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  1. Thanks ! I mentioned Hess finally being sent down in my post. Look closely!
  2. Dempsey dissected Givens about 10 days ago. He said he is best when throwing 3//4 arm delivery. When he drops down and is more side armed his pitches stay up and leave the park. Yesterday he was throwing more side armed and they were hitting him. When 3/4 his pitches stay down. When side armed they are up. You could see it plain as day on replays. How many people in Baltimore know Givens can't go more than one inning.? Everybody but our manager and pitching coach it seems. Our manager said he would use Givens in less pressure situations over a week ago and he couldn't resist again yesterday and forgot I guess. With 27,000 in attendance on Fathers Day and the team led by Villar having battled back to take the lead BH brings him in again. Did any of us think he would save the game yesterday? Do you think Givens thought he would save the game ? Most important I think is the answer to that question. I don't think he has confidence right now. So not only does he blow the save he brings him back out for another inning and then brings in kerosene Hess who finally was sent to Norfolk. Talk about a poorly managed game. This was one of Hyde's worst. If Givens was on the plane yesterday to the west coast I'm sure the other players gave him a lot of cold stares. Givens, Hess nd Castro should all be in Norfolk.
  3. Any updates on the Orioles doctor being in Oregon recently to check out AR physically?
  4. The MLB Network had a one hour special review of the draft tonight and I believe one of the panelists was Jim Callis. At the end of the show he went over AR's qualities and basically raved about him. Saying he was the best catcher to come out of the draft in over 30 years. He also said he will be the All-Star catcher every year when he arrives in the major leagues. Elias should just say he is taking AR. Why the mystery? The money is pretty much determined already. Right?
  5. Elias must be making a boat load of money if he doesn't choose Rutschman Monday. If they choose someone else and pay them almost $8 million and he flops he should be fired. Take the most sure thing guy on the board and if he flops it wasn't Eiias's fault. This is not the time to think you are smarter than the top scouts. Law sort of knocking him the other day is worthless. He is an Oriole hater and has been for some time because he didn't get a job with us one time. The Oriole doctor has reportedly checked him out physically in Oregon. I don't know the results.
  6. Let's give Givens a rest and bring him in some games with less pressure. I agree with those who think part of his problem is mental. His delivery is also not consistent. A lot of our pitchers have this problem. I think they said yesterday we are leading mlb for most blown games when leading after 8 innings. He is either wild out of the strike zone or leaving pitches out over the plate for the hitters. 3 in a row !
  7. He is a centerfielder and it's obvious when you watch him. Maybe we can start obtaining players for a position and not have utility guys that play everywhere. I like specialists and think we should think about this in future deals and the draft. Why do we always obtain someone and then move them to another position?
  8. If Elias tries to show he is smarter than everyone else and passes on Rutschman he should be fired. End of discussion. I heard Dan Connolly went out to see him and said everything positive you can say about someone and said something along the lines of he could be a poster boy from a marketing standpoint. Elias should show how smart he is by making the correct choice and thank everyone who is on board with this pick. Every team in baseball would like to have the right to pick Rutschman this year. One of the best players to ever come out of the draft. Don't embarrass us by doing something stupid and have everyone in baseball say same old Orioles.
  9. There are players in our minor league system that could be part of our rebuild right now. Why aren't they here? It took forever it eems but they did finally get rid of wright. Slowly we are getting the right roster but others are obvious.Tony mentioned Williams yesterday. our manager was asked about Mountcastle yesterday n the radio by Roch and all he said was he is playing well in so many words. He can be moved around and DH. They are fcused on CD right now and don't want to disrupt the 1B platoon. Mpuntvastle is hitting .342 the last I checked with a .369 OBP. He should be brought up now. They are listing him as a 3B but he can play 1B on a platoon and DH.
  10. Bring up Mountcastle while you are at it and try to jumpstart the offense.
  11. As Attendance dwindles and the pitching continues to look bad how long will fans give Elias? I know it's early May but I know people who love the Orioles are already talking about the Ravens and have written off the Orioles. They have no plans to go to any Orioles games during this rebuild. I'm amazed how many people think Elias is not going about things the right way. He has shrunk the payroll too much and his replacements appear to be strictly here to land a second #1 pick in 2020. Okay ! So we land the best catcher in baseball next month. Who will it be in 2020. The next best pitcher? Then what? Horrible attendance Friday night with storms and rain forecast that never arrived. Blown forecast by all of the weather people cost them thousands of seats unsold as a result. The city falling apart and crime out of control is not helping things. Baltimore is not used to being called the worst team in baseball. With millions in cut payroll and a roster that could have been a lot better with just a few inexpensive free agent signings it lends itself to minimal fan interest with almost 5 months to go. Will the 10,000 who show up on non giveaway nights shrink to 5000 in July and after? Will Elias spend some money before the trade deadline and move some players and prospects for some young veteran type players ? Who can sell tickets on the current roster? I think a lot of people are disappointed in Cobb who has done nothing with his big pay check looking really bad. In spite of what some may think a team still needs a closer. If we had one we would have won at least 3 or 4 more games this season. Please help the team and DFA Castro. We could have signed Gio Gonzalez recently to help our rotation and Drew Pomeranz was available in the off season for a low salary. Clay Buchholz is working his way back and will probably be DFA''D by Toronto who iis cleaning house it's rumored in the next few weeks. We can get one or two of these pitchers in the coming weeks if Elias will spend some money. Trying not to get depressed. I'm a season ticket holder and going to games with hardly anybody there is kind of eerie.
  12. I think you are right. Bring him up now and Santander.--
  13. Givens. blew the game against NY last night. 1/3 of an inning and 3 runs, 3 hits with a walk, HR. and 30 + ERA so far in ST.
  14. 4 years and $52.5 mill with incentives could reach 61 million. The Ravens could have topped this but didn't. Apparently Bell grew up a Jets fan as a child. 4
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