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  1. esmd

    Who should be dealt this winter/off-season?

    You're assuming he repeats his 2018 performance and doesn't rebound to 2017 levels, or somewhere in between. https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/m/mancitr01.shtml So one good year, one not so good year, and you're just ready to write him off as a non-prospect. Umm...okay. Maybe you'll turn out to be correct, but I'd at least list to see him given a chance at the 1B job everyday to see what happens.
  2. esmd

    Who should be dealt this winter/off-season?

    I'd put Mancini in the Bundy/Givens category. I'd play him at 1B from jump next season, with Trumbo and DH. Davis rides the pine, and gets a few spot starts at DH. He needs to earn his playing time. If Mancini has a decent season, I'd move him in the right deal to a team that's blowing up my phone, but otherwise I'm fine with him at 1B during the rebuild.
  3. esmd

    Who should be dealt this winter/off-season?

    Pretty much this, although I'd include Cobb in the July group, as he had a decent 2nd half. If he gets off to a decent start next year, he'll have value in July. I'd also possibly move Villar in July. Agreed on Bundy and Givens, assuming they perform to expectations (big if, especially with Bundy and his roller coaster tendencies), I'd listen to offers from teams that really wanted them, but I wouldn't be calling people up shopping them.
  4. esmd

    Rating the O's executive candidates

    Elias has potential....my main concern with him would be that it's a BIG step up from AGM for Player Acquisition to President of Baseball Operations. Could be a possibility of him getting overwhelmed.
  5. esmd

    Grade the Gausman Deal

    Well I don't know about you, but that makes me feel a lot better about the deal.
  6. esmd

    Grade the Gausman Deal

    Oh, and watch Gausman win 15+ for them. SMDH.
  7. esmd

    Grade the Gausman Deal

    Can't disagree with any of that. That sad part is, if they hadn't stuffed O'Day in the deal, they probably would've gotten their headliner, and still been able to make the ultimately futile play for the Mesa's and Gaston. But hey, they saved $9M off this years' payroll, so alls well that ends well. Right? Right??? Now watch O'Day go out and return to form this year, solidifying their 'pen and helping them make a deep playoff run. Probably not very likely, but that's how the O's luck is back to running....
  8. esmd

    Grade the Gausman Deal

    F isn't low enough. What's lower than F? I'd go with "Z" if I could.
  9. esmd

    Sandy Gaston (Orioles miss out)

    It seems we're back to the days of Confederate Money. Good times. 😕
  10. I was one that said that money talks, and I don't think I was wrong. The Marlins went out and got more money to be able to match or exceed the Orioles. And all things being equal, yeah, they were going to choose Miami. Our only shot was to have a bigger wallet than everyone else and throw it all at them - which was rendered moot by the Marlins' maneuvers. They better at least get Gaston. If they don't, the Gausman deal is an absolute fleecing by Atlanta.
  11. esmd

    The Colby Rasmus Appreciation Thread

    He'd invite them in for a dinner of turkey, mashed potatoes, yams, and green bean casserole.
  12. Kevin Quackenbush.....just because I can't say that last name with a straight face. 🙂
  13. Anyone want to post a Cliff's Notes version for those that can't listen at work? Asking for a friend, lol.
  14. esmd

    Behind the Curve with Analytics?

    Already a thread on this:
  15. Come on - how many times have we seen Rosenthal and other national guys scoop the local media on O's related issues? Happens pretty frequently IMO.