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  1. Not many starters playing this one. McSorely is lighting it up though. 2 in the air and 1 on the ground.
  2. To Ben Watson, on the last play of the season... That was the last straw for me.
  3. Can I ask what makes you think that? Because all the evidence from his college career suggests he can throw very well.
  4. I dont care if you like Lamar or not, that TD run he had called back was awesome. And the block was behind the play.
  5. Thank God someone else is saying it too, because I feel like I have been the only one. I see this USA today article, and Deadspin article that say "Baseball should relegate teams that dont want compete" and scream to myself "then maybe baseball should create a competitive system where mid to small market teams dont have to tank to rebuild." We have so many numbers in baseball. It's clear to everyone that the top pick in the draft is infinitely more important than even the middle of the first round (60% bust rate v. 71% bust rate). Article We have the anaysis of the last CBA where the analyst said "this will favor large market teams due to lower revenue sharing." Article We have a MLB standings board where 3 division leaders are the largest market teams in them (Dodgers, Yankees, Cubs) two are in top 10 US markets (Astros, Atlanta) and the the last division has only one large market team that is rebuilding (CWS). We see decreasing interest, and lower attendance. And yet no one is asking whether this system is designed to be fair, or provide a good on field product in 30 cities. Its maddening.
  6. I think this is probably his "I want to keep my job" interview. It is worth noting that this is an effective strategy that has worked elsewhere, Pittsburgh for instance. It is definitely hard to implement but also shouldnt be as difficult as this interview is letting on. It does require buy in from the hitters on the team too. More pitches in means more hit batters, more retaliation and more bean ball wars. We will know this strategy is actually being implemented when the Orioles end up with benches cleared against a division opponent. They really need to get the pitchers to do this with regularity, but it's also not the only path forward. The Ray's have pitched up with some success. And like it or not the Mazzone down and away strategy worked too. You just have to make sure hitters arent hanging over the plate on you.
  7. Yea, that's what you call "veteran leadership." No, I merely meant that no lineup is giving you 9 guys who perform consistently day in and day out. Better players have higher floors and peaks which is certainly needed. I also didnt mean to suggest young players are streaky either, I meant to suggest that because they are young hitters they are more unknown quantities. The more unknowns you plug into the lineup the more variation you will get. Fangraphs analysis actually tends to attribute streakiness to K% and HR% and did not look at age as a factor. One could make the anecdotal evidence (i.e. who is streaky) look like what ever you want. For instance two of the most streaky hitters in the game are Kris Bryant and Mike Trout. But those streaks are because they become unworldly hitters for stretches while the valley merely show them to be above average hitters. That's why they win MVPs. And why what I guess I meant to say was not necessarily streaky hitters, but young unknown quantities and lineups in which you are piecing together your 4 hottest 40 man hitters and then a bunch of other guys. Theres a lot of variation in those 4 guys. I guess the test for this is to split the season into 20 game chunks, measure during those chunks the top four hitters for a team by wOPS, see how many different hitters you get (call it n) and compare to other teams. My guess is for a team like the Orioles you might get one guy in that list each chuck (i.e. mancini) but the rest of the list might include any number of Nunez, CD for that may run, Santander, Smith in April, Sisco after his call up. Whereas if you did this with say the Astros you are going to see Bregman, Altuve, Springer in there more often than not. Their n score would be much lower. Then of course you would have to see if a lower n score would correlate to better offenses.
  8. A lot of young and consequentially very streaky hitters. So no, they have pieces, but those pieces need to develop consistenty and be complimented by some hitters who can provide a more steady floor.
  9. It is worth noting that over the last 2 weeks Martin is batting .270 with a .360 OBP. Two weeks is a SSS, but worth noting.
  10. I think a lot of people are seeing results and assuming things like practice habits, work ethic, etc, when the vast amount of anecdotal evidence suggests that 1)Davis is a really good guy 2) Davis is a good teammate, results aside 3) Davis works really hard. The fact is the results just arent there for him, and it's unfortunate to see a downfall like that. But demonizing the guy and his character because of results is just not a fair process. My first hope would be for him to get even half way back to what he was, and absent that for him to walk away from the game to go find something that he can exact more joy from. But I am not going to use this incident as a reason to perform some sort of character assassination as so many are doing.
  11. I was going to respond with data and valid points, but no, I am done with these threads. They are rediculous, the posters know they are rediculous. The provide no context, no stats and simply posted out of frustration of a product you knew was going to be bad. Don't rent a civic and expect a Lexus.
  12. You dont know what was said, or how it was conveyed. Regardless of performance there are general lines of social decency that cant be crossed. At least you would hope there are.
  13. This patently false. He lead the ACC in AVG, OBP and SLG. He was seen as having plus contact skills and a quick bat with an exceptional eye. He was ranked 26 by Kiley Daniel, and 30 by BA going into the draft.
  14. Hard to make adjustments as a minor leaguer in season. If he is still around you have to figure that the FO sees some things they can work on him within the off season. Next year he will come back, hit. 330 and we will justifiably ridicule those calling for his release in this thread. 😁
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