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  1. Zach Davies

    Yep. Maybe another Jamie Moyer type? I'm also rooting for him; at the same time it aggravates me. What DD said is part of this evaluation issue for the Os. I believe Tony said at the time that he would have kept him over the other two (I'll leave the Parra part of the equation out of this😡) So, what didn't the Os see that Tony and Milwaukee did? Frustrating.
  2. Zach Davies

    Yeah, you're right. I'm just a bit bitter about the trade.
  3. Zach Davies

    “They let you play how you play,” Davies said. “That’s a great thing.” hmmm....
  4. vs. YANKEES, 9/07

    Yep. I'm done with him.
  5. Well... Pat Connaughton got drafted in the NBA 2nd round

    It appears that the Os' 2014 draft will be a rather unproductive one. What minor league K/BB ratio does Tanner Scott need to have for people to be hopeful about his potential ML success?
  6. POLL: Yay or nay on Beckham trade?

    I hope so. As a coach.
  7. Our Pitching Castoffs

    I often complain about moves but trading Hernandez, whom I liked as a reliever, was not a bad move and parting ways with Norris was a good thing. Now the others....
  8. Our Pitching Castoffs

    Some discussion on this topic here:
  9. Scouting Ademar Rifaela

    International signing, right?
  10. Updated for Myers/Beckham. There is still August!
  11. Bump for Hellickson/Cleavinger/Kim/slots trade. (It was really about the slots)
  12. I don't know why he wouldn't become a free agent but, anyway, I put the odds of him being an Oriole at less than 1%. This organization is making me nuts.
  13. Jimenez, Gallardo, Davis, Trumbo and...? Thanks.