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  1. The Goob

    New manager

    Whoever Elias believes will work best with him and his team is who I want hired. No friction, no division, no games. The Orioles have never hired a manger like this before. They have a role but to me are less important than the GM, Head of Analytics, Director of Scouting and Director of Player Development.
  2. Refreshing is the right word. I think most of us would have been happy if Cherington were the hire based on his background and previous success. I think most of us would have been disappointed if Colletti was the hire. The most illuminating and hopeful thing to me was the fact that the Angelos brothers went out and looked for the best candidate. Not the one with previous experience, not the one who would win a press conference. No one turned them down to interview, no one pulled their name out of consideration. Based on Houston's recent experience dealing with the Orioles on the cancelled Britton trade I would have thought that Mike Elias would have been cautioned by the Astros' GM and owner to be leery of Baltimore. They said they spent 25-30 hours interviewing Mike Elias. They were impressed and convinced he was the right hire. Based on his background and first impression I think they are right. Only time will truly tell but for the first time in a long time I feel like the Orioles will build a first class modern management team.
  3. The Goob

    David Hess 2018

    Hess is a good example to me of allowing a player to get comfortable in the majors and play through their ups and downs versus sending them back and forth on the Norfolk shuttle because of a few bad outing or his TTTP. Hess is a competitor and has learned how to work with his stuff through 500+ minor league innings. We need to end the practice of yo-yo players up and down. It destroys their confidence and does not allow them to develop and learn in the majors. The best example is whatever has happened to Cisco this year. He seems to have been buried because he is not a Buck guy. Is it any surprise he is deflated and has played poorly upon his third trip back to AAA. It was somewhat excusable when you were fighting for the playoffs but not at this point.
  4. The Goob

    Is it time to promote Mullins and move Jones to RF?

    Is it time to do that and all of the following: Promote Mullins to be your center fielder - He has 1,430 MILB at bats and for the year a .854 OPS. His number are very similar between AA and AAA even after his slow AAA start. Promote DJ Stewart to be your fourth outfielder - He has 1,336 MILB at bats and a lifetime .360 OBP. He has struggled since coming off the DL but he should be moved up anyway Promote Steve Wilkerson to be your utility guy - He has 1,433 MILB at bats and a lifetime .370 OBP. We know he can at least contribute defensively Promote Drew Dosch to play third base - He has 2,034 MILB at bats and a lieftime .338 OBP. He has a .790 OPS at Norfolk this year. Promote Ryan Mountcastle to be your DH - He has 1,360 MILB at bats. Current has a .862 OPS at Bowie. Promote Austin Wynns. He may not be great but he could be a decent long term backup catcher. So promote Mullins, Stewart, Wilkerson, Dosch and Mountcastle and DFA / Trade Machado, Valencia, Peterson, Rickard, and Joseph. I think we can trade Machado and Valencia and would DFA the other three. This is not even assuming that you may be able to trade Jones and Trumbo. Guys like Yefry Ramirez, Ryan Messinger, Tanner Scott, David Hess, and Paul Fry need to stop going back and forth and get extended looks in the rotation / bullpen. By August 1st this should be the lineup: Mullins - CF Mancini / Davis - 1B Jones / Trumbo - RF Mountcastle / Davis - DH Schoop / Wilkerson - 2B Beckham - SS Stewart / Mancini - LF Mountcastle / Dosch / Wilkerson - 3B Sisco / Wynns - C No this is not a great lineup but we need to start to figure out who fits into the next 3 years. I would actually watch this team play. The outfield defense would actually be good. I bet this team could even win more than 28% of its games.
  5. The Goob

    2018 Mike Wright

    Agreed but a WHIP of 1.62 and 3:2 K/BB ratio would indicate that he is likely to give up many more runs than that going forward. I not saying to get rid of him but just not expecting much from him going forward
  6. The Goob

    Ongoing Lineup Thread, 2018

    Somehow this lineup is below average defensively at every position and significantly below average at most of them
  7. The Goob

    The Oriole Killer Hall of Fame

    Grissom also scored the winning run in Game 3 on a steal of home on the non-called foul bunt attempt. Just an awful series of events in 1997 when the Orioles were the best team in baseball the entire season
  8. The Goob

    The Oriole Killer Hall of Fame

    Tony Fernandez I will never forget when he did it out against Benitez in Game 6 of 1997. Broke my heart and cost the Orioles their best chance to win a title over the last 35 years.
  9. The Goob

    Stewart, Mullins, Mancini: Time to make some moves

    How soon can we get to this lineup: LF - Stewart / Rickard platoon 1B - Mancini SS - Machado 2B - Schoop RF - Jones DH - Trumbo / Davis platoon C - Cisco - he needs to be playing 5-6 games a week 3B - Dosch CF - Mullins If you are not in the future plans or being showcased for the trade deadline you need to go. No more Genry, Susac, Alvarez, Valencia, etc. Call up Hayes if he starts to hit and add him to the outfield mix. Move Jones to RF because that is where any contender would play him. Call up Wynns to be the backup. He is young and your future backup catcher. Hess is the 5th starter for at least 10 starts. Time to start acting like we are rebuilding. I just have no faith that there is anyone in the organization to mandate this happening.
  10. The Goob

    Jim Palmer just threw Chris Davis under the bus

    Anyone else "shocked" that Roch ignored this topic in his daily update this morning?
  11. The Goob

    Why is Machado Playing SS This Season?

    Also worth considering who may be looking for a SS versus who may be looking for a 3B. I think it may only be the Cubs and Diamondbacks looking for a SS while it could be the Red Sox, Angles, Nats and maybe even the Yankees (if Andujar continuing to col off) looking for a 3B.
  12. The Goob

    Why is Machado Playing SS This Season?

    Agreed but I think the point is that his defensive value is so low at short that it hurts his overall value and that he would have substantially higher overall value at third. I think every smart GM in baseball knows this and they may only consider him as a third baseman when considering him as a rental.
  13. The Goob

    Why is Machado Playing SS This Season?

    Very interesting article about Manny and his struggles as a shortstop. https://www.theringer.com/mlb/2018/5/17/17363592/manny-machado-triple-crown-hunt-shortstop-struggles This confirms what many of us are seeing that Machado has gone from an other worldly third baseman and one of the best defneders in baseball to a well below average shortstop. Given how much the game is run by metrics now you have to wonder if we can only realistically trade Manny to a team that has a hole at third not short.
  14. The Goob

    Opening Day Lineup

    This may not be the best opening day lineup but I hope the Orioles settle on this lineup soon 1. C - Sisco 2. LF - Mancini 3. 2B - Schoop 4. SS - Machado 5. CF - Jones 6. 1B - Davis 7. 3B - Beckham 8. DH - Trumbo 9. RF - Hays I would want as much OBP ahead of Manny and Schoop as possible. At least Sisco and Mancini will consistently give you good at bats. I absolutely want Hays and Sisco in the lineup everyday for a team that is likely not winning more than 75 games anyway.
  15. The Goob

    Manny Machado Appreciation Thread

    The most interesting part to me of that video was the situation of all of those plays. I believe that in 17 of the 20 the Orioles had the lead. The score in the other three was 1-0, 1-0 and 4-3. Also amazing how many of the plays happened either early in the game, several in the first inning, or very late in the game. He certainly seems to have a flair for making plays in key situations.