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  1. .500+ record, or no. 13 overall draft pick?

    In 2010, the Nats picked Bryce Harper 1st overall, and the O's drafted Manny with the 3rd pick. The 13th pick that year was Chris Sale, while with the 34th and 38th picks, the Blue Jays drafted Aaron Sanchez and a guy by the name of Noah Syndergaard. In 2011, the O's nabbed Dylan Bundy 4th overall. The Mets used the 13th pick for OFer Brandon Nimmo while Oakland used the 18th pick for Sonny Gray. Kevin Gausman was the 4th overall pick in 2012, followed by Courtney Hawkins (CWS) 13th and the Dodgers grabbed Corey Seager with the #18 slot. The moral of the story, in hindsight, teams make numerous mistakes in evaluations every year. In 2011-12, the 18th picked proved to be more valuable than the 13th. As a matter of principle therefore, no I will not be happy going sub .500 as the 5 slots ahead in the draft are not a slam dunk deal breaker.
  2. My first new baseball glove in two decades. What's yours?

    You may have the same glove as mine. I bought it to play college intramural softball sometime in 1983 and used it for a few summers. It's a "Holdster RFM9." This is an identical glove to mine listed on EBAY. I bought this one below for laughs (23" mitt). Obviously, it's not a really functional glove.
  3. We should move to the NL East

    but.... 1)N.L. smaller sample size and 2) along those lines, it's identical to the overall record vs. BOS.* *correction to my previous numbers VS the A.L. Central 140-122 .534VS the A.L. West 123-119 .508VS the N.L. 75-59 .560 FWIW the N.L. breakdown 2010-17 W L P ATL 6 3 0.667 MIA 1 2 0.333 NYM 1 6 0.143 PHI 5 2 0.714 WAS 22 12 0.647 CHC 0 6 0.000 CIN 7 2 0.778 MIL 1 5 0.167 PIT 9 3 0.750 STL 4 5 0.444 ARI 3 3 0.500 COL 3 3 0.500 LAD 4 2 0.667 SDP 5 3 0.625 SFG 4 2 0.667 TOT 75 59 0.560
  4. We should move to the NL East

    Under Buck, the O's currently have the following breakdown in their W/L 2010-17 W L P BOS 75 59 0.560 NYY 66 71 0.482 TBR 71 62 0.534 TOR 70 67 0.511 TOT 282 259 0.521 VS the A.L. Central 140-122 .534 VS the A.L. West 122-120 .504 VS the N.L. 76-57 .567 The team has a winning record over 3 of the 4 teams in the division since Buck began. If you start the count 2012-present, it gets even better in the division; the Orioles have a winning record against everyone. 2012-17 W L P BOS 64 46 0.582 NYY 58 55 0.513 TBR 57 49 0.538 TOR 61 52 0.540 TOT 240 202 0.543 In short, under Buck, the O's have been very competitive in the division and despite being outspent by the RedSox, the O's have the edge. Against NYY, it took this year for Buck to have an overall losing record against them. As to the rest of the league, since 2010, the Orioles have a winning record versus 8 out of 10 teams. None of this screams a move to the National League in my opinion. What is most surprising of all, the American League team the Orioles have the worst record against is....... The Houston Astros 13-20 .394.
  5. The Orioles have won 4 of the last 6 season series vs. Toronto, including this year (11-7). Over that time, we're 60-52 head-to-head, so, I'll have to disagree with the benefit of bringing this poltergeist of a thread back. I know I'll get some objection, but unless the topic is especially memorable, (legendary actually, like the Teixeira days) there needs to be a statute of limitations on bumping years old threads that only you remember (and who knows why). Recently, you folks bumped a thread from Sports Guy. Resist the urge to make an overarching and mostly unrelated connection between a current topic and one five years old. See ya.
  6. TT: Is this really the worst season of your fandom?

    2017 isn't close to the "worst season." It's not even the most disappointing of the last several years because that title would go to the 2015 .500 season which followed a team that went to the ALCS. We went to a rally in late 2012, and the local TV interviewed my then 12 year old son. He exclaimed how excited he was that the Orioles were playing winning baseball for the first time in his entire life. 1998-2011 was the worst. From Dan's article... Below are the dates during those 14 years when the Orioles clinched a losing record, and their last day at .500 or better. In ten of those years, the Orioles played losing baseball from June 2nd until the end. YR 82L 0.500 1998 Sep-25 Sep-21 1999 Oct-01 Apr-07 2000 Sep-16 May-09 2001 Sep-03 May-27 2002 Sep-14 Aug-23 2003 Sep-15 May-18 2004 Oct-01 Jun-01 2005 Sep-22 Aug-17 2006 Sep-12 May-02 2007 Sep-11 May-31 2008 Sep-13 Jul-09 2009 Sep-08 Apr-23 2010 Aug-24 N/A 2011 Sep-03 May-26
  7. Because it's obviously this "newbie" was in this discussion way back then.
  8. Hope we don't get swept..

    By a "couple of years" do you mean 4 straight? OPS + 2012-2016 125/118/115/110/98. If you prefer, oWAR 5.6/4.6/4.5/2.9/2.1 In fairness, when it comes to CFers, there's Mike Trout and then everybody else. Adam's .785 OPS ranks him 7th in the league and 13th in MLB at his position. Thankfully, he has rebounded this year
  9. (Almost) All Things Manny Machado....

    A tale of two Manny's 1st Half vs. 2nd Half 1st H .230/.296/.445/.741 OPS+96 18 HR/47 RBI in 83G2nd H .340/.378/.604/.971 OPS+156 14 HR/44 RBI in 51G
  10. Jimellicksman

    Brian Matusz was given 12 starts in 2011, ERA 10.69, and only 49.2 innings in those starts. Matusz broke Halladay's record for worst ERA with minimum 10 starts.
  11. The Case for Justin Verlander (Pros / Cons)

    MLB reporting that Verlander didn't originally nix the deal, as had been assumed, but rather, he preferred a deal to the Cubs, who couldn't put enough of a trade package together. Also, there's at least $10M going to Houston as part of the deal.
  12. The Case for Justin Verlander (Pros / Cons)

    The on again / off again deal is now official. Verlander is indeed an Astro. https://twitter.com/Ken_Rosenthal/status/903472901986238464 https://twitter.com/JonHeyman/status/903472541993320450
  13. The Case for Justin Verlander (Pros / Cons)

    Verlander nixed a deal to the Astros. What would have been the O's equivalent package? https://twitter.com/cmccosky/status/903459201795715073
  14. Now we need to get OVER .500

    Gee, thanks. We just had the magic of a Roy Firestone reverse jinx work AT FENWAY, and have climbed back to .500. There is no other rational explanation how the team managed to keep a 2-1 lead at Fenway. None. Now there's this?? Really? Do I have to remind the crowd that on May 9th, the above thread was started, and the Orioles were a season high 22-10? https://www.baseball-reference.com/boxes/BAL/BAL201705090.shtml Oh, and to those who feel the uncontrollable need to declare there's no such thing as jinxes, and you know who you are, keep it to yourself.
  15. vs. RED SOX, 8/27

    It's their 20th season as an AAA ballpark. I lived down there in the late 90s and in '95 it was A ball for Atlanta. When the Rays came into the league, Durham became their AAA affiliate. As a result, they expanded the ballpark, and put buildings beyond the outfield to get the Warehouse feel.