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  1. Yeah spending whatever it takes to compete is definitely the Oriole way. No restrictions just let it fly! Just setting a few hundred million aside waiting for the "right time" to unload it all.
  2. You keep making references to a "bad deal" for the O's. A deal that has resulted in their ownership padding their bank account by hundreds of millions of dollars. Soon to be a billion dollars as the years pass. This deal was so ridiculously one sided it wasn't even funny, and now the Orioles are trying to keep it that way while the Nats want their fair share of the profits. Of course Pete Angelos is having none of it and is just trying to cry poor again while raking in all the TV money from the 4th largest combined TV market in baseball. He will fight for every single cent to the death.
  3. Wait are you serious with those prices?? I obviously haven't been in a while but that is absurd. The Red Sox charge $8 for a beer. The Yankees charge $6.
  4. Oh you mean with promotions that every single sports team on the planet offers? Yeah they are going above and beyond for sure. Bader is a marketing genius.
  5. I mean it is the least they could do to prevent regular crowds of 10k a game and general fan discontent. They could literally give the tickets away for free and only lose about 35m a season (and with 2019 already done, it would only be for 2 yrs not 3 now) I know this is crazy outside the box thinking to give the fans their money's worth which is almost nothing these days, but in overall scheme of things it might actually pay off? Not only that they would recoup a bunch of the money on concessions and other stuff. They would still be up 200m or more from 2019-2021. 200m that will be "forgotten" about when everyone tells us how we are a small market team and can't afford to pay anyone IF we actually get competitive at some point. Heck I would be cutting checks to season ticket holders and starting it right now, eliminating that ridiculous excuse about "well we have season ticket holders that need to be protected". This is an absolute disgrace of a product and will be for years to come. Who in their right mind is going to buy tickets going forward to see a 60m payroll team of minor leaguers?
  6. Saved 4m on Cashner, and didn't have to pay 2 prospects 360k to sign them. A win all around for the O's.
  7. You have to give something to get something. Give the players 4 years service time instead of 6 to get to free agency, but get in return some type of salary control so that 25 teams instead of 5 teams are vying for said free agents when the time comes. And you don't have 1/3 of the teams essentially in tank mode for 2-4 years just trying to keep their head above water to compete (**maybe, hopefully, if it all goes right and pans out over a 2-4 year stretch, you don't make any really bad decisions etc etc.......**). How can you sell that product to a fanbase for such a long period of time? You can't.
  8. The MLBPA would sooner disband baseball before they agreed on a 28 year old blanket free agency age. The arbitration system is very player friendly (no other sport has anything even remotely similar for young players). These aren't the problems in MLB now, overall competitive balance is. And the union will make sure that is the case til the end of time. The owners are still raking in piles of guaranteed TV money so they could care less and won't have the spine to stand up to them. Most are old billionaires who could care less what the state of the sport is 10, 15 or 20 years from now. They want their money now, and won't be around later.
  9. The 3 major sports that have salary caps are are wildly successful and growing, while the one that doesn't is headed for a strike and is losing hoards of fans year over year, with the average age of remaining fans similar to that of being eligible for senior citizen discounts at McDonald's. Put in a cap and give players a larger percentage of revenue. And spare me the "revenue sharing/luxury tax" nonsense because that is what it is.....nonsense.
  10. But MASN doesn't make any money so what could they possibly be fighting over?
  11. The wheels on the bus go round and round....round and round.
  12. The Angelos family just lies lies and then lies some more. Tries to pilfer money from anywhere and everywhere humanly possible. The Nationals. Oriole fans....anyone who is dumb enough to believe the bill of goods they are selling. Plenty around here that is for sure. i can't wait til 2022 rolls around when they have pocketed another cool 300mm after 3 years of a 60m payroll, and then cries poor again (and again and again) when people start asking where that money went. (oh right "scouting and development", I forgot). https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/a-300-million-arbitration-ruling-gives-inside-look-at-cost-televising-baseball-games-1210628?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=referral Just how valuable and profitable are regional sports networks these days? https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2019/05/14/masn-owes-nationals-about-million-mlb-panel-rules/?utm_term=.d2f4c6cb20b4 Maybe one day MASN will turn a profit to pay all the money it owes to people......including the fans. But hey I guess they are just trying to keep the lights on these days.
  13. Last 10 coming into tonight .323 .364 .710 1.073 3 HR 9 RBI
  14. Orioles also now collecting 100% of TV revenue in the 4th largest combined market, after refusing to pay the Nationals one dime of their TV rights this season. They also will have a bottom 5 payroll for the next 3 years at bare minimum, pocketing a cool quarter BILLION dollars for the Angelos coffers that they will then claim got lost or was spent on the "scouting department". So in a few years when we actually have a respectable team that is ready for significant pieces, they can cry poor again saying "but but we don't have any money we are just a lowly small market franchise" while the fans fall for it like the sheep they are. It's magic!
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