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  1. Sounds the O's scored a victory in this latest round of litigation. The more and more I think about this, the more and more I don't blame the O's one bit. They gave up their market to another team, that was taking the more valuable part of the market, in exchange for the 90/10 split, which will eventually be 67/33. The Nationals demanded twice what the rights fees formula called for ($80M vs $40M). The MLB awarded them $60M. Seems to me the Nationals' goal (likely backed by MLB) is to cause MASN to go belly up so they can be a 'free agent', so to speak, with their rights fees. The O's would get screwed royally if that were to happen, and the Nationals, and IMO MLB, would by just fine with that. Well, too bad. They made the deal when they came into the Orioles' market.
  2. Btw, here's the article I referred to. https://www.si.com/mlb/2018/09/24/chris-davis-baltimore-orioles And here's what really jumped out at me. The guy is clearly really struggling, and I don't mean on the field. It's why I won't boo him, or get personal in critiquing his on-field performance. "Finally, in late August, things came to a head. Ella watched Peppa Pig and his eight-month-old twins slept. Chris slumped at the kitchen table, pleading with Jill, a registered nurse who left her job to support him, to diagnose whatever moral disease had brought him here. "Am I blind to something that I'm habitually doing?" he asked. “Do you see anything in me that needs to be brought to light?" "You're right where God needs you to be," she assured him. “I just don’t understand,” he said, his words muffled through his hands. “How can I go out there every day and just not succeed? It’s baffling to me.” “Your words carry a lot of weight,” Jill said finally. “In the clubhouse, in the community, in the city of Baltimore, your words carry a lot of weight. But your testimony speaks so much louder when you struggle.” Chris threw his head back. “Tears just started coming down my face,” he says. Eventually he wiped them off and went to bed. “One of the biggest misconceptions of the gospel, in my mind, is that you have to be perfect,” he says now. “That is the complete opposite of the truth. Christ paid for our sins on the cross knowing that we would never be able to measure up.” Christianity is a game of failure, too, he says. The idea is to fall short, then wake up the next day and try again."
  3. Does it really matter what the issue is? Depressed is depressed, and it can be caused by any number of issues. There was an article about Davis posted here in the offseason, might've actually been earlier in this thread, I dunno, but it touched on Davis being depressed at home and his struggles affecting his life off the field. As I said, I'm concerned for his well being.
  4. This. I've thought of Flanagan several times when considering Davis' struggles. People can say he's got $100M+ reasons to be happy, but I have to believe the guy is absolutely miserable. I'm legitimately concerned for his mental well being.
  5. There are not enough palms to place my face in.....
  6. The Orioles aren't clean in this, but IMO the Nationals' and MLB's hands are even dirtier. Difficult to prove, but I have no doubts that MLB is taking sides in this and backing the Nationals. So in that respect, I can somewhat understand the position of PGA, John, and Louis.
  7. They'll probably need more bullpen help sooner rather than later, but I think I'd look elsewhere. Too much baggage, and you have to wonder why Toronto is releasing him? It's not like they're a juggernaut.
  8. He certainly seems like somewhat of a space cadet. Hey, it won't be boring.
  9. I will say, I did appreciate Hess showing the desire to stay in the game and pushing back on Hyde when he pulled him. That's what you want out of a pitcher, that bulldog mentality. And I'm still glad that Hyde ignored that and pulled him for his own good.
  10. Eh, like I said, I'm not a fan of overtaxing a guy in his first start of the season. I wasn't happy with him burning Givens out yesterday. Now the guy he brought in, OTOH.....
  11. Araujo has no idea where the ball is going out there....he looks clueless. Got lucky on that DP.....as did Hyde.
  12. That said, I don't know if Araujo would've been my choice to bring in....yikes.
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