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  1. theocean

    Top Manager Candidates

    I know. Everybody expects a press release about what happened each and every day.
  2. theocean

    The Orioles Scouting Organization

    What are you talking about, nepotism is great. You ever see the movie Gladiator? Joaquin Phoenix totally would have been an awesome emperor if Russell Crowe didn't have to be a bother avenging his family and everything.
  3. theocean

    A Few Questions About Some Former Orioles

    I don't think we can say that if the O's resign Jones, the president doesn't have ultimate decision making authority. Jones has value, especially to a team that is going to struggle to bring in fans. If he comes cheap enough, like some posters here think will happen, it would make sense. But, I think the Athletics or another value-minded team with playoff hopes bites on Jones before he gets into the Orioles' "sure-why-not" price range.
  4. theocean

    A Few Questions About Some Former Orioles

    I saw something about Flaherty considering coaching, too. He wants to keep playing, but is starting to consider the next chapter in his baseball life. Apparently, a lot of people think he could make a good coach. Jones will get a multi-year deal somewhere. I think he lands somewhere out west. Buck will have options. I can't see him taking a spot from Mendoza or Rodriguez in the Sunday Night Baseball booth, but I could see him on a show with the MLB Network. The Marlins have been floated around as an opportunity for him to have a front office role. I honestly could see him coaching at a college, too.
  5. theocean

    Sun: Ripken files suit against Aberdeen

    Who tripped the circuit breaker to Camden Yard's right-field light bank on August 14, 1997 when the surrounding neighborhood did not suffer a single flicker of power interruption!? #costner-gate #cal-ghazi
  6. The Washington Post did an article on Adam Schefter and how he gets all his scoops. I assume that Rosenthal probably works the same way. It is similar to how Peter Gammons is portrayed in the film Moneyball: https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/redskins/adam-schefter-is-nfl-reporting-machine/2014/09/02/93e009f2-32cc-11e4-9f4d-24103cb8b742_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.7be2bb1ae6d7 I think the reason you see the national writers breaking stories before the local beat writers is because the national writers have information they can provide in return. The local beat writers likely don't have that type of currency to offer.
  7. theocean

    Third baseman for the coming season

    Trumbo is definitely moveable if he comes back from his injury playing well. I think that Davis ultimately ends up in a part-time role by mid-summer next year.
  8. theocean

    Projected 2019 Arbitration Salaries

    I could see them bringing back Joseph for the reasons you stated - they need a veteran catcher just to get through the season. I think that as long as Joseph settles to a fair salary early in the offseason, he'll be back. If he wants an arbitration trial - like he has in the past - I think he gets non-tendered.
  9. MLBTradeRumors.com just posted their projected arbitration salaries for 2019. Here's what they have the Orioles: Jonathan Villar: $4.4MM Tim Beckham: $4.3MM Dylan Bundy: $3.0MM Mychal Givens: $2.0MM Caleb Joseph: $1.7MM Jace Peterson: $1.3MM You can see the entire list here.
  10. theocean

    Will Givens be traded this offseason?

    There is a significant number of posters on this board who would trade Willie Mays in his prime for prospects because they'd be solely worried about not trading him at peak value.
  11. Ha! That's true. Analytics are helpful, but yeah - at a certain point, you gotta throw the ball across the plate and execute. An excel spreadsheet by itself isn't going to turn Mike Wright into Nolan Ryan.
  12. Britton has always been a great interview. Smart guy who isn't afraid to speak his mind and answers questions with substance - but he always keeps it professional.
  13. I think the fact that the Astros can turn Charlie Morton into a lights out pitcher or that the Yankees consistently find gems like Luke Voit speaks to the value of the non-obvious benefits of analytics.
  14. theocean

    How to make baseball more interesting

    SurhoffRules had a great reply to this. Couldn't agree more. I'd just add that I think football has far superior television broadcasts than baseball. There's more actual stopping in football - but you'd never think so because they do an excellent job at showing replays, look ins at other games, other graphics packages, etc. Often, in baseball, those gaps are filled with some old player from thirty years ago telling some boring story no one cares about.
  15. theocean

    How to make baseball more interesting

    Not a bad thing, just a lot of kids have XBOXs, PS4s, and Switches. They haven't yet joined the PC Master Race.