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  1. ExileAngelos

    Harper to Phillies reported

    I am an Orioles fan.
  2. ExileAngelos

    Rich Dubroff: Joe Angel not returning.

    Going to really miss hearing Joe's voice on the radio. Hope they find someone really good.
  3. ExileAngelos

    MLB and Union talk major rule changes

    Surely you can't be serious....
  4. ExileAngelos

    MLB and Union talk major rule changes

    To me there are two issues with the game today. Pace of play and lack of balls in play during games. Pitch clock and banning the shift would go a long way to tackle both of these problems. I am not crazy about either one but I love the sport and want what is best for it.
  5. ExileAngelos

    MLB and Union talk major rule changes

    The DH was an abortion when it was introduced and continues today.
  6. What would be the ultimate BP would be to have a hologram or whatever you call it of an actual pitcher that allows you to go vs an actual windup with the ball exiting where his release point is.
  7. ExileAngelos

    Anyone Following Manny? (Signs with San Diego)

    We are so far from contending that I don't even care if he goes to MFY's. Won't sting nearly as much when Mussina signed. I still haven't gotten over that one.
  8. ExileAngelos

    Harold Baines.....Lee Smith in Hall of Fame

    Great job "Today's Game Committee!" You have just cheapened what it means to be a Hall of Famer. I think it is time to do away with this committee before they do more damage. Ugh.
  9. ExileAngelos

    Could we see changes to MASN? Please?

    I am hoping by the time we are competitive again that stupid blackout rule is gone. In the meantime I won't be watching a lot of games. Just keeping a close eye on how things are progressing. I find it hard to watch my favorite team when there is no hope for post season birth.
  10. I am so happy with this hire and the direction we appear to be headed in. I, as well as most fans I am guessing, don't mind sucking for a while if the rebuild is done properly.. Now if only the Redskins would get rid of Bruce Allen.....
  11. Not to mention he apparently will take up switch hitting
  12. ExileAngelos

    Who should be dealt this winter/off-season?

    I really like the idea of trading Villar at the deadline next year. I think we would get more then.
  13. ExileAngelos

    Fanfest announced for Sat, 1/26/19

    I miss that store. You're right, the Nats ruined it for us DC O's fans!
  14. ExileAngelos

    2018 Redskins

    Josh Doctson is 100% worthless. Cut this bum. Dude can't play.. It's that simple.