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  1. Can you really dominate the press if no one cares?
  2. I just like playing where the odds are best, atomic. I'm not so sure what's hard to understand here.
  3. Yeah but the odds are still stacked against you. I think we just shouldn't pick any players unless we have a top 5 pick.
  4. Ok. So therefore, the odds are stacked against Gunnar. I'm saying if any team has the 42nd pick, they should just not use it. Why would you? It's a 12% chance it'll work out. Chris Davis has a better batting average. Be smart, use that money elsewhere. We shouldn't sign this kid, 12% chance he works out.
  5. Well you brought up that only 6 players picked at 42 have produced 1 WAR. That's what you said, right?
  6. I dunno if you're considering that as a dig at Manny of some sorts but I think Manny has 300 million reasons not to care what goes on in Baltimore. This is a good point. I think any team that has the 42nd pick should just not select anyone. What's the point if that player is only going to put up 1 WAR? Ditch the pick, use the money elsewhere, I say.
  7. Renato Nunez? C'mon. I'd rather us waste cash like this instead of on a certain first baseman...
  8. Have you guys heard Eric Nadel? He's the Rangers radio broadcaster. He is Awesome Magical Awesome Zealous Interesting Not like any other broadcaster GREAT!!!! AMAZING. Eric Nadel is just. A. MAZE. ING. Tony should just turn this to Rangershangout.com and we should all bask in the glow of Eric Nadel's words every day. We'd be better humans for it.
  9. I can't believe I arranged my afternoon around this crap.
  10. Actually, pretty damn good. But throwing him out there would be child abuse. You guys see Santana with a little smile out there?
  11. @Aristotelian is this the bottom of the bottom?
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