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  1. Texas has a decent chance. Their rotation is pretty nice: Cole Hamels: 3.78 ERA Yu Darvish: 3.44 ERA Andrew Cashner: 3.64 ERA Martin Perez: 4.67 ERA Offense is pretty solid. 4.8 R/G good for 4th in the AL. For reference, the O's are at 4.7 (7th in the AL). I'm inclined to believe Minnesota won't be there in the end. I don't think their offense is much to write home about and their pitching isn't great by any stretch. That said, they do have Santana and Berrios and a couple of decent bullpen arms.
  2. I sort of agree. But my general thought: when you have the worst starting rotation in MLB, you can't talk about being a playoff contender. And the Orioles have no business buying. It's asinine and irresponsible.
  3. I cringe at how badly Duquette would get ripped off if he dealt w/ MacPhail.
  4. No, I don't think a guy like Angelos is willingly signing injured starting pitchers to multi-year deals to 8 digit salaries for 1st round draft picks. Angelos is a very methodical, conservative owner. I think that was entirely Duquette. He waited until the last possible minute and felt forced. So he did it. It was asinine.
  5. I'd argue that the Gallardo acquisition was boneheaded.
  6. Ugh
  7. Buck really needs to control Bundy better. It's Buck being Buck, i.e. pushing starters way too far. The other issue is Bundy needs to be shut down soon. They handled him poorly last year. And they're doing it again this year. There's no clear plan.
  8. Kim isn't the problem. Miley and Ubaldo are.
  9. There are other rounds than the 1st.
  10. bbref.
  11. 1.2 WAR, 4 seasons. $50m. 1st round draft pick.
  12. Basically when all you have is a 2 seam fastball in the low 90s and it keeps eating most of the plate...this is what is going to happen. Awful.
  13. Prior to the start of the game I had these as over/unders: Number of innings Ubaldo pitches. 4. Number of runs Ubaldo allows. 6. Starting to like under and over.
  14. Ariel Miranda: 2.6 WAR in 1+ seasons, ~$1m Zach Davies: 3.5 WAR in 2 1/2 seasons, $1.5m Andrew Triggs: 0.5 WAR in 1+ seasons, $1m Parker Bridwell: 1.0 WAR in 1/2 season, $550k Just those guys have put up 7.6 WAR and have cost a total of about $4m over the last couple years.
  15. Gallardo is one of the more frustrating signings by Duquette. Our medical staff had big red flags on him, he comes into spring training barely hitting 86-87mph...and he cost a 1st round draft pick and made double digit dough. He ended up being flipped this season for a 1 dimensional player in Seth Smith (who has put up a 0.4 WAR, BTW). So all in, Gallardo cost the Orioles a 1st rounder, $11m ($9m last year, $2m this year) and the $7m for Seth Smith. Accrued WAR? Gallardo: 0.2, Smith: 0.4. So $18m and a 1st rounder for 0.6 WAR (although still a half season left of Smith, btw). And this could have all been prevented had we just listened to our medical staff. And this doesn't count the payroll inflexibility the club had going into this season. And last season. And the impact of a hurt Gallardo (he was on the DL for a period last year) and a hamstrung (no pun intended) defensive OF had on the club.