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  1. It was pretty lonely as the sole Outstanding vote, but I see some others have now joined me in my optimism. I of course took into account the context, that this is a half season rental, and given that, I really like the return. We got a top 100 guy, maybe pushing about 50th the next time there's a prospect rankings update. He doesn't strike out, he's young, and he's succeeding in AA. And then a whole mass of secondary pieces! Maybe they're not all as highly regarded, but for the most part they come with some intrigue and up-side. This Deanie Baby guy is putting up 14K/9. I'm not qualified enough to rate the physical tools on all these guys but just looking at the numbers there's a lot to like.
  2. blid

    Machado Trade Expectations

    More threads for big developments is good. Otherwise someone would post this on page 345 of the other thread, and within minutes the thread would be 350 pages, and nobody visiting the board would ever be able to find the information.
  3. blid

    Machado Trade Expectations

    There was a thread on the fantasy baseball reddit full of people panicking about Shane Bieber due to the rumor the Orioles were interested in him. Just pulled the link for entertainment purposes :
  4. I really thought the team would be better this season, which also made me think the Cashner/Cobb deals were good moves to shore up the rotation on a contending team. But we are so far away from that now, and our one big long-term contract is committed to the worst player in baseball. I would be much more invested in the team if they'd just completely sell off all assets at this point and begin to bring in interesting young guys whose development I can throw myself into supporting. Spin off Manny, Gausman, and Bundy for the biggest hauls you can get. If Cobb to sort himself out, trade him too. It's time, because all hope for the current makeup of the team is lost.
  5. They think they're so smart, but this will backfire when Buck bats Chris Davis leadoff.
  6. The giant gap in the 5th spot of the rotation is a problem, but I like the rest of the staff and think Cobb should start putting things together after a few more starts. Still, until he gets going that's 2 out of 5 games that are gonna be long shots before the opening pitch is even thrown, so the hole is just going to get deeper. And at a certain point, the team will probably become sellers. If we end up trading Manny, this woeful looking offense is going to be even worse. I'm actually not even all that pessimistic about this team, but I think it'll be a little while before they can get any sort of winning streak going, and I also think the door is gonna shut before the season is over, so the chances of getting back to .500 might be slim.
  7. blid

    Time to give Jones credit

    I felt the same way about Markakis, but then Atlanta backed a truck full of money into his driveway. Hopefully no team makes Jones a similarly extreme offer.
  8. blid

    Twins Upset with Sisco Bunting

    They all can bunt well enough to be worth it versus the extreme shift, apparently. Even people that only bunt once a season. This article about Joey Gallo breaks down all the numbers and it's not even close, players should bunt. https://www.baseballprospectus.com/news/article/38922/baseball-therapy-bunt-joey-bunt/
  9. At the level he's being paid to? "Oh my Lord, no."
  10. I mean it's definitely because he knows Chris Davis sucked last year and he's trying creative ways to jump start him, right? If there's any skill remaining in Davis it's Buck's job to try to shake it out. But is there...?
  11. blid

    Who’s watching Ohtani’s debut?

    He seems to have looked pretty dang good on the mound. Now, hitting, all reports are that he's not as promising. Do people really think he's not going to make it on that side of the ball? I don't know what the scouts are saying, but his hitting stats in Japan really were good, at a young age too.
  12. blid

    2018 Opening Day!

    I'd been hoping Santander would get a crack at some ABs from the jump. He's the guy I'm interested in getting a look at of the three.
  13. Did a news search to see if there were any Cobb updates and found this funny: Orioles fans aren't the only ones clamoring for him, I guess.
  14. blid

    My 25-man roster prediction (as of 3/7/18)

    Is there a deadline for setting the 25-man or can they wait all the way up to the start of the season?