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  1. connja

    Alex Wells 2019

    Which one do we see first in Baltimore?
  2. Talent wise it may be close to fair, but the last thing we need is another left fielder, first baseman or DH. And expecially by trading away from perhaps our biggest area of need.
  3. you won't know the bottom til your out of it. And right now we are on a 10 game losing streak. So I would say no, this is not the bottom.
  4. Watching the Phillies, and think they have a Chris Davis situation in the making - potentially more expensive and much longer.
  5. connja

    Adam Hall 2019

    But he didn't play? Hoepf ally
  6. It's not a blatant tank job - there is just no way to get good players onto the roster immediately without giving up future pieces or risking future success with early promotions. Maybe before the season we could have spent more money, but even that would probably diminish our investment ability for future success.
  7. Can he hit better than Davis?
  8. connja

    Hunter Harvey 2019

    Hunter Harvey will be the next great closer for the Baltimore Orioles.
  9. connja

    Dean Kremer 2019

    Addison Russel + some lower level pitching?
  10. Why would teams be trading for International Money this late in the process? Are we sure this money isn't from the pool for next year? Is that aloud?
  11. Since hitting his high water mark of .191 on May 17, he is now 1 for his last 25, and back down to .163. How much longer do we need to watch this?
  12. I do love Elias, but it's June 4 and we have 3 players in tonights starting lineup with BA's under .200. Way under .200. Painful.
  13. Probably a negotiating ploy. Get Rauchman to agree to a below-slot to be #1.
  14. Diaz was pretty good this spring, right? Let's see if he can get this thing ramped up
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