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  1. Camden_yardbird

    Lamar Jackson named starting QB (Flacco will be backup)

    We are about to see an Atomic bomb.
  2. Camden_yardbird

    Week 15 vs. Tampa Bay

    It interesting, Joe will probably get let go, but you also have Miami and Tennessee who are in similar boats and could let go of their QBs if they miss the playoffs, Jacksonville who will and the Redskins who are walking disaster. Could be a big carousel and I think a lot of the guys who could be available are viewed better than Joe. My predictions: Winston - NYG Mariota - Jax Tannehill - Miami (stays) Flacco - 49ers assuming Jimmy G is not ready for the start of the season. Bridgewater - Denver And my Bold (ain't never going to happen) homerun of a prediction - Brady - Tennessee. Also I think the steelers are looking for a QB this offseason and opt to rebuild.
  3. Camden_yardbird


    A lot of people think that because the Orioles are rebuilding that they must play only young players and any movement away from that would be stupid and tantamount to the superficial "competitive" teams they used to trot out with milquetoast middling free agent talent manning many positions on the field. The truth is, rebuilding teams usually identify one or two buy low, rebound, sell high players to roster every season. Signed to low value 1 or 2 year contracts, these players can help but almost never can they hurt. Hitting on these players speeds along the rebuilding process, which would otherwise just be predicated on draft classes and international signings. I think it's perfectly valid to ask if Tulo is one of those candidates. His pedigree is of being the best shortstop in the game. As even a competent shortstop with a little power and a halfway return to his former OBP he could not something at the trade deadline. I think it's far to early to say he is the best candidate. We still have a lot of free agents to shake out of the tree before we get to Tulo.
  4. Camden_yardbird

    Luke’s 2018 Rule 5 Draft Preference List

    Second. Surprised to not see Schrock. Didn't he lead the minor leagues in hits a few years ago?
  5. Camden_yardbird

    Luke’s 2018 Rule 5 Draft Preference List

    So my first question after reading just the intro is do you take organizational depth into account, both at the position and overall minor league quality? It seems to me that organizations with deeper minor leagues and more prospects at a given position may be more prone to dropping a better player into the rule 5 pool.
  6. Camden_yardbird

    Week 14 @ Kansas City

    If you want to call that fumble Lamars fault you clearly know nothing about football. Houston was in the backfield in less than 2.00 seconds.
  7. Camden_yardbird

    Week 14 @ Kansas City

    You clearly missed the screen pass where William's almost broke it up because he got to the QB and then turned around a motored it back 15 yards to clean up the RB.
  8. Camden_yardbird

    Week 14 @ Kansas City

    I think if Jackson had another month of practice the ravens would have won that game. It's clear he is learning every week. He has hit progressively more difficult passes and has the physical skills to be very good. He needs a QB coach who is actually teaching him to throw the ball to the right side of the field without opening up completely and having the ball tail. He needs to throw his sideline passes to the sideline. To me his biggest fault is not realizing he has play makers who can make the plays for him. He still doesn't realize how fast John Brown is. Also, as good as the run game was, I would give the line a below average grade today. They weren't getting a good push. The ravens should have dominated this game at the line. They stopped using dixon even though he was the best back today. This offense could be strong with a better running back. The defense was magnificent outside the obvious that mosely isnt great in coverage. Then again asking him to cover hill is just bad scheme, not bad player skills. The fact is mosely is still an elite tackler. He not Ray, but very good. The defense really needed to be better on the third and long and fourth and long downs.
  9. Camden_yardbird

    Week 14 @ Kansas City

    This basically just troll posts at this point. We know you dont like Jackson, but your posts have no analysis and feature salacious comments that are clogging the thread.
  10. I think you see a surprise signing this off season. A bigger name to a 2-3 year deal.
  11. Camden_yardbird

    Do you support rules limiting defensive shifts?

    Ted William's could do it. Rod Carew could do it. Roger Hornsby could do it. Tony Gwynn could do it. Any MLB average or above average player should able to go the other way. Who else sees the flaw in this logic?
  12. Camden_yardbird

    Do you support rules limiting defensive shifts?

    This is the biggest joke response to the shift. Due to how pitchers pitch in a defensive shift it's like asking someone to make a lay up with Dikembe Mutumbo and Shaq standing under the basket. Then again I am of the mind that the rules in any game must change. Meta gaming a set of rules becomes prevalent, the absolute boundaries of performance are determined, and the game becomes unbalanced and more than that, as an entertainment product it becomes stale. MLB needs to go hire someone who balances modern competitive video games, card games or mmos and understands this principle to make suggestions on game balance. For me the statistics on RC, avg, and OBP show a slight effect and perhaps a slight competitive balance problem hitter to hitter. But there are other statistics (attendance for instance) that show me baseball needs to consider not just field rule changes but systematic rule and business practice changes to succeed. If a defensive alignment rule will start that ball rolling, then I am all for it.
  13. Camden_yardbird

    Red Sox sign Eovaldi

    4/$68 million. While I think it's an over pay for a pitcher who is likely to miss some significant portion of this contract with an injury. It is worth noting right now that the Red Sox top 4 starting pitchers are currently the 13th highest paid team in the league at $84 million dollars a year. #competitivebalance.
  14. Camden_yardbird

    Machado Trade Revisited. What If...

    Deadspin - The D-Backs Dealt Goldschmidt for Peanuts Two ways to look at this. Either you think the Orioles package is still worse and it makes what they got for Manny look really bad. Or you look at the package the Cardinals sent and realize you were overvaluing it and the Orioles return was really not so far off and may have been better. Time will ultimately tell, but I don't see the overvaluation of the OP personally.
  15. Camden_yardbird

    Pirates Off Season

    I know occasionally there are some other pirates interested parties around here who can commiserate with me. So far I would say that this off season is as frustrating as any other with the Pirates. Their only signing, the mediocre Lonnie Chisenhall, was signed on the same day the Braves took a one year shot on Josh Donaldson. If the Pirates owners were the cheapest owners in baseball, Donaldson is exactly the kind of risk-reward signing this team should make, in a position of need, in an offense screaming for some kind of power threat. Then yesterday we learn that the Pirates direct competitors, the Cardinals, just added Paul Goldschmidt, for a deal I would say could easily be matched by the Pirates. This team may be the biggest tease in baseball. Despite what I would call some of the best drafting in baseball, the Pirates are relegated to that team that will get one national article a year when they go on a patented Clint hurdle 10 game win strak and everyone asks "Are the Pirates for Real?" No, no they are not.