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  1. 2017 Week 7: Ravens @ Minnesota

    I agree. This franchise is fast sinking to the depth of the Browns. Biscotti's inaction has killed this franchise.
  2. 2017 Week 7: Ravens @ Minnesota

    I have to think Ozzie is definitely on thin ice.
  3. 2017 Week 7: Ravens @ Minnesota

    2018 could find new management teams with Orioles and Ravens. Maybe College Park, too.
  4. 2017 Week 7: Ravens @ Minnesota

    This is beyond pathetic. Can me go 3-13 now and shut down this thread for the season?
  5. Which Tides/Baysox players could help the O's in 2018?

    Just say no to Yacabonnis. I think he's horrible.
  6. Which Tides/Baysox players could help the O's in 2018?

    Yes..seems like a solid choice for the post-Buck era. Just my two cents.
  7. Cafardo: Showalter losing the clubhouse

    Theo will have a busy offseason.
  8. Mike Maddux for pitching coach?

    Might as well keep the present PC. We'll be cleaning house a year from now anyways. Realistically who decent is going to come here anyways with a lame duck operation.
  9. Which Tides/Baysox players could help the O's in 2018?

    I wouldn't fool around, bring on the kids: Mullins, Hays, Stewart, Harvey, Wynns, Hess, and Scott. And later in 2018: Mountcastle and maybe sooner if Machado exits. And while they are at it: fire Buck, hire Asmus and let's start the rebuild. By 2020, we could have something special.
  10. Deadspin Piece On The Terps

    Fire Bell. He's horrible. And next year get a pass rush.
  11. Is Joe Flacco?

    I take your word on the QB class. If there are three stud QBs as I was led to believe by other sources, I'd like to see this organization get aggressive and move up and grab one, offering multiple picks and players if necessary to make it happen. If there is an appreciable drop off after the top three I don't want the fourth or fifth rated guy. I want the real deal and would pay for it. I don't want another Flacco. I want a franchise guy for the next 10 years.
  12. Jim Callis weighs in on O’s farm system

    Sarcastic. Callis = Law.
  13. 2017 Week 6: Ravens vs. Bears

    Bottom line: this is mediocrity at its worst.
  14. Right Now, I Hate Baseball.

    LOL..your hate continues to build I'm guessing
  15. Is Joe Flacco?

    I would agree but have to be careful we dont pass up any defensive playmakers. Definite needs next April: QB, OL, WR (2), LB. QB is virtual certainty for round 1. After that, see what's BAA in those need groups.