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  1. TonySoprano

    vs. NATIONALS, 6/20

    LMAO how Jim "Good Ship Lollipop" Hunter and Mike Bordick were hyping this, unaware of the results. Awk-ward!
  2. TonySoprano

    Fangraphs: Buck Showalter on the changing game

    While that's an obvious reference to Davis' deal, I hope that's not the prepared excuse why they haven't tried to sign ManNY to an extension in the past couple years. The two situations aren't comparable, and it would be an insult to the fanbase if they tried to spin that.
  3. TonySoprano

    Jim Duquette

    Nah, the organization is a bunch of Jokers... Now which one of you fine gentlemen would like to join our team?
  4. IF you trade a pitcher, I agree with Palmer and trade Gausman. Send him to Colorado where he’s from. It seems like this is always a luck of the draw. I remember when a lot of people here wanted Tillman locked up long term - bullet dodged. Guys like Bundy you lock away. Otherwise it seems like you hope to get someone like him down the road again in the prospects we acquire. With our luck he’ll get hurt after we secure him.
  5. Starting pitching has improved but the gains are modest. 2018 starters' ERA is 5.32 (28th) vs 5.70 (30th) in 2017. I looked into the "Tillman factor" as he has hurt the team numbers both seasons and also to determine if some of the gain was by exiling him early this season (addition by subtraction). Without Tillman, the rest of the staff ERA is 4.92 in 2018 and 5.44 in 2017. In other words, dropping him early has made a small difference to the bottom line numbers. What impact he made digging the team into a hole every start you can't quantify with numbers. ERA + 2018/2017 Bundy 112/102 Gausman 92/93 Bundy is on pace for 206.1 IP, almost 38 more innings than 2017 (22% increase). I expect they'll spread his starts out more, especially in the second half, to reduce his workload to be more in line with 2017. Gausman is on pace for 190.2, all of 4 more innings than last year. His WHIP has dropped because he's cut the number of walks surrendered by a 1/3 while giving up about the same H9 as last year. Overall, no big leap forward or backward for him. Cashner + Cobb 135.1 IP, ERA 5.99 Miley+Jimenez 300 IP, ERA 6.18
  6. TonySoprano

    1988 v. 2018 W/L Tracker

    Agreed. As I posted earlier, unless they start playing close to .500 baseball going forward, 1988 will pull away. The talk was this is the 30th anniversary of the 0-21, a historical curiosity. No one honestly thought about comparisons to that team before this year started. http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/blog/bs-sp-orioles-marlins-payroll-20180615-story.html
  7. TonySoprano

    1988 v. 2018 W/L Tracker

    19-50 puts 2018 in a tie with 1988.
  8. TonySoprano

    The Marlins are the Reality Check

  9. TonySoprano

    Orioles have interviewed Ned Colletti, and others

    Note the date - Baltimore Sun, Jan 15, 2015 - http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/bal-orioles-have-list-of-highprofile-exgms-in-case-duquette-leaves-20150115-story.html
  10. TonySoprano

    1988 v. 2018 W/L Tracker

    The 1988 team had 34 blowout (5+ run) losses; 2018 is on pace for...34 Team OPS 1988 .664, 2018 .665.
  11. TonySoprano

    1988 v. 2018 W/L Tracker

    I must be really bored so I went further into the comparisons. After the 0-21 start, the next longest losing streaks were 5 (2X) and 4 (6X). Already this year, there have been losing streaks of 7 (3X), 6, and 5 (2X). Get to the point, Soprano. O.K. after going 0-21, the 1988 squad went 54-86 the rest of the way, .415 baseball. Notably, from June-August the 1988 team went 35-47 .427 before again collapsing to an 8-21 finish, including dropping 8 of the last 9. Fast forward 30 years, since last September, 26-69 .274. Just to match the June-August .427 mark, the team still needs to go 32-36 .471 for the next 10 weeks. The bottom line is unless this team regains its footing and plays at a pace that it hasn't done since last August, the gap between 1988 and 2018 is going to grow and not in a good way. The 1988 team is going to start looking more like the better squad of the two. Have a nice summer!
  12. TonySoprano

    Watch out for the Royals

    and they passed on him to instead take Beckham. But hey aren't you glad we got Matusz instead with the #4 pick.
  13. TonySoprano

    Watch out for the Royals

    Are you really going to say that Buster Posey is better than Tim Beckham, or Mike Trout is better than Strasburg? Kershaw and Scherzer over Hochevar? C'mon 😉😂If you go by career WAR, Chris Sale beats both Harper and ManNY.
  14. TonySoprano

    Orioles Mount Rushmores

    Armando Benitez should be on that list. Remember Brad "BP" Pennington? The HR he gave up to Griffey, Jr. was immortalized in a Nike commercial. We'd need 2 Rushmores.