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  1. justD

    vs. ASTROS, 8/10

    Astros had what looked like a mini tracman next to the cage. Bregman came out of his last round, went over and tapped on it, watched whatever it was displaying, then asked for three more balls after Correa finished so he could put what he saw to use.
  2. justD

    vs. ASTROS, 8/10

    Hyde had a fan club on the field shagging balls, meeting players, and heading up to a suite to watch the game (rode the elevator with them)
  3. justD

    vs. ASTROS, 8/10

    Pregame fun with Brian Roberts and his kid playing catch https://t.co/RzCnGwwERC?ssr=true
  4. If anyone's interested in seeing three of the top 12 picks, this game from the NCAA Regionals was just posted. Playing for Stanford are Kyle Stowers (our 2nd Round Competitive Balance-B pick at #71), Maverick Handley (6th round, #168), and Andrew Daschbach (11th round, #318 pick). Throughout the game, the athleticism of Stowers and skills at 1B for Daschbach show up, and the announcers (JT Snow and Sam Ravech, ESPN) repeatedly remark upon Handley's ability to receive the ball/frame pitches (in particular how he helps out the true freshman starter).
  5. These are from 2017, Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League** Listed as a sophomore at that time: And from 2018, as a Junior: **On their website PGCBL describes themselves as "New York's premier wooden-bat summer league."
  6. Yep. Will see what else I can find. Thanks for pointing that out! (It was a pretty ugly post anyway)
  7. https://www.mlb.com/video/19-draft-bobby-zmarzlak Another group of enthusiastic fans! (Of course MLB video doesn't allow embed)
  8. Video galore, but all basically from 2017. Here's one from a showcase that year:
  9. From https://minesathletics.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=6777 Note: 2019 RMAC Gold Glove Outfielder
  10. While posting the stats over that period, I noticed that they also had in common a high K/BB ratio. A lot of them have strikingly low walk rates.
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