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  1. But Palmer seems to think he could touch 97-98. I didn't think he was ever regarded as that hard of a thrower, was he?
  2. Pretty much nailed Jim Rice's batting average against him, .218. He is absolutely hysterical. I've been laughing reading this whole thing, it's been great.
  3. Just got an alert saying the game has been postponed.
  4. All fair points and good questions. And I'd definitely be down to bring him in. It's not a multi-year deal, he'd be off the payroll by winter when FA starts if we kept him. If he's not asking for a large sum, I hope the Orioles take a look. And the Orioles might be attractive to get some of that analytic magic that Sig and Elias do to see if they can correct some stuff with him. Pipe dream, but who knows.
  5. Nothing against you, @OrioleDog but I think people need to stop expecting we can pick up guys that have little to no interest and then flip them at a deadline deal for something useful. Might be able to get a spare part minor leaguer. I think this scenario somehow exists only in the fantasy mind of message board posters everywhere. I'd take a crack at Gio, there's no harm there. We need the arms and no need to rush Akin, Ortiz, Kremer, etc. If those guys are producing this year in the minors we could trade Gio for the aforementioned spare part minor leaguer and that'd be fine. But as it stands, we need arms.
  6. Yeah, pretty much. Bingo. Best fastball if location is not an issue. Pure stuff, he's in the running.
  7. IMO, he's somewhere in the middle. I think he's probably best served as a later inning bridge guy who needs a clean inning. As I said, having he luxury of a clean inning isn't always an option if you're a reliever but I think he probably thrives best in that role. I'd like to see what his stats are for inherited runners, actually.
  8. I think we overrated him a little bit on here. But your assessment is correct.
  9. I don't see the big deal about getting 4 outs instead of 3. Maybe there's more stress because he's not coming into a clean inning but if you want to be a reliever, that's a reality. That said, I think we all have this notion of Givens being a lockdown reliever for us and he's just not that guy. He's a very good reliever but he's not elite. Sometimes he looks great, other times not so much.
  10. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.
  11. Would have guessed Brooks and perhaps Belanger. I'd imagine 2nd and 3rd place would include more combinations of Brooks and another Oriole.
  12. To add another silver lining, I will say defensive alignment. IMO, I think I got annoyed at Rickard playing what looked like right center on the Rays double down the line to tie it up. But then they had him positioned perfectly to catch that line drive later on that was a rocket. Also having Mullins play deep so he could come in and make that diving catch. Roberts (who I love) made the point that you'll give up some dink shots that fall in front from time to time but they'll also be able to take away some extra base hits. I like the philosophy of trying to keep the ball in front of the outfielders, it's easier to come in than go back. Kudos to Bill Swerski Super Fan member Arnie Beyeler for the mostly good defensive alignments in the outfield.
  13. That's a game that last years team doesn't win. IMO, last years team rolls over...or isn't even in that game because they couldn't work a count and see more pitches. This team continues to fight no matter who they're playing. I think everyone in the game thread was expecting that to end in the worst way possible but the Orioles fought hard and came out with a win. Might not have been pretty, certainly wasn't easy but that was awesome to see.
  14. We know that's not gonna last. Started out like a house on fire when we picked him up. That said, I hope it does last. I liked Beckham.
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