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  1. Ee-hee-hee-eaaaasy now. He's had all of two MLB appearances. And still has quite the injury history. His FB is hot, no doubt, but he looks like a guy who doesn't know where the ball is going a lot of the time. You can only get away with that for so long before big league hitters figure you out and start tattooing you.
  2. esmd

    Roch: Pitching In

    There may be some truth to that, but if he's telling them to pitch in, pitch in, pitch in, and they won't or can't do it, not sure how that's his fault. I was just surprised at the transparency of his comments and lack of "coach speak." Good job by Roch getting those comments out of him, IMO.
  3. esmd

    Roch: Pitching In

    Do you think that was all or part of the issue with Sisco's real or imagined defensive deficiencies?
  4. esmd

    Roch: Pitching In

    Wow is right! That sounded to me like an indictment of not only some on the pitching staff, but also the catchers.
  5. Exactly, it's a BS story. Complete and utter nonsense. Hot garbage put out by a fringe newspaper that has zero credibility IMO. Nothing to see here, move along. But then I come here, and see posts about "Nashville Notes." SMH.
  6. There's going to be some unfair expectations put on Means by some fans (and perhaps media) because he's the best pitcher on a very bad staff. Look, for the amount of expectations that people had for him going into the season (or rather, lack of them), if he can turn into a .500 starting pitcher who can consistently get them into or through 6 innings allowing less than 5 runs, I'll take it. Anything more than that is gravy.
  7. I can't believe we're still talking about this ridiculous non-story on a site that regularly throws around the term "Hangout Worthy." This garbage rumor is the very definition of not being "Hangout Worthy."
  8. I was surprised to see that he was the worst player on the team by WAR, even worse than Davis. But shoot, keep running him out there for the rest of the season. Nothing to lose at this point. He should probably be at Norfolk next year, though.
  9. I said the article was clickbait. Although I do think that the title of the thread and the text in the first post arguably left Tony's opinion to the veracity of the article in doubt until his later posts clarified it. That's really neither here nor there. The main thing is that the article is garbage, IMO.
  10. Using a meme of Skip Bayless to scold me for calling something for what it is....clickbait. The irony.
  11. Sorry that was June 2018. So just over a year ago. Nothing has really changed other than the source of the rumors, now it's a fringe newspaper instead of some loudmouth lawyer the Bruce Cunningham inexplicably put on the air.
  12. Btw, we just did this not even two months ago:
  13. *Facepalm* at this thread. The linked article is clickbait, pure and simple. Not. Gonna. Happen. Smh.
  14. But why? LOL just giving you a hard time.....I'm sure US Cellular isn't that bad.....but still, not exactly a destination ballpark. We skipped it in 2014.
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