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  1. stef

    Tracking Ex Oriole Thread

    I know that relievers' stats can be volatile but this is annoying. Aside from his first stint at Norfolk, his MiL stats have been consistent. He gets in five games with the Os last year, doesn't do well and is gone. Weird how effective (sss) he has been against LHers.
  2. stef


  3. stef

    vs. INDIANS, 4/21

    Did you miss Valencia's efforts at 3B a few games ago? Not pretty.
  4. Trumbo, Alvarez, Davis; you have to keep two. Whom do you you choose (with Valencia on the roster)?
  5. I'm probably missing something but if you wanted to sit Davis vs. a LHer couldn't you have Santander, Gentry in the OF, Mancini at 1B and Valencia at DH. That lineup doesn't wow me either....
  6. stef

    vs. TWINS, 3/29 (Opening Day)

    Please don't bring in Brach for the 9th.
  7. stef

    MLB Trade Rumors Predicts We Sign CarGo

    Not saying I wouldn't (but I wouldn't :-). I'm just not clear on what the compensation rules are these days.
  8. stef

    MLB Trade Rumors Predicts We Sign CarGo

    If the Os sign Lynn or Cobb they would give up their third highest draft pick. Right?
  9. stef

    Quick Hits: Orioles Spring Opener

    I have a feeling we are close in age.
  10. stef

    Orioles Acquire Catcher

  11. stef

    Rule 5 Draft Preference List

    Where are you finding the minor league phase results? Thanks.
  12. stef

    Rule 5 Draft Preference List

    No. 4 on your list, Philly. Great job!
  13. stef

    Rule 5 Draft Preference List

    Mlbtraderumors is one place
  14. stef

    Zach Davies

    Yep. Maybe another Jamie Moyer type? I'm also rooting for him; at the same time it aggravates me. What DD said is part of this evaluation issue for the Os. I believe Tony said at the time that he would have kept him over the other two (I'll leave the Parra part of the equation out of this😡) So, what didn't the Os see that Tony and Milwaukee did? Frustrating.
  15. stef

    Zach Davies

    Yeah, you're right. I'm just a bit bitter about the trade.