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  1. gtown

    Interesting FAs

    I wasn't talking about pulling the wool over anyone's eyes. A guy can rebuild value in a hitters' park and still bring back something at the deadline.
  2. gtown

    Interesting FAs

    For a RH hitter getting little interest, Camden Yards is a good place to rebuild value on a one-year deal, like Nelson Cruz did. I'd look for those guys, maybe spend more than $4MM, and have a handshake deal to try to trade to a contender at the break.
  3. gtown

    Orioles Sign Carlos Perez to mil deal

    Makes some sense to have a defense-first catcher in a rebuilding organization to work with the young pitchers, either in Norfolk or in Baltimore.
  4. gtown

    The Dan Duquette Appreciation Thread

    Endy Chavez...Lew Ford....
  5. gtown

    vs. D-RAYS, 8/07

    Yes, Palmer is one of the big reasons to keep watching.
  6. gtown

    vs. D-RAYS, 8/07

    The 2018 Orioles are experiencing technical difficulties. Please stand by.
  7. gtown

    vs. RANGERS, 8/02

    Hunter: "That's what Gallo does, he hits home runs." Palmer: "Well, he also hits hanging sliders."
  8. I heard it too this morning. He was claiming that the MASN dispute was ruining two franchises. He insisted that there is no way the Angelos sons would ever own the team but that just seems like a bizarre claim to me.
  9. Kansas City has player in two World Series and won one. Even Tampa has played in a world series. Money helps, but management is more important. That said, there is cause for concern financially for MLB in the future. Most of its revenue comes from cable TV deals. From MLB's perspective, the beauty of a cable deal is that subscribers who don't watch baseball still pay for baseball. In the era of cord-cutting, streaming might be the way fans access baseball. If the cable deals shrink, it might be hard to recover the revenue through streaming, where only baseball fans pay. At the very least, I don't see teams being able to to continue to increase their rights fees--might stay flat for a while.
  10. gtown

    Britton Trade Expectations

    I think it helps Britton's value, as it makes him more clearly the top available lefty. I understand that Hand has control for two more seasons, etc., but in a supply and demand sense, the supply just got thinner.
  11. I think we just saw the price of an elite prospect. The Indians gave up two quality relievers each with years of team control for Francisco Mejia. The Machado haul seems fair, reasonable and market value, maybe a bit better.
  12. gtown

    The Colby Rasmus Appreciation Thread

    Catching helmets in the Mexican League.
  13. I thought Duquette was doing a decent job before he lost power. The signing of Chris Davis, by most accounts, not his idea, is when he effectively became a relatively powerless GM.
  14. If the offer is that good, the team should consider a Bundy trade, but I'd have to be wowed. A Sale-type return is in that "wow" category. Houston did a nice rebuild but there is no guarantee that such a strategy would work. The Astros did pull it off because they executed it very well. Other teams tried and failed. Bundy and Gausman could be part of the core if they aim for 2020 contention--figuring they will get some useful pieces back for Britton, Machado, Jones. + a very high pick next year. Or if the offers are great for Bundy and Gausman, jump on it and aim for 2021 or beyond. That's some reasonable flexibility that a smart front office could exploit. Unfortunately, the front office more resembles "chaotic" than "smart."
  15. gtown

    A lot of player movement coming

    Beckham was a 3+ win player just a year ago. Sure, he got off to a bad start but I'm not going to judge 23 games, learning a new position and probably playing while hurt too harshly.