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  1. I am so happy with this hire and the direction we appear to be headed in. I, as well as most fans I am guessing, don't mind sucking for a while if the rebuild is done properly.. Now if only the Redskins would get rid of Bruce Allen.....
  2. Not to mention he apparently will take up switch hitting
  3. ExileAngelos

    Who should be dealt this winter/off-season?

    I really like the idea of trading Villar at the deadline next year. I think we would get more then.
  4. ExileAngelos

    Fanfest announced for Sat, 1/26/19

    I miss that store. You're right, the Nats ruined it for us DC O's fans!
  5. ExileAngelos

    2018 Redskins

    Josh Doctson is 100% worthless. Cut this bum. Dude can't play.. It's that simple.
  6. ExileAngelos

    How to make baseball more interesting

    Would bring new meaning to 'high leverage innings.' Perhaps put his neck in a noose out in the bullpen gallows and let him sweat it out until game is final.
  7. ExileAngelos

    How to make baseball more interesting

    The goal is to bring more action into the game. Base hits, base runners, plays at the plate etc. The shift, at least in my opinion, is hurting the game in the area. I know the simple answer is to have hitters go the other way to counter the shift. But we have seen for years now that most of them either aren't capable or aren't willing to do just that.
  8. ExileAngelos

    How to make baseball more interesting

    Isn't it obvious? Do they really need to cite the shift for benefits of lifting the ball and attempting to hit more home runs and fly balls? The shift absolutely has played a huge part of launch angle revolution.
  9. ExileAngelos

    How to make baseball more interesting

    The shift is leading to fewer balls that end up as base hits. What's the way to counteract hard hit balls that aren't being rewarded? Launch angle. Swing from the heels. Analytics that suggest striking out not a big deal. Can't shift against a home run. It's killing the game because there are fewer and fewer balls put in play. And balls that are put in play are resulting in fewer runners on base and less action. More and more Adam Dunn type of at bats.
  10. ExileAngelos

    How to make baseball more interesting

    The shift is killing the game. I hate to see a rule outlawing it but I have to admit it is probably necessary.
  11. Yes agreed. The one game Wild Card Game is an accidental genius set up (they didn't have room for a regular series). I just hope and pray they don't do away with it but I am fairly certain it will be gone when they expand to 32 teams. Booooo
  12. ExileAngelos

    Why (and When) did You Become an Oriole Fan ???

    My dad was not a baseball fan so I took it up on my own around 11 which was 1982. Just flipping around and saw Chuck Thompson and Brooks on channel 20 here in northern Virginia and I was hooked.
  13. ExileAngelos

    How to make baseball more interesting

    So you can score from second base on a pop up??
  14. I picked Witt because that is my last name.
  15. ExileAngelos

    Austin Hays 2018

    Hoping this explains his down year. Would be huge if he returned to elite prospect status.