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  1. Not a chance ! They are not worth that kind of money. Different news services this afternoon say the Phllies are going hard after Harper. Best offer? We should do a humorous post on here asking how we think Manny will spend his money once he lands his big contract. Last year he made more than 1 million per month. This year he will double that to over 2 million per month. How do you think he will spend and save it? It would be nice if he donated a lot of it to homeless shelters and hospitals.
  2. section18

    Orioles Sign Alicides Escobar to MiL Deal

    I wasn't implying Escobar would return to 30+ stolen bases. If double digits in the 15-20 range he will help us. Plus his veteran leadership will help the young infielders..
  3. section18

    Orioles Sign Alicides Escobar to MiL Deal

    I'm not sure what happened to the post about the Orioles adding more speed. Escobar stole 8 out of 10 bases last year. As recently as 2012 and 2014 he stole over 30 bases. He is a very good base stealer when he runs. He has one of the highest success ratings in baseball history stealing bases. He is 174 for 218 or 80%. Having Young, Jr 80%, Villar 78%, Mullins 79% and Escobar 80% so far will help us on the bases and hopefully we will stop being a station to station team. Amazing Elias has added two more stolen base guys with 80% success rates to go with our 78 % and 79% rates.
  4. Several reporters have said Davis arrived last Saturday February 9th and has been sick the entire time. He didn't just arrive on Thursday or yesterday the 15th. I would like to see his stance during his first appearance in batting practice and in his first spring training game. Can someone in Sarasota film or photograph him?
  5. section18

    Orioles Sign Alicides Escobar to MiL Deal

    Esky as they refer to him in KC is someone that shows up everyday to play whether he is hitting well or not. He had a 431 consecutive game streak come to an end last summer when Yost sat him one game. He averaged 155 games played the last eight seasons. If my memory is correct he had 13 errors last season. Guess who else had 13 errors last sseason at SS? You are correct. Manny Machado the 200-300 million dollar man. I see where a sporting news writer said tonight the Orioles signing of former All-Star Escobar dollar for dollar may be the best off season signing so far. Only $700,000.
  6. section18

    Anyone Following Manny? (Signs with San Diego)

    This is one of your fastest replies. Did you read the recent Steinbrenner interviews? There is one where he mentions the FO had dinner with Manny and his wife and they really liked her. Did you see the word probably in my comments? I used it twice. The Boston part is about their team not their fans and stems from his Oriole days playing against them and the Pedroia and Sale incidents. He made some comments not favorable about them. Did he say hates? I don't have time to look for his exact comments and some of them were during radio interviews. Well ! I finally hit my 2000th post and it[s a response to the only OH member that waits for my comments to dissect them. Thank you !
  7. section18

    Can Dean Kremer make the club this year?

    This depends on how ST goes. If they are struggling with the 4th and 5th starter spots and he has a solid spring training I can see them bringing him back to Baltimore with them. If it doesn't work out don't wait long just send him to Bowie or Norfolk and hopefully bring him back later in the summer.
  8. section18

    Anyone Following Manny? (Signs with San Diego)

    This is still the Manny post right? He'll sign with NY soon. 80 million apart ? They will split the difference probably in the Yankees favor ( 240 million?) and defer it, He'll play 3B and tighten up their infield defense. They know he hates Boston and like his wife. They'll probably tell her to keep him straight. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.
  9. Last year was 15. This year probably the same. My high number was around 30. u
  10. I talk about player vision tests probably more than anyone else on here and usually get shot down by those saying the teams have to be giving the players tests. I have had vision tests as I mentioned in my last comments on this subject at different vision testing locations and each was different. The last was actually painful the way it was given but was probably the best. I still don't wear glasses or contacts but did have cataract surgery a few years ago that totally corrected some issues. I've mentioned this about Chris Davis several times because of his delayed swings or no swings on perfect pitches. Guess hitting or not seeing the ball? Maybe both? It's nice to see someone admit they corrected their vision.
  11. section18

    Elias Progress Thread

    I knew what my questions meant. I wondered why I was being challenged for other peoples comments.
  12. section18

    Elias Progress Thread

    When you say you will get into the free agent market late what does that mean? When your manager says he wants to be competitive what does that mean to you ? I never said anything about not renewing my Birdland Membership.
  13. section18

    Elias Progress Thread

    From a season ticket holder to our new GM we expect you to be competitive and your manager does as well. In some of your recent interviews you don't act like signing any remaining free agents is on your list anymore. Has something changed? I think we are about $76 million below our 2018 payroll. We can afford to spend money and still be way below last years numbers. One year contracts will not hurt this team. Are you trying to earn your own #1 draft pick for 2020? Please don't forget your season ticket holders.......oh ! I meant to say Birdland members.
  14. Nick signed this afternoon a one year contract for $6 million to remain in Atlanta. So how much will AJ get?
  15. section18

    Interesting FAs

    Nick Markakis just signed a 1 year deal to remain in Atlanta for $6 million. So how much will AJ get? The experts still think he'll sign with Cleveland.