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  1. Lord I needed that

    With bacon and onions. Yes!
  2. Where Can The Orioles Find A Left-Handed Starter?

    LH bat 17.63 HR/PA, RH SP 11.2 k/9 102.5 mph FB. Shohei Ohtani
  3. But it never is that way. I was surprised that LF wasn't better last year, e.g. LF, RF, C, DH, and maybe 1B, and SS will be in flux.
  4. C - worse than .791 OPS yes 1B - better than .789 maybe 2B - worse than .819 probably 3B - better than .779 most likely SS -.better than ..682 most likely LF - toss-up .702 better CF - worse than .766 same RF - worse than .759 tossup DH - better than .668 better
  5. I should know better than to respond to someone who feels the need to write essays when the point can be made in a few sentences. AJ did not decline significantly with the bat, Beckham need only to be career average .755 OPS to be an offensive upgrade at SS. If one of CD/Trumbo improves that's gravy. We also have the possibility of Hays and Santander being productive.
  6. The important thing is the Pythagorean. If the SP is up graded to have fewer RA than 2016, then we don't need to score that many more runs than 2017. If two of Manny, Trumbo, Davis, or Beckham have better years we should do that.
  7. Your stuck with AJ in CF and CD at 1B. You are not trading Britton or Manny. You might be able to move Trumbo leaving room to upgrade at COF. We should get decent offense from Caleb and Sisco at C. Better to spend the 35- 40 M we have on SP and hope for some improvement from Many, Beckham and CD.
  8. That would have been harder to make since both were coming off career years. Even Peter can see how bad our SP was.
  9. There are plenty: Lynn 18 QS, Cobb 15, Cashner 18, Darvish 15, Chacin 16, Gonzo 13 CC 14
  10. We scored 1 less R this season than last. The problem was R allowed.
  11. I think PA understands the window is closing fast. If he wasn't serious about winning he wouldn't have upped the payroll to 160 M.
  12. I disagree. If you sign 3 guys who's average is Gausman's 15 QS we will contend.
  13. So what? CD and Trumbo weren't the reason we sucked. It was Miley, Ubaldo, Tillman, and Gausman.
  14. I don't think it's a question of his finding them, it's whether he will be allowed to spend on them. Remember he found Pedro.