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  1. Did you try Craig's List missed connections? LOL. Seriously I think Trumbo will be fine.
  2. Very good argument. I doubt OJ Howard is around at 16 but if he is it would very tough to pass on him.
  3. I'd be okay with that. There are some really good ones out there.
  4. I don't like him either. He's the best of a mediocre group. Pass.
  5. I could see him sliding into the second round because nobody can find a consensus on where he will end up position wise in the pros. I would not take him with the 16th pick.
  6. would rather see a pass rusher and CB with our first two picks. Two strongest and deepest areas of the draft, according to the experts.
  7. Who is in charge of the Medical Staff?? There needs to be an investigation and if someone was asleep at the wheel then they should be fired.
  8. Mancini is an untouchable in my book. I would offer Sedlock, Sisco and Mullins (and Scott if necessary) to get Quintana.
  9. Does this increase the probability that Walker signs here?
  10. I keep reading and hearing that Epstein will be running for political office soon.
  11. I was totally bummed out after yesterday's loss because it was a very winnable game that we let get away. We got five shutout innings from Wade and was one big hit away from busting it open early on. And on top of it all we let some schmuck beat us with a two run triple, which got it going for them. I'm still PO about yesterday.
  12. I have been a staunch critic of Turgeon but felt this year he really overachieved with this team. I understand we have some pretty good classes coming in so I'm thinking we should see where this leads. He may be finding his niche in a tough conference.
  13. Any word on our talks with Red Sox on our other Rule 5 guy. Last I heard we exchanged names.
  14. Might this be a forerunner for a move up in first round? Four picks in the top 75 looks good, regardless. We're in good position to fill a lot of needs.
  15. I wouldn't write us off yet. This sounds like last offseason. Let's see what Turgeon brings in for reinforcements.