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  1. Camden_yardbird

    Crush Davis is in the House!

    This thread should be locked down to maintain the dignity of the OH.
  2. Camden_yardbird

    NEWS: Joe Flacco Traded to Broncos

    Hahahaha. Flacco will get replace before the end of the season by whoever they draft. Just like this year. With Flacco they have 4 definite losses against SD and KC.
  3. Camden_yardbird

    NEWS: Joe Flacco Traded to Broncos

    I hope you meant Edelman and not Amendola. Because Boldin, Smith, Crabtree, and Mason were all better than amendola. As to the others you names. Sure, some of the best (arguably ever) at their positions. But I wasn't evoking Bradys name when I said other QBs have done better with worse. Keep in mind over the last 4 years a lot of QBs have done better. I mean, we will see next year. Emanuel Sanders is arguably the best WR Flacco will have played with and Sutton is that stud WR prospect everyone always wanted the Ravems to draft. And Lidsay (absent a world with Saquon) would be and should be the talk of the NFL.
  4. Camden_yardbird

    NEWS: Joe Flacco Traded to Broncos

    There is a reason they spent money on defense. It was worth it. There is a reason they did not spend money on supporting Joe as much. It wasn't worth it. The incremental gains would have mad sense. There is one player I can ever remember jim making better and that was Torrey. The Flacco Defense: Step 1: "Hes a top tier QB." "Hes had one 4000 yard season" Step 2: "at least hes mid tier." "But his stats say he is one of the worst" Step 3: "But they didn't support him." "Other QBs do better with worse." Step 4: "But they dont have a SB." "So does Brad Johnson...and by the way they are pretty much the same QB by most rate statistics."
  5. Camden_yardbird

    MLB and Union talk major rule changes

    I've got it. If a team starts an inning with a lead they only get two outs. Shorter games, more competitive due to the handicap, win win for everyone.
  6. Camden_yardbird

    NEWS: Joe Flacco Traded to Broncos

    A 4th is what I expected. I suspect how people look at this deal will be dependent on what Philly gets for Foles. They should get more and probably will but I suspect some wont see it that way. A 4th is a good amount of capital to work with 8n the draft. Between that and a comp pick they should be able to recoup some value from the lost 2nd round pick.
  7. Camden_yardbird

    MLB and Union talk major rule changes

    I was talking football but sure, baseball too.
  8. Camden_yardbird

    MLB and Union talk major rule changes

    And none of those players are still alive or are alive and not doing well. Games change for a reason. MLB needs to change, not drastically, but needs to change to become safer, to provide more parity, to change the metagame and stay interesting (something we see more in video games but must apply to physical sports to engage younger audiences.)
  9. Camden_yardbird

    Flacco's Fate ...... Possible trades (Traded to Broncos)

    It's going to be interesting to see if they can make the roster adjustments to fit his salary in.
  10. Camden_yardbird

    Orioles sign Nate Karns

    Karns was a half way decent starter for the Ray's a few years ago. It's a good signing. He could end up being a Jessie Chavez type swing pitcher who could either not something in a trade or contribute on team next year. He could be nothing and still be injured and there is not much lost here.
  11. Camden_yardbird

    Flacco's Fate ...... Possible trades (Traded to Broncos)

    I have seen skins, Broncos and jags as the most probable destination for Flacco and Foles.
  12. Camden_yardbird

    MLB and Union talk major rule changes

    Universal DH: Yes. I could go into this, but it's a long conversation. Three batter rule: No. I dont like taking managerial decisions out of a managers hand if a pitcher clearly doesnt have it. I would like to see this be a 15-20 pitch requirement OR 3 batters. This would end at the end of an inning or due to injury. There are situations where a reliever comes in and just doesnt have it. Sometimes they get lit up by the first three batters and you know. But sometimes they just struggle with the first guy in a 10 pitch AB. I don't want to see a reliever go 20 pitches to the first two guys and then have to stay out there if they clearly arent going to be getting outs. Draft Penalties for losing: Absolutely freaking* not. This rule would exacerbate disparity between spenders and not spenders. It would put an end to the deep rebuild which is one of the only ways small market teams have to build a window. It would really if ever affect larger market teams. If MLB wants small market teams to quit phoning it in for 78-81 win seasons then force those owners to spend some money. I know there is not a simple answer for this but this solution strikes me as terrible. EI runners: please stop with this player on second stuff.
  13. Camden_yardbird

    Lamar Jackson Discussion with Poll

    You seemed to indicate that there were two side to this fence, that you like Lamar and ignore the rest or you dont like him. That is too simplistic. I think as a QB Lamar bring intangibles not seen since Michael Vick, but that while raw as a passer (not completely inept as some would state) he shows the tools to become a good QB. I accept he has flaws and think that with development he can overcome those flaws. I think he could be a better passer than Flacco ever was but doesnt need to be to be successful in this league. The ravens are going to try and win in a different way and that wont sit right with a lot of people, but I see their ball control, run for 250 offense, as a refreshing counter the direction offenses are trying to go and few can get to. That said, the overall success of this strategy and Jacksons ultimate success depends on his and the coaching staffs ability to develop him. He has to hold on to the ball better. He has to be able to utilize the field horizontally from the pocket. But you cant look at a guy who went 5-1 and say he his bereft of talent and never had any business being an NFL QB. And any blindness to his improvement over the course of those games is sincere ignorance of what your eyes should have told you and what the analysts were saying. I would love to have a meaningful conversation about that, but the haters arent willing to discuss where he succeeded and have a meaning conversation.
  14. Camden_yardbird

    Flacco's Fate ...... Possible trades (Traded to Broncos)

    These guys do this as a job. They may not be professional scouts but they are well informed. Their opinion deserves respect on the same level as you would say Luke_OH's on baseball. That said you are hung up on one of 3 sources. The fact is there a multiple sources that scouted him as a 1st rd QB.
  15. Camden_yardbird

    The three most intriguing pitchers in camp

    Chris Lee. He was never the best prospect but someone clearly messed him up. He was originally an Elias guy in Houston so let's see if elisa can get him back to what he saw to begin with.