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  1. Mancini is a ROY finalist

    Well, the rookie batting average is comparable. I'm certainly not suggesting that Mancini will have the same sort of career as the second best Oriole hitter ever .... but one can hope. What I've really been reacting to in this thread is the idea that forecasts of Mancini's future ought to be based at all on the assessments of various gurus who ignore his actual performance in favor of assessments on prospect lists.
  2. Mancini is a ROY finalist

    I'm uninterested in those statistics. If he's the third best rookie in the league, I'll take that. Red Sox fans are ecstatic about Benintendi. And we'll see how Judge ages.
  3. Mancini is a ROY finalist

    For sure. But what do you think of Judge's career going forward. I'm skeptical.
  4. Mancini is a ROY finalist

    And yet discussed as rookie of the year. And yet third among Orioles as to OPS. By the way, your first comment is demeaning and gratuitous. If you disagree with something I say, try introducing facts, not insults. In other words, grow up!
  5. Mancini is a ROY finalist

    First --If not daily , then every time his value as a player arises. Take a look. Second and third -- Where would you start? Comparisons to different eras are always tough, but I was impressed and surprised to see how Mancini's numbers relate to our all-time stars.
  6. Mancini is a ROY finalist

    The Birds who were rookie of the year as position players during that time frame: Cal Ripken 1982 .264 BA Eddie Murray 1977 .283 BA Al Bumbry 1973 .337 BA Curt Blefary 1965 .260 BA Ron Hansen 1960 .255 BA So Trey compares pretty well, even to the great Eddie Murray -- despite the fact that he is disparaged daily on this site because he was not a prospect!
  7. For sure. But wouldn't you expect a successful pitcher -- just as Mancini is a successful outfielder. The question about who is or has been labeled or mis-labeled as a prospect is a non-factor. The man has continuously demonstrated his abilities. Enough already.
  8. Why do you say this about Mancini? If, after 5 years of professional baseball in which his OPS was .832, .735, .938, .815, .826 and his HR production was 3,10,21,20,and 24, what does he have to do to impress you. For me, he is the just about the Orioles' brightest light in a pretty dim sky.
  9. Seems an awful lot like guesswork to me. And our guessers haven't distinguished themselves this last year. Gotta be a better way.
  10. Well, who wouldn't? But then, who'd take him? If Spring rolls around, the dafodills sprout, and I'm lucky enough to get to spring training, I'll be dreaming of a Trumbo-Davis renaissance -- and of a real pitching staff. But then I'll remember this year and feel even more strongly that a housecleaning is necessary. I ran out of gas with my Birds about when they ran out of gas themselves
  11. It's going to be a tough year for me if it is. If I were the king of the Orioles, Davis would get an ultimatum next spring -- either learn how to hit to left and bunt down the line or take a permanent seat on the bench. While I'm acting as dictator, Trumbo goes, I don't care how. What do we gain by keeping him around? The future money is spent and he is doing little but taking at-bats from better hitters. Oh wait, I forgot about the terrible defense.
  12. If Hardy is willing to coach his replacement, he will be following in the footsteps of another great Baltimore sportsman. Many years ago, before Don Shula achieved fame and fortune as a coach, he was a fine defensive back for the Colts. In the twilight of his career, he faced competition during training camp from a rookie who sought to replace him in the Colt backfield. He willingly taught the young man what he knew -- and then was cut before the season began. He was awarded the game ball in his last game with the Colts for his selflessness. I tried to research this and found nothing to buttress my memory of long ago glories, but I'm pretty sure this is accurate.
  13. Fangraphs: Larceny

    Let me put it this way: If I'm wagering the rent money on who has an impact career in the major leagues, I'm four-square behind Beckham. As to Myers, good luck to him. Let's not forget that he is one twinge of "forearm tightness" away from obscurity.
  14. Fangraphs: Larceny

    Because I think there's a reasonable chance that Beckham can go down as one of the top Bird shortstops ever. And yes, I remember them all. I don't think there's a reasonable judgment that a young pitcher who has so far proven very little will ever be listed with our pitching icons. Could it happen? Of course! Will it happen? History says not likely.