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  1. esmd

    Who replaces Joe Angel

    Kinda of late in the game to pull in anyone not already under their employ, or at least I would think. My guess is Jim Hunter goes back to doing radio full time. Nice guy, but he's a lot easier to take with a team that win's a lot. Him slathering lipstick on a 100 loss team is going to be tough to stomach at times.
  2. esmd

    Anyone Following Manny? (Signs with San Diego)

    I'm not sure if I completely agree with this, (i.e. the little fish who sign late get the shaft), but overall, I agree the situation that we've seen last year and this year with guys signing so late is bad for the game. We saw it firsthand with Alex Cobb, and I have to think that Manny, Harper, and all the rest will see an adverse affect, though probably not to the extent of Cobb, or pitchers in general. They need to figure out something, though.
  3. esmd

    Caleb is a Diamondback

    I like Joseph and wish him well. Hopefully a fresh start for both sides will be positive.
  4. esmd

    Roch: Caleb will not be back, "guaranteed"

    He also had a big late inning (7th, I think?) double to the wall in right-center in a game I was at that drove in a couple runs and tied a game that we ended up winning in extra's....I think it might've been against the Yankees....so that's two things to drink to in his memory, lol....
  5. esmd

    Roch: Caleb will not be back, "guaranteed"

    And shame on all of you for not recognizing the greatness that was Taylor Teagarden.
  6. esmd

    Roch: Caleb will not be back, "guaranteed"

    No love for Bob Melvin or Terry Kennedy?
  7. esmd

    Frank Robinson has passed

    I'm too young to have seen him play, but I was 13 in 1989 during the Why Not season and remember him as the Manager. I remember one game where he got ejected for arguing a call and went on a Weaver-esque rant, holding his not to let the umpires know that they stunk, lol. RIP to one of the greats.
  8. How about they let him just try and get through a full season healthy, eh? If he does, based on his performance, then they can decide how to proceed. But right now he just needs to pitch in the minors and can hopefully stay healthy and continue to develop. I'm sure given him lack of innings over the last several seasons, he'll be on pretty tight pitch counts anyway.
  9. esmd

    DL Hall - LHP - 2018 #1 Prospect

    Man, you're not kidding.
  10. esmd

    Next Hall of Famer

    This. Machado is a good bet to go in, but it'll likely be wearing another team's cap.
  11. Agreed. I thought Palmer's comments were somewhat unfair. At the very least, call him out personally before you do that on TV.
  12. esmd

    Sign Grandy for RF & Flip in July?

    I'd rather play young players and see who sinks or swims. Give me an OF of Stewart, Mullins, and Hays, with Rickard as the 4th OFer.
  13. esmd

    Steve Stone channels Ray Miller

    Interesting read.
  14. esmd

    DL Hall - LHP - 2018 #1 Prospect

    You guys that know more about minor league development than I do could answer this, but is it more of a guy dominating a particular level that drives promotion, or is it the workload/innings? In other words, even if he's dominating at the level he starts at in 2019, what is more important, to build his innings/arm, even against inferior competition that may not be challenging him, or would they prefer to move him up to better competition, even though he may not perform as well, potentially getting pulled from games earlier if he's not pitching all that well? I suspect it's probably a combination of both? Or that different organizations have different philosophies and approaches - or maybe even the same organization would have a different approach based on individual players? Personally I suppose the #1 priority should be his development into a guy who can help the big league team, so I guess what I'm really asking is your guys' opinion on what better serves that purpose, staying at the lower level longer and dominating, or getting pushed faster to higher levels to challenge the prospect, in an effort to help him develop?
  15. esmd

    Davis a two-way Player?