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  1. Thank You, Mark Daniel Trumbo

    With that in mind, the Mets need a 1B and another bat having moved Duda and Bruce and with other player injuries. They will have their big 4 SP back next year and have other back end SP options. So Trumbo to NYM with someone like Wright (maybe some $$) for Zack Wheeler. Limited to 80+ innings this first year back from TJ and on the DL with arm strain. Prior to TJ had about 350 innings at mid-3 ERA. Would be 28 next year. Give him this year's Bundy treatment next year.
  2. I Cannot Believe The Way This Team Has Folded.

    Sorry, didn't see this before. No, I'm not saying they said to Hell with Buck. Buck comes in and changes the culture, they start winning (the most games in AL for 5 years) so they believe in the plan. This year, the team really has Buck's stamp on it and Buck's guys's didn't perform and the pitchers that were shipped out (I blame Buck) had some success, while those here (I blame DD) crapped the bed. I think psychologically, being behind regularly so regularly takes a toll and when we got to September Buck's will just wasn't enough to keep them grinding.
  3. I Cannot Believe The Way This Team Has Folded.

    Well there is Hellickson lol, but really I think they just quit and Buck has lost the ability to motivate them. this team has Buck's fingerprints on it and those players have largely not performed this year. You can blame DD for the pitching options but guys like Miranda and Bridwell are gone IMO because they didn't fit Buck's template.
  4. Well I was on that list (thank God) but it is no consolation to me. I agree with starting a thread with creative ways to move him elsewhere. Start with paying the deferred to get down to 5-$85 MM and take on a bad pitching contract. Who is out there that might rebound to be a better back end option than our current dregs?
  5. .500+ record, or no. 13 overall draft pick?

    Not to me. This season has been so frustrating that finishing at .500 would still leave a bad memory. I think it is more important to the future of the O's that Hays play every day, that Sisco and maybe Santander get ABs at DH at least, that we determine if Mancini can stick at LF. I believe we have drafted well the last few years so I'm willing to finish lower and trust that we will still find a good prospect.
  6. Going to Game Tomorrow Night - Have Question

    Wait a minute, I`m "Older Than OLD Fan" by 6 freaking years??? OK Weams you can "codger" me instead but it should be more a 60`s hipppie ponytail look hahaha. Do your thing, I'll keep it for 6 months at least. I promise ise
  7. Serious question: would hypnosis help Chris Davis?

    In my experience this is spot on. My daughter has ADD and we went thru Ritalin, Concerta, Adderrel, and some others I can't recall. Each med had a different effect on her. Davis looks like he just can't pull the trigger, IMO he isn't processing info fast enough in the split second he has to decide. He needs a different med.
  8. Chris Davis Has Cleared Revocable waivers

    OK, Davis (we pay deferred$) to Detroit for Verlander straight up. Do you do it?
  9. Mike Wright Preparing In Case Orioles Need Another Starter

    Any idea who is responsible for getting him to "tweak" and add a 2 seamer?
  10. After all the frustration of this season, if we make a run and get the 2nd berth and NY wins the division, how good would it feel to end BOS season in the play-in game? Remember the Mandino!
  11. Is it development and or evaluation, or is it being inflexible in what you require or maybe demand from a prospect? Weams used to say that every org that called about O's prospects asked about Bridwell. Then he gets moved presumably because he failed to continue developing along the required path. I'm suggesting that path is largely dictated by Buck who is responsible for selecting pitching coaches and hence dictating what a starter needs to be able to do at the ML level to be successful. If they don't fit the yardstick Buck is using they go away. That obsession with 4 seam fastball away was attributed to Mizzone and TTTP was attributed to Buck. That combination has derailed more than one O's pitching prospect. DD brought in Petersen to do bio-mechanics but he clearly didn't gain traction and left. We are drafting better, position players are coming thru the system, we can build a dominant bullpen. That tells me DD and Co. can evaluate and develop. I love Buck as a manager but I believe his influence on pitching coaches is ruining our SP prospects development.
  12. Well with Sandoval being DFA and Pineada going TJ it would seem to raise the odds 2 more teams are buyers right now so maybe the pressure to do something increases in the warehoise
  13. Shortest Orioles Books Written, 2017 Version

    The Path to 88 Wins from Here.
  14. Who is Mr. Oriole to you?

    How did you just vote for a thread from 2012?
  15. Patrick and OFFNY capture my sentiment. That run of 25 years from the 1960s to mid 1980s when we had the best record in baseball means more to me. Every season I expected them to be in it, didn't always work, but I looked forward to it. 1982 when we ran down the Brew Crew on the last day of the season means more to me than the WS wins and I was in Philly for Game 5 in 1983. The 3 WS losses temper the 3 wins for me, I still can't stomach 1969. Trading for the Royals 2 years of excellence seems alot like the Orioles in 96-97 for me. They were great but I want the sustained excellence, not the flash in the pan.