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  1. Oh. Lose 130, it's not really a number that matters. What I will be interested in seeing is where the CBA goes. The Orioles next competitive team will be built in that CBA and what measures it takes towards or away from the 10 team league we have been heading towards will go a long way towards deciding how long the Orioles can keep that team together. That and spin rate, spin rate matters.
  2. Acquire Edwin Encarnacion... Owed the prorated remainder of a $20 million salary this year and another $20 million next year.
  3. That's actually a mistake on my part. The reports are he is struggling with the offense. He is not a fast book learner of the offense. However he ran a pretty complex offense in college so I think he will pick it up. I think preparation eliminates mistakes. I think the better he knows the offense the more he will understand where he can take off and where he could and should throw the ball. And obviously understanding protections helps you hold onto the ball. I think given the relative youth of this team you will see a lot of growing pains and a lot of people ready to jump on him as a bust in the first 4-6 games if he struggles. That view is short sighted and unfair absent a complete and utter implosion.
  4. The Blues were literally the worst team in the league on January 3. If you have to place a bet on a champion in 2019 bet on the redemption story. Virginia Basketball Tiger Woods St Louis Blues
  5. Building a major league rosters isnt a heavyweight fight. We are not going to get big impact move after big impact move. It's an iterative process, it takes time and patience. And before you know it you look up and you have something that's a piece or two away. I said in a thread at the beginning of the year, that if you look at the Astros build up, you see a steady increase of $15 to $20 million a year in payroll. If you have the right signings and good drafting followed up by shrewd extensions (I am looking at Kepler, Marte, Polanco) then you end up with something that works.
  6. I dont buy it. Did he say that? These guys practice in Owings mills. They live in mansions in Owings mills and further out. 90% of their lives take place outside out the city.
  7. There is certainly a learning curve at picking up a new offense and he does seem like fastest learner. He has amazing physical abilities, so he is always going to feel like he can work outside the norms. Sometimes that results in great plays and sometime you asking yourself "WTF was he thinking?"
  8. I am willing to attribute his ISO drop to the switch in leagues but I am not going to attribute his .100 point drop in BABIp drop to that. He looks a little pull happy this year. Seems mental to me, and fixable.
  9. I'm kind of done with this will he/ wont he be successful stuff. The camps are set, they both have their evidence, and there is evidence on either side. Let me see some in game play and we can judge then.
  10. He stays in division, knows the guys there a little more. I am okay with the ravens not using their cap space here.
  11. Fine. Joakim Soria, Josh Hamilton, Marwin Gonzalez, Shane Victorino, Dan Uggla. There are a number of players that still prove my point. And a few of these guys were legit pieces on championship teams.
  12. When does the current CBA run out and does the next one take one more step into the realm of establishing a 8 team league?
  13. Is he still alive? I went to college with his grandson (a 3rd string QB btw).
  14. I agree with this if you are trying to compete. If you arent, you are trying to acquire talent and the rule 5 draft is a way to do that. 98% of rule 5 draft picks dont make meaningful contributions, bu that other 2% is Johan Santana, or hell, even Jay Gibbons who provided some value.
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