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  1. Camden_yardbird

    Cubs rumored to have deal (offer) for Manny

    There is a lot of assumption that because the cubs want Manny they will get him. I feel like there are a lot of teams to play off this and the reported deal isn't that great. A starting point. The fact is that whoever gets Machado fundamentally reshapes that playoff race. Everyone know it.
  2. Camden_yardbird

    Lack of infield heir apparents

    Last year we saw a lot of power increase from the minors to the majors. Is that happening again this year and could that happen for Dosch? Maybe with a more pull happy hitting approach?
  3. Hard to call a team that had the best record in its league for 4 years the most inept. That said, we are seeing a downturn from that success and some steps they have taken have made that downturn look more like the Dropbox a cliff than the steady and temporary fall.
  4. Camden_yardbird

    When do you think Manny will be traded?

    If they trade him before the break who is the Orioles all star representative? It's such bad optics to have him wearing a different uniform at that game. That's why it will be after.
  5. Camden_yardbird

    When do you think Manny will be traded?

    The rule 4 draft is June 4-6. Right now the Orioles are 13-30. By the 6th I will say they are roughly 20-42 (10 games, 7-12 record) and over 20 games out of first. They will announce they are open to trades in the two weeks after that, let him play the all star game as an Oriole (good optics) and trade him within the week after the game.
  6. Camden_yardbird

    Texas Rangers Open for Business

    Texas has begun to inform teams they are open to trading veteran players. FYI to the Orioles...the rangers have 4 more wins and are a mere 11 games back as opposed to 16.5.
  7. Camden_yardbird

    Buck Has Seen Enough

    I doubt it's all on Buck but I do think even the best coaches need a change of scenery sometimes . That said I think he could be fine with a younger team. I just don't know if he wants to do that.
  8. Camden_yardbird

    Buck Has Seen Enough

    He crossed the third base line to remove Gausman before Bogaerts had even passed third base. Shows some real frustration on his part. I have never seen a manager do that before.
  9. Camden_yardbird

    Lack of infield heir apparents

    I saw Dosch in Hartford last year with Bowie on a team that had Hays on it. I remembered him, not because he had a huge game, but because his approach batting and his contact were solid. He looked like a more finisged product than Hays.
  10. Camden_yardbird

    This team is soul crushing to watch

    Ironic. Manny leaving, provided an adequate return, is literally the only thing that will get me interested in this team again.
  11. Camden_yardbird

    2017-18 Bullets/Wizards Thread

    Well you are not going to get LeBron, but he is not staying in Cleveland either and some team is going to do something stupid to try and land him. That's where the smart teams will take advantage. I would be figuring out what it would take to get Kawhi. May be too much?
  12. Camden_yardbird

    Lack of infield heir apparents

    The last time the Orioles didn't have an heir apparent at SS they went out and bought low on JJ Hardy. Not every answer comes from the organization, sometimes the benefit of embracing the rebuild is giving chances to guys who have the potential to produce.
  13. Camden_yardbird

    Joseph Optioned to Norfolk (Booo!)

    They have to see what they have with Susac. He was a BA top 100 prospect and a top 10 catching prospect who made the league at age 25 after putting up a solid .800+ OPS in AAA. His career was largely derailed by injury but was considered a big get when the Brewers traded for him. I love Joseph, but he barely made Orioles prospect lists and really overachieved to reach the league for as long as he has, a testament to his preparation and work ethic.
  14. Camden_yardbird

    2017-18 Bullets/Wizards Thread

    I don't thin it's impossible to keep both and succeed, but they also need to add an impactful 3-4 hybrid. LeBron, Durant, Capela, hell even Tatum...you can't live off guards alone.
  15. Camden_yardbird


    If you are a fan of baseball, Hank Azaria or just irreverence I suggest checking this show out. It's on IFC and follows a former MLB announcer (Azaria) as he comes back from rock bottom. It has just started the second season. In the first season Brockmire has taken a job with an independent league baseball team to try and work his way back. It is highly irreverent, dirty, and definitely goes for the shock factor. But hidden behind that are writers who are clearly knowledgable baseball fans, some interesting observations on modern society (Brockmire left the country after his incident and basically missed the rise of social media) and finally an interesting character study of a guy who just can't get out of his own way.