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  1. So I was looking at our lineup...

    Tell me how we get rid of them?
  2. Duquette Future

    There is a guy in Salem, NH
  3. DJ Stewart 2017

    I would be inclined to keep him if we could move by some miracle Davis in a deal and put Mancini on 1B for the rest of his career.
  4. Austin Hays 2017

    What does this man have to do to get fair treatment from BA??? Total joke.
  5. Duquette Future

    This is old news. It is my understanding Bundy throws a cutter.
  6. Duquette Future

    Points 1 and 2 are unlikely but agree with you on point 3. I think Buck and Dan are done after 2018.
  7. Duquette Future

    Those are solid candidates. I would be looking at Houston, too. Bottom line: there are plenty of good people out there that would come to Baltimore in 2019.
  8. Duquette Future

    Is Wynns ready? Not sure. Sisco could be dealt. I want a good veteran backup in the liklihood we cut bait with Castillo
  9. Duquette Future

    Buck would be a disaster in my opinion.
  10. Duquette Future

    I want Duquette gone as well but I have reached a point of reservation where I believe he is back for his final year. He will have a lot of money to play with this offseason and I believe Angelos will tell him to spend, mostly on pitching.
  11. Duquette Future

    SP, UTIL INF and probably a catcher.
  12. Duquette Future

    I'm of the opinion, we re-load this offseason and make one last run at it in 2018.
  13. vs. ANGELS, 8/19

    I'm for cutting bait with Gausman. Madly inconsistent.
  14. Nick Delmonico Making His MLB Debut Tonight

    Sounds like he literally pulled himself up by his boot straps. Nice story.
  15. Roster Updates/Injuries 2017 Training Camp

    Wonder if Flacco is hurt more than Fearless Leader is letting on?