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  1. I wonder if we try and move up and draft OJ Howard at TE. If not, stay at 16 and draft Dalvin Cook. Both are playmakers.
  2. LOL..reminds me of the David Segui days. Agree totally we need a CB somewhere in the first 4 rounds. My dream draft: Howard, RT, DE, ILB, CB.
  3. Kudos to Chuck and Tony! Excellent debate. Personally, thought Turgeon did a remarkable job this season after last years mass-exit of talent. A year ago, no one envisioned 24-9. That said, I would like to see Turgeon solidify his staff with as someone suggested a solid X and O's guy. Finally hoping Melo returns and has a huge senior year, proving the nay-sayers wrong. He is a fun player to watch.
  4. Really hope we bring some front court power in next year.
  5. Agree totally. What incoming talent are we looking at?
  6. Baggage or no baggage I would say no to Peterson for reasons outlined above. Two players who interest me a lot are Dalvin Cook and OJ Howard, both playmakers. With an extra third round pick, I would love to pick off one of these two guys in first round.
  7. Drafting WRs in the first round worries me a lot. This supposedly is a great defensive draft so I would expect two of our first four picks, and possibly three, will be defense to fill our needs. That said, if OJ Howard is sitting there with our first selection....
  8. Santander for Scott? No no no! Thinking Santander is a TJ candidate. Problem solved.
  9. I'll probably get killed for this thought but wouldn't mind seeing Buchholz here. Maybe give up a top 10 prospect if Phils eat some salary. Just not optimistic about Tillman whatsoever.
  10. Just being in the tourney is gravey. Most experts thought we'd do jack this year.
  11. Thank God Zuttah is gone. Joe must be doing cartwheels.
  12. Wonder if Mancini is a serious trade chip for pitching?
  13. I think you might be looking at a 60 day DL with Tillman. I think we trade for a starting pitcher as well.
  14. Last pick..had to sweat it out. Illinois state didn't get in. Total joke.
  15. I wouldn't hang my hat on Lee, either. Didn't he have a labrum issue last year? The best course right now is to go with Wright and see what pitching becomes available when teams make their final cuts.