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  1. section18

    Week 7 vs New Orleans

    This is the reason I sold my PSL's about 4 or 5 years ago. The gambling controls the NFL and now the Ravens are partnering with the Horseshoe Casino. Tucker never misses an extra point. Has never missed before today. So he misses the game tying extra point. Not just any extra point. They just said he never missed an extra point in college either. Look at the replay and he looks like a guy that had something scary bad happen. It sure did! I almost bought tickets for today for almost $400. If I had I would have either threw up or walked out of M & T mad as hell saying never again. I witnessed too many strange things happen from my close to the field seats over a number of years. Friends sitting near me and I would shake our heads at the strange plays or non plays that would hold the score down or keep us from winning. Everybody asks me why do these guys drop TD passes, drop wide open passes. drop kicks, throw interceptions right to the other teams player, etc........? The over/under today was 49 or 50 at most gambling sites. If we make the extra point it's 24-24 or 48 points. If we go to overtime and win by a field goal its 51 points. Everybody had this being a higher scoring game like 30-27 or 31-28 all well over 50 points. Apparently most took the over. Ending the way it did today kept the point total under the line. I hope this doesn't get taken down. There were other plays that were suspicious today. Snead dropping the wide open pass in and then out of his hands. Jimmy Smith not covering his guy most of the day. The DB with the big salary. No pass rush today. 1 sack? Our sack leaders from last week took the day off. Period! They showed them smiling on the bench no frustration or being mad at not getting to Brees today. Some of the play calls were crazy. You need 4, 5 or 6 yards and you throw a 20 yard pass down field. Why? You get the first down and keep the drive going. I feel bad for those who spent a lot of money to go today. Something told me to not spend the money. How many kickers have missed extra points this year?
  2. section18

    Top President Candidates?

    I'm not sure if this interview with Kim Ng has been posted yet. Notice it says Ng is pronounced Ang. http://www.excellesports.com/news/kim-ng-major-league-baseball/ The below paragraph is from the interview; Kim Ng is a trailblazer. Since 2011, she’s been Major League Baseball’s senior vice president of baseball operations, working under Joe Torre. When she was hired as the Yankees’ assistant general manager in 1998, she was the youngest in MLB history (at 29) to hold the position and one of only three women. She served the same role with the Dodgers for more than a decade. Before that, she was the youngest person and only woman to present salary arbitration cases. Many believe Ng (pronounced “Ang”) will become the first female general manager in a major sport. Her role in International relations is very interesting. I'm okay with her getting the GM job and Colletti or Cherington getting the Presidents job. Below is an interview with Bob Harkins who knows a lot about Ned Colletti. He and Kim could work together again and build a winning new look Oriole team. https://www.baltimoresportsandlife.com/thoughts-ned-colletti-orioles/
  3. section18

    Top Manager Candidates

    I never see DeRosa on mlb network. I watch it when possible and he never seems to be on when I'm watching. I had him on the list because he was on the TV anchors list for the Orioles job and he apparently has interviewed already for the Rangers job. Davis liked the way he spoke and his knowledge and thinks that's important when meeting with the players and media and public. I think he is the youngest candidate for a managers job currently.
  4. section18

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    A web site out of Florida yesterday said Gaston is all but delivered to the Marlins. He was offered a contract previously that was pulled but now they supposedly are interested in signing him again. Gaston publicly has said he wants to sign with them according to some writers down there. Please scroll down to the Alex Carver comments; https://www.fishstripes.com/2018/10/12/17951576/marlins-2018-2019-offseason-roundtable-debate-victor-victor-mesa-free-agent-jt-realmuto-trade
  5. section18

    Didi Gregorius Needs Tommy John - Will Make Them Pursue Manny

    The writers and a lot of people in NY want the Yankees to sign Manny for 3B and he can fill in at SS if needed. He is helping the Dodgers in the playoffs and almost helped them win last night with a HR and key hit to drive in 2 late in the game. The Dodgers fell a run short in their 6-5 loss to the Brewers who had a 6-1 lead at one point. The Yankees don't think they have enough offense to beat Boston as many argue they need more pitching. They will probably improve both. Manny has told people he wants to play in NY in the past. Has anything changed? Is he starting to like it in LA? Maybe? I think he likes the AL East and will return to the East Coast. Who will offer him the most money? I think $25 million will be his top number for X years? His value has been grossly overstated as has Harper's. There is no way he is getting a 10 year contract and nobody is going to pay him $30 million per season.
  6. Didi Gregorius needs Tommy John surgery. He felt elbow pain in Boston and had an MRI. Elbow ligament tear was discovered. They will probably pursue Manny
  7. section18

    Top Manager Candidates

    This may have already been mentioned on here; On Bleacher Report there is a video reviewing who the two anchors think are the top 4 candidates for the Orioles Manager position. Mark DeRosa former player and on MLB Network and only 43. Explains the game really well. Mike Bordick 53 former Oriole player and current TV announcer. Experience with the team in ST and knows the players and what they offer. Good teacher ! Mike Scioscia former Angels Manager and 59. Made $6 million last season. Not ikely! Gary Kendall Bowie Manager 55 and knows many of the players in our system already. Tom Davis spent a good 5 minutes or longer on his Inside Baseball show last Saturday raving about DeRosa. He went on to talk about his skills breaking down things on TV and his people skills. Great speaking skills he feels will work well with the players and the media. He thinks it's an important quality sometimes overlooked. When he was a player I remember a number of times saying I wish the Orioles would get him. Something about him that's likeable and appealing. He will not be too expensive to sign.
  8. section18

