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  1. vs. ASTROS, 8/21

    Then go away, Roy. I have been and always will be a fan of yours, but your negativity on this board isn't productive or in the least bit inspiring.
  2. vs. ASTROS, 8/21

    We got this! Just a tough series against a hot team. Might be in the minority, but I completely believe in this team!
  3. I haven't watched Sportcenter since I was a kid. I've strayed from ESPN period unless I was forced to watch the O's on that station. Has nothing to do with their obsession with the Yanks and Sox, just stopped being fun to watch like MTV in the late 90's.
  4. Gonzo Just a pitched a Gem!

    When will Rene be released? She just seems to always be trying to troll these forums.
  5. Morosi: Orioles Have Discussed Cashner

    Best news I've heard all night
  6. vs. ROCKIES, 7/27

    Strong outing by Dylan! Now let's get the bats going!
  7. vs. ANGELS, 7/10

    Anyone else think Pedro looks like Harold Baines? Stockier, but similar faces.
  8. vs. BLUE JAYS, 6/10

    Can't win 'em all. Get the win tomorrow.
  9. Looks a lot like Manny in the field to me
  10. What is the next move to find the hitter we thought we had?

    Not sure if this has been covered yet, but would anyone be alright with a deal centered around Sisco for R. Braun? They would then have a cheap, long-term replacement for Lucroy if/when they decide to move him.
  11. Will Anyone Be Upset With Cespedes?

    I wouldn't be upset, but I'm still holding out hope we re-sign CD. I know I may be in the minority here, but he's a productive player who everyone on the team seems to like and get along with. Not saying Cespedes would disrupt the chemistry by any means, just think retaining CD would help on and off the field.
  12. Adam Jones keeps it all in perspective

    Haha, Kakes' shirt is awesome
  13. Torii Hunter to the Tigers

    Nice move for Detroit! Such a fun team to watch!