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  1. El Gordo

    O's need to a plan for SS this season

    Last year ave. MLB OPS for SS.733, Not far off from Beckham's career .728. Last year he played out of position and recovered from abdominal surgery, but the second half still managed .250 .313 .441 .754
  2. El Gordo

    O's need to a plan for SS this season

    No I am saying Inglesias will cost more than the 5 M that Beckham will be lucky to get in arb.
  3. El Gordo

    O's need to a plan for SS this season

    I'm fine with Beckham. You wont get a better defensive SS for less than 5M.
  4. El Gordo

    O's need to a plan for SS this season

    Why spend the money when we can stay in house?
  5. El Gordo

    John Smoltz?

  6. El Gordo

    John Smoltz?

    You want a pitching coach? Poach that guy at PIT.
  7. Peterson is more useful than Yaz.
  8. El Gordo

    The Rebuild Strategy

    Isee no point in doing much in FA beyond maybe a RP or two and some SP ST invites. Let whomever seems ready in the MiL play.
  9. Why is it assumed that Beckham will be non tendered?
  10. El Gordo

    Will Givens be traded this offseason?

    If Givens can establish himself as a solid closer then his value willl be greater.
  11. Why are you certain? Have you been told this?
  12. El Gordo

    Poll: Will the O's sign the Mesa brothers?

    I think the O's are in a position to sign both which could be a deal maker ,