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  1. I really appreciate having complex analytical information relayed to me in a way that any John Q. Fan can understand.
  2. Maybe they should double down on a healthier alternative like alcohol
  3. Not me. I love Pepsi.
  4. Would he stick as catcher? How is his defense? I almost want to lean toward a prospect like Witt Jr. who can play 162 if healthy.
  5. Free is almost too much. I agree with your original premise. The Orioles have been beyond pathetic in marketing their club. Other than a couple cheesy radio and TV spots what do you have? Even during the "glory days" (at least for me) from 2012-2016 I seldom saw any type of meaningful community involvement. Where were the promotional teams, rallies, billboards, endorsements? The Nats have them beat in that regard hands down.
  6. Those are really one-time or limited run events. Not sure you can compare those to 81 game seasons. Regardless, the ship has sailed on 40,000+ regular season games....just not going to happen anymore. The maladies of the city are definitely not the fault of the Orioles, but they have done a crap job of promoting the team since the late 90s.
  7. Took my 11 year-old son to the DH on Saturday. After being approached by multiple crazy/street people on the way from the Chicken Box to the game, he kept telling me how scared he is of Baltimore. Couldn't really enjoy the game because he was worried about going to the parking garage. Don't have to worry about that at home or in Frederick. With the crap city/team, I wonder if minor league attendance has been affected?
  8. Our game two lineup was possibly the worst I've seen in franchise history.....just amazing.
  9. I love how some posters assume that Hess is currently sobbing in the back of the locker room (while curled up in the fetal position) because Hyde somehow someway "disrespected" him. Where is the confidence?! Where is the love?!
  10. I'm actually fascinated to see the attendance at some of those mid-week Tampa home games. I actually might go to one just to have a section to myself.
  11. And his often "yuk-worthy corn pone humor" got me through decades of crap baseball. We are certainly poorer without him. I liked Miller....I loved Angel! Hunter and Thorne?!
  12. Manager of the 1989 Orioles. As a 13 year-old I fell in love with them that season.
  13. According to a promo for the Vinny & Hanie (sp?) show on 105.7 The Fan, Law will be on later this morning/early afternoon to explain his rankings. Didn't give a time.
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