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  1. https://www.theringer.com/mlb/2019/7/2/20678381/baltimore-orioles-worst-teams-mlb-history Nothing much new here, just external acknowledgement.
  2. As of this morning, Chris Davis has 497 Plate Appearances, just 5 short of qualifying for the . . . batting title? As noted, his batting average is 0.174, below the worst ever of 0.179. There’s worse news. He’s going the wrong way. On Sept. 5th he got his average up to 0.180 (Yay!). Since then he’s gone 0 for 15 with 6 strikeouts, no walks. Power? His last extra base hit was a double on August 28th, ten games ago. Last home run was Aug. 24th, at least 57 at bats ago. His OPS for September, for 8 games, 31 At Bats, is 0.388. His OPS for the season is 0.553. That’s last among qualifiers for MLB first basemen. The next lowest is 0.700 by some guy named Pujols. Mancini is 0.703. It’s been mentioned that several players have had worst qualified seasons in terms of OPS than 0.553, but those players were not expected to hit for power. I don’t know how to research it, but how does an OPS of 0.553 for the season rank for qualified Major League first basemen? Similar question for OPS+, which is 53? WAR? Remember, Chris Davis bats fifth for the Baltimore Orioles.
  3. You could burn down the building.
  4. Sometimes nothing can be a real cool hand.
  5. http://www.baseballamerica.com/draft/mlb-mock-draft-2018/#xv2xXBsClpdsSKGu.97 Here's BA's mock 2018 draft, as of Oct. 2. They have Orioles picking #11.
  6. According to MLB.com, the Orioles have a team OPS of .853 with runners in scoring position. That's first in the AL (essentially tied with the Astros), third in Major League Baseball. However, the Orioles are last in MLB with 809 at bats with runners in scoring position. The Astros are first with 1054 AB with RISP. There are clutch situations and there are clutch situations. (These stats probably don't include today's games)
  7. According to Fangraphs, yes! In fact, Hardy has 2 singles in 15 plate appearances in the ninth inning this season. Ninth inning OPS of .267
  8. AuburnAL


    I'm pretty sure Tippy Martinez has at least 3 pick offs.
  9. Does Kim have a no-trade clause in his contract? Doesn't it seem likely that 1) Kim would like to be somewhere that he can play more regularly and a) Buck would rather have someone who he views as a nugget, which for whatever reason Buck thinks Kim isn't? I suspect Kim would get many more starts and ABs on some other teams. (Of course, the likelihood and value of the trade depends on who the Orioles would get in return.)
  10. What in the world was Muschamp doing? His actions were/are an embarrassment to Auburn. He should be suspended, fired and otherwise disassociated from Auburn University. The penalty was too lenient, he should have been expelled from the game. Now, he should be expelled from his employment with AU.
  11. Auburn needed to take another 40 seconds to score their touchdown.
  12. According to the commentators before the Sugar Bowl, 'Bama was still the best team in the country, AU was just lucky. So, yeah, some Tide supporters have chalked up 2013 as another championship.
  13. Tough it out. You can do it. It's 17 degrees in Auburn, AL now.
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