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  1. esmd

    2018 Trade Deadline

    So apparently Perkins was their #8 ranked prospect. Not sure on the other two. My guess is the market for Britton is now set for a similar return. He's a pending FA like Herrera, plus he's coming off an injury and an uneven season, so they may get a little less. I think Brach is farther down the value chart, and O'Day even more. I'd still try to move all 3 of them, though.
  2. And I don't believe that to be the case.
  3. Not buying it. When you're trying to rebuild, you don't trade young, controllable pitching.
  4. esmd

    Jones Trade Expectations

    As a 10/5 player, he can block a trade, but I would imagine he would welcome a trade to a contender. If they don't at least try to move him, they're foolish. If they don't move him and offer him a QO, they're even more foolish. I'm hoping for a couple solid, but not blue chip prospects in return.
  5. For about another 4-6 weeks would be my guess.
  6. esmd

    What’s the consensus about Schoop?

    I'd consider moving him if he can get back in a grove at the plate. He had a career year last year, and if he can get going offensively, you'll be selling high. He'll be a 27 year old pending FA next season. The likelihood of him resigning isn't good, especially if they have the fire sale this year and go young as they should next year. The time to move him for the best value is at this years deadline or this offseason. You just have to hope that he rebounds at the plate to re-establish the value he had after last season.
  7. esmd

    Does anybody REALLY care any more?

    Of course we care. We're all here, right? For me, the W's and L's in a lost season do shrink in significance. I'm more keyed in to the bigger picture at this point. Hoping they get the #1 overall pick next June. Getting the best possible value for the trade assets (Manny, AJ, Britton, Brach, Valencia, possibly O'Day and Trumbo if they're lucky). Seeing which of the prospects will sink or swim in the second half (Sisco, Wynns, Mullins, Stewart, Hays, Mountcastle, maybe Harvey if he gets it together). I say bring them all up and let them get experience. Figuring out who is running the show going forward and establishing a clear chain of command. Duquette is obviously gone. Is Brady the new GM going forward? Will Buck be the Manager next year, or will he be gone too? Or maybe he moves into the FO to work with Brady. That all needs to get sorted out and I'm interested to see what happens. If Buck stays as Manager, IMO he needs a new pitching and hitting coach. We're not good, but talent-wise, we're not THIS bad. Guys are not playing up to their potential. Much of that goes on the players, as I think many of them have let down and become resigned to sucking this year, but I think McDowell and Coolbaugh need to be held accountable as well. If Buck isn't going to be back in the dugout, then I care about them hiring a good manager and coaches. They need to figure out what to do with the 1B/DH situation. Mancini needs to be playing 1B. Davis needs to be on the bench. Trumbo (assuming they can't move him) and Alvarez should be splitting DH. They should either cut Trumbo this offseason outright or try and move him in a salary dump, even it means taking back a bad salary for 2019 only at a different position where they're not so log-jammed. So yeah, I still care, but not so much about 2018 W/L's. I'm at the point of the big picture.
  8. esmd

    What do we think of Dylan Bundy?

    I continue to think he's a promising young pitcher who, while probably not a future TOR guy, can be a good starting pitcher for us over the next several years. Leave him alone and work on getting some guys that can hit and play defense to help him out.
  9. It's really a no-win situation. 1. Bench him and have a $23M/yr reserve who can only play one position and isn't an option to pinch hit 2. Release him and eat over $90M 3. Try and send him to the minors I honestly don't know what I'd do at this point. We all want them to at least get the #1 pick next year, so playing him the rest of this year, in a weird way, helps the team. I know, I know. I guess they figure give him the rest of this season to try and figure something, anything out to recover at least some of his productivity, and when he doesn't, than make a call this offseason. This season is already lost, but for next year, I don't see how they can have him on the roster.
  10. esmd

    The Chris Davis Adderal Exemptions

    I think it's important to remember that Chris Davis, by most accounts, is a decent human being. Obviously Palmer called his integrity into question, and that was probably unfair of him to do, at least on some level. But other than that, he seems to be thought of as a good person. Is he perfect? Of course not, we all have flaws. All that said, I am as disappointed with his performance on the field as anyone - shoot, I was a charter member of the Chris Davis Man-Crush club (not in THAT way, you sickos!! 😉 ). The guy obviously is trying, and he cares. No one wants to struggle at historic levels like he is.
  11. esmd

    Sorry this loss is squarely on Buck

    You saved me the trouble of typing it. Thanks.
  12. esmd

    Richard Justice on the O"S

    Not until he got out of his own way and let the baseball guys and Joe Torre do their jobs in the mid-90's.
  13. I'm sticking with my prediction of him being the 3rd baseman next year on Opening Day.
  14. No argument from me there. I'd rather Jones is moved to a contender though, so he can make another WS run. Assuming Houston makes the playoffs, I'll be pulling for them over NYY and Boston, obviously. I've love to be able to see them win a WS with AJ and maybe Britton .
  15. SSS. It's a big adjustment. Let's see how he does between now and 7/31, when the CF spot at Camden Yards hopefully becomes available.