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  1. JimGinSP

    Dempsey is helping Austin Wynns

    To me fair, I’ve always read & enjoyed Roch even when some of his attempts at comedy have made me cringe. His qualities reflect true Baltimore provincialism, he’s “our guy” on the beat. He graduated Old Mill High (Millersville), UMD College Park, wrote for The Sun, and moved on to MASN. I can only imagine him in the press box asking Britt..... so what was it like to grow up in Connecticut, go to college in Michigan, cover the Rays, then move to Baltimore? That being said, IMO, he is way out of his comfort zone right now with “strangers” having taken over. In addition he’s going through that generational change of covering individuals older than him (Buck & Dan) to individuals younger than him (Elias & Hyde). Hopefully spring training will re-establish his comfort zone. I’m not on first name basis with the new regime either! 😄
  2. Pour a “sipping drink” and listen, https://youtu.be/M1j2oK2L_98 They say Joni didn’t actually write it as a Christmas Song, but here’s to the bittersweet memories of good times with Buck, Dan, Adam, Britt and Eddie in the Yard. Merry Christmas.
  3. I saw Tony post in another thread where he thought Brian Graham considered himself safe for another year. I didn’t realize that meant he was under contract for another year. Roch slipped that fact into his blog earlier this week. So there was at least 1 person actually “fired”. http://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2018/12/more-minors-hyde-and-mancini.html It Is more likely, in the current MLB environment, that Buck and Dan’s ages (62 & 60) will have more impact on their future career growth than the Orioles 2018 performance. However I have a feeling that if the Nationals get off to a slow start, Buck might be a top choice for replacing Martinez.
  4. JimGinSP

    Matt Wieters

    Matt Wieters is less than one month older than Caleb Joseph. Per Baseball Reference Matt Wieters has earned over 59 million dollars in his MLB career (not including bonuses) while Caleb Joseph has earned just shy of 2 million. Matt can afford to wait at home, hire a nutritionist and personal trainer and wait for an MLB team to call when they need a “name” catcher. Caleb will most likely be considering milb contracts with a spring training invite to block balls in the dirt from “prospects”. Also, I searched OH, but couldn’t find reference to it here so I must have read elsewhere, after leaving the O’s, Wieters seemed to align himself with Wallace and Chiti, I recall him making a statement to the effect that he felt it was weird (my word not his) that a VP of baseball operations had a locker in the clubhouse. Not that I am trying to turn another thread into “all about” a certain VP of baseball operations!🙈
  5. JimGinSP

    Britt Ghiroli Appreciation Thread

    Sorry meant to include the previous quote in my post. Learning to crawl here.
  6. JimGinSP

    Britt Ghiroli Appreciation Thread

    I knew that “wall to wall”, “take me out to the ballgame” and “touchdown Baltimore” were all his own productions. I wouldn’t be surprised if the 105.7 post game radio show might also be a similar situation. I guess I assumed the MASN pre and post game shows, which I failed to mention are often hosted by Hunter when Thorne is doing play by play, are MASN productions. Only considering Britt for that show.
  7. JimGinSP

    Britt Ghiroli Appreciation Thread

    Her statement indicates she’s intrigued by The Athletic’s entry into video. Might have been nice to see her and someone like Luis Matos replace Tom Davis and Rick Dempsey on the MASN pre and post game. Thorne, Palmer, Davis & Dempsey are all 69 + yr old caucasian males. Since we’re shaking things up........
  8. JimGinSP

    What Can the O's Do to Put Butts in Seats in 2019?

    “Put a Bird on it” redux. That video that Adam & Andino did was great. Continue the excitement surrounding Elias and Mejdal by having them do a remake staring themselves of course! They could be sitting around a conference table loaded with analytic info only to raise their heads to ask the OP’s exact question. You would have to grab Adam before he signs with another team but if you could have Jones & Andino do a cameo in it it could be epic in a Run-D.M.Z. / Aerosmith sort of way.
  9. JimGinSP

    The Buck Showalter Appreciation Thread

    99 - 187 from the date that article was written. .346 baseball turned Bucks overall winning percentage with the Orioles from .534 to .494. I still have my Buckle Up towel and will remember those days fondly but I’ve turned the page. Looks like ownership is doing the right things to turn the page as well.
  10. After hearing the radio announcement daily (including yesterday) that the Kids Peace trick or trot October 27 was “hosted by Buck & Angela Showalter”, today the announcement made no such mention. It is now presented by “Orioles Reach”. Buck and Angela’s annual charity event for a worthy cause. A donation or participation in their honor might be appropriate. Thanks Buck!