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  1. Good point. It's the guy's name, we should pronounce it correctly. Especially the announcers...I understand messing up the name of a visiting player here and there since there are so many players for them to learn, but this guy is on our team.
  2. And we're still ahead of the Yankees and Red Sox in the standings. In year one of the rebuild, I'm not too concerned with our record, but it would be great to be looking down at them as long as we can. 😁
  3. I'll go with an 8 in my confidence that he will be above average.
  4. I think it's so cool that you still appreciate them this much after knowing them all those years. Like, I'm sure you aren't geeking out in front of them, but it sounds like despite the personal relationship, you are still able to appreciate them as a fan.
  5. I went with a friend a couple seasons ago. We stayed at some shady motel near the airport, but took an Uber to downtown Sarasota one evening. I wish I had names of places we went to, but there were a bunch of bars and restaurants. It was a really nice downtown scene. There are some really nice beaches, which we didn't have time to see. I believe Siesta Key is supposed to be the most noteworthy, but I could be wrong. I'm sorry for my lack of details, but my point is that there is plenty to do and you'll have a great time! I hope to make it back one day.
  6. My bad. I thought you meant something like "you get 3 shifts per game". I'm very conflicted on this topic. I personally don't like the shift, but it does allow another strategic element, so I can see the argument for it. I could get behind some limitation.
  7. I don't like the shift. I think it's cheap, but I think they should decide between allowing it or banning it. I think limiting is kinda dumb.
  8. I think you're onto something!
  9. What if we wake up one day to find out we've signed Wieters, Markakis, Jones, Schoop, Britton and Machado? To be clear, I'm not advocating for this, or even saying it's possible. It would just be a bizarre turn of events to say the least.
  10. Haha. Yeah, it's amazing how broad the description can be for developers. I would bet that if someone knows all these programming languages, their HTML and CSS doesn't look pretty. I'm sure they can write it, but presentation and accessibility is another story. This would be my dream job, but I'm on the Front-End and not quite up to speed on all of those languages.
  11. Is that the Hawk? He looks like a linebacker. Yeah, those shorts look like what my gym teachers wore in the 90s.
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