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  1. Alex Cobb- The Orioles Superman

    The Orioles Superman? Hahaha, looks like he's gotten smacked upside his head with some Kryptonite in his first two starts.
  2. Anderson vs. Jones

    That's not really fair to Brady. If he juiced for the year he popped off for 50 homers, he should have kept doing it. IIRC, he went right back to a mid 20 homer season the next year.
  3. Anderson vs. Jones

    Fair enough, yet IIRC their WARs have been about the same. I guess it wasn't clearly defined in the OP, but are we talking about having one of these guys at their peak for a whole season or two? Or their career.
  4. Shortest Orioles Books, 2018 version

    I'd like to wait until a little later into the summer before starting my yearly annual favorite thread but...there's just too much fodder here. I'm sure we'll come up with some others along the way. "Leading Off Like a Pro" by Chris Davis "My 2018 Comeback" by Chris Tillman "A Balanced Hitting Approach" by the Orioles offense "Fielding at the Hot Corner" by Danny Valencia "Abundant Run Support - Pitching With a Lead" by Dylan Bundy, foreword by Andrew Cashner "My Day to Day Responsibilities - A Diary From 2016 to Present" by Dan Duquette "My Final Days as an Oriole" by Manny Machado
  5. Because he's not the defender that he once was. He hasn't had an OPS over .800 since 2013. Don't get me wrong, I love Jones but he's not exactly on the upswing of his career. I think if we were to deal him we would get some middling prospects back but not anyone we could view as core guys. Certainly guys on the lower end of the 100 list and probably more likely outside of the 100 list. Remember, the Orioles aren't the only game in town, either. We act like we're the only fans that would like to trade some of our players. Is Jones going to be the only outfielder on the block come the deadline? Probably not. Are there players that'll be on the block that are younger, better and have more upside? Remains to be seen.
  6. I'd agree. But the Orioles probably want to hold on to Cisco, too. We should add him to the list of relative untouchables. The Orioles pissed all over themselves by not trading any of their players at near peak level. So when they come to any negotiating table with any other team, there's no position of strength to start negotiating from. Any other GM will look at the Orioles situation and probably say something like "Well, I'll consider Trumbo if you eat 75% of the salary and you can have two of my prospects outside of my top 20 list because...well, I'd be doing you a favor and hoping that Trumbo could use a change of scenery and our hitting instructors might be able to get him back to a .260 .320 guy with some power, but that's a gamble on our end."
  7. It would take a lot for me to want to trade Bundy, Mancini or Schoop. IMO, with Manny having one foot out the door, Schoop is the guy they should focus on locking up. I think everyone else is up for getting traded though. The whole thing with the armchair GM on a message board is that they constantly want to sell low. There's no one out there that's going to take Davis without the Orioles covering a ton of the salary. And even if they did, you can bet that this hypothetical trade is more looked at as the Orioles getting out from under that contract as best as they can and opening up some roster flexibility. Not one team is going to give anything of value back for Davis. Not one team is going to give anything of value back for Trumbo. Not one team is going to give anything of value back for O'Day. Not one team is going to give anything of value back for Britton. Well, maybe. Not one team is going to give anything of value back for Jones. Because...well, why should they? Put yourself in another GMs shoes, remove emotion from the situation and look at the O's roster and tell me who you'd give up top prospects for outside of Manny, Schoop, Bundy and Mancini. Three of those guys the Orioles will probably want to hold on to in order to build around. The OH Armchair GM collective does a masterful job of trashing the problems with the team and then wanting to turn around and work on hypothetical trades for players they were just dissing 5 minutes earlier. I've never seen anything quite like it before. When I look at that list and think of trades...trades only mask the number one overall for the Orioles that has been their problem for well over two decades now. The Orioles can't draft and develop their own talent enough, consistently. I wasn't looking at the names of the players, I was looking at the teams they're affiliated with. Blue Jays, Rockies. Braves. So we can sit here and talk about cockamamie reasons why a team would trade someone in their top 10 prospect list for Chris Davis when there's no reason why they should. Again, no reason to trade for Trumbo, O'Day, Britton or Jones. Those guys are declining assets on their best day. The Orioles need to figure out how to draft and develop top 100 talent instead of worrying about how to shed their albatross contracts for other teams top 100 talent. The former would be so much easier than the latter.
  8. Orioles fans wonder why Camden Yards' lineup doesn't include Wi-Fi

    Not a dealbreaker for me, but it is annoying to be there and trying to send a text, look up something real quick on a web browser or check email if you need to. But texting can be sent over Wi-Fi if connected. At least iphone to iphone.
  9. Amazing that at 37 the 83 title doesn't seem that long ago

    This is why I hated all those Johnny come lately Sox and Cubs fans in recent years that were my age or younger. OOOOMG THEY HAVEN'T WON A WORLD SERIES IN MY LIFETIME, ITS TERRIBLE. Yeah, I was born in Sept 81. I had just turned 2 when the Orioles won. I don't remember any of it. We're in the same boat. Shut up.
  10. Amazing that at 37 the 83 title doesn't seem that long ago

    Alright, I'll bite, what's this got to do with the 83 Orioles?
  11. Not sorry about it at all. Been watching other games. I've been checking out the Angels, partially cause I want to see Ohtani but I really wanted to watch Mike Trout more often. Also have been watching Astros games. Today, watched a back and forth slugfest between Oakland and Chicago. It helps me get more familiar with players that I don't see that often. Overall, I think it's making me a better fan of baseball in general.
  12. Unwatchable

    Damn. Well, if @Frobbyain't watching....that says a lot, especially this early in the season. I'm watching, but only because I figure that great moments are going to be extremely rare this season. I don't want to miss a game where we win 10-2, hit a bunch of homers and look good for once.
  13. Anderson vs. Jones

    I'll take Brady's all around game, including the OBP skills and stolen bases.
  14. Tracking Ex Oriole Thread

    Took pitching lessons from Brandon's dad, Brian back in the mid to late 90s in Northern VA while I was still in high school. Nicest guy ever. Brian had a stint in 85 with the Mariners and a cup of coffee with the 89 Athletics. Haven't seen him in years but working with him at his academy was one of my fondest memories growing up and playing baseball. Always rooting for Brandon cause I know how much it means to his dad.
  15. Tracking Ex Oriole Thread

    Nick Delmonico's .370 OBP would look good in our lineup.