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  1. Thank you again for doing this, I love digging into the detail and trying to track every transaction. Two quick questions: 1) Tony's recently posted list of minor league spring training rosters lists a Marcos Molina, who looks to have played in the Mets system. I didn't see him in the transactions. Is this recent? Did we pick him up as a minor league free agent? 2) As best as I can tell every minor league player in a full season league last year is either on the spring roster or is covered in your transactions page (thanks again for the hard work), except one. I can't find Jordan Kipper on Tony's roster and I don't see him being cut, retiring, having become a free agent, etc. Am I missing something? For example, maybe he's not on the spring training roster due to injury (e.g. I assume that's why Putzig wasn't listed).
  2. I wonder why he retired? Although he was only at Delmarva last year and was about a year over the league average, he absolutely crushed it. Can't do much better than a 1.15 ERA (led all relievers on the team), 0.872 WHIP (led all relievers on the team), not to mention 42K:18BB. I know he's not really regarded as a prospect, but I'm not sure any pitcher (especially reliever) had a better year at Delmarva. Maybe he's tired of the grind, but it was on;y his third pro year and he had to be looking at a promotion. Maybe there's other factors like family matters or an offseason injury we don't know about. I just hate to see these kinds of guys leave the organization before seeing how far they can go and still have success.
  3. Thank you for posting this list. I'm not too surprised by the names. Many had injury issues (Negrette, Baker, and Turnipseed) while others performed poorly. I'm a tad surprised by Dominguez, since he did rather well and was promoted to Aberdeen at the very end of the season. Still, he was 24 and just tasting the NYPL. To me the biggest surprise is Vichio, who pitched to a 2.97 ERA with a 1.062 WHIP at Aberdeen and a 27K/7BB ratio. I realize he was 23, but you can only perform where they put you. To me, he couldn't so much more and there are certainly others of the same age and level that did not perform as well.
  4. nice work, love this thread every year!
  5. He'll be at Aberdeen. We are a host family with them and were just informed he'll be staying with us, beginning tomorrow (Saturday).
  6. I can confirm that 6th round pick, Mason McCoy, has signed. We are a host family for the Ironbirds and we've just been informed he's staying with us. He will arrive tomorrow.
  7. The scout can say all he wants, doesn't mean he's right. It's just an opinion. My opinion on the subject is that he's someone to get excited about. Results matter and he's been great. This year is not a fluke, he's pitched well for several years for us, it's just that he's taken it up a notch this year. I can tell you this much, he'll be quite high on my end-of-the year O's prospect list. He's a starter with a 1.100 WHIP (did that last year too at Aberdeen) who strikes out more than a guy every inning. Beautiful 5.6 K:BB rate too. All this while he;s almost a full year younger than the league average age. Hop on board, it's not too late!!
  8. what a season he is having! He just does not get the publicity of some others in the system but all he does is produce. He's simply dominating at Delmarva. Can't wait for him to move up.
  9. Apparently, it's true. Sad to see. He pitched very well each year. They must not have been high on him. Hard to believe you can't find room to keep him.
  10. <p><p><p>Thought I'd drop you a line since I believe you collect older Orioles items (hence your sign on name). While I don't really collect minor league O's items, I do collect interesting Oriole and Brooks Robinson items. I'd love to pick up some minor league stuff if and when I can afford. Would love to hear about your collection if you have time to share. </p></p></p>

    <p><p><p>Take care!</p></p></p>

    <p><p><p>Mark Comer</p></p></p>

  11. Just a quick note on Daniel Ayers, he's clearly quite talented and the O's seem to be high on him as well (the promoted him to Aberdeen after his age 19 season). That being said, he's still young and has much to prove. For example, his WHIP is the highest of any of the 18 active pitchers on the Ironbirds. Let's not go overboard on him yet. I will root for him though!
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