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  1. LookitsPuck

    Internal manager candidates

    Doesn't matter to me one bit just as long as they don't abuse anybody's arms/playing time and provide a solid example to the players....and don't play any veterans over future centerpieces for the club unless absolutely necessary (health, for example). Otherwise, if the team is going to royally suck, it doesn't matter what name you put out there.
  2. I don't think it's black or white, i.e. he only did this because he wanted to maintain his stock. Any self respecting professional looks at all the pros/cons. He's a family man. I'm sure having to play out your remaining days potentially second fiddle all the while increasing the commute for your family and/or uprooting them for a short period of time wasn't worth it. It would have been a big problem for me. If I'm Jones and I *know* I'm going to get a MLB job next year....I want to finish out things on *my* terms and not anybody else's. Especially not somebody who has poor player management skills (Duquette). I'm going to miss Jones. One of my fav O's of all times and I really don't think upper management played it well this year in regards to Jones.
  3. LookitsPuck

    Per Nightingale: Dan Stays, Buck Goes.

    For those people that are saying John and Lou's apparent decision to nix Showalter and keep Duquette along shows that they now have the power, what does it say that they want to promote Brady? The Orioles were lucky to have Buck for as long as they did. I'm going to miss him. It's going to be brutal for awhile. Maybe they're just going to throw some random, young former player as manager to take orders from Duquette...so maybe it really doesn't matter because the end product is going to absolutely suck for awhile. My only other thought about Duquette is that I don't think he's an awful GM. I just know there are better options. But those better options probably don't want to be anywhere near this dumpster fire of an organization due to the severe talent dearth. The trades made at the trade deadline didn't net nearly the amount of talent as they should have. And that's what really irks me about Duquette. If he's supposed to have control...those trades were incredibly lackluster. Especially the Gausman debacle. He had some awesome deals early on his tenure here. But since those first few years? Not so much. So, yeah. I think Duquette is an averagish GM. I guess we could do worse.
  4. LookitsPuck

    Per Nightingale: Dan Stays, Buck Goes.

    Incredibly asinine that this is the case. I'm guessing the only reason for this is legitimately nobody wants this position. But goddamn it. Jettisoning Buck and keeping Duquette around is inexcusable. Nobody could win with this disaster of a club.
  5. LookitsPuck

    Joseph for the second time calls out the team

    Wieters had a great arm and could block the plate. But he called a terrible game and couldn't frame for crap. On top of that, he had a tendency to backhand a lot of pitches instead of getting in front of it later in his career.
  6. LookitsPuck

    Joseph for the second time calls out the team

    I don't think Duquette is stupid. I just don't think he's a great GM. You're right re: not investing internationally. And I honestly give two craps about about spending on top flight pitching. There are quite a few teams that get by on much less of a payroll than the Orioles and have had much, much, much better pitching staffs over the years. RE: about it being an open tryout team. Well, considering this club is pretty much a bunch of old vets and AAAA players...who should be at fault for that? Sure as hell shouldn't be Buck.
  7. LookitsPuck

    Joseph for the second time calls out the team

    The thing about Dempsey is...yes, on paper, 24 seasons and only 25 WAR doesn't sound spectacular. But he accrued nearly 21 of it from 1977 to 1986. A 10 year period averaging 2.1 WAR isn't bad by any stretch of the imagination. I like Caleb a lot. He certainly bloomed late, but he's not Rick Dempsey. There's something to say about longevity. Especially at the catcher position. I'm not confident Caleb would put up the kind of numbers Dempsey did over a 10 year period. I think it's very possible he'd put up half the WAR. And that's all I need to say about that.
  8. LookitsPuck

    Joseph for the second time calls out the team

    The total picture is signing guys like Gallardo and Ubaldo and losing 1st round picks. It's poor roster management by giving away Matusz and Webb and picks in salary dumps. It's making asinine mid-season trades for guys like Parra (and giving up a guy like Davies, 5.6 WAR for the Brewers so far). It's re-buying on guys like Trumbo instead of letting him walk. The list can really go on. That's kind of my point. I'm not going over the top here. It's been clear as day during Duquette's tenure that he was all in....year in and year out until 2018. Some of the trades were necessary to some, some were boneheaded...but the draft picks being given out like candy aren't defensible.
  9. LookitsPuck

    LHP Sean Gilmartin coming up

    As opposed to Yacabonis that has stuff that seems to work rarely.
  10. LookitsPuck

    Joseph for the second time calls out the team

    What are you going to replace the players with? This is the bed that Duquette made. When you mortgage the farm and give away draft picks like candy...what more do you expect? The chickens have come home to roost, folks. It doesn't matter who's manning the ship.
  11. LookitsPuck

    Do the O's even name a MVO this year?

    Orioles season and it's not even close. At least a historically awful Davis can be managed. But the fact that this club (probably) couldn't do much better than the better AAA clubs out there says everything.
  12. LookitsPuck

    Do the O's even name a MVO this year?

    Richard Bleier if we're picking current Orioles. Which is extremely sad. If we want to go with the feels because at least he was solid offensively, I'd pick Adam Jones.
  13. LookitsPuck

    How Long is the Road to Contention?

    I'd put the earliest at 2022 or 2023 barring some complete and utter miracle.
  14. LookitsPuck

    Mesa Brothers Declared Free Agents By MLB

    Gentry had a 4 year period where he put up 9.7 WAR. I'd say that's pretty solid. And if VVM plays for the Orioles, he'd presumably be called up sooner. Gentry didn't get more than 35 plate appearances until he 27 years old. I'd hope (expect) VVM to be up in a more regular appearance by the time he's 24-25.
  15. LookitsPuck

    Mesa Brothers Declared Free Agents By MLB

    It'll be beyond unacceptable if the O's put together those lackluster deadline trades to bolster their international spending allotment only to not use it (and then some) to sign VVM.