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  1. LookitsPuck

    TT: Mullins: Starter of Future 4th Outfielder?

    Mullins strikes me as a Rajai Davis type. So to that end, a 4th OF, PR and maybe part of a platoon.
  2. LookitsPuck

    Emerging from the Stone Age

    *Americans are a sucker for a blood sport. Internationally soccer is about as chess matchy as it gets, yet it's popular as all get out. For some reason, however, Americans have a propensity for the NFL, MMA, etc. over MLB. Which is a shame.
  3. So much more refreshing to hear Elias speak than Duquette. Elias actually answers questions instead of speak in generalities and/or market tropes.
  4. LookitsPuck

    Doug Brocail is the Pitching Coach

    Wow. I did not see this. Thanks for posting this. Most of what I know re: DCab were from players wives/girlfriends. It was pretty well known in the clubhouse how much of a steroid junky DCab was. Interesting to see Trembley just come out and spill the beans. That's a rarity in this industry from a manager.
  5. LookitsPuck

    Doug Brocail is the Pitching Coach

    Sucks about DCab. Steroids giveth, steroids takeith-away. Last 14 starts in 2005: .679 OPS against, 3.43 ERA, 9.6 SO/9.
  6. LookitsPuck

    Doug Brocail is the Pitching Coach

    Also, wasn't it Brocail that broke Miguel Tejada's hand?
  7. LookitsPuck

    Doug Brocail is the Pitching Coach

    Just has to be a smart guy with managerial experience and an open mind. Let the Analytics Department and Elias work hand in hand w/ Brocail. That's all I care about. Same goes with the Manager.
  8. I just think it's odd and honestly pedantic to think that a grown man should refer to another grown man as Mr. Elias. He's a General Manager, not a Doctor or a Senator. And honestly, those salutations are stuffy, too. FWIW, this wasn't just directed at you. It was really directed at anybody that agrees with it. Which there were at least a couple here. 🤷‍♂️
  9. No kidding. Is he going to call him Michael? Michael Elias? Every single time he refers to him until a period of time of which it's "respectful" to call him by Mike? Call me crazy, but when we hired a new CEO, I never once referred to that individual as Mr. <LastName> or <First Name> <Last Name>. I called him by his first name. And still do to this day. I'm not 16. Neither is Chris Davis. And neither is Mike Elias. I mean, if you read all of Chris's quotes in that Roch article, all but twice did he refer to new hires as their first and last name. I don't know. Just feels unnecessary to harp on somebody like that.
  10. LookitsPuck

    Tanner Scott Prefers the Bullpen

    Are those really good examples, though? Paxton was a starter nearly exclusively in the minors for the Mariners. Same goes for Snell. And both were 1st round draft picks (Paxton drafted 1st and then 4th, FWIW). Neither had the significant control issues that Scott has. I get what you're saying, but you're comparing apples and oranges here.
  11. LookitsPuck

    Tanner Scott Prefers the Bullpen

    I'm not so sure taking a guy, stretching him out when he has poor command and only a couple of pitches is a wise idea going forward. If we want to maximize our assets, you make him the best damn reliever you can and flip him.
  12. An outfield that isn't geriatric/slow? New faces? That's all I got. :shrug: It's going to suck in terms of performance and W/L. So you'll need to focus on micro transactions and players being called up/growing.
  13. LookitsPuck

    Anyone Following Manny? (Signs with San Diego)

    If he joins the Yankees or Red Sox? He's dead to me. i've already soured on him due to his hijinks with the Dodgers. Joining those douchenozzles will just put it over the edge.
  14. LookitsPuck

    Will the Orioles be better in 2019 than 2018?

    I did do a terrible job of wording that, huh? I meant the worst team ever...and second worse was the 1988 team. Good grief. Poor job on my part. lol
  15. LookitsPuck

    Will the Orioles be better in 2019 than 2018?

    Thanks! Updated.