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  1. theocean

    Interesting FAs

    Value is determined by the market. Relievers almost always have a better market at the trade deadline. Too many free agent relievers out there right now to have much negotiating power.
  2. theocean

    Anyone Following Manny?

    Good point - that is a very good question. But, even in the unlikely scenario where cable subscriptions as we know them cease to exist - could MASN make the same amount of money if they charge $10 to just people who watch their network via a streaming service? For instance, Netflix just raised its prices. Even if they lose a bunch of subscribers, they'll still stand to make more money charging a higher fee to a smaller number of people. Basically, I wouldn't bet against a bunch of greedy capitalists to find a new way to make money.
  3. theocean

    Anyone Following Manny?

    Definitely an issue teams will have to face. But, the money will still be there - people are still going to want to purchase some sort of product to watch sports at home. The major US sport leagues just need to make sure they keep evolving with the times.
  4. theocean

    Brandon Hyde Article on The Athletic

    The term "good baseball man" has always made me laugh, too. Like, what does that even mean!?
  5. theocean

    Orioles in the Hall of Fame Vote

    Tejada has a lot going against him: steroid user, suspended for 105 games for amphetamines, lied about his age, pled guilty to perjury... and oh, framed Palmeiro with the tainted B-12 he gave him 😉
  6. theocean

    Anyone Following Manny?

    This is a good point. As much as it sucks to admit - Manny played like a straight up goon in the postseason: kicking Aguilar, spikes up while sliding into home, trying to take out guys at second on a slide, the single on the ball that hit off the wall. Plus, the Johnny Hustle, Athletics-bat-throw, Pedroia slide stuff doesn't help either. I don't think Manny's reached A-Rod levels of hate, but he's probably the most disliked player in MLB right now on the national level. That being said. Talent plays. And he'll get paid - just like Albert Belle, ARod, AJ Pierzynski. Hell, think about Floyd Mayweather and every other vile human in sports who still gets paid because they are talented.
  7. theocean

    Orioles in the Hall of Fame Vote

    If he was the pitching coach, I'm sure we'd all find a way to hate him. Most thankless job in sports.
  8. theocean

    Orioles in the Hall of Fame Vote

    I think Mussina gets in. It'll be interesting to see what happens with Schilling, Clemens, and Bonds. Last year, Clemens and Bonds both had 61.2% support via the tracker - but actually finished with 54.1% and 53.8% respectively. So, it seems like they lose a bit of support among the voters who don't post their ballots online early.
  9. I always felt like most players went on a first name basis with everyone except the owner. Like Jones would refer to Mr. Angelos but not Mr. Duquette.
  10. theocean

    Fanfest 2019 update.

    I'd actually go to FanFest if I could drink with Gary Thorne.
  11. theocean

    Anyone Following Manny?

    Exactly. And if the Phillies are favorites to sign Harper, that means they are offering over $300M. And we heard that Machado was always the Phillies' first choice, so I don't see them offering Harper the moon while Machado is 'allegedly' looking at under $200M. They're both going to get paid.
  12. theocean

    Sign Grandy for RF & Flip in July?

    I personally believe that every team should have a player who can provide some 'muscle' in a bench clearing brawl. A guy who can throw a good punch while also falling over a dugout railing. Typically, that role is left to the backup catcher - but I'm not sure Sisco or Wynns are up to the task. That being said, I highly advocate for the O's to sign Delmon Young or Paul Bako.
  13. theocean

    Anyone Following Manny?

    When all is said and done, Harper and Machado will get over $200M. Things are just getting started.
  14. theocean

    Orioles bump up reporting dates

    lol yeah. There's a reason Bartolo Colon is the oldest player in the bigs.
  15. theocean

    Parker Bridwell DFA’d

    Bridwell has already been DFA'd by the Angels this offseason in November, then picked up by the Yankees off waivers and quickly DFA'd again in December. He was then picked up on waivers by the Angels a second time and now DFA'd once more. The Orioles, along with most of the league, have already passed on him twice and I think his 2017 results were a bit lucky. That being said, I'd much rather see Bridwell take a shot in Baltimore than Mike Wright Jr.