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  1. Jensen to Bucs 4 year 42 million (22 guaranteed)

    I'm ok with losing a key offensive lineman every year as long as we start hitting on some of our early draft picks. If more successful, we can start building an inventory and have a plan going forward. I think it's the nature of free agency that your going to lose people. Jensen cashed in. Good for him. A year ago, nobody took him that seriously. On the plus side we get Yanda and Davis back. Could one of then shift to center?
  2. Maryland - Baltimore County Makes NCAA History

    I left earth for a day and just read this! Wow what a shocker! You had to figure one day this would happen. Congrats to Retrievers! What a story!!
  3. Jensen to Bucs 4 year 42 million (22 guaranteed)

    Who moves to center? This seems like a big loss.
  4. Ravens already filling out receiving corps, sign MVP

    To get a potential game breaker like that, I would have no problem making that deal. If he goes #1, grab Rosen. It's a win-win in my book.
  5. Cobb only thread

    I think we need an investigation
  6. Ryan Grant is next

    Is Dr. Angelos doing the physicals?
  7. Ravens already filling out receiving corps, sign MVP

    How about moving up and getting Barkley?
  8. 2017-18 Bullets/Wizards Thread

    Thanks for the nice write up. I called it a night when they went down by 17.
  9. Trey Mancini: Role Player or Star?

    Mancini is a good, solid player. He will hit to all fields and will be above average defensively at 1B. I'm not anxious to see Davis return.
  10. What If Tillman Gets Hammered in Spring Training?

    Give Tillman some time. It's spring training. No need to panic.
  11. I think Buck's comments today were ludicrous. This kid must have pissed his pants laughing. He's a big time prospect who's going to put up big numbers and he is going to make a ton of money doing it by the time he's 27.
  12. This kid will be in Baltimore long after Buck is gone. I would have laughed too.
  13. Updates on Hunter Harvey

    He looks major league ready. He won't be there long in my opinion.
  14. I was surprised. They had a 77 RPI. Wonder if the internal investigation played into things?
  15. Yes 1 pm....Hunter Harvey vs Red Sox...looking forward to this!..