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  1. You can't tell me they couldn't have traded Walker for something, anything earlier in the offseason rather than lose him for nothing. It was obvious he had no future here, but they let things drag out and we see the result.
  2. Whoops, you are correct sir.
  3. Eh, most ST's are ho hum except for die-hard fans, especially when you go back to pre-internet days, because you just didn't get the level of reporting that you do now. 1998 was probably an interesting one, coming off the wire to wire ALCS season and the Albert Belle acquisition.
  4. The two of them are really the key to this season and successive ones. If they both become above average starters, then we're in good shape. If one or both struggles with ineffectiveness or injury, the outlook isn't as good.
  5. Hmmm....not so much, lol....
  6. So maybe this has already been discussed, and if so, my apologies. But I just read this article about how platement rich plasma (PRP) injections are being used to heal partially torn ligaments: So of course, that makes me wonder if Tillman's injury is more than just the inflammation that they've publicly acknowledged. In the shoulder area, my first thought would be a partially torn labrum (if something was torn). I guess it could also be a muscle or tendon of some sort. Sure does make one wonder though. The possibilities are definitely most concerning. I guess we'll see how he does when he's cleared to pitch, but I'm worried.
  7. Not exactly a murderers row, is it? Maybe Gausman or Bundy will turn into the guy that starts 5-10 Opening Day's in a row for us. Wouldn't that be nice?
  8. Good, I'm happy for him. His skills as a player are what they are, but he's good enough to be a starting catcher for someone. Didn't like seeing him hanging out there for so long without a job. I agree with Frobby - the circumstances dictated both sides moving on, unfortunately. I don't blame the O's.
  9. Agreed. There's no reason not to move him at this point. He has no future here.
  10. Very possible if Gentry and Bourn have good springs.
  11. This. We'll see how he does.
  12. Kim's a good player, IMO. At worst, he's a platoon OFer. His defense isn't great, but is acceptable. And they need his OBP toward the top of the lineup. If he can work to be better defensively and/or hit lefties to an acceptable level, even better.
  13. Stick a fork in Weaver, but at least the OP had me laughing.
  14. Dislike. Dislike! DISLIKE!! $#%^@&&$(*)%(&(&@&#@ Not a good way to start the season off at all, the last thing we need is our best pitcher having shoulder problems that could linger all season. $!#%@%&&**U#@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!