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  1. ump have a tiny strike zone?
  2. I don't disagree with the OP but I have no confidence in this organization's ability to develop significant ML starting pitchers. Maybe Tillman will bounce back and Bundy won't wear out but it is reasonable to be concerned and there is little else to fall back on. I look forward to being wrong.
  3. actually worse than a strike out.
  4. Asher to start Sunday.
  5. A lead off single in the bottom of the ninth turns into a six-pitch, three out inning. Geez.
  6. Schoop, learning from the master.
  7. 8 pitches.
  8. No location, no velocity. He won't last long.
  9. Just tuning in... How has Gausman looked? Oh, never mind.
  10. The Angels called him up at the end of May and he was optioned back to AAA a day or two later. Never got in a game.
  11. With the right roster construction he could be of value.
  12. Bump for the Nuno/Moseley trade
  13. Well, if I had to give up one tool for this type of player it would be power. I can live with good D, good baserunning and decent OBP against LHers. Hope he rebounds.
  14. Shoulder bothering him again. May start season on DL. Ugh.
  15. I was interested in Valbuena. To replace Flash.