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  1. Tank job to secure an #1 is one way of looking at it and can certainly be valid. Another way to look at it is an acknowledgement that we simply can't contend this year. As a matter of resource allocation, we will not spend any money whose only purpose would be to improve the record of the 2019 team. Spending $ that will have no positive effect on future teams that CAN contend, but whose only purpose is to add 2019 wins, is useless. Spending $5 million to maybe improve this team from 52-110 to 57-105 is as bad as setting 50,000 $100 bills on fire.
  2. And we've had three straight WALKOFF wins on OD. Can't happen this year as we open on the road, maybe next week in the he opener.
  3. Trading for him or claiming him on waivers would mean assuming his $5m contract. Don't see that happening when we aren't trying to win.
  4. Hyde talks about rotating a lit of guys thru the DH position. Assume that means Nunez, Mancini, Davis, maybe Jackson.
  5. I really think we are dealing with a two or even three part issue: 1) Physical deterioration due to age. Lack of bat speed, reflexes, etc. It's not something that can be fixed. 2) Approach -- This is where Long has been trying to help him. Stay behind the ball, go the opposite way. And there have been glimmers of hope that it is paying off ... he's gone to the opposite field more, he hit a massive HR yesterday. IF the changes in approach can stick consistently, you could see some improvement. But how much improvement is limited by #1 above, which I think is the major factor in his decline. 3) This one might be a bit controversial. But there definitely seems to be a lack of focus and attention. We remember the famous picture of him looking off into the distance when the pitch is crossing the plate. We've seen him take a LOT of pitches that look fat right down the middle. Yesterday a routine toss from Yacabonis for an attempted 1-3 putout hit him in the chest. I don't know anything about ADD, and I'm sure the popular perception ("ooh look a squirrel") is oversimplified and doesn't tell the full story. But there certainly seems to be evidence that he just isn't mentally focused. So you've got one problem -- skill deterioration -- that can't be fixed. Maybe he can make some changes in approach that can help a little. As to #3... I don't know if his current medication isn't working, or if he just mentally checked out after things started so badly last year.
  6. He's drawn a few walks this year (I think mainly because he didn't notice the incoming pitch and it turned out to be a ball). So he can walk and be on base in front of Rickards big bat.
  7. I thought the 15 day change didn't take place until next year You are right about IL. And Eddie is right, he could come back April 1.
  8. Only if you get the Phillies station.
  9. So it's a 10 day DL retroactive to when he last played, which was Friday. Earliest he could come off would be Monday, April 8. They could of course keep him on longer or even do a minor league rehab. It's interesting that so many people want to see him off the roster. I understand the reasons, getting Mancini out of LF, seeing younger players, etc. But it's very possible that Trumbo could be our best hitter this year
  10. We've had split squad games earlier this camp but never at the same time. It will be very odd to have two Orioles games going on simultaneously.
  11. Just to keep today's moves in one thread I'll note that Evans Phillips was optioned as well (it's mentioned in the Phillips thread).
  12. Wow, first we get Pedro Severino from Washington and now we get LUIS Severino from the Yankees?!?!?!?
  13. They had said Cobb would be available for interviews but he wasn't so Bordy just interviewed Cobb.
  14. Bordick went down in the clubhouse for interviews. Hyde: Cobb -- mild strain, getting treatment right now, we'll find out how he is tomorrow. Just kind of grabbed on him a little bit early, thought he was OK, then he went to cover first, I don't know, we'll see. We hope he's fine and we got him out of there in time and he responds well the next 72 horus or so, we'll see. Asked if he could still start if he's OK: "If he could throw a side in between, yes, that would be great". Hays injury: Hyde: "I don't have any more information, I just found out about it before the game. I hope he's OK". Hyde: Talks about how well DS is hitting, how he uses the whole field, good approach at the plate. Playing nice defense. Evan Phillips 8 straight scoreless outings: "He has pitched outstanding this camp, went after them aggressively, good fb, good slider, weak contact off him, I'm excited about Evan, he's going to help us out, at some point".
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