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  1. The complete game 9 inning shutout. An extreme rarity these days.
  2. There will be a move. Either Ynoa or Ramirez will go down and Gilmartin will come up.
  3. Yep, haven't turned on the AC yet this year, think I can get through today with the windows open and ceiling fan. But it's just a matter of time. Love the electric bills for months when there's no heat and no AC needed, just paid one like that, but I doubt I can make it to the end of my next billing period (6/10) to get another.
  4. He made a good play to end the inning. Went to his left on the outfield grass, was able to get up and make the throw to 1st.
  5. Honestly the only reason is still here is that it gives me an excuse to delay my weekly Sunday grocery shopping.
  6. We expected Cobb to be better, so that kind of negates it. We thought we would have 3 mediocre-to-adequate starters and 2 huge question marks at the back of the rotation who would probably suck. We do, it's just that Cobb and Means have switched places.
  7. Do we have anyone on the team respected enough, and fundamentally sound enough, to serve as judge?
  8. I was just putting it out there as a possible explanation, not stating that I would put a high value on it. I wouldn't expect Elias & company to either but I don't know them well enough to know what they are thinking.
  9. At least we got our 2nd hit in 13.1 innings.
  10. From wikipedia, I was right: A scored run due to a passed ball is not recorded as an earned run. However, a scored run due to a wild pitch is recorded as an earned run. Passed balls and wild pitches are considered to be part of the act of pitching rather than fielding. Thus they are kept as separate statistics and are not recorded as errors.
  11. Well, we have seen this new administration keep prospects down even when it means playing mediocre utility men at the major league level. In the name of "development". And of course the guys we have in the bigs (plus Sucre when he was here) are doing a good job stopping basestealers. Meanwhile, I think I heard runners were something like 19/21 off Sisco in Norfolk.
  12. So that's an unearned run, correct? The only way you can have an unearned run without committing an Error.
  13. I like our catchers when it comes to throwing out baserunners. I THINK (but do not know for sure) that they are decent at game calling and handling pitchers). But man, they commit way too many passed balls.
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