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  1. Given past connection to Cosart due to his plus defense I would not be surprised if we see him here. That said the contract will be paying for his career year offensively and I would be surprised if we ever saw that offensive output out of him again.
  2. By the end of next week they could be ahead of the Yankees. They should still sell.
  3. No. I think they will give DD $25-$30 million of the money coming off the books and tell him to reload.
  4. "Transformative" That is what I want the theme of the deadline and next off season to be. No more trying to patch the leaky boat you have. I guess in many ways I don't care how that is done? But do know that it can't be accomplished in one off season unless your name is DiPoto. So something needs to happen now.
  5. It could be that too. And may very well be that. But large money in failed contracts hasn't stopped the Red Sox from signing stop gaps like Fister, or spending more money in the international market, or spending money on development. I am not so sure we can say that of the Orioles. We constantly hear about budgets from Dan and about him having to get approval for certain moves because of the cost implications. But alas, I have interjected a parity rant into a thread about the merits of continuing to run Ubaldo out there. He is not effective, but I am not sure anyone else would be more effective. And I think it's too early in the season to move to your last few options at SP.
  6. Teetering on the edge of contention for what? Three good starts and all of a sudden we are forgetting the Orioles have had one of the worst rotations in history for lengthy stretches of this season. I don't like Ubaldo and Miley, and the fact that they haven't been released shows a bit of the hypocrisy of the presumption of parity in the league (the Red Sox are paying $40 million to Sandoval, Craig and Castillo) and are relatively unaffected competitively by the failure to to allocate that money well. Meanwhile the Orioles are forced to start bad pitchers because they can't afford to pay them not to play. But they are not stopping the development of other players, be it Ascher and Bleier of anyone else. Might as well put the innings on their arms.
  7. I don't know, what is a high level for the CWS right now and is that competitive with Houston? Sure, in baseball any team can win on any given night, so o suppose I was talking sustained success is possible. I realize the statement as written is a bit tautological though.
  8. Delmonico! I realize he has moved on. OPS of .794 for CWS AAA team. Great for Joseph. I think Castillo to the Rockies makes no sense given the presence of Murphy for them, but Milwaukee makes a lot of sense.
  9. I said the Orioles would go 6-7 in the first 13 after the break and Dan would use that as a reason to stand pat. I'll stand by that statement. This team can clearly be very competitive when performing at a high level.
  10. Accepting less than the Yankees got is why the Orioles fans will hope for championships and the Yankees will be celebrating them. I realize the injury matters, so does arguably the best season ever put up for a reliever and a full year of control. There are a lot of reasons the two should be seen as comparavle pieces.
  11. They even joke about it on air now a days, and if you talk to them off air they laugh about how ridiculous it can get.
  12. I agree completely. I was stating it as an observation, not because I didn't like him.
  13. The only question Angelos needs to answer is: Will he give the next GM/President the ability to make independent baseball decisions? Here is your budget, go do what you need to do. I have confidence in the system we have set up that the checks and balances we have will curb any stupidity on your part, but that doesn't matter because I hired you because you are the best. If he can't do that, if he must dictate every trade and organizational strategy to acquiring talent in any way possible, he needs to sell the team. I'm tired of this BS. I'm tired of hearing that the GM needs to get permission to seek a trade of a middle reliever. Seriously?
  14. Rodgers was very impressive in single A. I have seen him, as he is here in Hartford, and he is still extremely raw. He was struggling with the breaking stuff down and away. I'm not sure there is much else here in Hartford that you would want in a trade, not a super impressive bunch after they lost Tapia and Dahl last year.
  15. Per CBS Sports. Discuss.