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  1. Just noticed that ESPN has Adley Rutschman on the Orioles 26 man roster with uniform number 35. Has he been signed yet???
  2. Glad he finally made it! And a very nice start to the season. Hope he can stay and prove that he's a solid Major Leaguer. Seriously, I like this guy, and I'm looking forward to seeing where he finishes in the ROY voting. Just for fun, I'll predict he finishes 6th overall 🙂
  3. I don't think it matters much, although it has increased. Velocity is nice, but if it's straight, or poorly located... wham! it's outta here... unless it's outside of course, and then it's a walk.
  4. Based on how they're defined, I agree with Moose: Command Movement Velocity Then Spin rate and Control. Without command, you're not going to have much success in the Majors, and we can see that with our guys who throw 97-98 MPH and have trouble getting outs. But with command, an average fastball can be very effective, especially with movement.
  5. As much as I'd like to have seen Hess pitch a no-hitter, I'm happy with Hyde's decisions and results. I don't like Araujo being on the team, but it was a good time to use him. There's no need to abuse Hess this early in the season. It was smart to pull him, and I hope it puts him in position to have a strong overall season. There are only 4 teams with a better winning percentage than us (at the moment), so I have nothing to complain about. Honestly, I'd be okay if we end up with the worst record in baseball for 2019 so that we get another #1 draft pick, yet I'm thrilled with where were at and what Hyde is doing. This could turn out very well for Hess in the long run.
  6. You know, I've never seen a no-hitter (or perfect game) before. I've seen Mike Mussina come close a couple times, and wasn't fortunate enough to see that 1991 no-hitter, but that's one thing I hope to see someday. Nonetheless, I think Hyde made the right decision by pulling Hess in the middle of a no-hitter. This isn't 1980 where pitchers are expected to go 9+ innings. It's early in the season, Hess is a young pitcher, and I'm hoping he has a nice, long career with the Orioles. Perhaps this will be a launching point for his career. Rick Dempsey even made a good point after the game, saying pitchers never look good after being extended for the sake of a no-hitter. As much as I want to see a no-hitter, I think this was for the best. I really didn't like seeing Araujo being called on, but it wasn't a bad time to call on him. I'm just glad we pulled out the win. I'm very happy right now 🙂
  7. I'm happy we haven't named a closer yet. The 9th inning was overly suspenseful, and Hyde could have extended Givens, but he turned the ball over to Bleier and Wright, and it turned out well. I like that a lot, and I can't help but wonder what analytics tells us about which pitcher to use to end a game.
  8. Dwight Smith will be the Orioles Player of the Year
  9. I'll agree with your last point, but not your first or second. I think releasing Davis will help the club in a number of ways. 1: we can move on. 2: he'll no longer be a distraction. 3: the club will be better with Trey Mancini playing first base. 4: it will give other players an opportunity to prove themselves at the Major League level (Mountcastle). Either way, I expect the club to finish last. But I can't imagine the front office going through another season or two of his futility, pretending that he's going to turn it around eventually. Sooner or later they're going to grow weary of giving him chances, and he's going to be released, and we're going to have to eat the rest of the salary (unless he can be bought out). On the other hand, if he's hitting .220 through June, then I fully expect him to remain on the club. My prediction is predicated on him hitting below .190 and whiffing 4 times a game without making contact. We have guys at single A that would make more contact.
  10. I'm not sure how I implied that. Of course we can't escape his salary by releasing him. Nonetheless, it doesn't make sense to keep him on the team if he's not contributing. At some point we have to bight the bullet. And I don't think he'll last long if he continues to embarrass the club.
  11. True, you could say that about half the team, but none of them are being paid the salary Davis is, and they aren't as old as he is. They can be released at any time with little consequence. So many of us think it's a possibility for Davis to be released because, if he can't help the club, at some point it becomes pointless to keep him around. It doesn't make sense to keep him if he's blocking other players that can contribute and gain valuable experience. Sure, we could find ways to keep him on the roster just because we're screwed, but how much longer do we want to be embarrassed by him day in and day out? At some point we've got to say, "Enough is enough".
  12. I don't think he'll last beyond June. At that point they won't be able to hide him any longer... unless they can place him on the disabled list (for as long as possible). But if he's healthy, and he's blocking future prospects, and he's embarrassing the club, they will have no choice but to release him. I really can't imagine him lasting beyond June if he's batting under 200 with two or three home runs. At some point the team has to realize he has nothing more to contribute as a Major League player.
  13. I love all the information available, especially on prospects. There's a great wealth of knowledge among everyone who contributes, and I appreciate that.
  14. If Givens struggles during the season, I'd like to see Hyde use a bullpen by committee. Just go with the best match-up on any given day. I wish Buck would have done that when Britton was injured.
  15. Thanks Adam for the many fond memories. You did so much for this franchise and the city, and you will be missed. All the best as you move on to the Diamondbacks, and hope one day you'll return to Baltimore!
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