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  1. Joe Angel on the radio tomorrow

    I know I'm in the minority, but I think I prefer Angel to Miller. Miller's great, but I find him a bit dry whereas I can smile along with Angel most anytime. And, I know that neither of them have much control in this department, but I think I just prefer the tonal qualities of Angel's voice to Miller's. Each to their own, though. Baltimore has been very fortunate with their radio broadcast for a very long time.
  2. Would Yankees have traded Mariano Rivera?

    So, Rivera was moved to the bullpen at 26 after an unsuccessful season starting. Britton toiled in the rotation for a bit longer before being moved to the rotation at 26. Here's a snapshot of their first four seasons in the bullpen (ages 26-29). Now Britton isn't finished his 4th year yet so his numbers will grow a bit this year. It's...a lot closer than I thought would be. Year Tm W L W-L% ERA G GS GF CG SHO SV IP H R ER HR BB IBB SO HBP BK WP BF ERA+ FIP WHIP H9 HR9 BB9 SO9 SO/W 1996-1999 NYY 21 10 .677 1.95 247 0 182 0 0 129 309.2 229 70 67 11 89 13 286 6 1 5 1240 242 2.68 1.027 6.7 0.3 2.6 8.3 3.21 2014-2017 BAL 9 4 .692 1.54 223 0 185 0 0 128 228.0 160 47 39 8 63 4 230 2 0 18 877 269 2.43 0.978 6.3 0.3 2.5 9.1 3.65
  3. Kevin Gausman, Dylan Bundy -- Primed & Ready

    We gave Arrieta 3.5 seasons and 65 starts in the MLB. He got worse every single season. I wish he had turned it around for us, but I really don't think that a case of the Os being impatient. I'm happy the guy turned it around in CHC, but I have zero reason to think that an additional season and a half in Baltimore would've turn him into the same player. Hader looks good but hasn't thrown a big league pitch yet, and Davies was trade for Parra, which sure, didn't really work out but he was looking good for MIL that year and the general consensus was we need a move that season. In the past 20+ years the number of homegrown Os starters that were above average is....like what? 2? Bedard and Mussina. I'm really not sure their pitching woes are due to not giving their prospects a decent shot, or if drafting and development have just been sub par since the early 90s.
  4. Dylan Bundy's future

    Honestly, if Guasman can toss about 20 to 30 more innings and do exactly what he did this year, I'd be very happy. If he can do any better, I'd be thrilled. He was a 4 win pitcher in 30 starts this year. Cutting down on his HR/9 and WHIP is nice on paper, but I've no idea how he'd actually go about implementing those improvements. Honestly, my "eye test" is that Guasman is a good pitcher as he sits. If he wants to take another step forward he'll need to either improve his command throughout the course of the game (which I think is doable for pitcher entering the back half of his twenties who's never really struggled with free passes), find some extra bite on his breaking pitch (which I'm not as sure is all that common), or some combination of the two. I'm plenty happy he's on the team. Pivoting back to Bundy, I think he just needs to stay health next year. Soundbites not withstanding he seemed to be fatigued as the season wore on and his command really went by the wayside. I'm hoping for 130-150 innings of about the same performance or slightly better.
  5. Dylan Bundy's future

    For context the AL the league average Runs Allowed Per Game jumped from 4.18, to 4.29, to 4.47 from 2014 to 2016.
  6. Dylan Bundy's future

    Agreed they are better predictors but the results were there. As an aside, are FIP and xFIP normalized between seasons? I know the run context was a bit higher this year.
  7. Dylan Bundy's future

    I think so. YEAR IP ERA+ H9 BB9 SO92014 113.1 110 8.8 3.0 7.02015 112.1 97 8.7 1.4 8.32016 179.2 123 9.2 1.4 8.7 He threw almost 70 more innings, posted his highest ERA plus, and ticked up a notch in his K/9. I'm very pleased with Gausman's progress this season. He's turning 26 next year and it's completely reasonable to think this isn't his ceiling. When all was said and done this season, he led the staff in ERA plus, Innings Pitched, and Ks. He also had the second lowest BB/9 rate of the bunch (worth noting the leader here was Tyler Wilson so take that for what its worth). He might not have posted Tillman's wins, but he took a big step forward this season and I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do next year.
  8. Dylan Bundy Thread

    This is going to sound a lot more confrontational than I want it to but I can't figure a better way to put it. Do you think I tallied those metrics by doing something other than looking at his game logs and pitch fx data? I'm well aware of who he's faced. That doesn't change the fact that over his last 6 starts he's averaged less than 5 innings to a tune of a 6.2 ERA. It not like he's giving up a few more hard hit balls or pitching around a batter or two. In his first six starts he carried a 95-96 mph fastball and yielded 20 hits and 8 walks in 32 innings(36 SO). Then you can pretty much draw a line in the sand on August 17th. In the six starts since then he's carried a 93-94 mph and yielded 34 hits and 19 walks in 29 innings(28 SO). I'm as high on Bundy's future as the next person, but there is way more bad than good lately. That's ignoring the fact that he's nearing uncharted territory for a young pitcher finding his way back from major injury. I submit, we may not have anyone better.
  9. Dylan Bundy Thread

