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  1. Upper Deck John

    Simple question. Have you lost hope?

    Well on state of the Orioles day, we should be able to make it to all the autograph tables (for whoever is left on 7/28).
  2. Upper Deck John

    If the O's were to make one announcement before Fanfest ...

    Beat me to it!
  3. Upper Deck John

    Astros 7/22 - early autograph access

    I have two upper box tickets for 7/22 and a parking pass (total $72) if anyone is interested. These are hard tickets and grant early access to the season plan member event. If you can meet in the elkridge/Columbia area and are interested in the tickets and parking let me know via PM.
  4. Upper Deck John

    WBC Here, If you like it.

    Looks like Israel advances to the next round - surprising for sure.
  5. Upper Deck John

    2016 N.L.D.S. (Giants vs. Cubs)

    How many of their top prospects would they give us for Zach this morning?
  6. Upper Deck John

    September Scoreboard Watching Mega Thread

    Tigers game called
  7. Upper Deck John

    September Scoreboard Watching Mega Thread

    Well Seattle showed up today, hopefully we do too.
  8. Upper Deck John

    Playoff tickets

    No problems with 29 plan holder purchase for game 2 of ALDS!
  9. Upper Deck John

    2016 Attendance Thread

    I just wonder what the change in ticket revenue is? I wish they would do more deals like the nats do.
  10. Upper Deck John

    vs. D'BACKS, 9/23

    Nice that fans are dong the wave while the season slips away.
  11. Upper Deck John

    Will the fans show?

    They already have this in the mlbballpark app. I've up graded to the club level for 6 to 18 a seat within 30 minutes of game time.
  12. Upper Deck John

    1:05 Start Time on Sunday?

    I got it too. Not a bad idea - it moves up the finishing time so that's a good thing in my book.
  13. Upper Deck John

    vs. ROCKIES, 7/25

    Whew, sometimes it's better to be lucky than good
  14. Upper Deck John

    Ubaldo Jimenez Today, 2016

    Wow no walks ... I happen to put put my daughter down for a nap and this happens ... Time to work on the to do list.
  15. Upper Deck John

    Who plays Shortstop during Machado suspension.

    Maybe if Alverez's ball wasn't caught in the first inning, none of this happens.