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  1. Orioles to offer free UD seats ALL season to kids

    Any idea how this would work for Season Ticket Holders whose seats are in the Upper Deck? :-D
  2. Can’t wait to hear the “reasons” from the brass that we didn’t beat or match this....
  3. Bye bye Tavarez

    I was pushing for keeping Tavarez over Gentry just because of the fact that all teams passed on Gentry and he signed a minor league deal. The fact that Tavarez has the potential to have at least Gentry's upside at a much younger age, cheaper price and the ability to hit better. Let's see what happens.
  4. Bye bye Tavarez

    I think the timing of this move was well thought out. I think he clears waivers and we do work out a trade with Boston. As far as value, I think one of Wright / Wilson gets it done.
  5. A look at Aneury Tavarez

    Apologies....meant that to say DH Castillo. My fault for trying to multitask...
  6. A look at Aneury Tavarez

    Depending if he has an opt out, yes.
  7. A look at Aneury Tavarez

    For whatever reason, you are right, they don't want to use Kim vs LHP. I think that is my preference, but for the purpose of this conversation, if we can't use Kim or Smith, I think you could put Trumbo in RF and DH Tavarez or even Pedro if he somehow makes the roster.....
  8. A look at Aneury Tavarez

    I still would like to see him kept over Gentry since its possible this kid has a future with us. Keep him while Smith is on the DL to start the season, and if another injury doesn't present itself, then DFA Gentry...
  9. The shame of the Jays series was....

    I think September is where we shine. Buck will make full use of the September call ups to mitigate the SP and/or BP liability and hopefully the offense can get some consistency when Jones returns. I still think we will make the post season, and it isn't panic mode yet. Let's beat those damn yanks this weekend and go from there. .
  10. Orioles Release Miguel Gonzalez

    Perhaps this paves the way for Wilson and Wright to make the rotation.....
  11. Toronto looking for New President to be Duquette.

    Let's assume the "trade" falls through. And then the Orioles file tampering charges. What type of compensation could we get?
  12. J Upton...(Traded to SD)

    Fried is coming off surgery, so I think using Harvey in the trade alone would've beaten this package.
  13. I just looked through the junk email and found it from last week. I am really upset. I will try the code tomorrow but i don't hold high hopes that it will work.
  14. Okay, i think i made a big mistake, but any info anyone can shed is appreciated; I have a 29 game plan, not new to this season, and only bought extras to the ALDS because i didnt think i could buy extras for the ALCS/WS. Has my window expired? Do i get a chance tomorrow to buy extras? I also left a message for my rep, but no response as of yet.
  15. Jimenez or bust at this point? We aren't giving up a pick for Santana.