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  1. Correct, but if they could get an agreement with him to put the next $51 M (3*17) into the pot of deferred money and stretch out the payment schedule, the annual pain wouldn't be so great. Yeah I know, pipe dream.
  2. That's what you say now, haha. Serious question, it is 7 pm right, cause CBS sports says 1.05 pm?
  3. OK, I'm in. Sitting right behind Weams. See ya
  4. I read what you say about why you asked the question but I only see 1 way we have to make this choice and that is if CD is still here in 2020. If so I'll be joining CoC on the dark side of mgmt meddling, ME has hands tied. That said, to me to question is about projection. Will MC find a defensive position, will he overcome his K vs W issues that Buck publically called him on, is his bat that special? I don't see any evidence of that now. Is Trey the guy from 17 and this YTD or the 18 version? I feel more confident in Trey's bat right now than MCs. I believe Trey would be a MLB average 1B right now but jury is out on MC. I keep Trey and.trade.MC for that SS straight up and we.are.a better team now and future.
  5. But, but the Demper insists that 97 is still in there. lol JK
  6. Yes, but the guy we wanted went to TB at 40.
  7. Not to defend the BJ's, but technically it was Mike Rogers of Rogers Communication trying to regain control by planting "his man" in control of baseball operations including the Rogers Center. Cito still sucks
  8. I don't want to derail this thread but shortly after he showed up in 2011 DD said he expected us to be .500 in 2012, so there is at least one. I remember laughing.
  9. Wasn't there a list awhile back of the top 30 and all but 2 were committed?
  10. OK if we are playing what if game, how about Trey to TB for PTBNL, 90 days after they sign Seth Johnson, I think that is the guy Luke called a stud. They picked him at 40. Would their FV be comparable for Trey's controllable years?
  11. It is the only school in the US that has degree program in Mineral Economics, as well as Economic Geology, Mining Engineering and every other geoscience discipline. They are elite, period.
  12. I grew up in Baltimore and followed the Os since the early 1960s. They were the best franchise in MLB for 25 years and while I thought they always would be I never thought I was entitled to it. And never stopped caring thru the 14 year darkness.
  13. So what ever happened to Rick Peterson's (sp) biomechanics lab? He seened to fade.away post Toronto when DD lost favor. It would seem to be right down analytics alley to have him run tests on every minor league pitcher likely to be on the 40 man.
  14. I agree, my point wasn't about Davis, it was about evaluating how to deploy the current assets other than Davis going forward. I think Eloas gives Davis more time to continue to utterly fail, making the decision easy for the sons to.concur. Elias doesn't have to spend any political capital that way.
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