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  1. That's an interesting take. The nfl does really market the league but since the vast majority of games take place on Sundays it's probably a bit easier to sell the idea of being a football fan compared to the spread out marathon that is baseball. I wonder what sort of league wide initiative could be effective.
  2. I feel like viewing rule changes as "we have to do this because no one is watching our product anymore" can distract from the more inclusive question of "what are things this sport could do with/without to make it a better experience." I've no plans to stop watching baseball games regardless of the lack of rule tweaks, but I know there are things I could do without or wouldn't mind if they changed. If the sport picks up some more viewers in the process, hooray, but it doesn't need to be the primary goal of the endevour.
  3. In my opinion the answer to Bundy's problem isn't another pitch. He already has 4 and his change up this spring looks to have considerably more drop than previous seasons. His issue is FB command within the zone. The pitch is straight, lacks velocity, and he has a tendency to groove it. It even comes and goes during the same batter. I think Bundy has enough going for him in the way of the quality secondaries and pitchablity to be a successful starter, even with a 90-92 FB if it's spotted well. The thing that stumps me is he doesn't miss much in the middle of the plate with his offspeed pitches. He rarely hangs his slider and can command it to both sides of the plate. His curve isn't all the great but he doesn't tend to finish it in the middle of the plate very often. His change up seems to be developing into a good pitch, and when he misses it's typically away and down. His fastball however just seems to gravitate towards the middle of the plate. When it does, batters just don't miss it. I'm not sure if it's something that he can improve at this point or not, but part of me hopes that he's athletic enough and has enough body control to figure it out. I'd love to see him become an effective, if not elite member of the rotation.
  4. Yeah, seemed gassed in inning 5 but stretching yourself out is part of ST. If I take off my skeptic hat for a moment and think about his outing.... there was lot of his game that looked good. If he ever figures out how to avoid grooving his fastball every 3rd or 4th one, I think he still brings enough to the table to be an effective ML starter. Big If, but time will tell, I guess.
  5. That's unfortunate. Would've been nice if he could've battled through it. I feel like 5 of 7 hits were off fastballs that were pretty poorly placed. Silver lining...his change looks pretty good which gives him another weapon. I think once again, he go as far as his in-game FB command takes him.
  6. Don't know if he missed his spot but that was an interesting backdoor screwsy-change on the inside corner for strike one. Not a pitch you see all that often.
  7. Not sure if this is ST fatigue setting in, looks like he's loosing his body control a bit. His FB has dropped below 90 for most of this inning and his offspeed stuff is missing frequently. One good pitch and he's out of the inning though.
  8. And there's his first hanging slider. He's been efficient though.
  9. 81 mph change-up that hug upstairs gets pummeled after a 88 mph 2-seam FB that was also up. I think that's the first terrible offspeed pitch I've seen and it's inning 5.
  10. I got the feeling the batter was swinging FB anyway and got started too early. Looked like he tried to correct by slowing down mid-swing and ended up sort of guiding it to the outfielder for an out. I feel like it was down a little bit, but I don't think Bundy should be happy about it. If the batter waited for it to travel a little more he may have ended up with a HR, even if it was an inch or two low.
  11. Was it up? I guess it could've been. It was a bit of change up swing, out in front and pulled.
  12. 1st batter, swung at FB up for strike one that was probably a ball. The rest were offspeed. 2nd batter, offspeed, then popped out on a high fastball, not a bad pitch that jammed him. Again, probably not a strike. 3rd batter, low fastball that he was out in front of, again, probably out of the zone a little bit. Quick inning, featuring a K. FB looked a little better maybe? Wasn't in the middle of the plate with it anyway.
  13. I counted 3 or 4 decent FBs out of maybe 10/11 FBs he threw. Both hits were off FBs that were just hanging out about thigh high middle of the plate. I know Bundy's basically a finished product but I keep holding out hope that his FB command will improve. He doesn't seem to miss in the middle of the plate as much with his secondary pitches.
  14. Rather than count the times his FB looks bad, it may be easier to count the times when it look good. That first inside fastball was great, the second one that blooped wasn't as good but he probably deserved a better outcome. His change looks like it has significant drop compared to last year and his slider is as good as it normally is. Those are nice to haves, but if his habit of wandering FB command is biting him again....and as I type that another middle-in thigh high FB gets pummeled through the infield.
  15. I think Bundy may have gotten a little lucky that inning. The fastball flyout for the 2nd out was basically middle-out, thigh high. The third out on another FB wasn't a terrible pitch but not great either. It was tagged and if not for that nice play probably would've ended up a double. This spring Bundy looks to me like was he was the last 2 years. If he's spotting his fastball he can be an effective pitcher given his pitchability and slider, but he's not he's gonna give up runs.
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