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  1. I can throw darts at a board just as well as anyone else. I've also learned a lot about spin rate and launch angle and um...some other stuff too. Sign me up!
  2. No one could afford you and your considerable skills, CoC.
  3. Eh, I don't expect much from national publications. I mean, it's hard to disagree with anything that they wrote, but they don't mention Elias, they don't mention Sig and the push towards analytics. They don't mention a lot. If you're a diehard fan of a team, you know practically everything. And when I say diehard fan, you not only watch all the games but spend an inordinate amount of time on a message board dedicated to your team like this one. If you're a national publication with a deadline, you can't have the in depth knowledge about every single team in a way that we have about the Orioles. On the flip side of that coin, none of us certainly know anything in depth about a team like the Texas Rangers. So while on the surface it's been a terrible year, it's only expected to point a finger and say "Look how bad they are but Rutschman is on the way!" from a national publication like SI. I think before clicking on this thread, that's the summary I expected to read. IMO, there's a reason for a lot of hope moving forward. They're doing all the right things, finally. Well, this is terrible. Not sure what politics has to do with anything here but whatever floats your boat I guess. Maybe the conservative POS publications would be kinder to the Orioles and you'd agree with their take. Let's always look for sources that we agree with, that's a great way to go through life.
  4. I understand the idea behind Trumbo but him hanging out on the bench is cool enough. I don't think he's a guy to show anyone to have a really good at bat. Can still be a mentor without taking any playing time.
  5. Hey, not all Red Sox fans are jerkoffs after all.
  6. Better be Hays. I'd like to see more Tate out of the pen. Maybe Mountcastle. Don't really care about seeing anyone else, quite frankly.
  7. Players don't wanna play doubleheaders, IMO. I think they'd rather finish this game late tonight instead of having to play a doubleheader this weekend.
  8. When the hell is this game gonna start again?
  9. Orders from on high, I believe.
  10. Is it me or have Palmer and Thorne not mentioned the record? I stepped out for a second.
  11. Damn, almost picked Meadows.
  12. Maybe they'll just hover above DJ Stewart.
  13. Redskins preseason vs. Orioles late season dregs...hmmmm
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