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  1. Givens. blew the game against NY last night. 1/3 of an inning and 3 runs, 3 hits with a walk, HR. and 30 + ERA so far in ST.
  2. 4 years and $52.5 mill with incentives could reach 61 million. The Ravens could have topped this but didn't. Apparently Bell grew up a Jets fan as a child. 4
  3. Exciting time to be an Orioles fan and season ticket owner/birdland membership owner.
  4. DeCosta is firing on all cylinders so far. Everything he has done needed to be done so far.
  5. Suggs has told the Ravens he is signing with another team. 4 or 5 teams are interested. Arizona is the favorite. LaConfora reported last week the team and Suggs were not close on a new contract. Thank you Terrell ! It was time to move on.
  6. "I just like our guys !" Don't you ?
  7. Thanks ! I know that ! My ticket rep mentioned someone's name to me and said he would pass my comments along to him a few weeks ago. l can tell you there are a lot of women who love baseball and said they will not go during week nights due to smaller crowds and not having someone to walk with near to their car and not feeling safe. Someone told me the guys that take tickets standing outside and saying goodbye after games will walk you to your car if asked. Ladies !! FYI !
  8. He parks outside the warehouse and probably doesn't know. The police are obvious when you cross the light rail tracks directing traffic approaching the warehouse. That's the closest they get. He obviously would put someone under him in charge of looking into this matter and correcting this problem. It would help with ticket sales if this subject was addressed.
  9. I renewed a few days ago. The crime in Baltimore bothers me more than ever but I decided to keep going. I told my ticket rep to tell Elias to get armed security on the lots between Oriole Park and M & T Bank Stadium. In all of the years I have been parking there I have never seen an armed security guard or city police officer on the lots. I've always been told the lots are privately maintained and the Orioles can't do anything. This year I took it to a higher level and said if someone gets assaulted by the squeegee boys or friends of theirs in an area gang it will be a major problem for the Orioles drawing fans in the future. I also mentioned seeing men and women leaving games at night sometimes in the 7th inning because it's already 10:30 PM and they have to leave because of their drive and getting up early to go to work the next day. Walking down through those lots at night alone or even with someone is not safe. My rep told me he had passed my information up the ladder and hoped they would do something to satisfy me. If I see Elias walking around during a game and nothing has changed I will approach him about it. He seems to be a guy that listens and takes action. Another renewal ! How could I change now when they have made the kind of changes I have been clamoring for. Speed, Speed , Speed! Move players along with smart hitting moving runners up......small ball ? yes ! Enough to make things interesting mixed in with some power.
  10. I agree completely. This team is better than people think. The pitching is my biggest concern. There are a few guys who are pitching themselves off of the team. Lets hope we can pick up a starter or two somewhere and stop worrying about the 2020 #1 pick. So we get the number 4 or 5 pick. That's still pretty dam good. I guess everyone has read how well our probable #1 pick from Oregon, the catcher, has started the season. 5 HR's in his first 10 games and is hitting .375. What else do we need? A quality 3B ? Maybe Nunez or Ruiz is the answer. Seriously ! What positions do we need to fill? I think we have a quality outfield developing along with our infield. The starters #4 and # 5 are still a mystery. Don't rule out Jimmy Yac !
  11. Didn't CD say in the beginning of ST he did't want to have another year like last year and said there won't be another one ? I took that to mean he would probably retire with a buyout. Maybe I'm wrong but I think he said he would not go through another year like last year. He doesn't have to he is filthy rich and doesn't need all of the money. Even if he got half of it he's still super rich.
  12. Not a chance ! They are not worth that kind of money. Different news services this afternoon say the Phllies are going hard after Harper. Best offer? We should do a humorous post on here asking how we think Manny will spend his money once he lands his big contract. Last year he made more than 1 million per month. This year he will double that to over 2 million per month. How do you think he will spend and save it? It would be nice if he donated a lot of it to homeless shelters and hospitals.
  13. I wasn't implying Escobar would return to 30+ stolen bases. If double digits in the 15-20 range he will help us. Plus his veteran leadership will help the young infielders..
  14. I'm not sure what happened to the post about the Orioles adding more speed. Escobar stole 8 out of 10 bases last year. As recently as 2012 and 2014 he stole over 30 bases. He is a very good base stealer when he runs. He has one of the highest success ratings in baseball history stealing bases. He is 174 for 218 or 80%. Having Young, Jr 80%, Villar 78%, Mullins 79% and Escobar 80% so far will help us on the bases and hopefully we will stop being a station to station team. Amazing Elias has added two more stolen base guys with 80% success rates to go with our 78 % and 79% rates.
  15. Several reporters have said Davis arrived last Saturday February 9th and has been sick the entire time. He didn't just arrive on Thursday or yesterday the 15th. I would like to see his stance during his first appearance in batting practice and in his first spring training game. Can someone in Sarasota film or photograph him?
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