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  1. So in a nutshell, this decision says about 60 M per year in rights to Nats so we owe them an extra 100 M for the 5 years. Then masn was paying 40 M in rights already. And the Nats share of profits would be reduced about 30 M or about 6 M per year. So if the Nats share is about 20% of profit now that would mean Orioles MLP share of profits drops 24 M but rights increase 20 M. If that's right it doesn't sound too catastrophic.
  2. Did we have a similar issue when Mazonne came in and tried to change the approach? I'm asking not stating, my memory is some got better and some crashed.
  3. This, and only bat against RH in a platoon with Richard against LH. Plays to both their strengths. Bring DJ up.
  4. Snickers have peanuts packed with protein and probably complex carbos as well.
  5. Pretty sure Bergy hurt his shoulder airing it out for a photo shoot on the "Calvary" and was never the same after.
  6. Dylan had 3-4 plus pitches when he was drafted and the cutter was the most dominant. They took it away from him in the minors so he would focus on developing the other offerings. Then TJ, then calcification. Last year he started to bring back the baby slider-cutter and there are pages of threads debating which pitch it is was now. The point is he is not the dominant pit bull who can overpower you with his FB anymore, but I believe that is his mentality. It will take awhile for him to adjust. He can be effective at 92-94 like early last year pre-ankle injury.
  7. My question about Dylan is how he had a successful first half (OK maybe not a whole half, I'm going from memory) last year before the ankle injury. Then after when he insisted he was fine even though he was visibly limping, he lost velocity and command. That has carried into this year. To me that says he altered mechanics and he hasn't gotten them back. That is on the PC and mgmt. to correct. I'm not saying we'll ever see 97-98 again but he can be effective at 92-94, just not at 89-91. IL him and fix it damnit, send him to extended ST. I don't care if this team is a train wreck short term (1-2months more) but I want decisions on marginal prospects made by June and the next way to be here then. That could be Stewart and Santander rather than Hayes and Diaz or Jac, Yel, and Ynoa rather than Kremer. I want players evaluated and decisions made. I don't care if we lose the next Jackson, it's not a real loss.If Davis continues this nonsense then he is the 25th man never to see the field. We are supposed to be analytic savants now, demonstrate that. Rant over
  8. Why did they ditch the change if it is his most effective pitch? Wouldn't that mixed with the cutter give the hitters a different look and more separation from the FB speed? Why can't he maintain a FB in the 95-97 range in 1-2 inning stints? He is maddening and I can only assume that he shows more in workouts but just doesn't in the game.
  9. Also remember that "after meeting in the 14 ALCS" was the Toronto debacle and little good happened after that. Too many cooks.
  10. It is all speculation at this point but I agree with you. I believe Buck was out and Dan thought he was staying and said the right things about international focus, shifting resources from MLB to rebuild the minors. IMO, Dan when shed the payroll he expected to be able to spend that money under the International cap to get all 3 Cubans. He was going to make a splash. I believe that ran counter to the sons wishes so he was let go and they eventually hired Elias. I believe Elias will be able to spend internationally. but not to overspend. He is going to have to sell the brothers on the value of any big ticket signing. Pure speculation and my opinion only.
  11. My memory may be faulty on this. Didn't DD have the Snider trade for Matusz worked out just before the Winter Meeting when the Toronto news broke?
  12. Trust The Process, TTP, a great improvement over the previous regime's Time To The Plate, TTTP.
  13. Agree with most of this, especially "a lot more than Buck" but I think Hyde will bench Davis when he has had enough. He has made several comments about being competitive and while he (and we) can hope for a good outcome, I don't believe it is possible. IMO that will tell whether Elias and Hyde have control of the roster.
  14. I believe Mancini will only see time at !b and DH as we sort thru Davis/Trumbo and will respond by improving on 2017. Long will help him tweak launch angle and we will have our DH for the next few years.
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