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  1. I take no pleasure in any of this. Playing davis in the short term does help elias inch toward his goal of orioles playoff contention in 2022 or 2023. Davis alone could make the difference between a first pick and fifth pick next year, if he is several wins below replacement again. However the integrity of the game is more important. There has to be some baseline degree of professionalism for regular mlb players, for the good of the sport. Davis hasnt hit that arguably since mid 2017. Baseball is a declining sport right now and davis will help it decline if he keeps playing
  2. At some point you would think even the mlb commish might want to have an informal chat with elias and the angelos brothers. At a time when strikouts across the mlb are at a record high and the game desperately needs more action and to attract more young people, having Davis play is hurting not just the orioles but the game as a whole. Better to have a low power slap hitter who could at least put the ball in play.
  3. A high school football team has a better chance at beating Alabama than the Orioles do at winning the World Series.
  4. So in the blurb about 2B, they keep referring to Jonathan Villar as an "average" second baseman (both defensively and offensively). Yet the Orioles are ranked dead last at 2B. All I can say is...
  5. I like this move. Need to showcase Cobb as much as we can. He might have the most trade value on the team.
  6. 1) Help the Angelos family avoid admitting defeat just a bit longer 2) Perhaps Davis will suffer a career ending injury that will convince the insurance company to cover some of his remaining salary 3) [Well, golly gee, maybe Chris will "bounce back" this year and we can trade him!!] --- This would NEVER happen even if Davis did "bounce back"...he'd still be owed 75 million and still have the worst season in MLB history in his recent history. But keep dreaming, I guess 4) He can "help" us get the number one draft pick in 2020! In case it wasn't obvious, I don't consider any of these good reasons. Cut him. Now.
  7. AJ was barely over replacement level last year, and that was because of his defense in center being awful. If he can be serviceable at a COF position, he will have value. Problem is that he looked pretty bad in right last year, too (albeit in a very small sample size). He's going to have to get used to playing COF, and probably LF at that. If I were him, I'd take a minor league deal with very heavy incentives, and then go out and prove to the world that I can play LF competently in ST. It's a tough pill to swallow, but if he can show that he's still a decent fielder in COF, then next offseason I could see him getting a nice multi-year deal. The offense should mostly hold up, with the usual caveats that he swings at junk, but his bat is still pretty consistent. Still a good enough bat to be a COF, but not good enough to be a DH on most teams. The key for Jones is defense, defense, defense.
  8. Even if we signed Manny, Harper, Corbin, AND Grandal this offseason, we still would finish behind the Yanks and Red Sox and might not even finish 3rd in the AL East. Would have the 4th highest payroll in baseball and still probably wouldn't reach .500. Would still have a mediocre-at-best rotation, severe lack of infield depth, below average bullpen, logjam of bad options at first base, and a bad outfield defense (Harper was AWFUL last year in the outfield). Not to mention I am probably underselling the price tag because we'd probably have to significantly outbid the teams that did sign those guys (especially Corbin!).
  9. Padres have the consensus number one minor league system. Number. One. It is the perfect time for them to open their wallets. Orioles farm is still in the bottom third, even after our "hauls" at last year's trading deadline. The Orioles also lost 115 games last season with Machado on the roster for a majority of the season, and were way out of contention in 2017 with a full season of Manny. We need to build up a pool of elite minor league talent. It takes an entire roster of 25 to make the playoffs, not a few pricey free agents. If the Orioles still are refusing to add free agents in 2021 if several prospects are knocking on the door and/or young players are thriving in the majors, complain about it then. Heck, if you want Machado back so badly, we can always sign him if he takes the opt out in 2023. By then the franchise will hopefully be at a healthier state and have real pieces to support him. Had we signed Machado to the same deal the Padres gave him, we might if we're lucky be contending for a playoff spot in Year 4 of the deal -- with only two seasons remaining before his opt-out. It would essentially be a 2/150 deal in that scenario, because we're very unlikely to contend in the next three years, Manny or no Manny.
  10. Good post. Villar is probably the most promising trade bait on the list. I definitely wouldn't seek to extend Villar -- if we want him so badly we can sign him as a FA between 2020 and 2021 (we won't be contending before that anyway). A Trumbo deal would be pure salary and roster space relief, which is not nothing. I can't wait until the day we can FINALLY move Mancini out of LF for good, and that probably won't come before we dump Trumbo. If Cobb has a good first half, I could see us getting a very nice haul for him. He's controllable through 2021 and his salary is not that high for a mid-rotation SP...guys are now making more in arbitration than Cobb currently is.
  11. If this were Bundy's walk year, I'd agree with you, but he's controllable through 2021. That definitely counts for a lot, and the comparisons with Norris are apt. If he plays well the first half, we will get a prospect package for him. Probably nothing better than we got for Manny last year, but certainly a few intriguing dart throws at the least.
  12. ^^this^^ I could watch the play you're referring to 30 times in a row and not get sick of it.
  13. It's just an expression. Sorry if I implied that Bundy is a loudmouth -- he's not and I like his stoic personality. It's just that the hype is wearing way off right now -- which is not of Bundy's own making, I admit.
  14. I don't either, and I am putting zero stock in an introductory PR letter that Elias sent before he probably even got his new office set up. Bundy will either play well enough this year to be traded at the deadline, or he will have yet another super-disappointing season. It's put up or shut up time for Bundy. If he doesn't play well enough as a starting pitcher to be traded at the 2019 deadline, you have to wonder whether guy might be better as a reliever and maybe try that in 2020. He's not part of the core of this team.
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