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  1. The 21st century equivalent of Yogi Berra being asked whether he wanted the pizza cut into 6 slices or 8, and answering "6, I'm not sure I can eat 8".
  2. So we've lost big for one year and one month. We can start winning on Sept 1, 2020. Mark your calendars!
  3. You say that. But there were plenty of people on this board predicting it wouldn't happen. The O's would come close to dealing Manny and back out. Or we would deal Manny but wouldn't deal other expiring assets like Britton and Brach and Jones. And that we certainly wouldn't deal Schoop with a year of control left. These folks on this board were CONVINCED we would not do a complete teardown, just token gestures at most. Yet we did ALL those things (if you accept the premise that we really did try to trade Jones and he nixed it). Yeah, it seems obvious in hindsight. But i can find hundreds of handwringing posts on this board where people were saying the front office wouldn't do what needed to be done. The posters on here were just sure the front office wouldn't do it. So yes, I will give them credit for actually authorizing a legitimate teardown for the first time in nearly two decades, after years of the company line being that such a thing was a betrayal of the fans who had bought tickets.
  4. Nice article in today's Sun about Ron Shapiro. He was a corporate lawyer, 35 years old, in 1975, when O's ownerJerry Hoffberger asked him as a favor to help an aging Oriole player who was having financial troubles. That player was Brooks Robinson, and he became Shapiro's first client and encouraged Shapiro to continue as an agent for other players. He represented Eddie, Cal, Kirby Puckett, and many other greats. His career as a player agent came to an end 43 years later, just a few days ago when his last active client, Joe Mauer, announced his retirement.
  5. I'm cautiously happy with what I've seen so far from them. -- They allowed a July teardown. It might not have been executed the best, but at least they allowed it. -- They at least made gestures towards the international market, although no fruit has been produced yet. -- They appear to have made a good hire. Have to give them the benefit of the doubt until they prove otherwise. I for one vow to stop referring to them as Uday and Qusay as I have occasionally over the years.
  6. SteveA

    Top President / EVP Candidates?

    They need to bring back the bowls of greenies in the clubhouse.
  7. SteveA

    Rule 5 Draft discussion

    I think that there is often a small injury that might keep an Adam Jones sidelined for 3 days but a Rule V guy will go on the DL for it and not be seen for three months. So there IS and injury but.... NFL teams do the same thing with rookies. Look at any NFL team's Injured Reserve list and you will likely find one or two rookies taken in the lower rounds of this season's draft. The team likes their potential but they need a year in the weight room so whe. They twist an ankle in training camp they go on IR for the year.
  8. SteveA

    Rating the O's executive candidates

    Good research. It seems to be kind of a general consensus that Elias would be a really good hire. So, knowing very little myself about these guys, I guess that's who I'm rooting for.
  9. SteveA

    Rating the O's executive candidates

    So let me get this straight. You have posted many times about how concerned you are about the length of time they are taking to make this move and how terrible it is. But you really DON'T care who we get? All you care is that we do it quickly? Ummm, okay.
  10. SteveA

    Blaine Knight - RHP - 2018 #9 Prospect

    If it would bring winning baseball back to Baltimore, I have no objection to using the dark side of the Force.
  11. SteveA

    TT: Silence of Ownership is Deafening

    If you think more than 1% of people who might buy a ticket to a game next year are closely following this search, wondering why it is taking so long, or studying candidates to see who they might want ... you are crazy. This search and the perception of it is only of interest to fanatic junkies like us. And it will be forgotten once the hire is actually made and real moves/hires/etc start being made. It will be like spring training games... we talk about them endlessly in March but as soon as the games start on the field we forget them. Quick -- off the top of your head, did the Orioles have a winning or losing record in spring training? As for selling tickets, that will be a challenge. The people that buy the bulk of the tickets aren't fanatics like we are. There are those of us who can't wait to see Mountcastle come to the plate in a major league uniform, or see Kremer pitch. The majority of the people that buy tickets have never heard of those guys. They will be UPSET that Adam Jones isn't on the team next year because they loved Adam. The team will almost certainly have a losing record next year and they'll be upset with that too, and regardless of whether any progress is being made in strengthening the farm system, THAT will cause ticket sales to drop. We could hire the best rebuilder in the world and he could make deals that vault us to a top 10 farm system and those of us on this board who follow closely would be ECSTATIC... but if the team on the field at OPACY is winning 52 games next year, fan support will drop even more. Taking too long for an executive search in the offseason will register so little with the majority of the fan base that it isn't even worth discussing. And even its effect on us will be forgotten like a preseason game once the real action (hiring, player moves, player development) starts.
  12. SteveA

