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  1. Os requesting offers on Machado (deal expected this week)

    I don't know who this Kopech character is but the White Sox fans seem to think he is Babe Ruth or something, and are saying there is no chance they will ever trade him.
  2. Season ticket holders......are you renewing?

    So tell me how much that free agent "power bat" and "pitching talent" is going to cost over a 10 year period. Or if they will actually be here over a 10 year period. Or of they will put up 40-60 WAR over that 10 year period. Here I will answer for you......a lot more than Manny, they won't, and they won't come close. The books are basically clear after 2018 except for 17m to Davis, spare me with the "drain on our finances" nonsense. You are the exact type of fan Pete wants, believing we are one of the poorest little franchises in the league who just can't afford a single great player or their salary. Nothing is further from the truth.
  3. Season ticket holders......are you renewing?

    I am at the point in my life where I actually have the disposable income to get a 29 game package (plus if I really wanted to). Only been waiting on one thing, to see what happens with Manny. Safe to say I will not be purchasing if he leaves, until new ownership is in place. I might not be alive by the time we see another Machado walk out of that dugout, if we ever do.
  4. Peter Angelos - Man of Principles

    It is funny all of the Peter Principles involve him not spending money in places pretty much every other team does. Maybe it is just a coincidence. So yeah, one could definitely come to the conclusion he is cheap, and difficult to work for as a result of such. It is hard enough running a baseball team in the AL East as it is, and I can't imagine how hard it is doing it with one arm tied behind your back. LOL at the writer and his "the only fair way for the players......" nonsense. Yeah the only fair way to make sure there are 6 great teams in baseball and everyone else is on the verge of folding the franchise. Moron.
  5. Os requesting offers on Machado (deal expected this week)

    Sounds like HE doesn't agree with the ORGANIZATION'S "philosophies" that prevent him from building a team, more specifically a pitching staff, that actually has a fighting chance. Can you really blame him? (that was a rhetorical question obv, there is literally no other favorite pastime around here)
  6. Os requesting offers on Machado (deal expected this week)

    Nope. You are wrong as per usual.
  7. Os requesting offers on Machado (deal expected this week)

    Is a mega star like Manny going to want to spend the next 10-12 years in the Midwest in St Louis? Doubtful. These convos are fun though. it is fantasy baseball coming to real life!
  8. Matthew Edward Harvey - The Real Deal or Damaged Goods?

    Couldn't be a worse fit in the history of baseball, especially off the field. Harvey is this NY celebrity type who loves the spotlight and everything that massive city has to offer. He would probably jump off the Bay Bridge after a month here. If it happens it will be a disaster, mark my words. Oh and he is a complete shell of himself on the mound. That too.
  9. Perfect time for Angelos to sell the team?

    YEAH................ right.
  10. Os requesting offers on Machado (deal expected this week)

    LOL this thread is hilarious, completely ignoring the domino effect the Stanton trade has with Manny now. Someone tell me who his suitors are now? Yankees? Cross them off. Red Sox....same probably for obvious reasons. Cubs and Dodgers? Left side of infield locked up. So who the hell is paying Manny 350m? Hopefully the Orioles, because I'm not seeing anyone else out there who has the need plus the money.
  11. O’s have had initial dialogue with NYM and MIA

    I'd love to see Harvey pitching for the O's in 2018, but not the one who plays for the Mets.
  12. Believe?

    LOL at anyone thinking Angelos is going to all of the sudden change his tune on the "pitching" we are allowed to acquire. Remember, this is a BUSINESS first and foremost. Dollars and cents. Bottom lines. No risk. No long term commitment, try to ROLL THOSE DICE and get lucky. There isn't a single shred of evidence anything will be changing in that department now, or ever. Dan is just affirming that with every interview.
  13. 60 really isn't even that old these days LOL. Some would call that an executive's "prime" actually.
  14. I think you grossly underestimate how effective and common non disparagement clauses are.
  15. Dan Duquette on O's Hot Stove at 6pm, Nov 30th

    Sorry wrong tweet.