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  1. Tim Beckham is saying and doing all the right things

    Money committed to significant contracts for the next 10 years - 2019 - 49m 2020 - 17m 2021 - 17m 2022 - 17m 2023 - 0 2024 - 0 2025 - 0 2026 - 0 2027 - 0 2028 - 0 I'm sure we could find a way....somehow......to squeeze a generational HOF talent for 30m in there. I mean I know it will be tight, but maybe...just maybe we could pull it off.
  2. The bottom line is that a market that is roughly half the size of the one(s) we control, is getting paid 50-80m over the next whatever years. Can't break it down any simpler than that. To think that MASN makes LESS than that is preposterous. Why wouldn't they just fold up shop and go that route if it was SO much more lucrative? You think there are a bunch of idiots running the Orioles who want them to be in a deal that makes them 10's of millions LESS than a market half the size? You think they didn't do exhaustive studies before one cent was spent on this venture and knew how much of a cash cow it was going to be? Teams are getting rich off RSN money, teams that don't even OWN their own RSN yet some want us to believe that Baltimore is the only city in MLB where that is not happening, It is almost comical that some of you actually believe this complete nonsense.
  3. Was wondering what took you so long as the leader of the "MASN makes no money" crowd. I'm sure your "friend" has no interest in making the team and Angelos look as good as possible. Not a bit.
  4. Well that didn't take long. You people are so delusional it hurts my brain just to think about how you come up with this cockamamie stuff.
  5. https://www.sportsbusinessdaily.com/Journal/Issues/2018/02/26/Media/Sports-media-sidebar-1.aspx In a shocking turn of developments that has the "MASN profits deniers" scratching their heads in disbelief, the Rays just signed a massive RSN deal that will pay them in excess of 50m next year, escalating to 82m A SEASON by the time the deal ends in 2033. Now how in the world can a lowly market like Tampa freaking Bay get that? The math doesn't quite add up when you hear the claims of certain O's fans/posters about this and that just making excuses all day long. Now one can only imagine if the RAYS are worth that much money in rights fees every year, just how much 100% of the Orioles....PLUS 70ish% of the Nationals is worth being the ridiculous combined market it is between the Nats and O's. Actually, if you add these numbers up, between DC and Baltimore it was the 2nd largest market averaging an 8.54 share per game. And Pete is getting roughly 90% of all that combined in TV revenue give or take. https://www.forbes.com/sites/maurybrown/2017/10/10/here-are-the-2017-mlb-prime-time-television-ratings-for-each-team/2/#22b8141a63cc The Rays TV market ranked 18th overall last season. The Orioles ranked 5th. The Nationals ranked 12th. Anyone want to do some back of the napkin math on that? Yeah. The next time anyone says that the Orioles "can't afford" something because they are a "mid market" franchise", or that a Machado contract would "cripple the franchise" just let those numbers sink in for a minute. The amount of money Angelos has been making from MASN for the last 11 years has to be mind boggling when you add it all up. Not just one market....but an entire other one too taking about 3/4 of their TV money! Yet every offseason we hear how poor we are, how "well attendance is down so we need to pull the payroll back a little bit". It is all rubbish. MASN is a cash cow and probably has been since the day it was started. Every single excuse in the book has been used, remember this is the team who just can't "afford" to give a pitcher more than 3 years or 55m dollars. A team that has to dive in the dumpsters at opposing ballparks for pitchers that have been cast off and are cheap, low risk (low reward) players. The team that sells you this ridiculous bill of goods pretty much every offseason about how "tight" things are. If this doesn't finally wake everyone up and make you feel sick I don't know what will. Tell me again how they just can't sustain payroll X Y or Z. Tell me again how "Angelos isn't as rich as the other owners who are using money out of their own pocket". We've heard it all. You think that family is not taking on any large contracts because they want to sell this cash cow? Hahaha not a CHANCE. They will die with this franchise. They are just trying to suck every last penny out of it in any way possible before everyone realizes what has been going on. As the MASN lawsuit continues on, and more and more public details are released from other teams they know they won't be able to keep up the charade much longer, so might as well hoard as much as they can before the truth starts to come out. It finally is. The funny thing is I'm sure there will still be fans buying what they are selling despite the mountain of evidence piling up suggesting what is really going on. We as fans are being robbed blind. Remember Pete always wins. No matter what the situation, he always wins. He is smarter than pretty much everyone else and he knows it.
  6. Projected Orioles Opening Day Payroll 2018

    http://www.latimes.com/sports/la-sp-worst-sports-contracts-20131117-story.html But I thought the cash was nice and safe in an escrow account? I thought there was no cash advantage short term because they had to fund the deferral anyway? Guess not.
  7. Projected Orioles Opening Day Payroll 2018

    Yeah I read the same exact CBA and took the unencumbered asset part that both of you chose to ignore. The part right before the bolded part. So tell me what exactly is the point of deferring so much money if you have to pay it now anyway? Tell me the high level accounting that makes all that "deferring" (well not really) worthwhile? Just giving all the lawyers more paperwork to do to keep them busy? Please explain it to me. Let's just "defer money" for a few months, that sounds like a great business strategy that saves them absolutely no cash flow for the current fiscal year and is a completely pointless endeavor. Just for the heck of it. You think they don't account for that "cash" being put up then WHAT IS THE POINT? No one has ever been able to explain this, because it makes zero sense. The point of "deferring" money is so you DON'T have to pay it now and it is worth less in the future.
  8. Projected Orioles Opening Day Payroll 2018

    I've posted the link before but that "escrow" doesn't have to be cash. It can be any "unencumbered assets" of the club. The club has many assets to satisfy the escrow with other than cash. That is why they defer the actual cash pay out. Really wouldn't make much sense otherwise to defer money for years out you are going to have to pay that same year in escrow anyway. And of course the luxury tax angle means nothing for this team either. The payroll on the books now should be 121m like Wildcard said in the Cashner thread.
  9. Cashner signing

    Safe to say the FA market is in the absolute toilet right now, and we should just keep signing guys if they are going to essentially work for free.
  10. Cashner signing

    HAHAHA it just keeps getting better and better!!
  11. Cashner signing

    This is an absolutely ABSURD deal for a possibly 3 or 4. Ridiculous. Yet we still have some "meh's" around here. It is comical. You really hate Dan that much? LOL. Kills you doesn't it.
  12. Cashner signing

    Wait so you are complaining we signed a starting pitcher for 8m a year? And using Ynoa as an example? Lord.
  13. Cashner signing

    How the heck are we getting to 41m over 3 years??
  14. Cashner signing

    Yeah considering #3's get double that. Our 8th inning setup guy gets 8m. ' This is highway robbery.
  15. Cashner signing

    Dealing Dan strikes again. 8m for a starter with a pulse is a steal IMO.