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    O's Acquire Scott Feldman for Arrieta

    Some insight in this article. Credits pitching coach Bosio for turnaround. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/jake-arrieta-s-no-hitter-continues-his-transformation-into-one-of-baseball-s-best-pitchers-042332034.html
  2. Fazo19

    Reading the Tea Leaves

    Will Alvarez or Walker be ready to contribute next year? Too soon to tell?
  3. Fazo19

    Zach Britton Today, 2013

    I was at the game. He breezed through the first 3 innings but got into trouble in the 4th and 5th by loading the bases. He was lucky to get out of the no out bases loaded situation in the 4th with only giving up 1 run with a catcher to first double play. I missed exactly how the catcher got the ball, but it looked like a bunt or batted ball that just bounced up for him. After the 5th Britton seemed to settle down. Stadium radar showed him hitting 91 mph on a cold night. He also seemed to tweak something in the 7th on a throw to first. It looked like he grabbed is ankle or foot, but he took a couple practice throws and stayed in the game. He took the last two plays of the 7th at first base where he seemed somewhat bothered after running to cover.
  4. Fazo19

    Post video clips of favorite acts here

    Springsteen - Thunder Road Neil Young - Old Man http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hq0tAoO3-xQ Jackson Browne - These Days
  5. Fazo19

    O's targeting SS for Sherrill

    Yep, same interview.
  6. Fazo19

    O's targeting SS for Sherrill

    Sorry, no link. I just saw the TV interview with several Philadelphia sports writers. As you would expect, Amaro was being very coy and not committing to anything.
  7. Fazo19

    O's targeting SS for Sherrill

    Asst Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr was just interviewed on Comcast Sportsnet. Although he would not commit, he said that the open spot by Eaton wasn't a certainty for Happ and there would be an announcement tomorrow. He also said that Happ was removed from his last start due to it being close to the 31st and may or may not be the result of being called up. Tomorrow will tell.
  8. Fazo19

    Funniest Movie Seen In the Theater

    Animal House. A few friends and I were all too young but they let us in anyway adding even more excitement to the experience.