as he let me sneak sips of his beer. I watched Flanny pitch a gem of a game and come out in street clothes at the end as we chanted "We Want Mike". Here I am so many years later sitting at my computer just floored at the news I have watched unfold. God Bless You Mike Flanagan. May you rest in peace.
  8. This MJA3488 has been posting info he gets from his "source" for quite some time. To call him out now seems a bit odd to me.
  9. no1pony

    Trembley to be fired today?

    Replaced by who?
  10. I am caught somewhere between this has legs and thinking even Angelos is smarter than this. Think of the interest that would be created by Cal rejoining the O's. If true this a really stupid business move be Peter.
  11. no1pony

    Teixeira Watch: Part VIII- Decisions, Decisions

    Isn't he still in Texas because its not Midnight there yet.
  12. I think I must be the only one with no guyLOL. I hope you are right
  13. no1pony

    The Mark Teixeira Watch part II

    This is not an insider kiss up but it is nice to get bits of info from the inside with AM running a tight ship.
  14. no1pony

    The Mark Teixeira Watch part II

    Oh you guys are just killing me LOL:D:D:D
  15. no1pony

    No deals per Olney

    I guess we have carried him this long why not another month. I just cant see a team giving up anything of value for him.