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  1. Orioles1954

    Rosenthal: Orioles are in a state of confusion

    Watching "Wall to Wall Baseball" is brutal.
  2. Orioles1954

    No fight, no passion , no pulse....no chance...

    Rebuilding in the same division as the Red Sox and Yankees seems like an exercise in futility. Other than Mullins, it seems like they guys we are taking a look at are a whole lot of nothing.
  3. Orioles1954

    vs. BLUE JAYS, 8/28

    2,000 people tonight?
  4. Orioles1954

    O's 2019 schedule

    UGH! I hate the unbalanced schedule.
  5. Orioles1954

    Our Guys Have Been Horrible For Other Teams.

    It really must be nice pitching in the N.L. with one free out per lineup. It's like the free space on a bingo card.
  6. Orioles1954

    Orioles Radio Interview Policy?

    I think there might be a correlation between the Orioles not highlighting star players to the community and the lack of endorsements.
  7. Orioles1954

    Orioles Radio Interview Policy?

    That has to be factor. However, I really think the Orioles are missing the boat with promoting their star players. I would think a franchise that is directly competing with Washington would want their talent broadcast everywhere whether through radio interviews, over the air broadcasts, streaming, billboards, etc? I'm frustrated with the lack of PR from the club (even during playoff seasons).I have to wonder how many area endorsements guys like Machado, Schoop, Britton, Gausman, etc. had? With exception to a Joey Rickard Royal Farms commercial, I never saw them. Instead, we get cheesy "America's Ballpark" pitches.
  8. Orioles1954

    Orioles Radio Interview Policy?

    Over the past week, former Orioles in Brad Brach, Zach Britton (he was particularly candid) and Kevin Gausman gave radio interviews on 105.7 The Fan regarding their time in Baltimore. Interestingly, multiple hosts stated that exactly zero active Orioles have given interviews this season. I find that particularly strange given that 105.7 The Fan is the flagship station. Do the Orioles have a policy of not granting radio interviews during the season (outside of pre-game and post-game shows)? If so, I wonder why not?
  9. Orioles1954

    Dan says "tear it completely down"

    Want to be treated like an icon? Hit better than .155 with a .413 OPS in the playoffs.
  10. Orioles1954

    Bruce Cunningham talks about the Orioles for 15 minutes

    Will we get a draft pick for Jones when he doesn't re-sign?
  11. Orioles1954

    Dan says "tear it completely down"

    Will we get a comp draft pick when Jones isn't re-signed?
  12. I think it will be an hour or so from now. They just announced the conference call before the break.
  13. DD conference call live on 105.7 The Fan later this afternoon.