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  1. Deadline Deal Orioles Mega-Thread

    I believe "Sir Loin" is the name you're looking for
  2. Pick Three for the 25-man

    We have a winner!
  3. That yearly, hypothetical, fun question...

    Palmer, and it ain't even close for me
  4. Toronto looking for New President to be Duquette.

    Most likely DD is following the orders of his boss and not commenting. What lawyer (PGA) wants anyone on his side of the case talking to the media about it? Just because you want to hear DD deny the rumors doesn't mean it's gonna happen. My money is on DD being the good employee/client and following his Boss/lawyer's advice to NOT talk about the subject.
  5. 40% into the season, the tone is changing

    The algebra says 96-97 wins
  6. vs. BRAVES 6/15

    Oh my, this may not end well ....
  7. Prospect Tracker Forum

    PM sent. Have been a plus member alternating years for a bit.
  8. Prospect Tracker Forum

    I also have the problem of no forums available to view
  9. Looks like Ranaudo is working his way back into the 2010 draft picture: From the 3-22-10 edition of the Shreveport Times.
  10. Isn't this "Blow it up"?

    Doesn't it just suck when someone passes off their opinion as fact? :rofl:
  11. Isn't this "Blow it up"?

    And something we won't need in 3-4 years.
  12. Young first baseman who could be available

    The lazy way out? Just who was a better, more cost effective option at SS for 2009? And how do you know that AM didn't pursue that "better option" of yours? Why chose to word it in such a derogatroy fashion? Do you have an agenda here?
  13. Andy Macphail Approval

    So you would rather have PGA continue to make the baseball decisions? With the able help of Mike Flanagan? Un-freakin'-believable! We finally have a baseball person making the baseball decisions and that makes some of you unhappy with the situation? Until the team is sold we basically have a choice of PGA or AM calling the shots. Just who isn the Sam Hill would you suggest would be doing a better job as GM under PGA? And why do you think they would be doing better? What would they be doing differently? We may not be happy with the rate of progress. We may not be happy that our favorite player(s) aren't being signed/promoted on our schedule. But seriously, who else is PGA going to turn over control of baseball operations to? It's time for a reality check for some folks around here.
  14. Teixeira Watch XI: Announcement Today?

    I do. I haven't seen a reason to believe that has changed.
  15. Teixeira watch part IX....The final stages?

    No. What's going on is that since AM has been told he gets a last chance to beat the final offers of others AM is simply refusing to bid against himself. If the O's raise their offer before other teams have submitted their final offer(s) then Boras can (and SHOULD!) go back to the other teams and give them a chance to beat the O's increased offer. Upping the offer now does nothing but ensure that we will pay more than we otherwise would have. AM & PGA are absolutely correct to be patient and wait for Boras to call with the final and best offers from the competition. Then and only then should we raise our offer to whatever is needed to seal the deal. That is the "hometown discount", if we are patient we don't have to pay more than we should. And Tex gets top dollar for his services.