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  1. He's 100% correct. The Red Sox and their media contingent are a bunch of nancies. Machado's slide was accidental, at worst he mistimed his slide trying to break up the double play. Pedroia's okay in my book, but the rest of them can take a long walk off a short pier.
  2. I would have favored sending him down to try and get straight, but it's not my $4M.
  3. Yup, I advocated an Alvarez/Mancini DH platoon all winter long.
  4. Limited NTC. Assuming Mancini doesn't go in the tank by the time June rolls around, I'd have no problem moving Trumbo. He had a career year last year, I said that all along. The extra draft pick in June would be nice, but if we can trade him, that might work out better in the long run. Not sure how well trading him would be received in the clubhouse though. "ESPN's Jim Bowden reported Trumbo has a limited no-trade clause for seven teams..."
  5. None of the guys removed from the 40 man recently will be missed, in all likelihood. Maybe some of the new acquisitions catch on, maybe they don't. Either way, I'm good with it. He's doing whatever he can to try and find talent that can help the team.
  6. This.
  7. The offense isn't really a concern. Manny is going to hit whereever, that's not the point. Offense Manny at 3rd = Manny at SS Hardy vs replacement SS is a question mark Defense Manny at SS < Manny at 3B ANYBODY at 3B < Manny at 3B So if you put Manny at SS and plug someone else in 3B, you weaken the entire left side of your infield. If you leave Manny alone replace Hardy, you only have to worry about replacing Hardy's production offensively and defensively, which while not easy (mostly defensively), is certainly much preferable than weakening the entire left side of your infield defense.
  8. He's getting compared to Brooks Robinson. Legitimate comparison, not just some guy spouting who doesn't know any better. Let that sink in for a moment. Leave him at 3rd and let him become one of the all-time greats. Don't weaken two positions by moving him to SS.
  9. *shrug* I never got the love some had for Gunkel. Seemed to me to just be a desire for someone, anyone, other than the Wright and Wilson to be given a shot. Best wishes to him, but my bet is we don't end up missing him at all.
  10. Obviously it's early and no team is even close to hitting on all cyclinders, so to speak. That said, I'll take 4 out of every 5.
  11. Been beat to death already, but the usual suspects will likely be in play: NYY, Boston, LAD. Wildcard could be Miami (hometown kid, would make a big splash, a lot depends on new ownership as I believe they are for sale of have an agreement to sell) Another Wildcard could be Washington. If they can't re-sign Harper, they replace him with Manny. Lessens the impact of losing Harper, and if they got Machado, that would be a big stick in the eye to PGA.
  12. Heard it last night and was saddened to do so. Gone way too young. Cancer sucks, it just flat out sucks. Rest in peace, Todd.
  13. He needs to get the sand out of his lady parts....
  14. It was a fantastic catch, one of the best you'll ever see. 'Nuff said.
  15. Rosenthal loves to throw shade on the O's whenever he can. Seems like some sour grapes from Wallace and Chiti, and Rosenthal is trying to trump it up into organizational dysfunction. Anderson didn't get along all that well with Wallace and Chiti. They disagreed on some aspects of player development. Wieters didn't like that he had a locker in the clubhouse. Okay, great. Moving right along. But since it's the Orioles, Rosenthal goes all Woodward and Bernstein. I see Anderson's involvement as a positive. Buck and Jones seem to be okay with it, so I'll take them at their word.