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  1. Your level of apathy level for the 2018 season

    I think you're right.
  2. Cashner signing

    Oh, I'm not worried about the why. I'm worried about how sustainable it is. Those numbers as a groundball pitcher looks like when Britton was a starter.
  3. Cashner signing

    No loss of pick. $8m/year AAV. 2 years, low commitment. His FIP is lackluster and his SO/9 rate is a concern. That said, he's better than 3/5 of the rotation...so there's that. I don't mind this. It's something. Not enough. But it's something. Wouldn't shock me to see him settle in with a 4.75-5.00 ERA or so.
  4. Your level of apathy level for the 2018 season

    I got lucky early on. Prices haven't increased much (thank you Angelos!) since I'm grandfathered into similar prices from back in like 2007 or so. Back in those days, I was able to buy Opening Day tickets like candy. It's amazing. I had 50-60 people giving me money and we'd buy entire rows/sections at times. As they started winning, they restricted it to something like 4 tickets per seat for Opening Day re: extra purchases. Then down to 2 tickets per seat. Now I believe it's 1 to 1.
  5. Your level of apathy level for the 2018 season

    Section 17, Row 10.
  6. Your level of apathy level for the 2018 season

    Super excited for baseball. Not very excited for this Orioles team. I have very low expectations for this club. I re-upped my season tickets because I'm a glutton for punishment and I can't quite quit this team...but I wasn't enthusiastic when I re-upped. It took me a few weeks before I even did it.
  7. Ownership is partially at fault here, but 85-90%? That is way too high. Ownership doesn't decree sacrificing the number of draft picks that Duquette has given away like candy and picking up guys like Ubaldo or injured guys like Gallardo. :shrug:
  8. I don't fault Duquette for Britton or Jones. Gausman and Schoop, however, I do fault him. I honestly don't know what's going on. I've really soured on Duquette ever since his Blue Jays debacle and totally punting that offseason when he still had...what...how many years left on his contract? 3 or 4? Inexcusable and classless.
  9. On the one hand, I wouldn't be having any meaningful conversations with Britton. For one, he's rehabbing from a fairly substantial injury/surgery. And two, he's way too expensive. On the other hand, Duquette hasn't proven able to walk and chew gum at the same time. He's *always* operating in the now and rarely has made sound acquisitions or decisions that set the team up for long term success. It's no surprise to me that without a contract extending past this season, he'd be even further myopic.
  10. Are you happy spring training is starting?

    Baseball is better than no baseball. But it's simply inexcusable that it's February 12th and the Orioles only have 2 out of their 5 rotation slots filled.
  11. I love the Orioles no matter what

    I'm still a season ticket holder. Begrudgingly, but I still am. Have been since 2007 (or was it 2008?). I love Baltimore and I love the Orioles even though I'm very critical of Duquette and (at times) Angelos. I do love me some Buck. I think back to how much of a disaster Dave Trembley et al were....and we are better than those teams. Well, maybe not this year. lol
  12. The Rotation

    I like Odorizzi. I don't know if I like him enough to trade for him unless we can get creative. He kind of reminds me of a slightly better Miguel Gonzalez early on his career.
  13. The Rotation

    Other thing to remember here: Mancini turns 26 in March. He's a below average defensive OF'er. I think people here might be overvaluing Trey Mancini relative to guys like Odorizzi. Teams are going to be asking if 2017 was a fluke season from Mancini...and what his baseline is? Is it the 2.2 WAR guy in 2017....or does he settle in less?
  14. The Rotation

    Odorizzi is a FA in 2020. Teams would be trading for 2 years of cheap control from an effective pitcher that's been relatively durable and successful in the AL East. Oh, and he's 27. He's making $4.1m in 2018. The last 4 years he's averaged 167 IP, 3.81 ERA, 1.215 WHIP and a 4.23 FIP. He's going to cost more than middling prospects. That said, 2017 was interesting for Odorizzi. His HR/9 spiked as did his BB/9. HR/9 was a terrible 1.9 (up from his career average of 1.1). BB/9 was 3.8 (average prior was 2.7).
  15. Mike Wright’s last shot

    The problem w/ Mike Wright is he has a 4 seamer and a 2 seamer. Both of which have velocity, but are relatively flat. I'd argue he should work on his 2 seamer more because his secondary pitches range anywhere from average (slider) to poor (curve/change).