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  1. Whatever they decide I hope they don't expand the playoff field. Fewer teams that make the post season the better. Too much of a crap shoot once you get to the playoffs. That is why you play 162 games. I like the set up the way it is now. The one game wild card is perfect. Unfortunately I expect they will follow the NFL model of 8 four team divisions. Boooo
  2. Yes and some consider him to be the best overall prospect since Harper in 2010.
  3. Thanks guys I thought it would be in here.
  4. BUMP (sort of): Did not want to start a separate thread but where on Earth is the discussion on the upcoming draft?? We have the number one pick and there is nothing lol. I scrolled and scrolled and this is it. Really weird.
  5. OK according to my math he is at 41 with 5 more at bats to tie record!!!!
  6. No comments on Davis today? 0-4 with 2 Ks. This is getting exciting no? How many away are we from record? Should be more buzz.
  7. It is a challenge to stay invested in a season where there is no hope for a postseason birth. I was pretty checked out in the dark years. But I think part of that was I didn't believe we had a long term plan. So this year might be different for me. Following a losing team with eyes on the future is a new thing around here.
  8. It is such a shame. I really really enjoyed watching him play in 2013. He would appear to just make simple contact and the ball would carry and carry and carry. And he picked it with the glove nicely too.
  9. I really like the trade deadline and the roster size changes. The rest are simply awful. Leave the game alone.
  10. I am making my bucket list Spring Training visit this year. I hear we have one of the better facilities down there.
  11. Ya the Nats are absolutely set in the outfield. Taylor as a fourth outfielder too.
  12. It is very simple. Bryce Harper has a lot of star power but he more style than substance. He has had one great season. That is why he isn't drawing interest, certainly minimal interest in a long term deal. He should have accepted the Nats initial offer. An offer which I believe Washington made as a PR move and did not expect him to accept.
  13. Going to really miss hearing Joe's voice on the radio. Hope they find someone really good.
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