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  1. I don't know why he wouldn't become a free agent but, anyway, I put the odds of him being an Oriole at less than 1%. This organization is making me nuts.
  2. Jimenez, Gallardo, Davis, Trumbo and...? Thanks.
  3. Well, I think I made that comment before I knew of the possible Bishop signing (which, if obando's post is true has turned into a mess but that's a separate issue). But, yes, I'll stand by what I said. If you are going to draft a lot of HS pitchers (or college pitchers with high counts for that matter) you should have a plan b, c and d because you can be sure that one or more are not going to pass the dreaded Os physical (rightly or wrongly). DD knows what he is dealing with. Back to Bishop: are those eclairs worth the trip? I hope that's not all he gets out of it. :-)
  4. That is a question that can be asked about several draftees. It appears the Os did not have, or were not interested in, a backup plan if they failed to sign Conlon.
  5. No compensation for unsigned picks outside of first three rounds.
  7. Jim Callis‏Verified account @jimcallisMLB 1m1 minute ago I have gotten clarification from MLB source: Unsigned @Orioles 4th-rder Jack Conlon will be an unrestricted free agent.
  8. Oh, I know. I'm less happy about it now given that Conlon won't sign (nor perhaps any other well regarded HSers). It is a similar effect: not exactly shoving all the talent into the pipeline that they can. Maybe Trumbo would have signed for 36.3. if there wasn't all that competition for his services.
  9. Are you saying they lowballed him so he wouldn't sign and they then wouldn't have to spend the money? Cynical but perhaps sadly true. Don't they save enough on tossing comp picks and skipping international signings? How close to the bone is the budget? Did DD say he would do all he could to get Peter a championship before Peter departed (keeping up the cynical but possibly true vibe)?
  10. If the Os had signed their first two picks at slot then they would have had the 1.2 Conlon was asking for. Not saying the Os felt he was worth that or that is what they should have done but the math roughly adds up.
  11. I don't believe any of that.
  12. "Dan Duquette, the team’s executive vice-president of baseball operations, said the lack of spending on international amateurs is an ownership decision." –
  13. I'm sure you knew I was being sarcastic. The 132-pitch game against OSU got some not-so-favorable notice around here.
  14. I look forward to him helping the Os late in the 2019 season.