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  1. AnythingO's

    Tanner Scott has earned runs in 11 of 26 appearances (42%)

    Who wanted him brought up, DD or BS? I suspect DD and maybe BS is putting him in situations more likely to fail. It would seem BS has lost the power struggle with DD so why not build a case that he lost because of the players DD gave him. Just a thought, i suspect BS is capable of being spiteful.
  2. AnythingO's

    I think we just saw the passing of the torch

    Dempsey would fit right in! lol
  3. AnythingO's

    TT: Orioles get Haul for Machado

    IYO would VVM qualify as a "star"?
  4. AnythingO's

    Watch out for the Royals

    Didn't Roberts have his arm practically torn off i n there somewhere?😄
  5. AnythingO's

    Which outcome would you prefer?

    I have resisted responding because i just don't care anymore. I go back o Triandos and Gentile and Pappas etc. I have taken sabaticals from the team because of PA but came back because Frobby on another board many years ago told me about OH. I lurked.for years before signing up and credit Tony and this place for bringing me back to the team.and sport i have alway loved. Now, this year and this team is unwatchable. If Davis is in the lineup I won't even turn it on. If the Oriole want the fans back they need to act like we matter. Davis to.the bench permanently until he is DFA. If Buck won't do it, fire him. Bring up Stewart for LF when he is recovered. Mancini and Trumbo at 1B and DH. Get Manny traded for anything better than a.comp pick and Britton too when he is back. Move Brach for.whatever you can get along with ODay. Jones to RF, if he balks, move.him too. Cut one of Pedro or.Valencia to make a.spot for Stewart and Wright for Britton. Roll with what's left and.the.chips fall.where they may
  6. Unless Brady and Louis don't want to insult Buck publicly by extending DD now....
  7. AnythingO's

    The lost "Orioles Way"

    To me this is the key and Buck talked about doing it but we seem to have different philosophies at each MiL level. The binder was developed by Earl, Cal Sr., Hunter, Williams, Bamberger, hell I can't remember all. They were together in the minors as coaches and managers and they wrote it and implemented it. That consistency can still be implemented if the front office has the will. Northeast HS huh, I'm from the DENA also, about 1 mile up Duval HWY, small world.
  8. AnythingO's

    Is Buck a tough manager to pitch for?

    Agree on Kranitz; LOL re: Mazzone that's what I get for relying on memory.
  9. AnythingO's

    Is Buck a tough manager to pitch for?

    Seems like more than 4, but I can't remember who he inherited Kranitz, Conner , Adair then Mazonne, Wallace, McDowell. I have nothing to back it up but IMO Buck has a "philosophy" about pitching, first pitch strikes low and away, reliance on FB. Guys who don't have good enough stuff to do that need to pitch backwards. They don't become Buck guys unless they have success. I believe his pitching coaches reflect that philosophy. Guys that move on and are allowed to pitch to their strengths have more success elsewhere. OPACY plays a part in that both physically and mentally IMHO.
  10. AnythingO's

    Machado Trade Expectations

    I have zero expectations because we don't know who will be approving any possible trade. If it is PA, it won't happen at all. If it is Louis and Brady approving then I think Dan will get the best decent offer he can. I think no matter what happens we finish last and get the #1 pick. the only question to me is whether what we are offered is better than a comp pick.
  11. AnythingO's

    Is this rock bottom?

    While I agree with your original point in general, I believe saying "Orioles pitching staff's collective talent is way better than their 5.08 ERA" is a little too broad, hence Ohfan67 response. The 1-4 starters and most of the bullpen "should" be better than 5.08 but Tillman, Wright, and Rule 5 innings will destroy an collective staff ERA.
  12. AnythingO's

    Baltimore Sun: Angelos Story

    So Louis was involved in interviewing and hiring Dan, Louis and Brady were involved in FA pitcher signings, and Dan was more active bringing Machado deals to Mgmt this winter. Am I crazy for thinking Brady was being somewhat positive about Dan maybe continuing as GM in the following? “I want responsibilities and I have a lot of responsibilities," Anderson said, “but a lot of things I do I might not be able to do if I were the GM. I have aspirations to do more and more and more... Look, if I’m doing what I want to do, if I’m doing things that are helping the team, I can help the GM keep his job and keep that sort of continuity." There also has been speculation that Anderson might be elevated to club president in a role similar to the one played by MacPhail during the late 2000s... “As far as president and more responsibilities, sure, I’m ready for them,” Anderson said. “But that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with Dan’s current status. It really doesn’t. They’re not mutually exclusive — my desires and the current GM having to do something else.”
  13. Is there any prohibition in the Union agreement to prevent them from agreeing to pay everything he is owed in an annuity over 30 years? I believe his deferred money gets paid out at about $3.5 M per year, just put all $110 M + the rest of this year into it and DFA him. Unclogs 1B/DH, allows Stewart to come up and Mancini to split with Trumbo.
  14. AnythingO's

    When do you think Manny will be traded?

    Not until they decide who is driving: Peter, John, Brady, Buck, or Dan???
  15. AnythingO's

    Are Wright and Alvarez the next off the island?

    "Becomes part of the machine"