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  1. They're people, not expired fruit.
  2. You can really tell this season has been slow when a thread about a nationally written article becomes a discussion about restaurants only a few pages in. 🤣
  3. I live in the city. It certainly isn't the safest in the country, but it is completely fine. You're going to run into some weird situations sometimes, but that's life anywhere. I think a lot of confirmation bias is involved - especially since some people act like going to Camden Yards is like trekking through downtown Fallujah. That being said, I do realize a lot of county-dwellers are scared to go into the city. Baltimore needs to work on its image - and there's unfortunately no quick fix for that. The best thing we can do as members of the Baltimore community is to keep believing in it and doing our best individually to make it a better place and help our neighbors out the best we can.
  4. Rosenthal is the real deal. I'm curious to see how much his question over the 3/4th vote difficulty is actually backed up by some intel or just his hunch. I always assumed the owners wouldn't want to set that precedent, but it makes some sense based on what he reported. Why would the Orioles be dragging their feet on appointing a control person for over a year, unless they were worried about the process? I also assume owners probably hate paying unnecessary legal fees the same way they hate paying for taxes or their own stadiums.
  5. Cashner has oddly been traded for some pretty nice players in some arguably lopsided deals throughout his career: 2008: Traded by the San Diego Padres to the Chicago Cubs for Anthony Rizzo. 2016: Traded by the San Diego Padres to the Miami Marlins for Luis Castillo, Jarred Cosart, and Carter Capps. Hopefully that trend continues for the O's at this year's deadline. (Also interesting, Luis Castillo has been passed around like crazy. Started in San Francisco, then traded to Miami for Casey McGehee. Then traded to the Padres for Cashner. Then traded back to the Marlins for Colin Rea. Then traded to Cincinnati for our beloved Dan Straily)
  6. Posey was really good. Kind of makes you wonder that if Rutschman is really good with the bat - should he be moved to another position entirely to extend his career? Granted, Posey's bat isn't as valuable at another position.
  7. This isn't the deepest draft class either. Rutschman seems like a #1 Overall Pick in most drafts, I'd expect the O's to take the superior talent.
  8. They've certainly played harder and with more heart than I expected. It's been a nice surprise and all we can ask for out of this group. But, they're about as bad as I think most of us predicted. They're on pace for 56 wins. Tied for the worst record in the American League. Second worst run differential. They're not record-setting bad, but they're still pretty bad.
  9. I think having the first overall pick in baseball is overrated. Certainly nice to have, but there is plenty of high-caliber talent throughout the first round. The Astros always get credited for having the top pick - but Correa was really the only good pick they made with the top spot. They passed on Kris Bryant to draft Mark Appel. They missed out on Aaron Nola, Michael Conforto, Trea Turner, Matt Chapman, Luke Weaver, Kyle Schwarber to draft Brady Aiken and not sign him. Bregman might be their best player and he was a second overall pick. I'm far more concerned about Elias and Sig being able to put together a good development system - especially one that can develop an all-star caliber starting pitcher for the first time since Mussina.
  10. A lot of people get up at 5AM for work. I think people are fine losing a little sleep if they're going to be up late witnessing something entertaining. The 2019 Orioles are not worth losing beauty rest over.
  11. I think any call-ups are probably going to be post-trade deadline, barring any injury. I think Elias makes honest attempts to trade some of the O's unnecessary parts, like Trumbo and Nunez, and if he can't find a suitor - they probably get let go in favor of a prospect call-up. Nunez certainly isn't an answer long-term, but he's fine enough to help the team get through July.
  12. Ynoa has pretty much single-handedly stabilized the pitching staff by being able to come out of the bullpen and get through a couple innings. I support Hyde's decision.
  13. I cannot agree more with this. MLB might threaten to delay a vote on the transfer of ownership until the MASN issue is resolved, but I can't see them forcing a sale like some are suggesting. I think the O's biggest issues are that their television revenue is about to be cut, they can't bring fans into the park, are starting another lengthy rebuild, have a lease expiring, and an ownership group that might need to sell for financial reasons.
  14. John in particular as been pretty vocal about the team's role in the community. Other teams talk that talk for sure, but it seems like he really means it. They're definitely different people, but it seems like Peter's political and community views have carried onto his sons.
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