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  1. dorfmac

    Sandy Gaston (Orioles miss out)

    I have to read everything, but now that we’ve missed out on these three, what purpose does this international money serve? Does it carry over to next year or do we just basically lose it?
  2. dorfmac

    Week 2 vs Cincinnati Thursday Night Game

    It’s not just cool to blame Flacco, it’s accurate. He’s the worst every-week starting QB in football. Well, him and Eli.
  3. dorfmac

    RG3 yay or nay?

    This is just a foolish question and I can’t believe anyone took it seriously enough to respond in a meaningful way.
  4. dorfmac

    Final Roster

    Just a reflection of how bad our drafting/scouting/development has been the past few years. We expect this from the O's, but not the Ravens. I've been stuck on whether we are now past "In Ozzie we trust," but looking at the washouts from our recent drafts has convinced me. In other news, we picked up Cyrus Jones, former Gilman and Alabama star. Would be fun to also pick up Greg Pyke. He just got cut from the Cardinals, but was a star lacrosse/football player at Boys' Latin and went on to play big time ball at Georgia under Richt.
  5. dorfmac

    RG3 yay or nay?

    Don't care about him from a mentorship perspective, but we need him from a football one. Gotta keep him.
  6. dorfmac

    Preseason Game 2: Monday Night 8/20 at IND

    As a Gator fan, maybe I get a little defensive regarding my man. Either way, if Jackson wants his career to last longer than Tim’s, he needs to get his footwork and grip squared away.
  7. dorfmac

    Preseason Game 2: Monday Night 8/20 at IND

    Tebow is the greatest college qb in history, and despite all the drama, did experience success in the pros, at least enough to where he should be a backup somewhere instead of messing around in minor league baseball. Comparing Jackson to him doesn't really make sense because you can compare almost any college QB to Tebow and he's going to come out looking bad, yet they still can make the transition to the pros. I'm definitely concerned about Jacksons accuracy. In each game, you can point to a play or two of brilliance that gives us something to dream on, and I didn't expect him to come in and light the world on fire, but the overwhelming majority has been disappointing.
  8. dorfmac

    Jimmy Smith - Suspended 4 Games -

    Why look for reasons to defend the guy when he's already admitted to it? It seems like you're going out of your way to be an apologist for "threatening and emotionally abusive behaviors" instead of just accepting what he's already acknowledged it true.
  9. Doesn't seem like this area of the forum is frequented often, but figured I'd give it a shot. We have a pair of Ravens season tickets looking to sell the whole bunch for face value. Section 509, Row 20, Seats 7, 8. $1280 total, which is less than face value. I can't attach images, but you can check the view from the section here: http://baltimoreravens.io-media.com/web/index.html
  10. dorfmac

    Preseason Game 2: Monday Night 8/20 at IND

    Well that was boring.
  11. dorfmac

    Flacco v.

    Flacco does suck. Ramsey has proven more on the field during his 2 years in the league than Flacco has in the past 6. Players are always so boring and guarded in interviews, I’m a fan of Ramsey speaking out. Not only has he given us some entertainment value with the interview, but it adds another layer of interest in following his performance this year against some of the QBs he called out.
  12. dorfmac

    Jean Carmona

    I have no idea if there is a logical basis for this, but i cant help but think of Carlos Triunfel who we were all clamoring for in the Bedard trade. Both extremely young SS with huge upside. Hopefully, Carmona ends up better than Carlos ever became.
  13. dorfmac

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    We were young, we didn't know any better.
  14. I don't like Encarnacion at all. He's still very young, but 100K's and 13BBs is exactly the last type of ratio we need.
  15. dorfmac

    No more paper tickets

    I think it's an awesome - it's much easier to keep a credit card in your wallet and show up at the games than keep track of the paper tickets. In addition, it's easier than ever to transfer tix if you choose to sell. You can do it all from your phone, no more craigslist or meeting up with randoms in a parking lot.