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  1. The Goob

    Manny Machado at SS

    Also worth considering who may be looking for a SS versus who may be looking for a 3B. I think it may only be the Cubs and Diamondbacks looking for a SS while it could be the Red Sox, Angles, Nats and maybe even the Yankees (if Andujar continuing to col off) looking for a 3B.
  2. The Goob

    Manny Machado at SS

    Agreed but I think the point is that his defensive value is so low at short that it hurts his overall value and that he would have substantially higher overall value at third. I think every smart GM in baseball knows this and they may only consider him as a third baseman when considering him as a rental.
  3. The Goob

    Manny Machado at SS

    Very interesting article about Manny and his struggles as a shortstop. https://www.theringer.com/mlb/2018/5/17/17363592/manny-machado-triple-crown-hunt-shortstop-struggles This confirms what many of us are seeing that Machado has gone from an other worldly third baseman and one of the best defneders in baseball to a well below average shortstop. Given how much the game is run by metrics now you have to wonder if we can only realistically trade Manny to a team that has a hole at third not short.
  4. The Goob

    Opening Day Lineup

    This may not be the best opening day lineup but I hope the Orioles settle on this lineup soon 1. C - Sisco 2. LF - Mancini 3. 2B - Schoop 4. SS - Machado 5. CF - Jones 6. 1B - Davis 7. 3B - Beckham 8. DH - Trumbo 9. RF - Hays I would want as much OBP ahead of Manny and Schoop as possible. At least Sisco and Mancini will consistently give you good at bats. I absolutely want Hays and Sisco in the lineup everyday for a team that is likely not winning more than 75 games anyway.
  5. The Goob

    Manny Machado Appreciation Thread

    The most interesting part to me of that video was the situation of all of those plays. I believe that in 17 of the 20 the Orioles had the lead. The score in the other three was 1-0, 1-0 and 4-3. Also amazing how many of the plays happened either early in the game, several in the first inning, or very late in the game. He certainly seems to have a flair for making plays in key situations.
  6. The Goob

    Six games into the season

    This is the equivalent of judging an NFL team at halftime of Week 1.
  7. The Goob

    Wieters is staying with the Orioles for 2016

    I think you could see the Orioles use Wieters as their primary DH and backup catcher. Joseph has so much value defensively that I still believe he will be the primary catcher. I would rather have Wieters as the primary DH than someone like Pearce or Pedro Alvarez. More money than they likely would have spent on a DH but not catastrophic in my opinion.
  8. Dispasquales has the best Italian sub in Baltimore and maybe the best that exists anywhere. The waitresses are a plus as well. Big plus.
  9. The Goob

    Dylan Bundy, Promoted

    Amazing. It just keeps getting better everyday.
  10. What has the organization done in the last 10 years to make the fans believe winning is a top priority of the organization? Why has the payroll been essentially flat over the last 5 years despite the additional revenue from MASN? Why has the organization not made a significant investment in free agency since Miguel Tejada before the 2004 season? Why does the organization not do more to increase fan interest especially with younger fans? Why is Peter Angelos never heard from in the public speaking about the current state of the organization similar to what Steve Bischiotti does annually with his year end press conference? Why has the organization only recently begun to make investments in international scouting? Why does the organization limit the media outlets its player appear on?
  11. That analogy makes sense but I think the better one is an abusive relationship. Despite knowing that the relationship is bad and not good for your health you just can not get away from it and can not be objective about it. You can only gain perspective when you remove yourself from it and then you will look back and say why did I ever put up with that. I, like many of you, wish I could walk away and forget about the Orioles. They bring me nothing but pain and offer no hope of getting any better but they hold some power over me I just can not shake.
  12. I never expected Prince to sign hear but the fact that he signed in DC in part because the Nationals expected to have increased revenue from MASN is just so disheartening. It is really hard to continue to root for this organization when they consistently prove they do not care about winning.
  13. The Goob

    So who is the no. 1 prospect, Bundy or Machado?

    The question I have is whether this is the best Top 3 the Orioles have had in the last 15 years. I would be hard pressed to come up with a better three. Weiters, Matusz and Tillman would be the other group to consider. I just wish there was more depth beyond them becuase then we really would have real hope for the next few years.
  14. The Goob

    MATUSZ at AAA-Norfolk

    If the pitching coach at Triple A has really been able to straighten out Matusz and get his velocity back and also work with Tillman and get his velocity up in his last few starts he needs to be here now working with them the rest of the year and into next year. The only way this team has any chance to be even decent in the next few years is if Britton, Matusz, Tillman, Arrietta are all average or better ML starting pitchers and if at least one of them is above average and one is a TOR starter. If they are most comfortable working with Mike Griffin he needs to be in Baltimore.
  15. The Goob

    O's one of nine teams in violation of MLB debt service rules

    It likely just means that MASN is a seperate legal entity and not included in this debt service calculation. I am pretty sure given the Nationals partial ownerhsip that is would have been setup seperately.