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  1. LookitsPuck

    Dillon Tate - RHP - 2018 #17 Prospect

    I hope new management tells Tate to forget everything the Orioles taught him.
  2. Wouldn’t shock me it’s announced on Thursday or Friday afternoon.
  3. Are people really hang wringing over what title is an executive or not? An executive is just somebody in an organization that has the power to put plans in place and execute against those plans. It's as simple as that. If Mike Elias is a General Manager, he's an executive. If Mike Elias is a VP of Baseball Operations, he's an executive. It comes down to the job responsibilities and both of those titles (GM, VP of Baseball Operations) have largely shared very similar responsibilities.
  4. He has another year (if they tender him a contract). And Schoop is going to be 27 next year. I think he'll turn it around. That said, I'm talking about the whole of the return from the trade deadline. It was largely an average to a below average return once you factor in salary dumps *and* losing out on Mesa/Gaston/etc.
  5. I think people are overplaying the Brady disdain, especially now that father Angelos isn't running the ship any longer. Most of the actions that have been happening so far have been the right moves since the trade deadline. Well, minus the actual trades themselves (they were terrible).
  6. Awesome news if true. Would be a huge upgrade.
  7. LookitsPuck

    Top President / EVP Candidates?

    Mike Elias?
  8. LookitsPuck

    FanGraphs ranks O’s minor league system 28th

    All the more depressing especially with how piss poor the return was at the trade deadline and swinging and missing on the Mesa brothers and Gaston.
  9. LookitsPuck

    TT: Silence of Ownership is Deafening

    I’ll never understand people wanting to rush one of the most important hires of an organization. There is virtually little gain from rushing this especially since there’s an interim management team in place.
  10. Yeah, he stunk this year. And this roster was a disaster. Our best starting pitchers by FIP: Kevin Gausman - 4.58 Alex Cobb - 4.80 Dylan Bundy - 5.17 Yefrey Ramirez - 5.29 Andrew Cashner - 5.32 David Hess - 5.80 Could you imagine how much of a disaster this club would have been without Cobb and Cashner trying to buoy the club? Good grief.
  11. LookitsPuck

    Why do we need a President and a "GM"?

    General Manager is more focused on the rosters, trades and everything more on the field, whereas a President is in control of everything throughout the organization (marketing, sales, etc. etc.). So the GM can be more focused on baseball/analytics/etc.
  12. LookitsPuck

    Orioles Reach Out to Me Regarding Plans

    More likely he's back on the street because of 47-115. 🤷‍♂️
  13. LookitsPuck

    Top President / EVP Candidates?

    Maybe I should have said a ham sandwich that only has ham and white bread with no condiments or other toppings.
  14. LookitsPuck

    Top President / EVP Candidates?

    Ned Coletti would be a slightly better Dan Duquette. And I say slightly better because he wasn't blackballed from baseball for a decade. But that's all I got. He's like a ham sandwich. If I'm hungry and there's nothing else, I'd eat it. I wouldn't be happy about it, but at least I'm not hungry any longer.
  15. LookitsPuck

    Orioles Reach Out to Me Regarding Plans

    I would too, but that marketing email/,ail looks more to be about taking advantage of benefits of your current season ticket plan...not for 2019. They aren't even renewable yet from what I can tell, yeah? I got the same message and it's probably just automated/part of the various planned season email/mail promotions.