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  1. brvn52

    Adam Hall 2019

    I guess I could’ve been a little less lazy and looked back a page. Thanks!
  2. brvn52

    Adam Hall 2019

    It looks like Hall hasn’t played since last Sunday (6/9). Any updates on what’s going on?
  3. Homer #3 for Mr. Diaz tonight. 3-run shot
  4. This is a good exercise. I think you’ve oscillated a little bit with adding in floors (over ceiling alone), but I like the idea. Here’s mine: C - Rutschman 1B - Mancini/Mountcastle 2B/SS/UTIL - Hall/Henderson/Carmona 3B - Encarnacion LF/RF - Diaz/Santander CF - Hays DH - Mountcastle/Mancini Backup C - Severino 4th OF - McKenna Bench - Stowers Rotation: Hall GrayRod Peralta Kremer Akin Pen: Castro Givens Scott Bundy Baumann Harvey Lowther
  5. brvn52

    Zac Lowther

    6 shutout innings for Lowther today. 6 IP, 0 runs, 2 hits, 3 walks, 4 K’s Drops his season ERA to 1.68. Career ERA now below 2, at 1.95!
  6. brvn52

    DL Hall 2019

    The Keys are tweeting that Bishop is pitching. Not sure what happened with Hall..
  7. Has he struggled with injuries? GP by year (all levels). 2015 - 106 2016 - 48 2017 - 68 (plus 9 in the Dominican Winter League) 2018 - 83 2019 - 12 (so far) OPS by year: 2015 - .738 (minors), ,712 majors 2016 - .655 (minors), .720 majors 2017 - .545 (minors), .629 majors 2018 - .613 majors 2019 - .695 majors Honestly, I don't see a ton above a .700-.750 OPS catcher based on stats. Injuries could affect that. But he's gotta be a better bet to be a long-term piece that Severino or Sucre. Best case, he's a piece, and that's more valuable. I'd keep one of Sucre/Severino, try to develop Swihart, and see where it goes. Worst case we go back to Severino and Sucre in 2 months. Again, best case, we develop a .700-.800 OPS catcher who has a decent bit of trade value in the next year or two.
  8. brvn52

    Austin Hays

    They've got to play him, right? With Bowie in the playoffs, why would you call up their best player to ride the pine? I realize the major league club is most important, but the only reason it makes sense to call him up is to play him.
  9. brvn52

    Austin Hays 2017

    I'm excited about Hays. What he's doing is pretty incredible. As I was thinking through comparisons, I was thinking about high average, low walk, good power players - and thought of someone. So I looked up his minor league stats. Age 20: (A): .333/.383/.544/.927 (16 homers, 10 triples, 21 doubles in 464 AB's; 30 BB's, 45 K's) Age 21 (A+ & AA): .360/.431/.618/1.049 (24 homers, 8 triples, 40 doubles in 497 AB's; 54 BB's, 52 K's) Note: AA line was .360/.438/.612/1.050 in 417 AB's **He also had a cup of coffee in the majors going 5-27 w/1 HR and a .481 OPS (0 BB, 3 K's) Compared with Hays: Age 20 (A-): .336/.386/.514/.900 (4 homers, 2 triples, 9 doubles in 140 AB's; 11 BB's, 32 K's) Age 21 (A+ & AA): .337/.372/.615/.987 (28 homers, 5 triples, 28 doubles in 434 AB's; 20 BB's, 69 K's) Note: AA line is .350/.383/.615/1.033 in 172 AB's Obviously, stats don't tell the whole story and the first player has the better stats. He was produced at slightly higher levels (Age 20 - A; Age 21 - (mostly) AA as opposed to Hays...Age 20 - A-; Age 21 - will be pretty evenly split between A+/AA ). The big difference to me is the first player's plate discipline - more BB's than K's at AA is pretty impressive (51 BB's; 42 K's). Meanwhile, Hays is striking out about 3.5 times for every BB. Admittedly, I'm not well versed enough in prospect development to know what these differences mean in terms of production at the ML level. That said, there's some interesting similarities. In those 2 seasons, the first player hit .347 while Hays is hitting .337. Hays is actually hitting for a little more pure power (About a HR every 18 AB (HR every 16 AB this year) vs. the first player's HR every 23 AB (HR about every 20.5 AB's as a 21 y/o), though the first player had more XBH per AB. The first player is Vladimir Guerrero. Now, it's highly highly doubtful that Hays will anywhere close to be Vlad 2.0. Vlad was one of the best players of his generation. But looking at some of the similarities, it's exciting to think of the player Hays has the *potential* to be. (Side note - as I looked at a few pretty good players stats in the minors, I noticed that several had a cup of coffee at the end of a really good season - and struggled mightily. Several then produced really well the following season (Vlad being a prime example). If the O's are in it, I could see a lot of hesitation in calling Hays up unless they feel he has the chance to be an impact defender (i.e, Manny in 2012) down the stretch.)
  10. I think it's the other way around. Yankees received $1.5 million in int'l slot money.
  11. I read earlier that they had the same concerns over Britton cause of injuries. I'll try to find it..
  12. ?? Thats just a culmination of everything I've read lately. Where have you heard about them being willing to deal Buehler/Verdugo? For example, Heyman.. https://www.fanragsports.com/news/heyman-dodgers-rangers-impasse-darvish-talks/
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