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  1. Except...they won the game, and are 23-14. Sure they have problems, but step away from the ledge, my man.
  2. Dear god, the hysteria in this thread is embarassing. He's slumping, no doubt. Be it from an issue with mechanics, tipping pitches, an injury, or some combination, clearly he is not himself. We've seen him pitch much better (um, did you all forget the 2nd half last year when he was our best pitcher?), and I have confidence that we will again. Hopefully, whatever is ailing him, they get it straightened out sooner rather than later. Because he's not getting sent down, and unless things REALLY get bad, like, Ubaldo 2014 bad, he's not going to the 'pen.
  3. Tougher questions that it might appear on the surface, but I'd have to go with the WS win. I dream of the day I can celebrate one of those with my Dad and Brother, hopefully at the park for the clincher. I do think the Orioles have better resources to be competitive more often/over a longer period of time than the Royals, and theoretically could win a couple of WS over a several year period, but until it happens, yeah, I'd say the Royals fans are better off for now.
  4. I love it when I'm wrong. Overall, he was very good last night, even if the Nats helped him out some by swinging early in the count and not working for walks. I don't blame him for Lind's HR, I thought Buck should've pulled him.
  5. Very cool, congrats to him!
  6. <------Going tonight. Ubaldo.....why did it have to be Ubaldo?
  7. Hey Gio, if they swing at anything, why even throw them a strike? Sure, Trumbo got you for a solo, but if you threw everyone else balls outside the strike zone that were swung at and missed, you'd only have given up 1 earned run? Right? Right? Moron.
  8. Lol....the only pitch that was a ball was Trumbo's. Of course you're not going to get beat if the other team doesn't swing. I agree, stupid to say. Just keep your mouth shut next time, dude.
  9. Good news on Britton after the 2nd opinion: In short, Attrache backed up the first opinion of no elbow ligament damage, he concurs it's just a strained forum muscle requiring rest.
  10. I just don't see Hardy being in high demand, not with his offensive numbers. I think we'd value him more than anyone else due to his clubhouse presence, defense, leadership, etc. Not sure another team would value that as highly as the O's would.
  11. I don't think they pick up the option even if they want him back. He's not getting anywhere near $14M on the market. Pay him the 2 million and bring him back for a $6M salary, and you've saved $6M. That assumes he won't get his feelings hurt and go elsewhere out of spite, but I don't think that's Hardy's MO. That's IF they want him back. Otherwise they need to find a SS, as I think moving Manny over would be a mistake. I'm sure folks will chip in with FA options or potential trade targets.
  12. Hardy was resigned because of his defense and the leadership he provides in the middle of the infield. We've seen that when he's out, the team isn't the same defensively, whether it be with Manny, Flash, or Janish at SS. Any offense he provides is a bonus, IMO. That said, I've noticed he seems to not be himself defensively, and I am wondering if he has lost a step. I think they need to consider other options for 2018. I would consider trying to sign a defensive SS on a 1 year deal if they can find one. That said, Hardy has a team option for '18 with a 2 million buyout, BUT, the option vests if he gets 600 plate appearances this year, or 1150 combined over last year and this year. My guess is he might not hit the combined number since he missed some time on the DL last year, but if he can avoid the DL this year, I could see him hitting 600 plate appearances and them being stuck with him for 2018. Unless he rebounds defensively, that might be a problem for next year.
  13. Look, Hunter and Bordick aren't exactly Chuck and Brooks, but after having to stomach Michael Reghi for several years, I can deal with Hunter and Bordick....
  14. Headline on ESPN home page right now: "These Yankees and Cubs are destined to meet in a World Series" As Bill Walton once said, "Gag me with a spoon!"
  15. 2012 was a magical year - lots of great memories, many of them mentioned in this thread.