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  1. bird watcher

    Orioles Reach Out to Me Regarding Plans

    Apologies for the typos. I wrote that on my iphone without proofreading.
  2. bird watcher

    Orioles Reach Out to Me Regarding Plans

    If I own a restaurant and a customer is reasonably unhappy with their foood the last thing I want is my setver to ignore the complaint and try to settle the bill first or invite them back for another dinner. Both those things should be done but AFTER addressing the complaint. At least acknowledge it. I would seriously reprimanded a server or floor manager for getting thise two things backwards.
  3. bird watcher

    Orioles Reach Out to Me Regarding Plans

    Avoiding the pink elephant in the room. That seems like a perfectly fine letter to write AFTER addressing the direction the franchise will take going forward.
  4. bird watcher

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    If I were trying to get the most money and knew the Orioles were the only team capable of upping the offer, I would be wearing a Marlins jersey and making O’s fans wring their hands in fear. Negotiations 101. I have no idea what will happen but won’t panic because of the leverage game.
  5. bird watcher

    The Inevitable national outlet Chris Davis article.

    What could the PA do if Chris Davis himself wants a buyout? If he is tired and frustrated beyond repair, maybe he accepts a 75% structured buyout to not have to embarrass himself anymore.
  6. bird watcher

    MLB - Expansion and realignment

    AMEN! I was specifically referring to expansion talk though.
  7. bird watcher

    MLB - Expansion and realignment

    Maybe so. Though I don't hear people complaining about a lack of quality hitters as much a lack of quality pitchers.
  8. bird watcher

    MLB - Expansion and realignment

    I agree that more would need to be done but more offense wouldn't hurt. You mention homers and strikeouts; worse pitchers would mean less strikeouts.
  9. bird watcher

    MLB - Expansion and realignment

    European Soccer has a system by which the lowest couple teams in the league are relegated to the lower division for the following season. Likewise the top couple teams in the lower division are moved up to the Top premier league. It makes the last place teams' final games more interesting for sure! In MLB's case there is no lower division so there would have to be a restructuring of the minor leagues into more independent teams.
  10. bird watcher

    MLB - Expansion and realignment

    I said it more in jest because it would take enormous changes. A salary cap would do the trick I believe. I know, I know; never happen.
  11. bird watcher

    MLB - Expansion and realignment

    I would also live to see the minor league teams separated from the MLB teams and start implementing relegation. This would stop fans from cheering for their team to lose like many of us are now. Pipe dream and will never happen; I know.
  12. bird watcher

    MLB - Expansion and realignment

    Baseball has problem with younger generations. It is boring. Expanding and therefore diluting the pitching pool would actually be good because it would likely lead to slightly more runs scored. Although with only 2 teams the impact would probably not be significant. 32 teams would allow a balanced schedule. Get rid of the divisions and expand the wildcard.
  13. bird watcher

    Trey Mancini is going to trend up

    No doubt that he hasn’t done what I thought he would when I started this thread. That said, I’ll double down on my prediction if he is given an opportunity at regular AB’s next year.
  14. bird watcher

    Anybody home? Anyone here?

  15. bird watcher

    Anybody home? Anyone here?

    Loving the Floyd in this thread. I am here feeling upside down. I root against KC by rooting for them, feeling Schadenfreude when they win, and I root for the O’s by rooting for bullpen failures. http://www.deezer.com/us/track/81556746