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  1. It makes you wonder .... with hindsight and the RSNs not growing at the pace of the past, does it make it easier to set what was proper for 2012-16 and 2017-2021? Either way it will be good when this comes out to move it forward. I think most of the original award money was put in escrow
  2. Apparently a sealed MLB panel decision was issued on the rights fees, so the issue may finally be moving forward.
  3. Should’ve walked him with first open and pitched to Davis
  4. Did you attend? i was wondering if anyone was contacted (I would have gone but I wasn’t picked).
  5. Big time Caps can too ... got hit by a puck in the playoffs and will require an implant replacement. Can’t make this stuff up.
  6. State of the Orioles talk on 7/28 should be exciting this year
  7. It was more our ex sideline reporter talking about Orioles decisions and logic
  8. I had to laugh at this - not like she’ll ever be back at MASN. I had the screen cap but apparently I’m technologically challenged https://mobile.twitter.com/AmberTheoharis/status/1018902810493005824?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet
  9. Maybe some 21st century ideas? Os were late to come up with theme nights whereas other teams have been doing it for a few years. id expect to see more targeted deals and possibly concession specials on selected basis.
  10. Rock bottom is when season ticket renewals for 2019 come out.
  11. Well on state of the Orioles day, we should be able to make it to all the autograph tables (for whoever is left on 7/28).
  12. I have two upper box tickets for 7/22 and a parking pass (total $72) if anyone is interested. These are hard tickets and grant early access to the season plan member event. If you can meet in the elkridge/Columbia area and are interested in the tickets and parking let me know via PM.
  13. Looks like Israel advances to the next round - surprising for sure.
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