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  1. FanSince88

    Tracking Ex Oriole Thread

    Very quietly, Buck and Dan are still unemployed. Interesting. I know a lot of folks seemed very sure both would immediately get jobs elsewhere the minute they left the Orioles. But they haven't. Is Duquette seen as out of touch in this analytic-driven era? And has Buck's Britton decision in 2016 tarnished his reputation? Or was Buck's decision to bat Chris Davis over 400 times last year, usually in the middle of the order, part of it? Or is it something else? Maybe they're just deciding to hang it up after two frustrating years (I could hardly blame them).
  2. FanSince88

    Frank Robinson has passed

    OMG I remember the holding the nose incident. Classic Frank!
  3. FanSince88

    Frank Robinson has passed

    I'm too "young" to have seen him play but the 1989 "Why Not?" team he managed was so fun to watch. And came so darn close to the playoffs before the wild card era but the very year after one of the worst Orioles seasons ever.
  4. Good point, somehow I thought Hays was a year or two younger than that. Then yeah, no later than April 2020 for Hays as long as he makes good progress this year and stays healthy.
  5. Good question. Personally I would be inclined to keep all three in the minors all of 2019 regardless. I have no opinion on the 2020 season yet. Would depend on lots of other factors, I guess, and a lot can happen between now and then.
  6. FanSince88

    Britton Staying In NY

    I don't mind this at all. In fact, I'll be happy to see Britton play at OPACY even if it is in pinstripes. Although if we do start getting competitive in 2021, and Britton's still with the Yanks, I will probably be pretty grumpy about it.
  7. Totally agree with this. It's not like Hays or Diaz are beating down the door anyway, and McKenna wasn't good in his half season AA stint.
  8. No rush, take as much time as you need, Mark. Hopefully he's out till July 1, then crushes it while we showcase him for a month, and we dump his entire salary and perhaps get back a middling prospect at the deadline.
  9. FanSince88

    Teams are asking about Bundy

    I had this condition two summers ago. Pain was so bad I could barely sleep for a week. Luckily a cortisone shot and some nsaid meds were able to reduce the inflammation within a few days. Had to do lots of physical therapy to help the recovery stick and regain range of motion. Still try to do my stretching exercises regularly to keep it at bay. In my case i was using my traps for everything as a cheat instead of my pecs, which put huge strain on my shoulder. Ive been told i should never paint a ceiling for the rest of my life. That said bundy is probably on a way more sophisticated regimen to keep the calcium out and his shoulder sound.
  10. FanSince88

    Teams are asking about Bundy

    If we traded Bundy now, it's very doubtful we'd get a difference-maker in return. He needs to build up his value next year before that can happen. If he breaks and/or stinks, so be it and we can always non-tender him. I'd rather him stink here when we are going to be bad anyway than trade him for nothing now and watch him light it up somewhere else.
  11. FanSince88

    Do you support rules limiting defensive shifts?

    TL;DR BABIP has stayed the same despite the increased shifts. Overall balls in play are down but it that would seem to be a secondary outcome of the shifts if it even is related. Lower balls in play probably more dictated by more strikeout-oriented pitchers and less pitch-to-contact guys.
  12. FanSince88

    Matt Wieters

    Let me think. Ok, I've thought. No.
  13. FanSince88

    Schoop, Service Time, and a Lesson on our Young Guys

    😂 Look no further for proof that we kicked the brewers rear in that trade
  14. FanSince88

    Josh Donaldson or Mike Moustakas?

    This. I doubt we are or should be willing to outbid an actual contender one of these guys on the free agent market.
  15. FanSince88

    How long does your blank check for Elias last?

    Great post and i agree 100%