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  1. Camden_yardbird

    Perriman Still Here, Receives Roster Bonus

    That was against 2 corners, impressive regardless.
  2. Camden_yardbird

    Ravens vs. Rams on August 9th

    My prediction is Matt Judon thrives in the Wink defense. Double digit sacks and possibly a pro bowl. I was high on Judon last year and a lot of people told me his PFF just didn't grade out well and he was an average talent. I think he is going to be a beast.
  3. Camden_yardbird

    Perriman Still Here, Receives Roster Bonus

    That catch he made from RGIII flashed his talent. Don't know if he will make it but worth finding out. Moore looked good too.
  4. Camden_yardbird

    Coaching Staff

    Why pay new coaches who won't stick around for 2 months? I mean that's a whole 2 or 3 waiver claims worth of salary. Also a pretty good way to mess up young players by giving them a lame duck view point for 2 months. At least the guys here know the company lines.
  5. Camden_yardbird

    Take this for what it's worth....

    How about MLB puts on it's big boy pants and just balances its schedule. The NFL cant play a balanced schedule and yet makes it as fair and predictable as possible, including to balancing games. The NBA can and does play a slightly modified balanced schedule. MLB doesn't have to move teams, or switch their leagues, or go to great ends to just balance the schedule. It's some sort of stupid that they haven't done it yet and continue to live behind this charade that taking away division games will somehow hurt their bottom line.
  6. Camden_yardbird

    Take this for what it's worth....

    Timing is going to be interesting a go a long way toward the on the on the field product. Right now we are looking at: 2019: New GM (A), new Manager 20XX: New owner. New owners want their own GMs. 20YY: New GM. New GMs want their own managers. 20ZZ: New manager. Could be tumultuous.
  7. Camden_yardbird

    Time to Follow the Rays SP Theory

    I think the opener systems has merit. It should be explored. That said, if they had any of the the three pitchers who got TJ I think we would be seeing this once a week instead of what we are seeing.
  8. Camden_yardbird

    Duquette in mix for Mets new GM

    Okay. So replace Dan with Dan Kantrovitz. The Orioles need to find every efficiency and if they don't have to learn a new first name they can hit the ground running.
  9. Camden_yardbird

    Next years position players

    I am sure a free agent or two will be brought in. It doesn't make any sense to turn all the positions over to young guys, it's not like the Orioles have an MLB rosters worth of young guys to fill all those position. Signing some upside free agents who can be flipped for prospects down the line is necessary to rebuild, plus it creates more competition which is necessary to get the most out of players. Looking at this year alone Maybin, Martin, Eovaldi, Ramos, Axford, Lynn, Duke, and Moustakas all fit this mold. If the Orioles fill out their roster with just what's available in the organization it will be a very long, and ultimately very unsuccessful rebuild.
  10. Camden_yardbird

    Service time of Sisco, Scott, and Hays.

    1. There are worse spare parts on this team than Valencia. An injury here or there (say to like a Jake Lamb) could still present minimal trade value. 2. Service time, as we have seen, is the golden currency of MLB. It always matters, especially if a guys service time is going to be running out at any time before or during their prime years of 27-30. That is true of anyone age 18-25. Great OP BTW.
  11. Camden_yardbird

    Adam Jones interview on C.C. Sabathia's podcast

    I think even if Jones had been told he was going to be the every day right fielder in philly he would have blocked this trade. There are a lot of reasons given, a lot of "lip service," but if you take a step back and look at his comments this was always about power for Jones, power of the players (honestly I don't think it was a selfish move) vs. power of the teams. Jones had what he had and he was going to use it no matter what just to make that point, to honor what other players fought for. That has always been Adam's focus. I am not going to place a value judgment on it either. He works harder, harder than many in the game, he is a leader whether with the Orioles, the US national team, or the players as a whole, he comports himself well, spends his time and money through his charity to help others and if this is what he wanted do that fine. There is one thing I will take issue with. Whether it was one month or five days, Jones had to know the Orioles would approach him about his 10-5 rights. I get it, it's about respect and communicating, but we all know Dan is not the best communicator. There are people, smart people, who look at things and make assumptions and assume others should have made those foundational judgments as well and fail to communicate because of it. It's not about disrespect, it's just a character trait, and I feel that we have seen examples of this throughout the Orioles organization. I think Dan does it, I think Buck does it, and if you get too many people doing it you have a room full of smart people that is highly inefficient. I hope that's something the Orioles keep in mind as they reorganize this off season. Maybe some DiSC training is in order.
  12. Camden_yardbird

    2018 Andrew Cashner

    Cashner always was consistent before this year. He never struck out many but he also never got battered in games. Then again late summer blow out losses to the rangers is a staple of bad Orioles teams.
  13. Camden_yardbird

    '18-'19 Free Agency strategy

    Villar has had a better WAR than Schoop 2 of the last 3 years. Edit: they are tied this year
  14. Camden_yardbird

    Claim Party

    I don't quite get what you are trying to say here? They shouldn't pick these players up or if they do pick these players up now that they won't be around when the Orioles next succeed? I don't think anyone thinks the guys you claim now are going to a cornerstones for the next Orioles playoff team.
  15. Camden_yardbird

    Claim Party

    I believe someone recently wrote an article but I have been saying for years that a clear strength of the Orioles is the ability to develop back end bullpen pitchers. That is definitely a way to bring in prospects.