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  1. Hope you didn't make the sure bet.
  2. Thanks! I was just having a heck of a time envisioning the play with the 6-5-6 scoring on GameDay!
  3. Oh. GameDay says the ball was hit to Janish, not Manny. I can picture it if the ball was hit to 3rd. Is GameDay wrong?
  4. I'm at the Nats game. Following O's by checking periodically. Can someone explain to me how Mallex Smith was out 6-5-6 when he was on first and the batter hit a single to shortstop???
  5. Gausman's the one that gets me, I agree 100% with you. I'm still skeptical of Tillman feeling fine, no matter what he says. He may not be in pain but I don't think the shoulder is sound.
  6. Of course the manager bears a level of ultimate responsibilty for the play of the team, he's the leader. (Although I think a lot of the people blaming Buck for this horrible 42 game stretch as the worst team in baseball did NOT give him all the equivalent credit for being the best team in the AL for 850 games). As for the pride, accountability thing, what is the evidence? Manny has shown a lack of hustle, but he showed that when we we were winning. Tejada made a poor error? You think there were no ugly errors when we were winning? Where do you see lack of pride? I see a pitching staff getting hammered, and an offense that is underachieving a bit but has some guys doing well and others not.
  7. If you are arguing that the manager is ultimately repsonsible, well of course the buck has to stop somewhere, pun intended. But if Buck is responsible for us being the worst team in MLB for 42 games, then he is just as responsible for us being the best team in the AL over the previous 850 games. I don't think the collapse of the team has anything to do with the team being confident in Buck's leadership for 850 straight games over 5+ years, going to bed on May 9 with the best record in baseball, and waking up on May 10 and no longer being confident in his leadership anymore.
  8. I don't think we can compete in 2018 as currently constituted unless the things we need to happen to compete this year happen (complete turnarounds by Gausman and Tillman). I look at 2019: If, and I know it's a big if, Sisco is a major league starting caliber catcher by then, and at least 2 of Hays/Mullins/Mountcastle are able to contribute in the starting lineup, then maybe you can do something like this: -- Re-sign an aging Adam Jones as a (99%) lifetime Oriole with the understanding he will play his remaining years in right field. -- Re-sign Brach -- Trade Manny and Britton and get a serious haul of prospects concentrating on starting pitchers, at least a couple of whom will be able to help us in 2019. -- If you can get something for any of the other free agents the next two seasons (Hardy, Kim, Flaherty, Smith, Ubaldo, Miley, Castillo, Tillman), of course you get it. Some of those guys are untradeable, others may bring B or C prospects. So I'm not counting on much here, but maybe you can get a depth piece who is under control. -- Davis is untradeable due to his contract. Trumbo might be tradeable, if you get something decent for him, do it. OK, so what do you have in 2019: C -- Cisco 1B -- Davis 2B -- Schoop SS -- ?? 3B -- maybe Mountcastle? LF -- Mancini CF -- Hays or Mullins RF -- Jones DH -- Trumbo/Mountcastle SP -- Bundy, Gausman, ??, ??, ?? -- these ??'s HAVE to be filled by the products of the Britton & Machado deals, with maybe one mid level free agent signing like a Mike Leake or something. RP -- Brach, GIvens, O'Day, Scott, etc. I feel pretty confident we can fill the back end spots, either from our system or pickups. Maybe Castro and Bleier are pieces, or Long. I'm not real concerned here. We'll be OK. So that's a nucleus. It depends on doing a good job trading Machado and Britton for guys who can fill our shortstop and starting pitching holes by 2019. And it depends on some of our good looking minor league hitters continue to hit and are major league ready in 2019.
  9. What makes you think that's happened? Because Ubaldo can't throw strikes? I am just wondering what evidence there is of this, besides simply poor play. What about the guys having good years, like Mancini, Schoop, and Bundy? Do they have extra confidence in Buck? Or are they just playing well? Manny had a terrible first few months but appears to be coming out of his slump now. Is that just a baseball player who was slumping and now playing better, or did he somehow lose confidence in Buck for two months and now has it back. Give me a concrete example that isn't just players underperforming that specifically indicates someone has lost confidence in Buck. Has someone been questioning his decisions to the media? Has someone complained about their usage?
  10. Guess what, we can fire Buck but we're not winning the championship next year. I think we are losing because our pitchers absolutely suck. Not because of players failing to "buy what Buck is selling", whatever that means.
  11. 1) This stuff about the manager losing control of the team is ridiculous. When a team is playing badly, it looks like the players don't care. It's just an illusion. When a player makes an error like Tejada tonight and the team is 22-10, no one makes a big deal about it. When it happens when we are 13-28, it's somehow a sign the player has given up or isn't trying. 2) I don't understand why people who think we should clean house and rebuild would want to take on a 33 year old reject who hasn't been good for a couple years, and was cut by a mediocre team before even getting a shot in the majors. If you don't think we can win this year, and that's becoming more obvious every day, why in the world would you want to bring in an old guy who probably isn't any good and isn't part of the future. We're all pissed off at the state of the team, but let's focus on reality and not imaginary crap about Buck losing the team, or how we are somehow stupid for not jumping on a 33 year old who was bypassed by Parker Bridwell for a major league shot by the Angels and then released.
  12. So that's two pitching coaches who were supposedly great in Atlanta that we hired that have done nothing here. McDowell was also relieved of his duties in Atlanta. The new manager, who was promoted from the coaching staff last season so he had worked alongside him, got rid of him as soon as he had the authority to do so. It's obviously not all his fault. But there's certainly not much you can point to that he's distinguished himself with either. I think he will be gone a couple days after the season ends.
  13. Hot dog vendors have to run up and down steps a lot toting a heavy container. They are probably in better shape than Colon.
  14. Tie run is at the plate. (Well, he represents the tie run in his NEXT at bat this inning).
  15. That looked scary for a second. Thought Kim and Gentry were on course for a mid-air collision.