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  1. AnythingO's

    Hyde's Coaches

    Now we know what the International slot money was for. lol
  2. AnythingO's

    Rank the #1 Draft Disappointments

    Don't forget TTTP.
  3. AnythingO's

    New Rankings with Rule 5 guys

    Would something like Rick Peterson's bio-mechanical analysis maybe be able identify flaws in mechanics? Assuming he is not hurt which is probably not a good assumption.
  4. AnythingO's

    The Inevitable national outlet Chris Davis article.

    OMG I hope to God you are wrong. There is no good coming from a sulking CD on this team.
  5. His 2017 numbers were below average as he played a new position and adjusted. That gave hope for improvement in 2018 but I tend to believe the non-disabled list injury hurt him more than he would admit. How would Stewart's defense in 2018 compare with Mancini in 2017? I believe Stewart is an improvement so Weam's point is valid, we have a better option.
  6. AnythingO's

    How long does your blank check for Elias last?

    They could calculate the time value of money for the $17 M over the next 4 years and the deferred $30 M over its payout schedule and then create a payout schedule to equal that amount. Davis might get more money at face value but ME might have $10-12 M more to play with in the near term for the next 4 years.
  7. AnythingO's

    How long does your blank check for Elias last?

    When I suggest settlement, I expect Davis to be paid in full. Pay the $110 MM over an extended time frame, along the lines of the current deferred money plan. $5 MM a year for 22 years is far better than $17 MM for the next 4 years followed by years of smaller payments of the deferred money.
  8. AnythingO's

    How long does your blank check for Elias last?

    While I believe Frobby is right, that ME will at lest try to fix Davis, If the only reason to keep him on the team is his contract then you are sending a message to Mancini, Stewart, Montcastle that their future in MLB is secondary to his bad contract. I'm not saying Davis is a cancer or bad teammate but he has to produce or be gone. The money is lost, negotiate some settlement, free up that roster spot. By mid-year I want Mancini and Montcastle at !B and DH.
  9. Just exchange the l in Angelos for br and you get Angebros.
  10. AnythingO's

    The Inevitable national outlet Chris Davis article.

    You both are right but it was Buck that played Davis. Next year Davis should get ST and 1-2 months to prove he can contribute. If more of the same he is the 25th man and only sees the field due to emergency. The message needs to be you perform, you play. If not you sit, no matter what you get paid. He would be keeping another 25th man off the roster, not generally a solid player. Mancini at DH, Trumbo at 1B when he recovers, Montcastle learns 1B this year in the minors. Basically we play with a 3 man bench in a year destined to be bad and hope new mgmt gets him off the roster somehow.
  11. AnythingO's

    TT: Silence of Ownership is Deafening

    Agree with this. I believe the Bros Angelos will operate just like PA and meddle behind the scenes. Brady has the ear of one of them.
  12. AnythingO's

    The Inevitable national outlet Chris Davis article.

    I believe it is $110 M total (17*4) + (6*7)= 68+42= 110
  13. AnythingO's

    Gilmartin and Peterson

    True that but the Mesa line I thought was because he was hurt and LukeOH did a review of Mesa saying he was the one to keep. Before he crapped the bed of course.
  14. AnythingO's

    Gilmartin and Peterson

    Dan pick versus Buck pick?????? I thought they both were hurt so pick the one with the highest upside.
  15. AnythingO's

    Gilmartin and Peterson

    Why did we keep Araujo over Jose Mesa Jr.?