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  1. I agree with you - 12 years is a long time. And, I doubt Trout is going to be anywhere close to the player he is now when he is 38 years old. He could tear his ACL tomorrow. He could get in a car accident and never be the same. An asteroid could right in the middle of center field and take out Trout. But, Trout is just in a world of his own. 64.3 career rWAR so far - that's more than Ichiro's and a lot of Hall of Famer's entire careers. He's turning 28 this season - he's big, he's athletic, he's incredibly consistent, and doesn't show any signs of slowing down over the next few years. We're looking at possibly one of the greatest players of all time. If I'm a baseball owner - especially one that owns a team in the second largest city in the wealthiest country in the world - I have no problem paying the big bucks to keep one of the all-time greats in my team's uniform for his entire career. He might not be worth his contract at the end of it - but the money and goodwill he'll bring in chasing 3,000 hits and 500+ HR will be considerable. I'm sure the deal will be insured to protect against anything crazy. Plus, he can more to right field and eventually DH as his fielding abilities fade. But, he might be halfway through the deal before that's an issue. Also, think about inflation. While this isn't the most accurate method, the rate of inflation from twelve years ago to now was 18%. $28.7M in 2007 is the same as $35M today. By the end of the deal, the annual value isn't even going to be that wild. Ronald Acuna and Vlad Jr are going to shatter that AAV. So, in conclusion - sure, this could totally be terrible for the Angels. But, spending money to have the best player in the game is a risk I think any owner would take. They just need to figure out how to get him back to the playoffs now - and the answer there is keeping their pitching staff healthy and developing their strong farm system into contributors.
  2. The Angels are in solid shape. They just need to figure out how to keep a pitcher healthy.
  3. Mancini had -.1 rWAR and .299 OBP last year. He's not good either.
  4. I remember reading something about that when Pujols signed. I think the litigation involved in that would take longer than the player's remaining career.
  5. WOAH. I like this deal for the Angels. $36M AAV isn't too other-worldly to have the best player in baseball in your uniform their entire career. Hopefully they can put a team around him so we can see him in some playoff games!
  6. I don't get it either. DD had a ton of constraints and managed to put together some pretty good teams. If they don't run into a red hot Royals team and Ned Yost's magical power - they make the World Series. Sure, he made some mistakes, but he did a fantastic job with one and sometimes two arms behind his back. DD just couldn't catch a break within the organization, from fans, or from the media.
  7. This team really kind of is like an expansion team. Long road ahead.
  8. I should have been more clear with my original comment. I totally agree with what Elias is doing - but it’s kinda weird how national writers tore the O’s apart for trading international money under DD, but under Elias - they think its a wise move. Obviously Peter Angelos kept DD from doing what he wanted. I guess it’s just kind of weird how the media narrative around Elias is he can’t do any wrong because he comes from the Astros - while DD is unfairly a scapegoat.
  9. It's weird how DD got toasted by fans and the media about the lack of international signings, but Elias gets the benefit of the doubt while doing the same thing.
  10. I think the next revolutionary strategy might be to actually have good players.
  11. $200 is a lot of money to a lot of families, especially as income inequality continues to get worse and worse. Cable isn't cheap either. There's an economic barrier to even watch baseball. Camden Yards is pretty unique in how affordable it is, too. And even it is out of the price range for a lot of families. I mean, movie theaters are having the same problem - it's too expensive and people are watching Netflix instead.
  12. I think there's plenty of middle ground between not fielding a AAA team and putting a semi-capable team on the field. I'm not advocating signing Harper or something, but it'd be nice if the right side of our infield had more than 292 career at-bats combined. With Free Agency the way it was this year, that could have been done for very little money - and without impacting the rebuild. I've never seen an Orioles World Series either. And no entitlement here, I'm not expecting anything. Just expressing my opinion. And my opinion is I don't know how interested I'll be after a bunch of tanking - and I wonder what the state of the Orioles fanbase will be after it.
  13. It's pretty ridiculous that Elias & Co couldn't put together a better Opening Day roster than what they have - especially given how favorably free agency went for teams and their payrolls. The O's are straight up tanking, trying to spend as little money as possible, keeping service time down for any possible contributor, and are perfectly happy playing some pretty terrible baseball. Which is fine, whatever. It's a strategy. It'll probably work. But, in five or six years when they finally have a decent team on the field - I'm not so sure I'm really going to care about the O's like I normally have. I love baseball - but I just straight up don't even care this year. I have tickets to Opening Day and every time I see it marked on my calendar, it just feels like an annoying obligation I have to do. If I'm checked out all year, do I ever come back like I used to? Is that even a bad thing? Would picking up fishing be a far more fulfilling use of my time than fanatically rooting for a corporation and their millionaire employees? I'm sure someone will respond to this thinking they are clever by posting a picture of the Astros in the playoffs or something - and I'm sure I wouldn't completely ignore the O's in the playoffs if they ever make it again. But, that doesn't mean I'm going to be anywhere near the level of fan I used to be. It doesn't mean that I'm going to bother keeping MASN or go to any games. It doesn't mean I'm going to be talking to friends or relatives about the O's. It doesn't mean that I'm going to be that active in trying to indoctrinate my kids with O's fandom. And I've been a pretty diehard fan my entire life. How are the fans who came to the O's between 2012-2016 feeling? You know, the ones that actually fill the seats.
  14. I didn't think you were saying that. Just commented to your post to share my thoughts on the topic.
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