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  1. AnythingO's

    Will Chris Davis make it to 502 PA?

    The only time I know of that Davis worked at changing his approach was in the end of 2012 and into 2013 with Jim Presley. They went back to Tee ball and worked on staying closed and going the other way. In 2013 he broke out, 2014 he had some injuries and was busted. Presley was reassigned within the organization after 2014 even though he was under contract for 2015. No explanation other than it was for a personal issue. In 2016-2017 he was the hitting coach for Texas AAA. In 2018 he worked in Taiwan. He is the only one that I know of who ever got Davis to change his approach. The old Davis was a ripped gym-rat who spent hours in the cage practicing the old approach. That was 5-6 years ago and Davis is no longer ripped. If they want a desperate Hail Mary, bring Presley back this off season to see if he can get thru to Davis again. There are $92 million reasons to try.
  2. AnythingO's

    The Streak

    Because Bobby shook the rust off him just before the trade, Bobby is why we got such a good return!!! JL lol 😱
  3. AnythingO's

    Joseph for the second time calls out the team

    I think Buck is gone. I think Brady stays, probably no title change but a clarification of duties. I think he serves a Oriole ambassador and does the warm and fuzzy stuff DD is no good at (Cobb, Cashner). In the Brady interview he specifically said assume more duties to help "Dan" do his job, not the GM. He specifically said Dan. I think DD stays on a 2-3 year contract to finish what has been started. I believe DD sold John-Louis on the fire sale, Intl. slot $$ acquisition, and expanded focus on scouting, player development. We need the VVM situation to be resolved positively and now is no time to trade horses.
  4. AnythingO's

    Rosenthal: Orioles are in a state of confusion

    This!!!! It was a ballsy move and was set up by the Gausman trade. They got the International allotment, the payroll flexibility to spend it, and blocked the NYY in one move. They already have signed 3 players for $200 K + and a few more in the $100 K range, far more International activity than in past years. This is a dramatic change in direction by the FO. Who the architect is I don't know but I'm glad they are doing it, long overdue. Now it remains to be seen if they can seal the deal and sign VVM and Jr. I understand the angst over lack of return for Gausman relative to the other trades, but if they get VVM and Jr. it will be worth it IMHO. Adding these 2 to Mullins, Hayes, Diaz you are looking at 5 top 100 caliber guys. That would be a serious boost to the MiL system talent pool. I'm content to wait 1-2 months for this to play out.
  5. AnythingO's

    Orioles IFA Signings Thread

    Sign them both.
  6. You scare me sometimes. VVM would take over half of what they have left ($8.25-$0.75 M=$7.5 M). Miami has $3.7 M I believe was the last figure I remember seeing. Are you saying no VVM? No to VVM Jr.? No to the pitcher Miami backed out on (I never remember his name)?
  7. AnythingO's

    Chris Davis

    What a joke that he could say that when Coolbaugh said they only talked twice. After the year he had in 2017, if that counts for extra offseason work in his mind then he is delusional.
  8. AnythingO's

    You're in charge: What would you do with Chris Davis?

    I suppose Boras could try that but Trumbo is a better 1B now and Mancini is a better DH now. There is no reason to believe Davis will improve next year to justify playing time. There is no basis for Davis playing ahead of them except for Buck. Buck is the reason both Trumbo and Davis are on the team and that forces Mancini to learn OF at the MLB level. It's just wrong. Trumbo only has 1 more year. Tell Mountcastle to learn 1b. Mountcastle and Mancini are the future until someone better comes along. I'm too emotional about Davis to be rational so I'm going to bow out now. Sorry Weams.
  9. AnythingO's

    You're in charge: What would you do with Chris Davis?

    He would have a $5 M/yr annuity for 22 years, be free to go to any team that would have him, and potentially make more money. If not he is a bench here warmer suffering humiliation for 4 years. Those are pretty strong motivations to me.
  10. AnythingO's

    You're in charge: What would you do with Chris Davis?

    I want Davis off the team any way it can be done. None of the options work for me so I'm Other, I guess. Weams says no buyouts but I'm not reducing what he is owed. Isn't it still a buyout if you add the $92 M to the deferred money and negotiate a longer payout period. Maybe a structured settlement? Adding both pots of money together is $110 M, pay $5 M/yr for 22 years, just get him the hell off the roster. If he refuses, park him on the bench, never to see the field, he is a Rule 5 player.
  11. AnythingO's

    Grade the Gausman Deal

    As the page starts to load hit Escape key. If you time.it right you can see the article.
  12. AnythingO's

    Anybody home? Anyone here?

    I know that was not a general comment but for me, Buck continuing to start him in the middle.of.the order means I just can't watch. I would love to see Mullins play, I'm curious if our 3 infielders can become MLB average defenders, but i can't watch. I want Mancini on 1B but Buck won't. Just too frustrating to watch. I come on here a dozen times a day but even those who used to see thru Orange glasses are angry and frustrated. I need Buck gone and Davis removed.
  13. AnythingO's

    Grade the Gausman Deal

    People were speculating at least $3.5 M for VVM back when NYY were accumulating additional slot $$. Miami still has almost $4 M I think and a natural fit with their Cuban community. IMO we would need to go $4.5 M, maybe higher, to get VVM. Maybe also sign his brother for $500 K so that is probably $5 M needed conservatively. Then there is the pitcher who Miami had a $2 M offer to but pulled because reportedly a failed drug test. Maybe $1.5 M for him and you have 3 new top Cuban prospects, at least 1 of which is top 100 immediately. Gausman was traded for slot money, to dump salary, and a lottery ticket.
  14. AnythingO's

    Duquette in mix for Mets new GM

    The offer came from Mike Rogers (deposed chairman of Rogers Center) as an attempt to regain some measure of control by replacing the President of baseball operations who had announced his retirement plans.
  15. AnythingO's

    Adam Jones interview on C.C. Sabathia's podcast

    I think this is all smoke and mirrors from Adam. He had a relationship with PA and also a strong relationship with Buck. Any leverage he had because of those "seems" to have been pushed to the side with the emergence of DD. I think he want to stay here and play for 4 more years (his words) and had dinner with John to that end. I'm guessing it didn't go his way, John has seemingly bought into whatever plan DD proposed. That plan is to get younger and play the prospects. There is no room for 3-4 years of AJ. He is trying to leverage his status with the team and in the community to get what he wants (I don't blame him}. DD isn't going to play along, maybe there is room for compromise in the middle but that direction would have to come from management, not DD. The Orioles didn't fall down on anything, this is business.