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  1. My guess is Tillman will pitch a shutout for 6. Because the baseball gods like to F with you Roy.
  2. I'd rather go with Mullens and speng on SP.
  3. How much arew they paying Torres. Terrible calls.
  4. No such luck.
  5. Givens O'Day and Brach?
  6. Knowing Buck yes unless we score 10.
  7. Over/under Bundy gives up the 2 R we need to break the record?
  8. That could be pretty much anywhere in our lineup.
  9. He's getting tired and losing his command.
  10. Beeeeeeef!!
  11. Manny still got some smarts.
  12. If I were the GM I'd wait until the ASB to see if the SP shows some signs of life. If not I would trade Manny and Bitton for the best young SP I could get. This fall I'd sign Escobar SS and Moustakis 3B.
  13. This same SP was pretty good the second half of '16. Now they are hopelssly horrendous?
  14. If we trade Manny and Britton for some good young SP and spend in FA 17 and 18, we could contend in 2020.