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  1. TradeAngelos

    Schoop: Extend or Trade

    He got hurt. His play has been affected dramatically since it happened. He isn't going to sign an extension under these circumstances. The Orioles wouldn't sign him to an early extension....ever....anyway (especially a guy with "medical issues"). All of this leads to.....absolutely nothing happening. The Oriole way.
  2. TradeAngelos

    Machado Trade Expectations

    Sounds like about half the team in MLB are now interested in Machado. Shoutout to all the geniuses who wanted him dealt a month ago because they are impatient children just wanting them to "do something".
  3. TradeAngelos

    Machado Trade Expectations

    Many of these (tweets from people who probably are just grasping at straws to sound relevant) are being shot down right after they come out. Of course everyone sees it on twitter and thinks it must be true, so it is. When I see something concrete from Heyman or Rosenthal or Olney I will actually believe it.
  4. TradeAngelos

    Could the Orioles Move Out of Baltimore in 2024?

    This is the most preposterous piece of "journalism" I have ever seen. It wasn't good enough to claim the Orioles would be "financially ruined" from the huge court battle, he went even further to say that the team will have to MOVE to another city because of it. What planet does this guy live on? Schmuck is the biggest Angelos apologist I have ever seen lately. Every tweet or article he writes makes me want to vomit, so sick of the media in this town. They are part of the reason why this dictator that owns the team has been able to operate completely unchecked for the most part, and run this franchise straight into the ground.
  5. Still have a few Angelos truthers clinging to the last little bit of liferaft that was destroyed as the boat was sinking. **Kicks feet up on desk**, hopes maybe one day everyone will get it, but knows there is pretty much no chance that happens. Keep hope alive, we are in good hands. It's all Dan's fault.
  6. TradeAngelos

    What’s the consensus about Schoop?

    You are really using those whole 61AB's before the injury as something even worth mentioning? He got hurt. Is still hurt trying to play through it, with an injury that notoriously has destroyed hitters when they get it. This isn't really that hard. Of course in this climate everyone just sucks, so I shouldn't be surprised.
  7. TradeAngelos

    What’s the consensus about Schoop?

    He actually said "non tender" where are the laughing emoji's when you need them LOLOL. Where do you people come from.
  8. I mean his shoulder popping out of socket when it was probably at his side and not even in motion isn't exactly encouraging to say the least. If you are diving out of the way how in the world does your shoulder just fall off, you really can't even make this stuff up.
  9. TradeAngelos

    Which outcome would you prefer?

    As little as it probably matters because the draft is almost completely worthless outside of taking a bunch of lottery tickets and hoping they cash, you have to tank. It can't hurt and there is an outside chance it might help in.....6 years. The dumbest draft system in all of professional sports isn't going to help a team really but you "never know" so might as well have the highest picks possible. There is absolutely no benefit to finishing higher than last in a season like this. If we were actually going to move forward with what we have it might have some value, but according to most around here we should have 40 prospects on the 40 man roster by the end of the trade deadline so it isn't like it matters anyway what these guys do for us now. Just hope the individual players that are on their way out the door are good enough for them to have some value at deadline.
  10. Can we hit the pause button on personal attacks against General Managers? (you seem to be good at that) Let's focus on the big picture. Go Orioles.
  11. TradeAngelos

    Chris Davis

    There is nothing further from the truth. I wish people would stop saying it. I can point out bad contracts for every single team in MLB and how much they are costing other teams. The thing is before Davis we never really signed anyone to a huge deal, so we were immune to any of that for a while. It just makes the ONE contract that went bust look worse. This team is in a prime position over the next 5 years because there isn't really a single player on the books who will be making any real money, or long term. Except Davis. The decks will be almost completely clear by 2019-2020 so to claim that the franchise is damaged beyond repair because of 17m in wasted dollars a season is ludicrous. It certainly doesn't help but it is far from the end of the world. Although the "family" and their little minions will try to claim it is, just so they can use that as an excuse to never sign a good player again, or at least as long as they can get away with it. Probably another 15 years like before Davis.
  12. TradeAngelos

    Chris Davis

    He can't possibly get any worse I am calling bottom. Last 8 games have tanked it far enough that there is only one way to go and that is up. I think.
  13. TradeAngelos

    Camden Depot: Jon Shepherd on Davis

    The Duquette truthers just get proven wrong more and more, with every single day that goes by.
  14. TradeAngelos

    (Almost) All Things Manny Machado....

    Manny will sign with whoever makes him the best offer, just like pretty much any player out there. But the peanut gallery around here will still claim it would be stupid to sign "one player" to a "300m contract" even when that "one player" can get you the wins that 50m spread over 4 players would on the open market every year, with the price increasing by the day. The Orioles already have an advantage with the familiarity he has with us and not anyone else, and they need to make a full court press to retain him no matter what the cost. Now they won't do that, and the franchise morale/near/long term future will be destroyed because of their stupid ridiculous "policies" designed to maximize the bottom line and minimize even the slightest bit of risk above anything else.
  15. TradeAngelos

    Has there ever been a player at Davis level

    Yeah I'm sure Boras is highly amused at the notion of voluntarily accepting less money than Davis is GUARANTEED for what reason exactly? To be a nice guy? Yeah that isn't happening. There is no reason Davis won't be getting every penny of his contract, like every other player in MLB.