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  1. El Gordo

    Anyone Following Manny?

    They are both waiting for the other to sign first.
  2. El Gordo

    Sign Grandy for RF & Flip in July?

    Not that long ago he was the enfant terrible of the Durham Bulls
  3. El Gordo

    Steve Stone channels Ray Miller

    Be great to hear Palmer break down some of our pitchers like that.
  4. El Gordo

    Anyone Following Manny?

    I think barring injury Manny should do pretty well . Maybe 30-40 WAR over 10 years.
  5. El Gordo

    Anyone Following Manny?

    Unless you compare contracts beginning at 26 it isn't an accurate comparison.
  6. El Gordo

    Doug Brocail is the Pitching Coach

    I liked Rick Kranitz.
  7. El Gordo

    Who is Mr. Oriole to you?

    For me it's Brooks forever. Sorry Cal.
  8. Bundy could turn the corner and become a TOR SP. In which case they might extend him.
  9. El Gordo

    Anyone Following Manny?

  10. If Davis makes that much contact he'll hit way more than 28 HR.
  11. El Gordo

    Orioles Sign Carlos Perez to mil deal

  12. El Gordo

    Interesting FAs

    A cheap SS, SP, C, or LH RF couldn't hurt.
  13. Be sure to take in Sumo, Kabuki, and Kyoto as well.. I recommend the Tokyo Yakult Swallows in Shinjuku and the Robot Cafe in Kabuki-cho.
  14. A high point of my fandom was watching the 7th inning balloon release fall back to earth like used condoms at the Yokohama Baystars game. That and the back pack beer girls.