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  1. And Broxton is a JAG.
  2. Sometimes I can't believe the stuff I read on internet forums. Smh.
  3. And Cobb wasn't even dropped on his head by Owen.....
  4. Jeez what a dud of a signing I can't believe I was actually excited when they signed him.....
  5. I'm skeptical that he even gets through the rehab assignment without another setback with his knee. We shall see.
  6. esmd

    Dylan Bundy 2019

    Lol..... 1. Death 2. Taxes 3. Dempsey saying something ridiculous
  7. I don't think Trumbo will ever play for the Orioles again. I think his knee is toast. We'll see, maybe I'm wrong, but I'm betting we hear about another setback at extended ST or on his MiL rehab assignment.
  8. Adam Loewen was also part of the cavalry, wasn't he? What might've been with him, smh. I'm excited to see which of these guys might pan out (I assume we'll see Akin first, possibly in the 2nd half), plus the positional guys (Sisco, Hays, Diaz, Mountcastle, etc.). I'm hoping we see some or even all of those guys in the 2nd half as well.
  9. Very educational stuff, thanks Frobby. So let me ask this, and I guess this might be a hard question to answer as you probably don't have all the info to really give a good answer, but I'll ask it anyway. Does the decision of the RSDC seem, on the face of it, fair to both the O's and Nationals, and does it seem to ensure the financial viability of both MASN and, by extension, the Orioles?
  10. Yeah that's pretty much a swift kick in the old cajones.......hope everything goes well with the procedure and his rehab.
  11. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Don't jinx it for pete's sake! Just enjoy and don't talk about it, lol....
  12. Eh, I mean he certainly seems like "the guy," but it's baseball and prospects are suspects. Ben McDonald was also "the guy," and he turned into a decent at best MLB pitcher. Mussina ended up being what most people thought McDonald would be. Similar situation with Matt Weiters, even though he wasn't 1-1. He never became what people thought he would be. If this kid isn't drafted 1-1 and he turns into Matt Wieters, it's not the end of the world. You just have to hope that Elias makes the right pick, and hopefully the guy develops into an impact player, whoever it is.
  13. Sweet, hope he felt good physically and has no setbacks.
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