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  1. Yes, but I believe they have to trade Machado to do so.
  2. Great to see him back pitching and (hopefully) 100% healthy.
  3. In equally unrealistic news, I'm interested in Jennifer Lawrence.
  4. I've been to both San Fran and Pittsburgh for games. Both compare favorably with OPACY. Pittsburgh has the bridges where you can park and walk across, plus you can actually drive up on your boat and tie off before heading in. San Fran has the cove and a great downtown location, but other than that I wouldn't say if was noticeably better. All three are awesome places to watch a game, although I will say the seats in San Fran are really tight. I'm a bigger guy, but I've never had to shoehorn my big arse into a seat at OPACY, and for that matter, I didn't have to at PNC Park either. But in San Fran, in good seats (upper deck right behind home plate), it was a very tight fit.
  5. Agreed, we all know it's a glorified popularity contest and the established players have a big advantage over up and coming younger players.
  6. I loved Cal. I don't know if he was undeserving 8 out of those 17 times as the article suggests, but I certainly accept that many times he was the starter on reputation, especially towards the end of his career.
  7. I'd move him to LF or RF, and offer him a 3yr extension for around 11-12m per season that would make him an Oriole for the rest of his career. Pride may cause him to get upset at the paycut, but IMO that's a market level deal for him. I don't see him doing better on the open market @ 33 years old.
  8. If the ball is juiced, how come our guys that already hit a lot of home runs like Trumbo, Machado, Davis, Jones, etc., aren't seeing a spike in performance? I find it hard to believe the rest of the league is benefiting while the O's aren't seeing an increase in HR's. The fact is that our offensive production compared to previous years is down. If the ball was juiced, wouldn't we see more production?
  9. Two words - Not and Very. I just don't see them turning it around with their starting pitching in shambles and the offense underperforming. Even if Machado, Davis, and company get hot, I don't think it's enough to overcome that rotation, even with the bullpen poised to be back at full strength. That throws out the trade vs buy arguments, of course, as we don't know (really) which way they'll lean. I suppose the could land a starter or two (Feldman again?) and hope they're adequate enough to let the offense do its thing. I still think it's fool's gold, though.
  10. Why? He's ONE player. You mean to tell me if you replace him at 3rd with someone like Moustakas or Frazier, and fix the rotation, that we can't compete next year? Sorry, I don't buy that. Let's say you trade Machado only, keeping the 'pen intact. You get a package of 4 or 5 players back, one of whom is a SP candidate that takes a rotation spot next year. So you've got Gausman, Bundy, the SP acquired for Machado, maybe you sign a guy like Alex Cobb, and say, Jayson Aquino. You've still got guys like Asher and Wright as depth in the event of injury, etc. The 'pen is intact. The position players are are largely intact. You need a corner OFer OR you move Jones to RF and find a CFer ether via FA or one of the kids on the farm. How is that not a team that can compete?
  11. 5% is way low. I think the 40% number above is closer to it. Quite frankly, I don't give a damn what the percentage is. Hustle down the line.
  12. Because maybe the SS makes a throw in the dirt that the 1B bobbles, and if you HUSTLE, you get called safe. If you're loafing, the 1B has time to pick up the ball and you're out. And if you're safe, maybe the next guy goes deep or doubles in the corner and you score. Seriously, it boggles my mind that anyone could even post something like this. You hustle on every play. Every. Damn. Play. That's what winners do.
  13. They've got to trade Manny if they want to compete in the next 2-3 years. Otherwise we'll see a similar team next year to what we see now, and then we lose him for nothing as a FA, which will be crippling.
  14. Same, good points. Thanks.