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  1. 2017 Week 3: Ravens vs. Jaguars (in London)

    This should be a better test. Ravens should be able to control Bortles but the jaguar defense is improved and vetter than the browns or Bengals.
  2. The Wildcard Race

    Not with a fizzle but with a bang...
  3. Assuming we trade Manny, who's our target for 3B?

    If. If we trade Manny. Ozzie Albies/ Dansby Swanson? Imagine if the left side of the infield is the 1-1 club.
  4. Are we a bad team masquerading as a mediocre one?

    Look at top 5 salaries on each team and relative fwar contribution. Orioles can't sustain how bad that ratio is, arguably no team could.
  5. Dan certainly has us approaching a cliff, it will be interesting if he can set up a ramp to get over the gap in time. Instead of starting that process in 2015 he has pushed out to this off season. Transformational must be the highlight word this off season.
  6. How would you rather spend $300 mm?

    I would take the latter and a haul for Manny.
  7. Zach Davies

    The problem was not who was traded and for whom they were traded. The problem was the front office thinking it was a competitive team worthy of giving up prospects for. That has been a mistake the front office has made two of the last three years. Couple that with poor free agent signings and the front office is incrementally pushing the Orioles back into a potential decade of obscurity.
  8. 2017 Week 2: Ravens vs. Browns

    Like I said in the other thread, Brown's looked better than the Bengals against a team that is better than the ravens (not on d). It's the difference between a bad offensive line and a good one. I don't know how teams don't understand that.
  9. Ravens @ Bengals Week 1

    The browns looked better than the Bengals against a team that is better than the ravens... Closer than you think. Browns offensive line is probably top 10 in the league. Bengals may be worst line in the league.
  10. Ravens @ Bengals Week 1

    The problem is this, if the game comes down to a 50/50 is harbaugh poor coaching going to get into the way. Top 5 coach off the field, bottom 5 on it.
  11. Ravens @ Bengals Week 1

    Big night for West. Bengals defense is very very bad against the run without Burfict. AJ Green still gets his though.
  12. "Mike. I think they should try and get this guy Al Albuquerque from Detroit." Anyone who knows this reference knows how much of an outdated joke Mike Francesca is.
  13. Austin Hays

    I saw Hays a few weeks ago. Definitely looks sluggish home to first. So I will buy that.
  14. Over/Under

    Maclin and Wallace. Over or under 900 yards recieving.
  15. Duquette Future

    Miller is in the second year of his deal and it looks like his knee may be shot. So I don't know if it's worth pointing towards that being a deal not made. For me the real failure is the decision in the first place to make the biggest contracts on the team 30 something free agents. The biggest contracts on the team should be the extensions for young talent. (See Pittsburgh pirates). Now ironically, the two teams have similar records but I see that as a failing of the pirates unwillingness to trade for a stud to make a real push. The teams that do both usually end up winning.