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  1. I don't know to be honest with you. I've never liked Duquette or his Shuttle Mentality in micro-managing a roster. As for Buck, I believe he was the right man for the job back in 2011 but his shelf life has expired. I'm extremely concerned about 2019 and beyond. I am firmly in the Blow It Up Now camp.
  2. I think it's time to move on from the Duquette/Showalter era. For various reasons, it just doesn't work anymore.
  3. If we are blowing it up, I would see what Schoop, and Bundy would be gaining you. Mancini is my only untouchable right now. If nobody blows me away with offers, I would rebuild around those three.
  4. Nice post. Lot to digest. I like Red Sox deal, but would try to add Travis and drop Holt who is habitually injured.
  5. If JohnD is correct, that's a big IF. That's a lot of coin to toss at raw potential. If we continue on our 53 win pace, I would be more inclined to spend on next years draft.
  6. Jones already sees handwriting on the wall. He is the first piece you move in a rebuilding effort. He's been a great Oriole and he deserves to have a legitimate shot at winning a World Series. By moving him first, you signal to the rest of MLB that we're open for business.
  7. My prediction is this will happen at the ASB.
  8. you are opening a can of worms! Flacco is a Super Bowl MVP. Wieters has yet to win anything. But I do agree the Orioles lost a huge veteran presence when they let Wieters walk.
  9. Over riding factor is he wants to win and it won't be in Baltimore in the foreseeable future. He will find a team that's got a legitimate shot.
  10. I agree totally. It's their only shot at gaining respectability in 2 years. FA pitching is an expensive crap shoot. Look at the Giants.
  11. I don't see Jones studying here for a rebuild. He would waive the NTC in my opinion. You let the clock run out on Hardy.
  12. I look at this on the bright side. This mess of a season is half over and Ravens camp opens soon. Could be worse. Wonder what the Man at the Top is thinking or if he's even involved anymore?
  13. I agree .. That's a lot of pressure to put on a 20 year old kid. Is this the reincarnation of Mickey Mantle? I think Manto needs to take it down a notch or two.
  14. I don't expect this team to contend this year. As such, I want to protect the few legitimate prospects we have (Scott, Sisco, Mullins, Mountcastle, Hays) and see what ownership does this offseason in regard to Duquette/Showalter.
  15. This looks like a pretty good deal. Not a great draft. What can you realistically expect at #52 to step in your lineup and contribute next year? Probably nothing. This looks a decent first step towards building a bench.