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  1. The time to release Davis is when the club is close to competing and he is taking up a roster spot that could be used by a promising young player. That won't happen by 2020.
  2. Trumbo is strictly DH and Mountcastle isn't on the 25 man. Sisco cant be that bad iF they are sticking with him.
  3. Besides Nunez and Mancini who are those guys?
  4. Mo doubt but we are talking about the OD lineup.
  5. The RF position is temporary, we have our long term solution in Diaz/Hays. We aren't finding anything more than stop gaps on the waiver wire and we already have plenty of those.
  6. Need LH OF bat to platoon with Joey in RF. Smith has better splits v RHP.
  7. Smith will be in RF v Tanaka. Is Trumbo back on the DL? Otherwise he's the DH
  8. Rather have Ruiz over Escobar and Smith over Young.
  9. He's averaged 8 WAR per year the first 8 years. He needs to average 4.4 the next 12.
  10. Funny I got this feeling watching Davis today that he;d figured something out. He seemed more confident less confused,.Had better AB. Who knows.
  11. His bat has looked good, how's his defense?
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