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  1. Givens Mancini most likely. Villar maybe but not as much demand.
  2. Last I heard, Norwalk CT.https://dailyvoice.com/connecticut/norwalk/neighbors/happy-birthday-to-norwalks-erik-bedard/450364/
  3. Replace him with 3 decent RP's and it's a better bet.
  4. Oh why not.? It would rarely happen, like stealing home, and it would be fun when it did.. But how would it effect one's BA?
  5. Do you have any data, links, etc. to back up these suppositions?
  6. Aaron hit 20 the next year, followed by 12. then 10 so he tailed off his last three years. He never had a big spike like Johnson, or Brady did. They may well have juiced but I doubt Aaron did.
  7. Steroids started with the Russian weightlifters in the late 40's early 50's. They pretty much followed weight training from sport to sport. When baseball started weight training in the early 70's steroids went along. Hank averaged 36 HR a year and rarely hit more Than 40 I doubt he ever used PED's except for greenies.
  8. Pet peeve Bring on Robby Please!
  9. Right and climate change is a Chinese hoax. Growth hormones don't make you stronger: study https://www.abc.net.au/news/2010-05-04/growth-hormones-dont-make-you-stronger-study/420984
  10. There is s limit to how much muscle mass any individual can acquire. It varies from person to person. PED's don't increase that ceiling, they help you reach it faster.
  11. Rather than belief why not base your ideas on research and facts? My research has informed me that the primary benefit of PED;s is to increase the speed of workout recovery time and thus allowing the athlete to maintain a level of peak performance over an extended period of time. They do not increase maximum strength more than normal weight training.
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