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  1. I'm quite happy with the Terps. Nobody expected this team to be 22-6 at this point before the season started. I've had my issues with Turgeon but he has turned in COY effort this season and he deserves a lot of credit. Making the tournament will be gravy. Just my two cents.
  2. Tillman is a major concern. If I'm Duquette, I would be talking to Oakland to see what it would take to get Sonny Gray. He's going to be moved. Just a question of when.
  3. I think we can be better than 8-8 with a productive draft and a few under the radar FA signings. I do agree with you we need to cut a few veterans who have reached the apex of their careers.
  4. Hypothetically if we cut Webb, Smith and Wright, how much cap space do we save?
  5. I've signed off on Wagner. We will draft a right tackle within the first three rounds.
  6. RIP. Had a great season until SB 3. I can still see Jimmy Orr jumping around behind the Jets' secondary. TD there and it might have been a different outcome.
  7. This is terrible news on a day where Cards might be losing their ace as well. Any and all pitching just got more expensive. I wonder if Mancini or Sisco could be dangled?
  8. Boy, that is encouraging news especially with Tillman's issue now.
  9. I have to think some people will go. Wonder how much cap space we will have? Correction on Williams: ranked #2 by SI behind Bell.
  10. Do we tag Williams? Top rated FA, according to SI.
  11. No..No..No on trading Mancini. This kid can rake! Let's give him an OF glove and see what happens. Could he play 3B? Over the next two years we have holes to fill. I want this kid in our lineup!
  12. I don't understand why everyone is anxious to trade Brach. He's our second best reliever and a major reason we got a sniff of the playoffs last year. It blows my mind really.
  13. Can we just cut Joseph and sign Wieters. Please!
  14. Curry is a disrespectful snot. I hope Plank cans him.
  15. Cuts heal. Sign Wieters.