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  1. Camden_yardbird

    Who do you think/hope will impress in ST?

    At some point, when looking for new players to root for, the coaches and public are going to notice that DJ Stewart has serious power. If he can improve his bat speed even a little (and he has improved every season) he will hit some very long homeruns.
  2. Camden_yardbird

    Machado: Hustling is 'not my cup of tea'

    Kicking people the ankle is. Kind of glad I get to read this stuff in the MLB board and not the Orioles board.
  3. Camden_yardbird

    2018 ALCS: Astros vs. Red Sox

    Interesting sign stealing controversy going on now with an Astros employee removed for filming the sox dugout pregame. The Indians warned Boston about the issue from the DS. The Athletics have also leveled a charge against the Astros in a regular season game. Couple this with Cora (the former Astros bench coach) having the Astros catcher Mitt checked out in game 1. A friend poi ted out that if he was the bench coach it would make sense for him to have the umps check a place he knew wasn't an issues as kind of a heads up "Hey, you know I know you do this stuff and I am watching." Spin rate issues earlier 8n the year as well. Pressley was using pine tar off his hat in game 2. I know the hitters dont mind that stuff because they would rather the pitcher have control. But there's a lot of shady going on in this series.
  4. Camden_yardbird

    Week 7 vs New Orleans

    Barring an embarrisng loss or major injury this game is a win-win. If the Ravens win, they are legit competitors this season. This offense is as good as you will see this year, it's as good as KC or the Pat's. If they lose, you learn about what this team needs to do to be a top 5 NFL team. The only way this goes bad is if Flacco doesnt show up or Harbaugh is horribly out coached and doesnt have his team prepared, either of which are possibilities. The Ravens will need to put up at least 25 points to win. The line is at 50.5.
  5. Camden_yardbird

    AFC Defensive Player of the Week - 6

    Congratulations to Za' Darius Smith for getting the honor after 3 sacks and a forced fumble. He joins Justin Tucker (Week 3 ST POTW) and is the first Ravens defender this year (Weddle got POTW in week 13 last year) to get the honor.
  6. Camden_yardbird

    So: at the end of the day, who was to blame for Chris Tillman?

    For too many starts...it was Dan and Buck. There is no 100% blame here. The GM makes the personnel decisions and the coach deploys those players. They should have looked at the evidence (which didn't require advanced statistics) and realized it wasn't working and communicated that.
  7. Camden_yardbird

    Top President Candidates?

    Wow, the amount of self defeatists whose position is "this is a terrible job, we wont get anyone good" is astounding and ignorant of recent history. McPhail built a strong base, Dan built a 5 year contender. Gillick built the best team in baseball. But the Yankees and Boston are good again... Sure, and until MLB get serious about a competitively balanced game they will always have more resources, but just because they are good doesn't mean they will continue. Dombrowski is good at creating a competitive MLB team, and a husk of the rest of the organization. The Yankees have a lot of super flawed players, and have a history of bad contracts. What is true is the Orioles dont ba e much right now, and its east to look at that chasm they have to climb and say no one would want that challenge, but to be 1 of 30 the candidates for president or GM dont look at it as insurrmountable, they arent wired that way, and the ones who do, you dont want them anyway.
  8. Camden_yardbird

    Marlins Add Even More Mesa $

    I think people assuming that the culture of Miami is the trump card in this whole thing is overselling it. Cuba also has a strong history of massive support for its baseball players, and that's something Miami never does. Sure this past season wasn't the best turnout for the Orioles, but at least there is some history of actual passion for the game, and that's something I hope Maduro can relate to the prospects. It's not so cut and dry as Miami has the culture and all other things being equal they win.
  9. Camden_yardbird

    Week 6 @ Nashville

    This was obviously a great game. The Ravens defense under Martindale has really emerged. The coverage has been very good and the pass rush just made itself known. They will be tested against Brees next week. On offense I was pretty disappointed. It was a quiet 21 points put together largely on the backs of a tired Titans defense who was just on the field too much. I was happy to see Crabtree get involved, but man could flacco be any more inaccurate and still win. He was flat out missing guys, throwing of the back of his balance again. His accuracy was so off he missed a wide open Crabtree on the end of the half play. And by wide open I mean all the defenders were in the endzone. He will have to play better to beat better teams and better offenses.
  10. Camden_yardbird

    Random Thought Thread

    Um, In case I ever actually meet the guy I wont go on the record on his ability to land a punch. That said, I was thinking he could just carry Altuve around in a backpack on his back.
  11. Camden_yardbird

    John Smoltz?

    Certainly something to help players get a grip. The change in spin rates when players get there is something someone should be taking a look at.
  12. Camden_yardbird

    Random Thought Thread

    I dont know that any one player on the Orioles would be an improvement for the Astros. Givens, maybe? Just shows how big the talent gap is. Ooh, I got it. Chris Davis as Altuve's body guard.
  13. Camden_yardbird

    Week 6 @ Nashville

    One of these teams has to show up and show thebleafuebits a real contender have horrible losses last week. I tend to lean towards the Titans being that team simply because it's a home game for them. They also have the kind of secondary where I see Joe throwing 2+ picks. We will see. The Ravens need to decide 8f there are comfortable using Collins and give him the ball or if they are not, in which case it's time to see what Turner can do. No more of this back and forth, trying to use Allen as the guy, because he can't sustain a drive.
  14. Camden_yardbird

    The Rebuild Strategy

    Yes. You do expect that. You expect anyone who is the GM to be able to make a trade as every GM in the history of the game has done. You keep setting up strawmen yo prove your point that the Orioles are incapable of hiring someone who can perform the basic functions of a GM, something any GM should be able to do. Gillick built a winner, McPhail built a core, and Duquette formed a championship caliber team for two years. Did they all have flaws, sure, that's why they arent here anymore. Have there been bad hires, sure. But to assume that the only path forward is drafting and player development, and that any staff put in place will be incapable of anything else, is just foolish. Especially given the empirical evidence against the Orioles ability to build a player pipeline in recent history.
  15. Camden_yardbird

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    So this could be an epic failure. A lot of the Atlanta trade centered around those slots. Probabaly worth not renewing Dan's contract simply at that.