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  1. 29 years old. 5 year career. 97 ERA+ (100, 104, 115 the past 3 years). That's not a star but I certainly think it's a major league pitcher.
  2. Nuno did a pretty solid job in his last relief effort. But yeah, it's the game thread. So if someone has a bad game, let's send them down immediately.
  3. I think it is about babying his better bullpen guys. He wants to get 100+ pitches out of his starter if the starter is having a good, or even fair, game, and keep his pen guys fresh all year. I think he believes starters can handle that type of load more than bullpen guys can handle being overworked. I don't know if that's right, but our bullpen is continually one of the better ones year after year. How often do you see a reliever get used a lot one year and suck the next. Yet we managed to get multiple consecutive solid to good years out of our top relievers, over and over again.
  4. Take THAT "best bullpen in baseball"!!!
  5. Bust this open Mark! Let's inflate the ERA of Mr.-Most-Pinstripes-Ever!
  6. Our last game.
  7. Gregorious doesn't look like the injury hurt him very much.
  8. Tyus Bowser, outside linebacker, Houston
  9. Have the Yankees changed their rotation? Is Pineda no longer going tomorrow?
  10. Nice play Welington, that's not as easy as it looks.
  11. Anybody just hear the fan yell "I STRONGLY DISAGREE WITH THAT CALL" ??
  12. I feel good with Welington batting
  13. Please tell us Trumbo will too.
  14. Hard to play Monday morning quarterback there (other than staying too long with Bundy). Hart has been pretty effective this year. Good enough to use in a tight game. He just didn't get the job done tonight.
  15. Like most modern fans, I am not much in favor of the sacrifice bunt. But if there is a time when I would consider it, it would be a tie game in late innings with no outs and a batter on 2nd.