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  1. Posted Wednesday at 21:19 Fringe prospect. Unless Dan Duquette is the GM of the team we are trading him to.
  2. Mac Williamson? Any interest there?
  3. John, I sent the glove and ball out weeks ago. I assumed you got it. Please contact me at my email @addroy@aol.com. I sent it to the address on your check...I believe I have  a Post OFFICE RECEIPT...

  4. Don't forget Bonilla and those strung out payments.
  5. Looks like Olney has a new insider article up grading each teams trade deadline. Anyone on the other side of that paywall able to provide info on his thoughts about how the O's did?
  6. This thread has me thinking about the next set of pieces to go. Possibly Jones in August and maybe Cashner. Then between the offseason and 2019 deadline; Trumbo and Villar will have value if current 2018 production holds through then. I could see Mike Wright, Beckham and Givens using their expanded role to gain value. Finally, I expect Joseph and Cobb to be better next season (couldn't get much worse). Which could lead to them having value for the right team. I pray for C Davis to regain any form of his old self. It's not impossible, but at best we are eating money to get rid of him and even that may take a few years.
  7. Did we go over slot for anyone after round 10? Thoughts on those specific prospects. Were they worth what they got?
  8. If they're getting two more I think it'll be Kremer and one off the catchers or lux
  9. I guess this is what I expect too. With the lotto ticket being a pitcher. Although, not sure why not just take Forsyth instead of cash. Maybe you could flip him and pay part of his income.
  10. It's not what I had in mind talking about a lot of different things over there... And that can be fun. Again though as I said in the opening post, I thought we'd have a litte fun in this unique moment. Just predicting, nothing else to clutter it up. In an age where everyone wants info immediately to be in the know, we really don't have any idea. I thought it'd be fun to look back on. Sorry, I'm not up on the politics or etiquette of O.H. used to be think something fun, give it a try, if it sucks no one responds.
  11. This is a unique time. For the next few hours we know Manny is probably gone we just don't know the return. Let's see if anyone can nail the exact deal. Tie breaker to whoever gets it first. Nothing else on this thread please. Just guesses on the return and/or info from sources.
  12. I went Brewers. They're the only team we are getting any detail on prospects coming back. Two top ten prospects + from a mid level farm system and good, young, take a shot, made it to the bigs, AAAA, whatever you want to call Broxton, Santana and Arcia. This seems most practical. No details on Snakes, Stanks or Sox return. Everyone time a Dodger prospect is mentioned (except May) someone comes up with a source saying they'd never trade said prospect.
  13. Lol, maybe this gets things moving. Agreed. These deals don't have any bearing on the O's off season. Just want them to do something. My preference is to sign MM (or sign the other MM and trade MM).
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