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  1. I'm pretty sure Tippy Martinez has at least 3 pick offs.
  2. Does Kim have a no-trade clause in his contract? Doesn't it seem likely that 1) Kim would like to be somewhere that he can play more regularly and a) Buck would rather have someone who he views as a nugget, which for whatever reason Buck thinks Kim isn't? I suspect Kim would get many more starts and ABs on some other teams. (Of course, the likelihood and value of the trade depends on who the Orioles would get in return.)
  3. What in the world was Muschamp doing? His actions were/are an embarrassment to Auburn. He should be suspended, fired and otherwise disassociated from Auburn University. The penalty was too lenient, he should have been expelled from the game. Now, he should be expelled from his employment with AU.
  4. Auburn needed to take another 40 seconds to score their touchdown.
  5. According to the commentators before the Sugar Bowl, 'Bama was still the best team in the country, AU was just lucky. So, yeah, some Tide supporters have chalked up 2013 as another championship.
  6. Tough it out. You can do it. It's 17 degrees in Auburn, AL now.
  7. When Ford lines up standing, watch out.
  8. WDE! On an extra fun note, Chris Davis, Dee Ford and Steve Clark (punter) all graduated from AU last month.
  9. It's 19 degrees in Auburn, AL, but AU might be headed for a hot night.
  10. Gamecast says there was a double switch, Pie for Scott, when Bergesen came in to pitch
  11. Quote: Updated: June 13 - Chances of Scoring Start thinking about the RE chart loudly, and take each number, one at a time. The first is the .555. That’s the average number of runs that score to start the inning. Now, suppose I told you that having a guy on 1B with no outs will score that guy 39.8% of the time. Since we know that, from the batter at the plate to the last batter for the inning, the team will score .555 runs, then we need to add the .398 runs that the runner on 1B represents. .555 + .398 = .953. This number is the RE with man on 1B and no outs. And we see this number in the chart. If you subtract the “1B” line by the “Empty” line, this will give you roughly the percentage of times that the runner on 1B will score with 0,1,2 outs. Those numbers are, respectively, .398, .276, .134. Pretty neat, right? Do the same thing with the “2B” line. The chance of scoring from 2B with 0,1,2 outs is: .634, .428, .227. And from 3B it’s .927, .686, .270. End of quote, from Runner on first, no outs scores 39.8% of the time Runner on second, one out scores 42.8% of the time