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  1. gtown

    2018 Mike Wright

    Entitled to starts? No. What I am describing is a desperate (and admittedly probably futile) attempt to extract minimal trade value before cutting him loose.
  2. gtown

    2018 Mike Wright

    I've been saying he needs to go for some time, however, given where the team is, perhaps it's time to think outside the box. I would put Wright in the rotation replacing Tillman. What do they have to lose? Hope that he can put two or three good starts together and trade him to whomever bites. If he goes 0-for-5 in in five starts, then DFA him and release him.
  3. gtown

    Cashner signing

    Agree, fair piece. Highly unlikely to make them a contender. Then again, someone has to fill those rotation spots. The $$ spent here isn't blocking any prospect or setting the team back if/when it is time to sell.
  4. gtown

    Cashner signing

    From Jason Martinez on Twitter: Jason Martinez‏ @mlbdepthcharts 23m23 minutes ago Correction: Garcia's deal is 1 yr, $10MM. He gets $8MM in '18 and has a $2MM buyout on a $10MM club option in '19.
  5. gtown

    Cashner signing

    Cashner's BABIP is unsustainable, but given that he has not lost velocity, look at his three-year numbers, which include a disappointing 2016. (source: baseball-reference.com). Nothing spectacular, but at the price he signed, no one should be jumping off the ledge. This team needs SP innings. Year Tm W L W-L% ERA G GS GF CG SHO SV IP H R ER HR BB IBB SO HBP BK WP BF ERA+ FIP WHIP H9 HR9 BB9 SO9 SO/W 2015-2017 SDP,MIA,TEX 22 38 .367 4.26 87 86 1 0 0 0 483.1 498 269 229 53 190 5 363 22 1 16 2096 97 4.38 1.423 9.3 1.0 3.5 6.8 1.91
  6. gtown

    Os requesting offers on Machado

    Tim Lincecum is available.
  7. If the Orioles did not have Trumbo, Kemp + prospects would be somewhat intriguing. Kemp would probably outperform Trumbo as a DH--probably wouldn't kill your offense. Would depend how good the prospects are.
  8. Buying/selling aside, the Beckham move makes some sense. Hardy is likely not back next year and Beckham was expendable to the Rays. Why not audition and see if he can fill that role in 2018?
  9. gtown

    Building the 2018 team

    I've heard that argument. You could argue that they didn't make a traditional playoff series, but you're really nitpicking the intent of the original post. The Orioles were playing meaningful baseball with a shot at it in game 163.
  10. gtown

    Should we buy or sell?

    Agree with selling but disagree with a "fire sale ASAP." Machado's value is lower than it has been since he was hurt. I'd hope for a good second half---if you're going to trade him, do it in the offseason. Same with Britton. If you're going to trade him, don't do it ASAP coming off injury. Hopefully his value goes up as he closes games over the next few weeks.
  11. gtown

    Should we buy or sell?

    I think a soft sell makes the most sense. For the O's to blow it up and rebuild effectively, they would need Machado and Britton at maximum value. There are a few assets though that could bring a mid-level prospect each. 1. Seth Smith. In 2015, the price for Gerardo Parra was Zach Davies. Smith's a veteran hitter who could help a contender. Mancini takes over full time in RF when Davis returns. Sign Bourn as a backup. 2. Welington Castillo. It's likely that some team will lose a catcher to industry at some point this month. Let's hope that team is not the Orioles. Castillo's having a decent enough year to fetch something. Give catcher to Caleb Joseph and Francisco Pena if Sisco needs more time. 3. Darren O'Day. A couple of hiccups aside, O'Day still has a good WHIP and strikeout rate. See what the Twins or Nats would be willing to give up for bullpen help. None of these guys will bring top prospects, but possibly MiLers who could help.
  12. gtown

    vs. WHITE SOX, 5/07

    Fred Manfra
  13. gtown

    Vs. Yankees 4-28-17

    Completely disgusting.
  14. gtown

    Rickard is being activated too soon

    Not just the projection systems. Rickard's lifetime bWAR is -0.8, fWAR is -0.9. Pretty much all of the numbers say it, but folks here want to cherry-pick his best split, which is all of 87 career AB against lefties.
  15. gtown

    Rickard is being activated too soon

    In under 100 AB with a .348 BABIP? I'm not convinced. He's been under replacement level as a big leaguer and all three Fangraphs projections have him under replacement level in limited at bats for 2017. The guy is apparently popular, and has some talent. Like many Rule 5 players who miss key MiL development, I don't think he's ready.