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  1. Smith is just the latest version of Paul Kruger. He's not even as good as Adalius Thomas, who we never heard from again once he left town.
  2. At the time, it was either extend Grubbs or Yanda. Clearly, we made the right choice there. What player have we failed to sign longterm that left the Ravens and has gone on to remain relevant elsewhere? I can't think of anyone, outside of Osemele who signed a record guard contract, to join the Raiders, and now they've shipped him off to the NYG. I don't see us regretting losing Smith, Weddle, Suggs, or even Mosely 3 years from now. This is where I am with this. None of these losses have been bad given the context of what these players offered/their age/what they signed for elsewhere, but we definitely have some holes to fill and it will be interesting to see how DeCosta moves forward.
  3. Odds are that after three years of a five year deal, the dead money would be minimal and easy to stomach if we did indeed wish to part ways. As for the franchise tags, players hate it. I doubt that it would increase the chances of him signing longterm with us and instead only make him more irritated at the team.
  4. On a related note, Kodak Black is a Grade A asshole who raped a high school girl and really isn’t a good rapper.
  5. Wait while other teams plug their QB holes so that we are left out of the game of musical chairs? No thanks.
  6. Smart move to lock this in early before other QBs are available or draftable.
  7. Garrett Gilbert looks better tonight than Flacco has in the post-Kubiak era.
  8. Whether Lamar fails or succeeds, I doubt any of his fans will be too sorry about dumping Joe. His time was up and he wore out his welcome with mediocre at best play. Just because Lamar is or isn't the QB of the future doesn't change the situation with Joe at this point in his career.
  9. Since Atomic is SO interested in what Google has to say, here are the first five Google articles in response to "Lamar Jackson draft profile" https://www.profootballweekly.com/2018/04/10/nfl-draft-profile-no-17-louisville-qb-lamar-jackson/azdbm69/ http://walterfootball.com/scoutingreport2018ljackson.php https://www.sportsaldente.com/lamar-jackson-nfl-draft-profile/ https://www.nfl.com/prospects/lamar-jackson?id=32462018-0002-5600-53b1-0f1a50e94b24 https://fansided.com/2018/04/05/nfl-draft-profile-lamar-jackson-louisville/ Every single one says he profiles as a quarterback and does not necessitate a position change. So yes, the above is correct.
  10. Exactly. This one sentence speaks volumes and is one of the best self-owns I’ve seen on this message board.
  11. We just never sign star free agents. I doubt decosta will divert from the norm that much, especially so early in his tenure. A signing the magnitude of any of those pass rushers you mentioned could be a tenure-defining deal. The safeties are an option though. I’ve always liked tyrann and he provides positional flexibility, too.
  12. never stopped the most impressive dynasty in the history of any sport. wow, why can't we just replicate that on our own?! also, tom brady does those things i mentioned - elevating the talent of those around him - because he actually is a top-tier qb, rather than just being paid like one.
  13. Because when you’re paying a top-tier QB salary, you don’t have money left over for all of that and you expect that player to elevate the play of those around them. With Lamar and paying a rookie contract, you have the flexibility to do those other things. Lamar may not be the answer, but we will be in a position to give him the support that he needs *if* he is going to develop into a long term option.
  14. That’s an interesting point Eisenberg brings up. Who is in the Ravens Mt. Rushmore? Ogden, Lewis, Reed are all easy. That last spot should be Suggs. I guess that leaves Flacco open for #5 in Ravens history with Stover, Yanda, and Tucker.
  15. Oh damn I totally forgot about Brown! Honestly, what he showed this year as a rookie makes me think he can hold down that spot for years to come. Can't believe he slipped my mind.
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