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  1. I just read a Baltimore Sun article that said it was Pedro's first career grand slam.
  2. Not 100% guarantees in the NFL but his base salary this year would have been $9m and he would have gotten that even if he had to stay on IR all year. He was to get $11m in each of the next two years but of course he could have been cut with some sort of injury settlement or for non performance so those years weren't fully guaranteed. But if he played to even an adequate level this year there would be no way they'd cut him next year. Also have to give back some of his signing bonus, or at least Indy could ask him to. So I think it's safe to say he left at least an 8 figure amount on the table that he could have bad. Exactly how much is hard to say. Let's super rough it as something vaguely between $10m and $25m. He has already warned $97m in his career
  3. Nice win against a potentially playoff bound team. Go for the split tomorrow.
  4. Another non strikeout for Davis. Adjustments!
  5. Non baseball related: Andrew Luck retires.
  6. Well Harvey has now allowed a hit in the majors. But 3 scoreless innings. Maybe Eades in the 9th?
  7. Put a little ground black pepper?
  8. Hopefully we get an inning of Harvey next.
  9. Davis has quietly put together a streak of putting the ball in play on 6 consecutive at bats this series. (Yes he's 0 for 6). BTW, anybody notice Cheslor Cuthbert of the Royals is working an 0 for 40 right now?
  10. Alabama Chicken wing sauce is a white sauce that has black pepper in it. Damn good. We'll do bama wings at least once every tailgate season.
  11. How many grand slam did he have for the Nat's? 😁
  12. Was that a pitching change in the middle of a batter?
  13. Eades was called up to replace him. A new guy to watch pitch.
  14. Curious lineup...the opener is a lefty and I THINK the bulk pitcher will be Brendan McKay, also a lefty. So Hanser leading off makes sense. But Davis and Ruiz typicly don't face lefties and they are in the lineup. Day off for Trey?
  15. The key behind Akin's season is that he was forced by our minor league coaching staffs to concentrate more on his secondary pitches. They felt under the previous regime he had relies too much on his fastball and put up great minor league stats doing so but it wasn't good preparation for the bigs. So I think his less than stellar stat line has to be viewed through the prism of him being forced to change his approach for the long term good while at the same time advancing to a higher level and having to pitch with superballs. I would imagine the decision to call him up or not would depend less on his stat line than on things like their evaluation of how much he learned about pitching this year and their idea of how many innings they want him to throw this season.
  16. Hard to believe that guy was the Opening Day starter for an MLB team this year.
  17. I haven't heard it's a clear-cut #1. And I've heard it's a deeper, better draft for college pitching than this year's was.
  18. Apparently today. Shawn Armstrong went on the IL. Roch says there will be another move tonight. We went 6 days between roster moves after Harvey came up Saturday. That might be the longest stretch all year with the same 25 guys.
  19. Our playoff dreams are fading. No doubt the team will huddle around TV sets in the clubhouse hoping the Royals can come from behind (4-1 in the 8th) and keep our flickering playoff hopes alive
  20. They scored in one inning and didn't score in the other 7. We scored in one inning and didn't score in the other 7. It's essentially a tie game.
  21. AL getting rid of the DH?
  22. Darren O'Day has started a rehab assignment for the Braves, he may actually finally pitch for them soon.
  23. Davis has put the ball in play twice. Adjustments!
  24. Looks like Tate had a good inning.
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