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  1. It’s like 50 degrees and no humidity in early April. And he allowed 4 homers. I don’t think the ballpark is much of an issue. His 89mph flat fastball and poor control is.
  2. 6 homers allowed in...what...12 innings give or take? And this is BEFORE it gets hot and humid? Throw him in middle relief.
  3. A flat 90-91 mph fastball just doesn't play when your other pitches are erratic. He doesn't have pinpoint control. He can't locate. This is the same Bundy that got destroyed 2nd half of last year. He's cooked.
  4. I'd say it'd be well above 0%, what say you?
  5. No clue. But if he's not getting on base and not getting hits, maybe try for a near sure fire thing, no?
  6. If he's not going to hit homers....or really anything. Maybe he should just bunt every single time up until they stop shifting on him?
  7. Ownership said enough by bringing in Mike Elias and Sig Mejdal. This team was beyond awful last year. You can't just snap your fingers and fix a disaster. It takes years. This is what the first year of a rebuild looks like. It's a good chance we'll have more of these kinds of seasons.
  8. Bleier just doesn't seem right. Granted last year was a lot of smoke and mirrors for him, but man...this is a huge regression to the mean if he's not unhealthy.
  9. I really, really don't like extending Givens like that in the 3rd game of the year, especially in back to back games. 49 pitches across 2 innings...high stress. Not sure how I feel.
  10. This lineup over 162 will struggle to score more than 600 runs.
  11. Velocity dip, straight as an arrow fastball. He had a decent first half (4.35 ERA, 1.306 WHIP, 1.7 HR/9), but completely fell apart at the seams in the 2nd half: 7.11 ERA, 1.566 WHIP, 2.8 HR/9). That HR/9 is incredibly worrisome. He was averaging between 1.4-1.5 in prior seasons. To see it balloon so much coupled with the drop in velocity makes me think there's another injury.
  12. Our pitching is going to be abysmal. The staff allowed 892 runs in 2018. From 2006-2009, they allowed: 899, 868, 869 and 876 runs. It wouldn't shock me to see them exceed the 2006 Orioles (who allowed 899 runs). We could see a scenario where the number of runs that they score is in the 600s like 2018 (622). It's going to be a long, long season and there aren't many bright spots aside from evaluating individuals.
  13. Mullins strikes me as a Rajai Davis type. So to that end, a 4th OF, PR and maybe part of a platoon.
  14. *Americans are a sucker for a blood sport. Internationally soccer is about as chess matchy as it gets, yet it's popular as all get out. For some reason, however, Americans have a propensity for the NFL, MMA, etc. over MLB. Which is a shame.
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