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  1. Delmon double, the sound was deafening and the structure shook.
  2. I want Ynoa to break thru but I'm done with Wright.
  3. If we are talking about Os I nominate Born to Run.
  4. I have no doubt that Davis is working hard in the batting cage. The problem is he probably is practicing that same swing that hasn't worked for 2 years. He says a rebuild of his swing has never worked but that isn't true. When he came over from Texas he was failing again. He worked with our hitting coach in 2011 and 2012 to rebuild the swing working off a tee to stay closed and go the opposite way. In those days he was still a gym rat and incredibly strong. That led to his breakout in 2013. The coach left in 2014 for personal reasons.
  5. Have you ever tried the Light Rail? I come from Leesburg VA or Reston VA and park at North Linthicum. Light rail ride is about 30 min either way but your car is at the Beltway and BW Parkway so clean drive home
  6. My default would be Crazy Train (ducking). lol
  7. Now we know what the International slot money was for. lol
  8. Would something like Rick Peterson's bio-mechanical analysis maybe be able identify flaws in mechanics? Assuming he is not hurt which is probably not a good assumption.
  9. OMG I hope to God you are wrong. There is no good coming from a sulking CD on this team.
  10. His 2017 numbers were below average as he played a new position and adjusted. That gave hope for improvement in 2018 but I tend to believe the non-disabled list injury hurt him more than he would admit. How would Stewart's defense in 2018 compare with Mancini in 2017? I believe Stewart is an improvement so Weam's point is valid, we have a better option.
  11. They could calculate the time value of money for the $17 M over the next 4 years and the deferred $30 M over its payout schedule and then create a payout schedule to equal that amount. Davis might get more money at face value but ME might have $10-12 M more to play with in the near term for the next 4 years.
  12. When I suggest settlement, I expect Davis to be paid in full. Pay the $110 MM over an extended time frame, along the lines of the current deferred money plan. $5 MM a year for 22 years is far better than $17 MM for the next 4 years followed by years of smaller payments of the deferred money.
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