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  1. epic

    Beckham could be out a little while.

    Haven't seen the Sun article but I really hope we aren't looking at bringing Flaherty back. What an awful look that is. I like him for his defensive versatility but he's not some super star utility man a-la Zobrist or Forsythe. He's a guy that can make a start here or there at any IF position and not embarrass you in the outfield. I suspect his hitting will fall off dramatically when NL pitchers realize he can't pick up on a decent breaking pitch. edit: I see we've claimed Jace Peterson. I like the move.
  2. Pretty sure teams will have to use money from their international bonus pools to sign these prospects. I'll try to find the article where I read that. edit: Number5's got the source above.
  3. I'm really holding out hope that this is the case. DD has to know he's not going to sign here. If they say they're going to explore an extension now and they don't have one by the time 2018 rolls around it's clear to us and the rest of the league that he won't be signing here and lowers his trade value. Ugh that's a stretch...
  4. epic

    vs. RED SOX, 8/27

    The Sox blew a ton of chances today but we had guys come up big when we needed it most. Hell of a win and sweep.
  5. epic

    vs. RED SOX, 8/27

    Need a ground ball ASAP.
  6. 2 baserunning mistakes from Smith and 2 turd at-bats from Rickard.
  7. epic

    vs. ANGELS, 8/07 (Scott Friendly)

    That DP was so slick. Manny is such a beast.
  8. epic

    Deadline Deal Orioles Mega-Thread

    I don't see that.
  9. epic

    Deadline Deal Orioles Mega-Thread

    How is it time to rant at 3:41?
  10. epic

    Anyone else open to the idea of extending Manny?

    So we just ignore the previous 4 years and his defense? Got it. Or we can dig a little deeper: His walk rate is at the second highest mark in his career at 9.4% which is up 2.5 percentage points from last year. Previous high was 9.8% in 2015. His K rate is up to 19.1% this year after 17.2% in 2016 and 15.6% in 2015. 19.2% is still his high from 2014. So he's walking more but also striking out more. His hard hit % is he highest it's been in his career and it's not even close. He's at 40.7% this season with the previous 4 seasons being 35.4%, 33.1% and 29.3% respectively. His 2017 mark puts him at #21 in all of MLB, #11 in the AL and #4 among all 3B. His BABIP is at .253 this season. Combined with his hard hit % and the eye test it's not hard to draw the conclusion that he's had some bad luck this year. So far this season he's at 7 Defensive Runs Saved. He ended up with 13 and 14 DRS the previous 2 seasons. So he's projected to come in near where he's been the past couple years defensively. Personally, I thought he got a little lazy the first 4-6 weeks of the season but it feels like he's fully back to the level we're used to. I think those numbers make a solid argument that he's had some bad luck this season. There's no doubt that he's having an off year though. I didn't look up other batted ball data but my eyes tell me he's looking to pull the ball more this year and that's caused him to be vulnerable to the breaking ball low and away. If he cleans up a few things in the second half, which we all know he's capable of doing, he will end up with very respectable numbers but year's end. And if we're only going to judge by a slash line, let's not forget who put up .243/.373/.441/.814 last year and .273/.344/.423/768 in 2014. I'm not for giving Manny a blank check but let's not act like he's not going to get a ton of money on his next deal.
  11. Buehler looks like the sure-fire stud that we could put in the rotation next year and let him ride. Maybe I should have said that he's the prize Duq should keep his eye on. That said, if LA isn't giving him up then they have plenty of other good prospects that they can package together to give us a solid return. Guys like Verdugo, Alvarez, Stewart, White, Heredia, etc. all seem very talented but admittedly I don't know much more than the high-level scouting reports floating around.
  12. This. They aren't getting just 15-20 innings this year. They're also getting him for the playoffs (which is why you're getting him in the first place - having Jansen and Britton at the back end in October will be silly). They also get another 60-75 IP from him next season. His last arb year will be pricey but that's no problem for LA. The Dodgers make way too much sense here for Britton. Both teams come out on top. I'm just hoping they will part with Buehler. He's the key for me.
  13. epic

    Heyman: Dodgers interested in Britton

    Yes please to Walker Buehler. Ideally we could get a decent infield prospect as well.
  14. How big of an issue could there be between the standard MLB draft physical and the Orioles one to where it's worth not signing your 4th round pick? I mean if he needs Tommy John get him his Tommy John and get him into the system. I realize that's easier said than done but it speaks volumes that we would rather let our 4th round pick go for nothing than figure out a way to make this work. Quite embarrassing.
  15. Oh FFS. We're never going to be rid of this type of thing until ole Pete is gone, are we? I really hope MLB lets this slide so we can save face because this is obviously not a good look.