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  1. Let's Talk Podcasts

    The Daily - NYT daily podcast is about 20-25 minutes long. Good for a commute. Well Met - Hearthstone Podcast if you play the game Dice Tower - If you are a board game fan 538 has a good podcast Baseball tonight with Buster Olney
  2. Cashner signing

    Hot take: Judge is injured and will have a very down year. Cashner's sub 5 K rate will climb above 5 solely because he will be able to face these two so many times.
  3. Cashner signing

    At least my autocorrect has decent taste in music.
  4. Cashner signing

    Cashmere never struck out more than 5 batters last year and only did that once. He also only gave up 5 runs max in any game and that happened 4 times. He knows how to pitchnn and that will help him out perform his peripherals every time.
  5. So some have dismissed my Miley comments saying he didn't want to pitch here. Players take the most money a majority of the time. That said we also now see Drew Hutchinson, another player of recorded interest for the Orioles, just signed a minor league deal with the Phillies. You can keep dismissing these reports, but this is disturbing whatever the reason, whether it's a power struggle, ownership, no budget, or a lack of interest in signing. The Orioles seem completely paralyzed.
  6. So does anyone else find Miley's deal disturbing from an orioles financial stand point? First let's get this straight, no fan wanted so see Miley in an Orioles uniform, me included. However, the Orioles reportedly had interest in Miley. Miley signed a MINOR LEAGUE DEAL worth less than $3 million, and less than $6 IF he makes 29 starts with the major league team. So we are lead to believe the Orioles had interest, but could not compete with a sub $3 million dollar minor league deal? Now there are a lot of variables, but it certainly seems as if the Orioles are so restricted financially for free agents or that they are seriously committed to a Bundy, Gausman, Castro, Cortes, Mesa rotation.
  7. Your level of apathy level for the 2018 season

    Good point. Watching Jones' last season here may be worth watching.
  8. Pees to retire at seasons end

    Chose to retire and take another job rather than stay. Says a lot.
  9. Your level of apathy level for the 2018 season

    I can get behind a total rebuild, there is something to rooting for the young guys to succeed, seeing who emerges and getting surprised when a guy you didn't think would make it does. I get behind competing, going all in, and getting talked about as a serious contender. What we have now though. I won't be going to any games, it's not worth travelling. I'm more excited for the Yard Goats season. This is the first year since we owned out own place that my wife (pirates fan) and I are considering not getting the MLB package so we can watch games on cable.
  10. A few years ago I thought that the sale would happen after this year. The Orioles didn't have much on the books, they were reticent to give anything past a three year deal and they werent pursuing extensions. That was before Davis and Trumbo signed their current deals. I still think the sale happens after this year, and although the right thing to do is start a rebuild I think that's not how the Angelos' want their last year going down.
  11. Os requesting offers on Machado

    He says the teams have kicked the idea around...its not just his idea. His qualifier is that talks haven't gone anywhere. Read the article. It's the first paragraph. I agree it's not going anywhere but it's something someone in the front office has talked about.
  12. I love the Orioles no matter what

    I love them too. Absent significant changes though, I doubt I will be spending any money on them this year.
  13. The Rotation

    I'm not giving up givens or Mancini for odorizzi or McHugh. I would inflate Givens value first in late inning, high leverage situations. And given another year of good hitting I would make Mancini the first extension the Orioles inked in what feels like the last 10 years (to an arb eligible player).
  14. Here’s a chart that might surprise you

    I was surprised by the pirates 1 pitcher. I was thinking what about Taillon or Cole but they were actually drafted before 2012.
  15. The Rotation

    Rumors we are in on Mchugh as well. Definitely a 3-4 with #2 upside I would mind adding. What would it take to get him is the question?