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  1. Has ths ever been done before

    If you went by position you might get 9 . Beef and Caleb have combined for 21. RF so far has at least 16.
  2. Duquette Future

    Good point.
  3. Duquette Future

    PA is win now. He'll have a hard time getting another GM at all, let alone one to sign on to that with this team. Unless he thinks Brady is the guy.
  4. Chris Davis

    He'll be lucky to hit 25.
  5. Duquette Future

    I don't see how PA fires him. Not his MO and there is no reason to do so, unless PA wanted a rebuild.
  6. Do you REALLY think we can go on a run?

    I think they'll be nasty spoilers.
  7. What is the Most $$ the O's SHOULD Offer Manny?

    I think you start with how much you think he will be worth in production over 10 years,. I think an average of 5 W per is reasonable assuming health, so 400 M and it could quite possibly be higher. So I would offer 10 years AAV of 37 M with an opt out at 5 years, 7 M per year deferred. It would be back loaded so he makes more AAV after the 5th year.
  8. vs Angels, 8/20

    Thank goodness for Juan Geratol.
  9. vs Angels, 8/20

    Get a Room
  10. vs Angels, 8/20

    Tillman isn't going to last long No FB command.
  11. vs Angels, 8/20

    So' who's coming in for Tillman in the 4th? And whyis Trumbo in RF and Smith DH ? Buck? Buck? Bueller?
  12. Enough is enough, Tillman does not need another start

    Why DH Smith and put Trumbo in RF?
  13. Ongoing Lineup Thread, 2017

    Maybe it's not Davis but his bat that has the flu.
  14. Sign him.

    Yes the appear to only be committed to 64M they have 28 arb eligible players that would total 113M if they tendered all contracts, But I think that gives them wiggle room. Plus new ownership will want to make a big splash.
  15. Sign him.

    Jeter + Miami home town+ Money is not simplistic.