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  1. Just a reminder that Jonathan Schoop was signed as a non-drafted free agent back when he was 16 years old. You never know with these kids, but I'd much rather what Elias is doing by stockpiling talent, especially young talent, in circumstances of Andrew Cashner. You're not going to get sure thing blue chippers for him. So why not roll the dice especially on two players that Elias already had an eye prior to being in Baltimore?
  2. 2020 - Bad 2021 - Not as bad 2022 - Maybe average 2023 - Good
  3. Yup. And for those also wondering, I've been following the O's tech postings...and they've had a number of software positions open up immediately after the hiring of Sig. They apparently have a developer that travels with the team in some capacity and/or presents directly to players. That's very encouraging.
  4. I trust Elias. That said, this is typical for the day before. You're going to hear a lot of rumours. I don't put any credit in them.
  5. Something, something about rearranging deck chairs. I’ll go on record and say that this is going to be the worst Orioles bullpen of all time.
  6. As we stand right now, we're projected to: We've played 50 games. Scored 197 runs, allowed 305 runs. Over the course of the entire season that's 638 runs scored and 988 runs allowed. Last year the O's scored 622 runs and allowed 892 runs. So we're on pace to score 16 runs more but allow 96 more. A -80 regression. So, yeah, we're worse.
  7. Last 15 years top picks at catcher. 2018 - Joey Bart, #2 2017 - Luis Campusano, #39 2016 - Zack Collins, #10 2015 - Tyler Stephenson, #11 2014 - Max Pentecost, #11 2013 - Reese McGuire, #14 2012 - Mike Zunino, #3 2011 - C.J. Cron, #17 2010 - Yasmani Grandal, #12 2009 - Tony Sanchez, #4 2008 - Buster Posey, #5 - Kyle Skipworth, #6 2007 - Matt Wieters, #5 2006 - Maxwell Sapp, #23 2005 - Jeff Clement, #3 2004 - Neil Walker, #11 2003 - Daric Barton, #28
  8. $14m/year isn't really that bad. He had a 1.1 WAR last year. Compared to Davis who had -2.5 while making $23m. It's still too early to rate the Cobb scenario as being "nearly as big a bust". Him being hurt and rushed wasn't a wise decision, but he could still end up being decent. Or he could end up being Ubaldo Jimenez in terms of value (+0.4 WAR over 4 years, $50m).
  9. All of this aside, it all comes down to winning. People want to see a winning team. The year the O's won the AL East, they averaged 30,426 per game in 2014. Expectations were high the following year even though they ended up going .500 on the season. They averaged 29,246. This was also the year for the Baltimore riots, FWIW. If you're a fan and you see a team go from the AL East and winning 96 games down to barely hitting .500, how much would you be riled up for the 2016 season? Well, apparently not as much. A drop to 26,819 per year in 2016. Yes, they made it to the playoffs via the WC game. Call it the effects of the Baltimore riots, lower expectations from a .500 season, but this is when it all started going south. 2017 they sucked. Won 75 games. Down again to 25,042 per game. Then in 2018, they were historically awful. They won *47* games. The stars were traded. At the end of the season, Duquette and Buck gone. They averaged 19,311. Don't tell me this is just because of costs of going to the game, the economy, effects of the riots, weather, etc. I think all of that matters, but not to the extent that winning matters. If the O's somehow turned this season around and won 90 games, you can guaran-goddamn-tee you'd see an increase in attendance next year. We'll never see an average of 40k+ people per game again, yes. That's the trend of all sports, i.e. more media consumption, less physical presence. But I do think we can see 30k+ per game. Just have to win.
  10. This is going to be the problem going forward for *every* sport.
  11. Right, which is why I said it would very inappropriate. But it'd give me a glimpse on what the new regime thinks of the past regime. It's more palace intrigue than anything.
  12. I think the Dodgers still have local blackout restrictions, don't they?
  13. Well, my question isn't probably appropriate to ask, but I'd want him to grade the returns the O's got for Britton, Gausman, Schoop and Machado.
  14. If Yefry Ramirez is the answer, I don't want to know the question.
  15. I think it’s rather telling he’s still not listed on it. Maybe they didn’t want to slap him in the face with something less of a VP title that he had before? Not at all that unusual, so maybe they’re trying to cook up some title and responsibilities that gives him a modicum of respect whilst leveraging his very targeted abilities. Lest people forget, Brady Anderson is still a household name in Baltimore. They’re not just going to nix him and not say a damn thing. At least he should get some PR statement a la Duquette, Buck, etc.
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