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  1. Growing up in Baltimore, 1979 season lit my fire. The years that followed were solid too. 13 game plans. I was an easy sell.
  2. I’m all for grooming him to close someday. Totally done trying to get starter innings out of him. Be thankful he’s healthy and can fill an important role. Worked out for Britton.
  3. Thanks for clarifying. Mistook it for a strike zone and thought the molehill was his hot zone.
  4. If he hits 0 HR between now and the expiration of his contract, or if he hits 150 HR, we will be spending the same money. The money is a fixed cost of doing business. He is not a MLB player any more. He’s taking a job from a more deserving player. The team will be improved by his absence. This is an easy call. A dust up with the manager is meaningless to the larger problem, that ownership/management is pretending that they’re salvaging something of value from his awful contract by having him attend the games.
  5. Thanks Luke! That's exactly what I was looking for.
  6. Hard to find any scouting on Dallas. Does anyone have any insight on him? First two starts at Delmarva were solid.
  7. At what point do we make this kid a closer? He’s always seemed destined for the move. Edit——just read a few posts back to see this has been covered. Just ignore me
  8. I’m surprised at how little consideration McCoy is being given. His defense is solid and he’s had no difficulty at adjusting to AA with the bat. I’m not saying call him up yet, but he should be in the conversation.
  9. I've looked at past drafts a number of times over the years, and what always stands out is how rare it is for players after the first few rounds to have significant MLB success. After the first few rounds it truly is an educated crapshoot with terrible odds. So the strategy of going overslot early and paying for it later doesn't bother me in the slightest when the return is someone like Gunnar. I like that we weighted heavily towards position players this draft because we actually have some pitching depth and are terribly thin in the field. And I like that we focused up the middle, positions that traditionally have the most adaptable athletes. Not just because they can more easily adapt to new positions, but because we've been feeling how limiting it is when your top young players are best suited defensively for 1B/DH. Projecting some of the position changes, we seem to go 1 (occasionally 2) deep at every position now (though highly debatable what that means). The goal for the next year is obviously to add a handful of additional top prospects, and then improve the depth. I honestly have no opinion on Day 2 results beyond that......we're a year away from even having the slightest idea how we did yesterday. I appreciate the insights and player evals, but I take all of this with a high level of skepticism.
  10. Thanks for the update. You’d like to think we’d have a top 10 system after the 2020 draft and it looks like we’re tracking.
  11. Happy to see this. I hope he hits enough early on to buy him time to adapt. Has struck me as a guy who could be a surprising asset in the future but might take time to distinguish himself.
  12. The visiting clubhouse attendant. Everyone’s always in such a good mood there lately.
  13. Thanks....was wondering what happened.
  14. I check the minor league results every day because the starter prospects are so fun to track. I’d include Fenter on that list....Delmarva has been incredible. Gives me some hope that the rebuild will have a nice running start. I’ve had 15 starters on my watch list....and I’m also not factoring Ortiz or Tate. Also not expecting anything from Harvey.
  15. I'm trying to take his SSS with a grain of salt, but it seems like every time I check a box score he's just killing it.
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