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  1. Explains a lot about why the quality of his contact has decreased. Hopefully now that he has identified the problem he can work through it. Zone recognition is definitely something you can improve at the major league level and quickly, especially given a track record of having better recognition.
  2. I know a lot of people want to see White happen, but I got to say I haven't seen a mock with him out of the top 10 in a very long time.
  3. 8-8. Division: I always split all the division games. In the AFC North the worst team is never that far off from the best in the division game (overall record aside). They are always very difficult games. I could see them going 2-0 on cincy and 0-2 on Cleveland. Same result. Wins: Miami, Arizona, Buf, NYJ, SF. All of these teams are in some level of rebuild and I feel like the Ravens are ahead of all of them. The only question I have here is SF but it's a home game (5 wins) Losses: KC, Rams, Pat's (oof). Hou and Sea (these could be close games). It's an odd schedule. I feel like the tough games are really freaking tough and the easy games are really easy. Momentum could play a big part of this season and that middle stretch could be rough if they cant win at Cincy or against Houston.
  4. Sounds like a good basis for a trade. I think your suggestion is fine but I wonder ehat we could get. The previous leadership was quite hesitant to trade Givens despite a lot of interest. I wonder if you cant get more with more teams involved.
  5. No. Vizcayano was a placeholder. AJ Minter was the closer and needed to get healthy. https://www.sportstalkatl.com/a-j-minter-ready-to-take-over-closing-role/
  6. Wait till you see Baz. As a pirates fan, this one hurts. That said, Glasnow will have trouble maintaining mechanics given his frame and meadows is subject to soft tissue injuries. 3 weeks looks good and they have high ceilings with noticable floors.
  7. This is not accurate at all. Minter was going to take over and they are still in discussions with Kimbrel, not to mention their plethora of young pitchers who could fill in.
  8. I feel like Rickard leaves the roster first, and if whoever replaces Rickard starts pushing Mullins then you let that happen. He needs to work on some things though. He has 5 barrelled balls in 1000 pitches.
  9. You dismiss his first two season but dont mention his injury in 2017. Seems like selective bias.
  10. I honestly want to know what you think are acceptable stats for a catcher at AAA if you think his minor league stats are underwhelming. Teams are not made of 25 all stars. Let's also remember that Swihart was really injured in 2017. Athletes dont generally offer up lines like "it was hard to walk at times" if they arent super injured.
  11. 1. He has never carried a great glove, that does mean he is devoid of value. 2. He has been injured. 3. Why start him at third if you have a better option defensively, isnt this what we got on Showalter for?
  12. Renato Nunez should be a lesson here. If you have a chance to pick up a former top prospect you should do that and figure out everything else from there.
  13. I think Dwight Smith deserves a lot of credit for showing up and hitting well. His game today really showcased his skill. First, I realize he wrapped a ball around the Pesky Pole for a HR and that is not a HR in any other park, and is actually probably foul in most parks. But to know how to hit where you are and then to come back and hit a double off the wall down the opposite line. Really impressive hitting.
  14. First off, this is a sadly cynical post. Second, in terms of assets they is no bigger sunk cost right now than Davis. Figuring out how to get some value is actually an effective use of time. And third, I doubt they are doing this at the expense of their overall plan. The fact is, figuring out what happened to Davis, despite there not being huge changes in a lot of his metrics is probably one of the best things to do to advance the understanding of advanced sabermetrics. In science you get theories that hopefully match the data, but when the data present an anomaly (as Davis is) you have to further your understanding to account.
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