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  1. I suppose he can platoon with Mancini in Norfolk. But there's no need for him to not get at bats down there while he waits for someone to get injured.
  2. I think this is more injury insurance. If Davis or Trumbo go down with injury, we have a really good replacement ready to step in. Fantastic signing. Almost too good to be true.
  3. I feel like Dan is batting 1.000 this offseason. Just singles and a double every now and then, but every move a small positive.
  4. There's no "bust" option with the Orioles catching organization depth.
  5. Yeah this almost sounds like a cheaper Flaherty. I wonder if they're actually replacing him on the roster.
  6. I hate the man... but I concede he would be a nice fit for the laundry I root for.
  7. Before this trade, we had exactly 1 spot in the Rotation+Bullpen that wasn't yet accounted for. Filling that with a mandatory rule 5 isn't very smart. Now they have 2 spots so it's a little easier to bury a guy but still.
  8. Rajai Davis! Oh
  9. We have plenty of RH bats. I'm not worried about filling that hole.
  10. Cots has his SD contract with a 2017 club option for $7M. BR confirms.
  11. a LEFT HANDED bat, which is most important.
  12. I'm dancing. Terrific solution to 2 problems!!
  13. Another quintessential DDDD signing. I was always intrigued with that bat. This is shades of Delmon Young.
  14. Terrific addition if he's played as he has been recently: a platoon corner OF/leadoff hitter/pinch runner/terror on the bases. Assuming they don't pay too much, he beats the pants off Rickard, Reimold, or any of the rule 5 guys.
  15. I hope people aren't proposing Wieters trades 3 years from now after the team has already moved on. There's no reason to go back to Markakis when we're looking for a great defense and OBP to solve our RF problem.