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  1. Despite all this talk about Nashville, the club was never in danger of being moved when Angelos bought the team in 93. The Orioles were going to be owned by Angelos or Loria. With those choices, the Orioles got the lesser of two evils.
  2. DeWitt was part of the Angelos group that outbid Jeffrey Loria https://www.baltimoresun.com/news/bs-xpm-1993-08-03-1993215088-story.html Baltimore Sun, August 3, 1993
  3. 0.5 GB Detroit for 1-1. 12-12 July is the outlier of the season to date. 2019 is two games ahead of 2018. However, it would take a 1-9 finish this month to tie the 2018 team through the end of August. September has a 13 game stretch vs DET, TOR, and SEA vs the NYY-BOS-HOU smackdown that ended last season. Despite how this month has gone, chances are good that the final 2019 record will be improved.
  4. Nats are a distant second because I was originally a Senators fan, long, long ago. I don't follow their day-to-day, let alone watch the games.
  5. For context this is what Gossage said Billy Beane's "Moneyball" was published in 2003. That was when the "spreadsheet guys" vs. the "experience guys" came into focus...16 years ago. As to the "strategy" of the game, there seems to be a lot more of it, one example being all the shifts Piniella is angry about. Then there's Pete Rose I didn't go to Harvard either, proud Terp instead. That being said, if i were to list reasons why attendance is up, more HRs and Ks would be closer to the bottom than the top. People seemed to enjoy the HR chase in 1998. They do add a lot more statistics to the telecasts than before, such as launch angle. Sitting in the ballpark, they post the speed gun for each pitch. To me, it doesn't make the games unwatchable, but I wouldn't miss that if they were gone either.
  6. We have a starting point 9/28/06-8/14/07 Going from 6'6" at 17 to 6'7" is not at all unusual. Growing 2" at age 25 would be. However, Baseball reference has him listed as 6'7", 225 lb, so the referenced article is in dispute.
  7. 24th in save opportunities, 22 in save %, and 28th in saves. The Orioles will need to start winning again to really need a closer.
  8. So brave, so bold. 😉 Waiting until they're 8 away before playing the game you started.
  9. Detroit's lead for the #1 spot is down to 0.5 over the O's
  10. Betts put the total at 251. 8 more to set the record
  11. There was a time when San Diego almost moved to Washington for the 1974 season. Joe Danzansky, who owned the Giant grocery chain, and a group of businessmen had an agreement to pay $12M for the team. The Padres still had 15 years left on their original 20 year lease, so the city lawyers got busy. In an unanimous vote, the N.L. owners agreed to the sale, provided they weren't on the hook for any monetary damages from the lawsuits. Ray Kroc, of McDonald's fame and fortune, jumped in and paid $12M to keep the team in San Diego.
  12. My son didn't see a winning record until he was in 7th grade.
  13. Well, the manager and pitching coach are giving them a plan, watching it be ignored, and predictable results follow. The team ERA for August is 3.50 above July, which had already been ranked 26th. Meanwhile, the top 5 staffs in baseball have an ERA of 3.50 or less this month.
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