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  1. FanSince88

    Marlins Add Even More Mesa $

    They should have given Gausman more of a chance to build his value before trading him. He's a second half pitcher. Let him play out 2018 and have his typical good 2nd half to boost his stats. And then flip him at the winter meetings this December. Guarantee you we get way more return in that scenario.
  2. Buck insisted on batting the man who had the worst season in MLB history -- and was just a hair over replacement level last year -- fifth or higher in over half of this team's games this year. Sorry, that is not a professional attitude or tactic. Yes, I know, the saber edgelords will tell me until they're blue in the face how "batting order doesn't matter," apparently, but the psychological effect alone on Davis and the rest of the team couldn't have been good. Not everything can be quantified.
  3. FanSince88

    Good Riddance

    This song basically sums up the season for me...lyrics fit the Orioles of the past 3 decades fairly well, to be honest
  4. FanSince88

    How Long is the Road to Contention?

    A friend asked me this the other day. Obviously speculative. But I think they will. However, they will lose the WS because they're the Orioles. What do you guys think?
  5. FanSince88

    Per Nightengale: Dan Stays, Buck Goes.

    Yeah there's no way I will ever trust Roch's opinions. His cold, objective facts (who/what/when/where) I will sometimes trust but everything out of his mouth beyond that is propaganda.
  6. FanSince88

    Per Nightengale: Dan Stays, Buck Goes.

    And the reason DD survived is in your second sentence, he has plausible deniability for all of the bad deals the Orioles have made because of the poor chain of command and/or Brady outflanking him to do the bad deals
  7. FanSince88

    Would you trade Adam Jones even up for these CF's?

    He had the right to veto the trade for any reason, and it's hard to fault a player for acting in what he believes is in the best interest of his career. Nothing much more to say about it honestly. I don't hold it against him at all, especially since we weren't going to get anything other than salary relief back for him.
  8. We are currently 9 games "ahead" of the Royals for the worst record in baseball. Chris Davis's WAR is -2.6. Furthermore, Davis's presence on the roster at first base forces Mancini and Trumbo to the outfield. Mancini has a -2.1 dWAR and Trumbo has a -1.3 dWAR. Thus, it can reasonably be argued -- assuming either Trumbo or Mancini could have provided roughly replacement-level defense at 1B -- that Davis has cost us six wins below replacement this season. Elsewhere, Tillman has a -1.1 WAR. Evan Philips has a -0.7 WAR. Santander has a -0.4 WAR. Summing all these negative values up, it comes to about -8.1 WAR, and rounding up to the next integer gives us our 9 games. So, "thanks" to Davis, Tillman, Philips, and Santander, we are in position for the 1st draft pick next year.
  9. FanSince88

    Joey back to AAA

    I mean, it's kind of a nothingburger, but it is annoying they keep yo-yoing Rickard this year. He actually has the highest OPS of his short MLB career this year (not that that's saying much). His defense is solid in the OF.
  10. FanSince88

    Buck and TTP

    Hey Buck, 1985 called and they want their baseball strategy back.
  11. Boy did we ever fleece the Brewers and the Yanks this year. Atlanta fleeced us hard for Gausman but the Schoop and Britton deals almost make up for it. I know Schoop was good offensively last year but I think he's benefited from Camden Yards. Very puzzling a team like the Brewers in the NL with a logjam in the infield gave up so much for him. Villar alone almost makes it worth the deal with the extra year of control and some speed tools that Schoop did not possess. Villar's stats will definitely get a boost from the AL and Camden. Don't get me wrong, I liked Schoop and he played hard but his batting power and arm strength are the only two innate abilities he has.
  12. FanSince88


  13. Time after time after time after time after time after time after time after time after time after time after time after time after time after time after time after time after time we are told by this front office that the next "ace" is just around the corner. And yeah I get it, TINSTAAP and all that. But please. Something is broken with how this organization develops pitchers. This hasn't just happened a few times. It. Happens. Every. Frickin. Time. We are told the next ace is here, they are paraded through the yard, and then they get rocked, again and again and again. Sure there are some rays of hope here and there. But really, Gausman had the highest WHIP in the majors most of last year and Bundy is a now basically a batting practice pitcher against all but he most inept offenses. There have been no aces since Mussina in the early 90s. There haven't really been any #2 starters either. Mid-rotation at best, and even most of that have been castoffs from other organizations. Meanwhile, even bad teams like Tampa Bay, Cleveland, and the White Sox occasionally developed great starting pitching. Either bring in an army of pitching gurus in ALL LEVELS of the organization and let them call the shots across the board, or just stop wasting time, energy, and draft picks on "high level' pitching prospects that never seem to work out.
  14. FanSince88

    Trumbo getting hot

    If Trumbo were able to pitch or play middle infield or third base, I'd agree with you. But there's quickly becoming a logjam of near-mlb-ready outfielders and 1B/DH types in the Orioles organization. Need to free up some space for the younger guys.
  15. FanSince88

    Trumbo getting hot

    Exactly. Or even we pay a mil or two in Trumbo's salary in "exchange" for a D+ prospect.