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  1. I can live with it if it happens because guys like Sisco, Means, and Santander play well and price they are worth keeping around I'm not going to obsess about getting the top pick.
  2. No but it's the 30th anniversary of the Why Not season and there is a 1989 reunion night with T-shirt giveaway 3 weeks from tonight
  3. We beat Cleveland 13-0 on back to back nights a couple weeks ago. Actually...with tonight's win we will be 8-8 in our last 16. That will be our longest stretch of .500 ball this year. (We actually had a 9-9 stretch last year).
  4. Thanks! Yes, I know The Answer is in our plans.
  5. Yep. I don't know the area but my friend from Richmond will be our tour guide. I know we're going to the Veil, they make some GREAT beers, we know someone who used to work there and is not a brewer-in-training at The Other Half in Brooklyn NY which is another great brewery. We've had plenty of stuff from the Veil at all of our VT tailgates, I'm looking forward to visiting the place. I think my friend from Richmond mentioned a brewery that was affiliated with (or next to?) a Vietnamese restaurant? We'll have either lunch or dinner there. He's got it all mapped out, I'm just going along.
  6. I'm going to Richmond tomorrow with some friends. Spending the afternoon hitting a bunch of craft brewers and a restaurant all in the same part of town. A two mile span total so I might wind up walking 3 or 4 miles total as we traverse the area. Or maybe I'll be a heat wimp and call an Uber for a 3/4 mile walk.
  7. Richie beats it out and we get [at least] another run.
  8. And you don't change the notes either. She did.
  9. We have been a freaking sac fly MACHINE this week. If only Roy were still watching the games.
  10. Broxton this year: .630 OPS vs lefties. .389 (WOW) vs RH. (And the #s vs LH have gone up tonight). Career: .753 vs LH, .662 vs RH. If he could OPS .750 vs lefties and play the defense he does, he could be a platoon CF and solid 4th outfielder. That's a big if given his performance this year, though. But I can see there being a reluctance to DFA him, at least until a bunch more guy are ML-ready. Obviously Elias & company liked him more than Joey.
  11. Wilkerson has a single. Martin has a triple that he scored on, and a bunt single. Broxton has a monster shot home run. And there's still no one out in the 4th. Are you surprised?
  12. Wow Keon. He doesn't hit many, but when he does they are SHOTS. Like that first one in Seattle on the first pitch he saw as an Oriole. And Richie bunts for a base hit!!! Just needs a double and homer for the cycle!
  13. If there's nobody on base, it doesn't matter. Except maybe in the Atlantic League. I'm not sure about that.
  14. Trey has a modest 3 game hitting streak.
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