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  1. Ongoing Lineup Thread, 2017

    First time Smith has batted 9th, I believe.
  2. Won't be on at the same time as the Ravens now. Nice for Baltimore fans.
  3. Turn Out the Lights

    I'm going to Hangout Night Tuesday, a couple days ago I thought we'd see Bundy but now it looks like Ubaldo. Well, I felt we had to 12-7 in this 19 game stretch with 16 home games in it. This weekend makes that a heck of a lot tougher.
  4. Get Rid Of The Rubber Warning Track - NOW

    Do you think it somehow affects the Orioles more than our opponents? If anything, we are, on the whole, one of the slower teams in baseball so it seems to me we would be less likely to have guys who "would have scored".
  5. vs Angels, 8/20

    Have to run out on an errand to a place that closes at 5PM. Maybe listening on the car radio will bring an 8th inning rally. Later, all (or maybe I'll be back in time for extras).
  6. vs Angels, 8/20

    Too bad Gentry replaced Trumbo in right. Trumbo would have made a better throw there.
  7. vs Angels, 8/20

    Glad Gentry replaced Trumbo in right. That popup might have been an adventure with Trumbo out there.
  8. vs Angels, 8/20

    Maybe confusing them with those other Men, the ones who are At Work?
  9. vs Angels, 8/20

    Shania, too. And the Barenaked Ladies. I did learn something, did not realize Men WIthout Hats was Canadian.
  10. vs Angels, 8/20

    I knew I could generate some controversy!
  11. vs Angels, 8/20

    Well, I guess third.
  12. vs Angels, 8/20

    Canada's second finest musical import. Behind only Bachman Turner Overdrive, of course.
  13. vs Angels, 8/20

    Man, we were one routine play away from hanging an 0-for-4, no ball out of the infield day on The Great Mike Trout. Manny, geez. Even the best screw one up occasionally.
  14. vs Angels, 8/20

    Davis strikes out swinging to end the inning. I'm actually happy he swung the bat.