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  1. I think I'd settle for no value just to get rid of them and not have to eat the rest of the contract.
  2. Orioles announce new Theme Nights at the Park

    I'm fine with it, too. In fact, I have two Dugout Clubbers(8 and 6) and I welcome it.
  3. Shortest Orioles Books, 2018 version

    These are kinda funny, but kinda sad at the same time.
  4. Glenn Davis or Chris Davis?

    I don't think they would have made the offer to Davis if they thought it would prevent them from signing Machado. I know it sounds like I'm giving the O's too much credit for their foresight, but it would have been really difficult for them not to consider Manny when making that big of a financial commitment to another player.
  5. Glenn Davis or Chris Davis?

    That's true. I dislike the Chris Davis contract as much as everyone else, but hindsight is 20/20. I think there would have been a lot of disappointment if he wasn't resigned...but that may have been forgotten when the batting problems started.
  6. Twins Upset with Sisco Bunting

    I think the reaction from some of the Twins is pretty stupid. If that bunt broke up a no-hitter in the 9th, I could understand, but I really don't get what they have to be upset about.
  7. 2018 Opening Day!

    I'm with ya. I'll be listening through SiriusXM app. I'm excited nonetheless.
  8. Bring back the "O's" cap

    The cartoon bird wears the O's hat, so it's a win-win. Keep the cartoon! I like the older variations of it too.
  9. Turns out Lance Lynn is hilarious

    He was notorious for short or "yes or no" answers. I don't know if he was really being rude or he was just a man of few words. I know from personal experience that non-talkative people can be perceived as rude or stuck up, where maybe talking just isn't their thing. I always thought he was funny and sometimes the reporters would snicker at a short answer. There was a point where he became self-aware and would smirk after a "yes" would set everyone off with laughter. I'm sure it was frustrating for some reporters.
  10. MLB Trade Rumors Predicts We Sign CarGo

    I really like this team. I hope Hays gets back soon, but I like Cargo. A lot of people are down on him and I get it at this point, but I've always been a fan. I know it's the O's, but it just makes so much sense to sign one of those remaining pitchers. I think we're more likely to see Cobb/Lynn signed, Rasmus starting and Gentry/Rickard taking the Rasmus bench spot you propose.
  11. Opening Day Lineup

    That's funny. That's what I said when they had Davis, Trumbo and Alvarez. On one hand you have three guys that strike out a lot, but on the other hand they are all a power threat. It's like a power redundancy, which isn't all bad, but risky. If they are cold at the same time it's worthless, but if they are all on, then we can score 8+ runs that game.
  12. Ryan Flaherty Appreciation Thread

    Great utility man to have around for all those years. It's great to have such a versatile fielder on the team in case someone gets injured.
  13. Schoop absence from Fanfest

    Some really good points here. Like you I also don't think it's a big deal.
  14. Cable Decisions

    This debate seems to come up every year and I seem to recall several people saying it's illegal and citing relevant verbiage from the terms. I'll research it again, but that has been enough for me to stay away from it. I totally cut the cord this year, but I'll probably listen to the games on the SiriusXM app. I have subscribed to DirecTV and/or Comcast pretty much only for MASN and decided it's not worth the money for how little I use it. If they would just get rid of the stupid blackouts I'd be set. I'd even pay for a streaming MASN service during the season if it existed.
  15. Anyone On Here With Close Connections To Ownership?

    That's a pretty generous prize! I had no idea those winners actually got anything. I thought it was a braggin' rights thing with maybe some small prize. Was it because it was the last weekend or because attendance was pretty poor at that time?