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  1. MLB unhappy at Judge for recruiting Machado today on the field

    Agree with all that but if we put that offer out it would force him to say no.
  2. North Linthicum is easy-to-use.
  3. MLB unhappy at Judge for recruiting Machado today on the field

    Sounds like the basis for an 8 year 240M offer, maybe add some option years
  4. Teams (except O's) keep saying not in on Cobb.

    OK, i was born, bred, and educated in Baltimore before moving to Pasadena.There are areas in Baltimore I wouldn't go 40 years ago, much less today. I tutored kids in the housing projects on Gay street back then and was robbed 2 blocks from UMD medical center in the 70s. Yes the per capita murder rate is insane and resources are scarce. However, Frobby is right. In the immediate area of OPACY you should be safe attending a game. I take light rail to avoid traffic and parking hassels, not out of fear. As for other cities i have been mugged in Paris, and accosted in Brussels and Copenhagen. I feel safer in Baltimore, and I'm 68. because I know where not to go. End of sermon.
  5. John Angelos and Brady taking over? (note on Boras as well)

    Maybe it means that Buck gets a Mike Scioscia role after this season with Brady executing the decisions???
  6. Tillman back. Are we happy?

    Short of another injury, is there a way for Tillman to go to extended spring training and not come North with the team?
  7. Most important player for 2018?

    While I agree with Frobby that the variance in potential outcomes with Tillman could have the most impact, what if Rasmus is healthy and rebounds to career averages? What if he can play above average defense, spell Jones to keep him healthier. and take advantage of the short porch? The potential production of a "good Rasmus" in 120 games versus some combo of Santander, Gentry, and Hayes vs right handed pitchers may be greater than Tilly.
  8. Cashner, Presley, Tillman - are the O's done now?

    Didn't Buck meet with him before he went to Houston a few years ago, and "it wasn't a fit" for the Orioles?
  9. Tillman back. Are we happy?

    Has this been reported anywhere? I believe he is in Sarasota working out but I haven't heard he is throwing.
  10. How good do you expect Manny to be at SS in 2018?

    I expect abouve average but not top 5.
  11. What if we returned them, would they go back into the pool or revert to MFY property? If they revert then could we "trade" for them?
  12. Call the date. Time and player.

    I wouldn't mind Miley back on a 1 year deal but only if Caleb is his designated catcher, which we know Buck won't do, therefore pass.
  13. Chris Davis' leash?

    Unless we trade him to Detroit for Zimmerman, hahaha.
  14. Mini Camp Thread

    Not sure what 76545 means but the list and reports aren't nearly "37" pitchers, hence my question.
  15. Mini Camp Thread

    Is Mesa Jr. there and if so any reports/comments?