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  1. Dempsey is a smart guy and is completely reasonable with his baseball opinions behind the scenes. He's just doing his job on TV.
  2. I don't think it's fair to blame DD for trying to keep a window open for too long. That clearly was what ownership directed - and DD did his job the best he could, often with one hand behind his back. The 2017 team he put together straight up underperformed. There is no reason that lineup on Opening Day should have played the way they did. I'm not saying DD was the best GM ever, but 2012-2016 was absolutely awesome and I can forgive a Gerardo Parra trade when there was far more good than bad during his tenure.
  3. I don't see Jeff Reboulet on this list - so it's crap. j/k thanks for posting, I enjoyed reading it.
  4. I agree. Loria added payroll before he sold the Marlins. I think the O's rebuild is being done because the Angelos sons think it is the best way forward. The one concerning thing is that Camden Yards lease is up soon - and Governor Hogan's letter to the Commissioner revealed that negotiations couldn't move forward until the MASN dispute is finalized. I think that's a signal that the Orioles' financial future might not be entirely secure.
  5. I'll be interested to see how the Brewers approach the deadline. Only 50-47, but they're right in the thick of it - although basically the entire NL still has a fighting chance at the second Wild Card besides the Marlins. The Brewers actually have a -13 run differential, which was a bit surprising to me. Their starting pitching has really been struggling as of late, you'd think their focus would be there - but they had no problem going into the playoffs without much of a starting rotation last year.
  6. I don't think they necessarily need to spend money in free agency or anything - but they do need to at least keep interesting players around long enough for kids to get attached to them. If I was a kid, I'd probably think Villar and Mancini are pretty neat. But, it's hard for kids to have a favorite player or have much to tune in for when the roster is pretty transient. I doubt there are a lot of kids on the sandlot pretending they are Richie Martin. I'm not saying they need to spend money to try and win 70-games, but I think in the long-run - it is valuable to maybe hold onto the occasional Mancini or Villar in an effort to develop some sort of long-term fanbase amongst the kids. I really resist that that rebuild is either tank or spend. There's a lot of middle ground there - and I think a corporation as big as the Orioles can find the pennies to pay for a few mid-level players.I like what Elias is doing, but you have to figure it'll at least be a five year rebuild from 2018 until some on-field success. Five years isn't much to an adult, but for a kid - that's a pretty significant development time. An eight year old versus thirteen year old.
  7. I've posted this a lot - and I usually get someone who flippantly responds with a picture of a full Minute Maid Park during the playoffs. But, I'll do it again anyway: I'm a millennial. Grew up during the fourteen losing seasons. I learned to read, graduated high school, learned to drive, moved out on my own, had a few jobs, graduated college all before the Orioles had a winning season. They were awful. But for some reason Jeff Conine and Luis Matos and Daniel Cabrera turned me into a diehard Orioles fan. I'll never forgive them for cursing this evil upon me. I truly know like five dudes my age who actually know, understand, and follow Orioles baseball on a daily basis. That's it. Five dudes who are diehard baseball fans. Sure, I know a ton of people who "like" baseball - but they couldn't tell you the difference between a four seam and a two seam fastball. Couldn't name you another player on another team outside the obvious ones. They don't know basic rules. Believe me, I unfortunately know they don't because I've played on the same softball team with them. A big reason is that everyone my age grew up when the Orioles played like absolutely butt every year and the Ravens had Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and company bashing people's skulls in and winning the Super Bowl. Those same people who don't know basic baseball rules could tell you all about why the Ravens should attack the A-gap with their running game against a certain team. They grew up watching a lot of football and are lifelong, diehard football fans for life. A lot of people my age all went to games a lot from 2012-2016 because the O's were good, Adam Jones was cool, and they wanted a place outside to drink. But, now? They don't care. It's just me and the five dudes I know who care about Hanser Alberto breaking up a perfect game. That's it. My point is - when you tank or unintentionally tank for long period of time, you lose a generation of young fans. Yeah, winning brings in new fans - but having a butt product on the field kills that core foundation of fans that is needed to fill a stadium. Those same people who grew up during fourteen losing seasons are all having kids now. How are those kids ever going to care about baseball if their parents don't care and the Orioles of their youth are also butt. We can try and explain low attendance as much as we want - but the O's have pretty much been butt for a long time. I really caution against scorched-earth, tanking rebuilds because they really do permanent damage to the health of the fanbase.
  8. theocean

    Who is next?

    I will anxiously await for our beloved Mike Wright to transform into the next JD Martinez, then.
  9. theocean

    Who is next?

    Everyone knows that the Astros weren't the only team in MLB history to do a rebuild, right? I know Elias worked there - but come on. They're two different teams, in two very different sized markets, with two different situations, with very different television deals, with a Chris Davis sized difference between them. The O's rebuild isn't going to perfectly mirror the Astros'.
  10. What are you even talking about, dude? Sure, NWSL isn't commercially strong - but there is absolutely tremendous, elite talent in that league. To look at a couple stats and say it is on par with 1800s baseball is really silly. You're ignoring a ton of other variables of the 1800s - like segregation, wars, a completely different US economy, limited transportation... Gymnastics, swimming, etc aren't selling out stadiums either - but that doesn't mean anything in terms of the talent-level. I read back and I'm not even sure what you two were arguing about - but I had to call this lunacy out. Not sure your motive here. Just because women have to fight for equal pay (like they have to fight for in every industry) doesn't mean their leagues are lacking in talent or play. It's us men who need to wake up and realize that we should be paying attention to the talent of the NWSL, WNBA, etc. Not dismiss it to be equal to an indoor soccer league.
  11. I think you nailed it. I don't see him going anywhere until his spot on the 40-man roster is absolutely needed, which likely isn't going to happen anytime soon.
  12. theocean

    Who is next?

    If Mancini gets traded at all - I'd put money he ends up here.
  13. Peter Angelos isn't involved in decision-making anymore, as far as pretty much every report has said. But I agree with you - and I totally see why they put all of their resources into the major league roster during the 2012-2016 stretch. Can't fault Angelos for wanting to try to win while he could. Illich and the Tigers did the same thing. It was fun while it lasted.
  14. It doesn’t really matter if we know what we got. Just matters if Elias knows what he got. We’re not privy to all the scouting info they have. They’re really young. Time will tell. I’d rather have two high-risk, high-reward players than Dillon Tate or somebody like that.
  15. That’s interesting. They only save $1.68 million. Not exactly a salary dump - Elias must like the players they got back.
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