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  1. Orsulak4Prez

    All's Right with the World

    I also hate the Red Sox even more than the Yankees now. I think it's mainly because of the fans. I attended a game in August and they were so obnoxious. I remember them being obnoxious before we snapped our losing season streak, but it seems worse now. The worst part was they were yelling a Rick Flair-like "Woooo!!" every 10 seconds or so. This must have gone on for hours. It was almost like the wave. One person would do it, then someone else would do it a few seconds later and it came back around. Has anyone witnessed this? I totally understand rooting for your team, even in an visiting park, but this was a special level of ignorance and being inconsiderate.
  2. Orsulak4Prez

    Take this for what it's worth....

    Neither does Mark Zuckerberg. You never know!
  3. Orsulak4Prez

    A Message From Brooks

    What a wonderful and warm human being. I wish I would have been alive to witness the Brooks era and all those great Orioles teams. Thank god for YouTube.
  4. Orsulak4Prez

    I don't see us winning 50 games.

    The potential reality of the OP is really quite depressing, but I've come to terms with it. I really don't care anymore. Afterall, "If you're not first you're last." I'll be interested again if we make smart trades, even if that doesn't translate to wins right away.
  5. Orsulak4Prez

    I don't see us winning 50 games.

    Good point, Roy. As passionate as we sports fans can be, there are other things in life that are more important.
  6. Orsulak4Prez

    Nick's an All Star

    This is so awesome. Nick has never been a superstar, but a very solid and consistent player. I had always hoped he would make the All-Star game at least once. Well deserved, indeed.
  7. Orsulak4Prez

    What a relief. O's no longer worse team in baseball!

    Exactly. That's one of the main reasons why I always root for the O's to win. You play the game to win. That being said, I support trading vets and playing as many youngsters as possible as long as they aren't brought up too soon, but I never want us to lose for the sake of a marginally higher pick, especially since it looks like we'll have a high pick no matter what.
  8. I totally agree with this. There have been a lot of strong opinions formed based on assumptions.
  9. Orsulak4Prez

    Funtional baseball training

    That's actually a really good idea. I can see how that would be a great training exercise. I'm playing in a baseball league this year for the first time in 20 years, (although I have played softball here and there.) so I'll be sure to keep an eye on this thread.
  10. I agree. We'd have to absorb some salary. At that point I don't know if it would even be worth it for us.
  11. I think I'd settle for no value just to get rid of them and not have to eat the rest of the contract.
  12. Orsulak4Prez

    Orioles announce new Theme Nights at the Park

    I'm fine with it, too. In fact, I have two Dugout Clubbers(8 and 6) and I welcome it.
  13. Orsulak4Prez

    Shortest Orioles Books, 2018 version

    These are kinda funny, but kinda sad at the same time.
  14. Orsulak4Prez

    Glenn Davis or Chris Davis?

    I don't think they would have made the offer to Davis if they thought it would prevent them from signing Machado. I know it sounds like I'm giving the O's too much credit for their foresight, but it would have been really difficult for them not to consider Manny when making that big of a financial commitment to another player.