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  1. Not a good outing. Curious to see how he's going to bounce back in the next start.
  2. At that point he's already established trade values!
  3. He drilled that one, that was a bullet.
  4. Yeah, well, we'll see in about 25 years.
  5. Melewski making me nervous about not picking AR. It'd be cool if Rutchman's jersey # turned out to be 15...
  6. If you look closely enough, you can see Baltimore's inferiority complex.
  7. Ozzie Guillen was fooled by it, too, three times. The second one here is the best, Dave Bergman smacks him in the head:
  8. You are right with your conclusion. It's hard to have that outcome, for sure. Taking context out of it, it's still pretty dumb. It certainly might not be the most COSTLY bad play in history...I don't think this ranks near some of the dumbest plays, but it's pretty dumb. If this play happened in a playoff game or a World Series...yeah. Still might not be the dumbest play ever, but could be one of the most costly. IMO, big difference between a dumb physical error like that...or LACK of physical talent in Canseco's case and Hanser just not knowing what to do in last night's game. Both very bad plays, but for very different reasons. Yes, these examples are more in line with not being heads up, not being aware...Webber was one of the worst plays, for sure. I forgot all about this one. This is terrible. Here's an all time bad one, with our old friend Jon Miller on the call. "And that was the worst base running in the history of the game!!"
  9. Ah, here's the real Dylan Bundy showing up in the nick of time.
  10. Ok, well... Considering Trumbo is a FA after this year, not likely to come back...whereas Stewart can run into one on occasion, has a really happy looking face and is pretty athletic for his girth...who would you rather see?
  11. Me too. Not trying to be a smartass here (for once) but when was the last time an MLB player coming back from an injury just got straight up cut?
  12. Well, we'll see. And even if Elias doesn't cut Trumbo, that doesn't mean it's the sons are at fault.
  13. Would you rather see Trumbo or Stewart? I'm not a big Stewart fan either but at least he's got some upside.
  14. I'm not so sure about that just yet. I haven't seen much from them in one way or another to know how they're doing.
  15. This, 100%. It just blocks the ability for others to get some time in Baltimore.
  16. Again, I agree. I just don't think it is that simple. It seems to be the obvious solution. I'd do it. You'd do it. @Lucky_13 would do it. Probably a lot of other people on here would do it, too. As much as we'd like to think we know everything and think that this should happen or that decisions like this SHOULD be this easy, we just don't know. So if we can all agree that it needs to be that simple, that it should be that simple, and if Elias is smarter than us (Any TJ grads on here?) and it doesn't happen...well, then it's not that simple.
  17. I agree. However, unfortunately I don't think it's that simple as we'd like it to be.
  18. Well, sounds like he's determined to make a comeback. Assuming he does, and it sounds like it might still not be for awhile...puts a big hinderance on any sort of roster flexibility that the Orioles currently have. Means that Nunez gets more time at 3rd because he can't DH since Trumbo will be there. And it means that Mancini is going to get more time in RF because they need his bat in the lineup. So the team defense is weak in two positions because Trumbo's gotta DH. Davis, who is suddenly having a resurgence, is entrenched at first. And if he can continue his .900 OPS average, that's not terrible. Still, on days where you sit Davis, Mancini is at first, Nunez is at 3rd and Trumbo at DH. Or Ruiz at 3rd. Whatever, the point I'm making is that Trumbo coming back makes the roster harder to navigate and potentially blocks the callup of a Diaz, Stewart, Santander or any other minor league outfielder we'd like to see.
  19. This was a fun read, it'd be awesome if it happened. At the very least, he's looking like a very strong comeback player of the year candidate.
  20. @Can_of_corn has a bone to pick with you on that notion.
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