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  1. Newsome isn't the only one making decisions with college ties...
  2. I think the analysis that the Ravens are shoring up defense to go after offense in the draft is on point. I happened on some information that indicates they have shown strong interest in a particular offensive player, and it's not either of these two.
  3. I like Zuttah. He wasn't a world beater but he was servicable. This move was amazing though.
  4. Is Tavarez a write off at this point. I have talked to a few people who have seen him live and they all say "Good contact, good eye, and amazing in game speed with plus instincts as a runner."
  5. It doesn't really matter, Ubaldo will be gone long before we see Mr. Sisco. Analogous pitchers, maybe? But I doubt we see many of them in the organization any time soon. He had a bad game, less than nine innings. In hundred of innings of minor baseball scouts have labelled him slightly below average to average. I will take that evaluation. Improvements that he needs are finishing school issues, not fundamental issues. No need to panic and hit the trade button. We are a long way, and a position change away from that.
  6. Very good in passpro though. Maybe we see more spread formations and a move away from I-Form.
  7. Wright should be a reliever the next time he is on the mlb roster. I like Wilson, I just don't know if he can be consistent enough.
  8. Looks like they may try and use those picks for Garrappolo which doesn't make any sense to me. Houston, here, give us your overpaid QB that you signed after he was successful for 4 games in a good system but you have give us picks. Good, now that is done...Patriots, give us your 2 start wonder QB, and here are a bunch of picks in exchange. I will grant Garapollo looks better than Osweiler but...
  9. 2017: okay value 2018: we needed him, had to pay him 2019: maybe we can trade him ala Ngata 2020: oops
  10. With the coaching staff the numbers didn't matter, whether it's the one good game or the six bad before that. They know what Gentry is (a fringe AAAA/MLB backup) and whether he makes the team over someone like Mancini has a lot more to deal with his approach and defense and whether he is receptive to changes the Orioles are encouraging or not than the results of one game.
  11. I predict 4 or 5 starts this year from Verrett. I think he could already be ahead of Wright and Wilson and I think Nuno ends up in long relief.
  12. He and Watson can't coexist on this roster. One has to go. Both should probably go.
  13. He wanted to be a bigger part of the offense so he was gone. I always thought he had more potential new like Mike Alstott level potential. Tough loss but also replaceable at that price.
  14. You miss that badly on early round selections and I would argue you should be bottom 3-5 in the league. While I am a well documented opponent of the current coaching staff and only slightly more happy with the front office, I have to give credit where it is due. The team might have been better off if they hadn't gotten as much as they have out of 3-4-5 round picks like Aiken, Williams, Wagner, Juice, etc. Three of those guys are the top two free agents at their positions and Aiken, as much as people love to hate, was a very good reciever in 2015.
  15. I don't see Tavarez lasting. It's too bad, I like what he brings to the table. I think he might break camp with the team but I doubt even that. I think they keep Santander and send Mancini down, bringing him up when Santander ends up on the DL.