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  1. I believe the first 4 games still count, even if he's hurt. He just won't be receiving paychecks the first 4 weeks. (That could change if the Ravens put him on IR, but they would have no reason too as suspended players don't take up a roster spot) The big question I would have - is can he rehab at the Ravens facility those 4 weeks? My thought would be no, but I could be wrong. I'm not up to date on all the suspension rules and regulations.
  2. Out for an undetermined amount of time.Should know more after surgery. Ravens reportedly about to sign Bobby Rainey, as well. Potentially big blow, IMO. West and Woodhead can be okay together. Dixon is the only one that has potential star ability. Here's to hoping it's not serious and he'll be back shortly after his 4 game suspension.. Edit (source):
  3. Not good. .200/.274/.327 (.601 OPS) w/ 3 homers in 110 AB's. 24 K's and 12 BB's.
  4. One of the guys I'm excited to track this year is Castro. I know the O's said they'd send him to Bowie, but I haven't heard anything since, he hasn't pitched (that I know of), and he's not listed on the Baysox roster. Does anyone know what's going with him and when we'll see him?
  5. Apparently, he has a 144 consecutive game streak (longest among current NFL corners). I love that consistency next to a guy like Jimmy Smith (who could miss a handful of games easily). This gives us a much better #2 and gives us insurance so that our D won't be a dumpster fire whenever Jimmy Smith misses a game. Gotta love Smith, Carr, Weddle, Jefferson! Add Barwin or resign Dumervil (or another pass rusher) and I think we're a top 3 defense next year.
  6. Per Adam Schefter on twitter. Reportedly 4/24, but a 1-year deal with a series of options. Most likely 2/12 he says. Thoughts?
  7. "Jimmy Paredes has been activated and L/RHP Pat Venditte recalled. Andy Burns & Dustin Antolin optioned to @BuffaloBisons" -@bluejays on Twitter
  8. I think the 2 teams missing are Tennessee and Washington, which should be the last 2 in alphabetical order. I was reading that Washington will do the color rush against Dallas (WAS = black vs. DAL = white) on Thanksgiving. My assumption is that Tennessee will be apart as well. We'll see how the flag looks. I am a fan of the Ravens "claiming" Maryland. It's good marketing. Hopefully the uniform doesn't look like a disaster.
  9. Awesome! I went to college with Adam. He was always a really nice guy. Hopefully he can put it together and make it to the majors. He's an easy guy to root for. Go Adam!!
  10. :scratchchinhmm::scratchchinhmm::scratchchinhmm:
  11. I boo'ed him. Most sports wounds heal with time. But leaving the O's for the Yankees in the prime of your career...I just can't cheer for him. Hope that ring fits well. :beerchug1:
  12. I think I read they are no longer negotiating a restructure with Webb. Either way, a restructure would likely just involve turning some portion his base salary (this year $8M) into a bonus, which, for salary cap purposes, would be prorated over the final 3 years of his contract, which would actually up his cap numbers in 2016 and 2017. I do agree, though, that next year we should be in much better shape. From all I've read, we should be in the best shape we've been in since before we won the Superbowl. Of course contracts for guys like Jimmy Smith, Osemele, Yanda, etc. could impact that greatly. I think I read that we currently have under $100M committed to 2016. Granted, that wouldn't include any extensions with the guys listed above, doesn't include Forsett, and doesn't include any of our 2015 and 2016 draft picks. That will all add up.
  13. Flacco and Ngata are apples and oranges. The Ravens really can't afford to cut Flacco before 2017 because they'll have so much dead money. Even if they cut him in 2017, there will STILL be $15M in dead money. Flacco will restructure before next season, I'd imagine. I bet they restructure an extension that adds 2-3 years onto his current deal at a more manageable rate. Also, Flacco is in the prime of his career (and is a QB). Ngata is an aging DL that has 1-3 years left. He was also about to be FA. Flacco's contract is the going rate for QB's now. Dalton & Kaepernick got deals in the general neighborhood of Flacco. And I'd rather have Flacco than either of them. His contract really has had nothing to do with our cap struggles. Up to this point, against the cap, his contract has essentially been the same as a 3/36 contract. It's next year that it really takes a leap.
  14. Exactly. Actually, I think we'd only save $2M in cap room because we'd have $10M in dead money. Webb is still a quality CB and losing him would deplete arguably our weakest position - all for $2M. If he comes back and has a Pro Bowl qualitiy year, he's a great guy to have - or he could net some quality picks in a trade. If he has a poor year, we can cut him with only $6M in dead money (still a lot, but more manageable...especially with no longer having all the dead money from Rice & Ngata). Side note: Webb was really smart to restructure last year (like Suggs just did). If Webb had not restructured, he would only count as $7M in dead money, meaning we'd save $5M (over his current cap number. Had he not restructured, his cap number would be $11M..) and I think there's a much better chance the Ravens would've cut bait had that been the case.
  15. Gotcha. It makes sense, but why have a "negotiating" window? Seems like the NFL is just asking for this..