    I guess my questions is, is the 4 or 5 innings at a 7 ERA Bundy has been giving us for the past month a half really helping the team anyway? He's turned in 2 limited run/high walk/limited inning outing in 6 tries. Maybe he gets a second wind and finishes strong, but I'm not holding my breath.
  10. Dylan Bundy Thread

    Gutsy is one way of looking at it. I think he's exhausted. Over his last 6 starts he's gone 6 innings exactly once and walked 19 and yielded 34 hits in 29 innings. He's pitched to a 6.91 ERA in that time. He's giving up almost 2 runners an inning and is very fortunate to be 3 and 3 in that stretch. His velocity hasn't decreased any further in the last 3 games, but he's walking almost a batter an inning in that time. He's one out shy of 100 innings on the year, which is 35 more than he's thrown in the last 2 years combined. I'm rooting for him as much as the next guy, but I'm starting to wonder if trotting him out there every 5 or 6 days is the best choice for him or the team.
  11. The importance of a J.J. Hardy bounce-back

    Taking just his extensions with us and assuming we don't pick up his 2018 option, we will pay him around 60.5 million for 2012-2017. His current BB ref WAR over that period is 12.1 with a little over a season to go, making him about a $5M/WAR production. Just for fun, let's say he finished this year and next at 2.0 wins each season (although I think he could outperform that next year with health). That would put him at 4.2M per win over the course of his extensions. I don't know exactly was a win is worth these days, but I'm pretty sure that's right in the ballpark. I think JJ Hardy contract was a good value for both the player and the team. I've been happy to have him on the Os for the last several years.
  12. Dylan Bundy Thread

    I'm happy the Os won and Dylan got through six only yielding two. However, he walked 4 in those six and his velocity dipped for the second straight game. That's the slowest fastball he's carried since April and his third straight decline in speed. He was a full 2 mph slower than the 96 mph fastball he carried through the previous 10 game span of stretched-out relief appearances and first three starts. He's now above 80 innings for the year. I'm certainly paying attention. Starts Only: Game FourseamSinker Change Slider CurveBAL@TBA (7/17/16) 96.15 0.00 86.39 0.00 77.90CLE@BAL (7/22/16) 95.74 0.00 86.40 0.00 78.08COL@BAL (7/27/16) 96.01 95.00 85.77 0.00 77.82TEX@BAL (8/2/16) 95.20 0.00 86.70 0.00 78.17BAL@CHA (8/7/16) 94.60 94.29 86.10 0.00 77.24BAL@SFN (8/12/16) 93.94 0.00 85.70 0.00 77.46
  13. Kevin Gausman believes the curve is his third pitch

    Of the 115 AL pitchers who have started 10 or more games this year, Gausman is 35th is WAR. So, he's been in top 30% of starters in this league. I agree, not an ace, but a pretty good starter. Yes, I'm using WAR as an analog for value, but despite his record, I think Gausman is an important part to this team. The Orioles are very likely a weaker team with him in a different role or replaced with a readily available alternative.
  14. Kevin Gausman believes the curve is his third pitch

    Gausman is on pace for a 3 win season after 20 starts this year (earning 532k this year), continuing a trend of increasing value. When he was drafted the book was a big fastball, good change, no third pitch. He gives up plenty of HRs but his K rate and BB rate have been ticking in the right direction every year. He needs to stay healthy and put in the work. Looking at the 1st round of 2012 draft class, the only pitcher that has consistently outperformed him is Wacha, though McCullens has been effective recently. Wood, in the 2nd round looked good, but has been lackluster since moving teams. It would be nice to have one of the three young SSs on our roster from that year but we don't. Looking at the high school pitchers in the top round, I can't say I'd rather have them in our system either. Some can't stay healthy, others haven't been dominant in their leagues. I do wish Gausman would become an ace, but I think he's been a pretty successful pick for us. And yes, it's hard to judge a draft class after only 4 years. I'd be pretty satisfied with the pick if Kevin can toss 150-200 innings at the effectiveness for the rest of his career as an Oriole. If he can find a third pitch and really turn a corner, I'd be ecstatic.
  15. Gausman is beginning to remind me of Guthrie

    Even if Gausman's development ends at being a slightly better than average starter (his ERA+ since moving full-time to the rotation in 2014 is 105), there's plenty of value in that. Sure, he's arbitration eligible after this season but he'll be cheap for a little longer. Will he turn a corner for us and become something more? Maybe, maybe not. But assuming he can do what's he's already capable of and throw some additional innings, he's a very useful part. I'd be in no rush to move him.