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    So the 3 players will probably wait this out to see who ends up with the most money?
  9. section18

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    So when do teams reach a deadline for obtaining int money? I thought I read recently teams were at their limit for obtaining more money.
  10. They may want to sign Tyler Lyons 30 who enjoyed success with St Louis from 2015-2017. Danny Coulombe 28 recently with Oakland is also worth considering.
  11. Are there any players on this list we should have any interest in signing? PLAYERS ELECTING FREE AGENCY By Jeff Todd | October 8, 2018 at 7:20pm CDT Quite a few players will hit the open market this fall, and they’ll do so by way of varying mechanisms. The end of the regular season triggered a recent wave of free agents, consisting of a certain subset of players — namely, those who were outrighted from 40-man rosters during the season and accepted minor-league assignments at that time despite having the right to elect free agency. Players in that situation are entitled instead to hit the open market at season’s end, if they were not added back to the 40-man roster in the meantime. As conveyed by Matt Eddy of Baseball America, who also covers quite a few other minor moves, these players have now elected free agency: Athletics: RHP Raul Alcantara, LHP Danny Coulombe Blue Jays: RHP Mike Hauschild, INF/OF Darnell Sweeney Braves: LHP Rex Brothers, RHP Miguel Socolovich Cardinals: LHP Tyler Lyons Indians: RHP Evan Marshall, RHP Alexi Ogando Mariners: RHP Christian Bergman, LHP Ross Detwiler, RHP Mike Morin, INF Zach Vincej Marlins: OF JB Shuck Mets: RHP Chris Beck, OF Bryce Brentz, RHP Scott Copeland, OF Matt den Dekker, INF Ty Kelly Nationals: LHP Tommy Milone, OF Moises Sierra, RHP Carlos Torres Orioles: RHP Jhan Marinez, INF Luis Sardinas Padres: OF Matt Szczur Phillies: INF Trevor Plouffe Pirates: LHP Buddy Boshers, RHP Casey Sadler, RHP A.J. Schugel Rangers: C Juan Centeno, LHP Anthony Gose, RHP Drew Hutchison, INF Tommy Joseph, RHP Chris Rowley Rays: INF Brandon Snyder, RHP Ryan Weber Reds: C Tim Federowicz, RHP Kevin Quackenbush Tigers: INF Dixon Machado, RHP Jacob Turner White Sox: RHP Tyler Danish
  12. section18

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    I started this post and someone named Chito on here has highjacked it or something because it shows his name as starting it. There is no way to get support on here. When you try the support button or contact nothing appears. Is this someone from Miami?
  13. section18

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    Conor Byrne on the Bleacher Report AL East notes today reported the following; https://www.fishstripes.com/2018/10/6/17946330/marlins-trade-ryan-lillie-to-reds-international-signing-bonus-pool-money-victor-victors-mesa The Marlins made a trade Saturday, sending right hander Ryan Lillie to the Reds for International Bonus Pool money and there may be more such moves on the way from the Fish. "Miami's" exploring other deals that would enable it to net more international cash, Joe Frisaro of mlb.com tweets. The Marlins entered Saturday with the second most international money available $4.3 million and are known to be in the market for Victor Victor Mesa. The Orioles had five representatives in attendance for the showcase. The Orioles lack of a GM/Manager won't impact their pursuit of the Mesa's. Recent article about the workout. https://www.fishstripes.com/2018/10/5/17833438/cuban-international-free-agents-showcase-marlins-park-vi The workouts were private and media was kept out but some reviews of the players are leaking out Jr. apparently was impressive and will be signed along with Victor Victor who apparently didn.t show much power. Good arm and speed was evident and solid hitter.
  14. section18

    Why Marlins Might Hire Buck in Front Office Rebuild

    I mention the heat because even on 90 degree days here Buck would wear his jacket and be covered up. I just assumed it was to help with losing weight. We've had other managers (Hargrove and Trembley) that would do the same thing and I was told they were trying to lose weight by sweating more. Possibly to keep from getting skin C as well. Scroll down for some of the managers salaries in 2018. Buck was doing okay here so he should have lasting memories of how well the Angelos family treated him in Baltimore. As I stated on other posts most people I know had no idea Adam Jones made $17 million dollars this season and no idea Buck made 4 million. The last game here on Sunday I had 2 older ladies sitting next to me who loved both AJ and Buck and I asked them how much do you think AJ made this year? They were not dumb or out of the loop ladies and were quite knowledgeable about baseball. They guessed $10 million for AJ and $1 million for Buck. Neither one were underpaid. Would the Marlins pay Buck $4 million to go there? Maybe to do both jobs. Mattingly is making $2.5 million and Molitor 1.3.
  15. section18

    Why Marlins Might Hire Buck in Front Office Rebuild

    Probably too hot for Buck and his wife. I think he wants to continue to manage. There was some talk Mattingly may not be brought back with one year left on his contract. Would they release Mattingly and hire Buck short term as manager and make him an Assistant GM?