    2018 top 1-5 Prospects Vote

    So you vote "None of the above". Man, if you are right, that will be one trick poll Tony has pulled on us all.
  13. SteveA

    TT: Silence of Ownership is Deafening

    I would say the image problems are so longstanding and ingrained, that perceptions will not be good no matter what they do. You think Rosenthal and his ilk will ever cut the organization a break. If we make hires that are considered really good, at best, he will write a column saying "It looks like the Orioles might have hired some good people, but only time will tell if they are allowed to do what needs to be done". Nothing that is done or said will help perceptions. The only way perceptions will improve is if we: 1) Hire good people 2) Let them do their job unhindered by meddling 3) They do their job well and produce a winner That's a longterm thing. Until we either produce a winner or at the very least have a top 10 ranked farm system in several years, perception will be BAD. So the hell with perception. Who cares if a bunch of reporters don't give us kudos. Chasing that kind of acclaim would be counterproductive. The hole that has been dug is so deep that perceptions are simply not going to be good. For quite a while. Until tangible results occur. So worrying about them is silly.
  14. SteveA

    TT: Silence of Ownership is Deafening

    What could they say to be more forthcoming now? At best it would be a statement like "We are conducting a thorough and comprehensive search because this critical decision will affect the future of the team for the next decade and beyond." They aren't going to give any specifics of who they have interviewed or who is in the lead. That would be unprofessional and counterproductive. They aren't going to talk about what philosophy they are looking for from a leader, because the leader they do hire will bring his or her own philosophy and what that person states is far more important than what the owners say. So for all the people who want them to be saying something NOW, before the hiring process is complete, would the sentence above satisfy you? Or would it just lead you to gripe that they said some words that didn't really tell us anything, or to say "words are nice but we need action". I mean what exactly do you WANT them to say now while the search is in progress? I have a feeling anything they did say would be viewed negatively by people who are ready to view anything they say or do negatively. I'm not saying that isn't a reasonable way to think after decades of mismanagement of this organization by the Angelos family. But I think the people demanding they speak now would probably not believe anything they said if they did anyway. Meanwhile, 99% of Oriole fans who aren't as fanatic as we are are thinking about Thanksgiving plans, other sports that are in season, or who to vote for in the election today. They idea that any substantial number of Oriole fans is upset at the "delay" is absurd. My priorities, in order: 1) The best possible hires to build a new a winning organization from the ground up 2) A commitment by the owners to give as much total control as possible to the newly hired baseball people (I realize that an owner has to have final say in some situations). I would want to hear that commitment in the press conference announcing the hires, I don't need to hear it now. 3) Some sort of reasonable timeliness. I would have liked to see something by today, as it's been a week after the World Series ended. That was a date I brought up when people were whining in mid-October that "nothing had happened". So we have finally hit a point where I think the search is starting to drag on a bit longer than I would have hoped. But we just reached that point. I would certainly like to see something BEFORE the winter meetings, which are 3? weeks away. .... 999,999) Updates on the hiring process while it's going on. Totally unimportant to me. I don't need the instant gratification, and I don't think anything they say while the process is going on would make me feel any better anyway. And I think all the people who are asking for that, would be unhappy if they got it anyway. They'd just complain that JohnLou didn't say the exact words that will make them happy, or that how can you trust them anyway because words << actions. So in other words, they would go from griping that they are being left in the dark to griping about what they are being told. I doubt the candor they are demanding and saying is so critical would satisfy them anyway. And for those that expect a giant mea culpa, saying the old ways are awful, we made huge mistakes, we let Brady do too much, etc... that's NOT going to happen. It would be insulting to a man the owners care about who may be lying on his deathbed, or if he passes, it would be poor timing to insult his memory. The owners, and the new hire, are NOT going to dwell on the past and say this was a mistake, that was a mistake, we were dysfunctional in this manner or that manner. All they are going to do, and all I would expect them to do, is to talk about how they plan to move forward and do what's best for the team. And then we have to wait and see if deeds live up to what they say they are going to do.
  15. SteveA

    Let the 40 man roster moves begin!

    Yeah, I didn't expect it. Maybe because he's still just 25? When in doubt, keep 25-and-under and cut older? Especially since Graham is basically just a caretaker for the next guy.