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  1. He needs to get the sand out of his lady parts....
  2. It was a fantastic catch, one of the best you'll ever see. 'Nuff said.
  3. Rosenthal loves to throw shade on the O's whenever he can. Seems like some sour grapes from Wallace and Chiti, and Rosenthal is trying to trump it up into organizational dysfunction. Anderson didn't get along all that well with Wallace and Chiti. They disagreed on some aspects of player development. Wieters didn't like that he had a locker in the clubhouse. Okay, great. Moving right along. But since it's the Orioles, Rosenthal goes all Woodward and Bernstein. I see Anderson's involvement as a positive. Buck and Jones seem to be okay with it, so I'll take them at their word.
  4. Absolutely, I don't disagree at all. He has to show the ability to harness his emotion and command his pitches. Even his FB, at 97mph, will get crushed if he keeps throwing it belt high out over the plate.
  5. He's such a frustrating guy. He's got nasty stuff. His FB is big, and when he can command the slider, it's nasty. I still remember guys in his debut waving at it as it dove out of the zone away to RH hitters. If he can control his emotions, he could be a quality starter in the big leagues. I just hope he does it before he runs out of options and then figures it out while pitching for someone else.
  6. I like our guys. ;-)
  7. So let's entertain the notion that he won't be a catcher in the bigs. What position does he move to? RF? DH? 3B? 1B is tied up for the next 5-6 years.
  8. Thanks. Does he have an opt-out or something? I thought I saw when he signed something about they might not be able to keep him if he didn't make the 25 man roster out of ST.
  9. Wait, what? Manny was in the majors producing at the plate before his 20th birthday. He hit 35 HRs in his age 22 season. I like Santander's potential, but comparing him to Manny is just ridiculously over the top hyperbole.
  10. Agreed.
  11. Right now, it's gotta be Rickard and Mancini. Maybe they can get Gentry through waivers and Santander to the DL.
  12. That's overly simplistic.
  13. I liked him a lot last year. He started off great, slumped, made adjustments, and was producing again when he got hurt. The kid can play, IMO. I just hope they can find a way to keep him, Mancini, and Santander on the team.
  14. I suspect it'll be Wright or Wilson. They've at least had some success (though spotty) at the ML level. This just sucks. Buck's quote about Tillman pitching for the O's at some point this year was ominous. And I have no idea how this affects his contract status for next year. Maybe a 1 year deal if he comes back and pitches well for at least a couple of months?
  15. Hopefully it's just a precaution that they removed him and he's okay. I swear, some of you guys will find any reason in the world to drag down a thread with doom and gloom. We get it, you don't like DD and the job he's done with the roster. Sheesh.