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  1. Not too many. Two liners Hays had to go back on and a warning track shot from Bruce to LF. Couple of nice plays from Schoop on hard-hit grounders, although Valencia couldn't make the relatively easy pick on the off-balance throw. One of the Ks was 95 on the inside corner. Some good breaking balls too. He looks good for sure.
  2. He actually pitched 5 innings, so the count was a bit higher. Still a very good ratio though.
  3. Solid. No walks and 3 strikeouts. Some loud outs, but good overall.
  4. 8 K through 5 for deGrom.
  5. 53 pitches through 4 for Cashner, although it's pretty obvious these teams are rushing through this one.
  6. I'm not sure it's worthwhile to cite Cashner's ERA in 14 innings pitched at Camden Yards.
  7. We just have no chance against deGrom.
  8. He didn't look comfortable on an easy flyout earlier in the game. I think he'll be fine come the regular season. Passable, at least.
  9. Maybe. Also Mancini's first time playing in that park with bright sun and swirling wind making it even tougher.
  10. 42 pitches through 3 for Cashner. 1 run, 3 hits, 3 K, 0 BB.
  11. As I say that, a double and single make it 1-0 Mets.
  12. Third K of the day for Cashner. He looks pretty good.
  13. Boy, Jacob deGrom is good.
  14. Yeah, it's Hernandez. He's more dull than anything now. Guess he got his quibbles with the modern game out of the way early.