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  1. They don't play but they like to watch.
  2. A lot of two seamers sink. I bleieve Brittons sinker is a two seamer.
  3. I imagine lots of things too. I imagine I hit 50 HR next year. I'm pretty sure Buck is not imagining Brach as a starter. I can't believe as an O's fan you don't have an O's hat. If you don't I have several. You can eat one of mine.
  4. If they don't convert Brach to SP will you eat your hat? How effective will Brach be when his velocity is down to 92? How many IP can he maintain with that wild delivery he has?
  5. Slow Offseason around MLB

    Drat I wanted Grans=derson
  6. Luke's 50!

    I thought the same. I think he's in Japan. whoops wrong It was Korea. But no more. https://www.si.com/mlb/2014/07/16/former-mlb-player-luke-scott-fired-korean-team-after-confrontation-manager
  7. One reason why the Orioles have not improved their rotation

    The point being that a plus 4.00 ERA isn't so disaterous if you get innings and QS.
  8. One reason why the Orioles have not improved their rotation

    If a guy gave you 30 GS and 30 QS he would have an ERA OF 4.50 and at least 180 IP. I'd take that in a heart beat.
  9. SP Openings Across MLB

    Is that why he was hitting 94 at the end of the season? I don't think his arm is toast I think he developed a bad arm slot to compensate for his injury and now though it's healed he is stuck in those poor mechanics.
  10. Are There Three Internal SP Candidates

    I doubt Yacobonis.
  11. Os requesting offers on Machado

    Not so much the coaching as the willingness to be coached. I believe that has changed. There are plenty of ways he can improve his game. if he is willing to listen.
  12. Anyone On Here With Close Connections To Ownership?

    If you watch TV you might notice that all the leading men look like that.
  13. Love to see him make it to #2.
  14. Os requesting offers on Machado

    No he doesn't. It's his team he can do anything he wants. It doesn't have to make sense. W'ell sign two SP for no more than 15 M AAV, and no more than 3 years. PA's rules.