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  1. Hey everyone - I have two pairs of tickets, but my wife and I only use one. Sec 509, Row 20, Seats 7,8. As of now, they are available for every game except for the season opener. Pic isn't from exact seat, but a general idea.
  2. great move. the best part is that it wasn't to the bears, so i'll still get to listen to the curb your enthusiasm theme in my head while we watch their kicking game struggle.
  3. no rushes and we still pulled off a td and a fg. that works for me and i don't even care if it's preseason. got to start somewhere.
  4. dorfmac

    OL Alex Lewis Cut

    there are going to be other camp cuts where hopefully the ravens can pull in a guard on the cheap that can be effective.
  5. time to cut adley. our 31st pick is better than him.
  6. This is one of the things I'm most excited for. Between the rave reviews that Boykin has been receiving and what we hope we will be receiving from Brown, this could be the most electric Ravens offense we've seen since Testaverde, Derrick Alexander, and Michael Jackson. Obviously, it's a lot to hope for being their rookie seasons, but sometime in the next few years it's a legitimate possibility.
  7. See ya, Drew. No knowledge other than looking at stats, but both in the DSL and Prado is definitely hitting there.
  8. Doesn’t necessarily mean anything come Sundays, but still nice to read some fluff about our new guy. http://www.espn.com/fantasy/football/story/_/id/26800322/fantasy-football-nflpa-rookie-premiere-takeaways-too-low-kyler-murray
  9. I don’t mind him feeling that way, but he comes off as being more than dismissive and a bad teammate. Not shocked, this was also basically his response when we drafted Lamar.
  10. Screw this guy. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26740592/not-my-job-groom-lock
  11. Im actually a big Jackson fan and am pleased we went with two wideouts to help out the passing game, but that doesn’t mean he’s an accurate passer. It’s not a shot, it’s a fact. Unlike some other posters, I do think it’s possible for him to improve and anticipate that after this offseason, he’ll be able to take advantage of Brown and Boykin on the outside come September.
  12. Grier is a garbage dude, not someone I’d want leading my team. Look at how he handled himself in Gainesville and his ultimate transfer to WVU. No desire to hold himself accountable or face adversity.
  13. They specifically commented on his ability to adjust to poor throws, so at least his skills are applicable. Based on his size, looks like he will be a good complement to Brown.
  14. CGJ still being available is wild to me. He’s been a shut down player in the SEC, and a four year starter.
  15. Why are there so many freaking people wow
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