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  1. Keep it going!
  2. The scout can say all he wants, doesn't mean he's right. It's just an opinion. My opinion on the subject is that he's someone to get excited about. Results matter and he's been great. This year is not a fluke, he's pitched well for several years for us, it's just that he's taken it up a notch this year. I can tell you this much, he'll be quite high on my end-of-the year O's prospect list. He's a starter with a 1.100 WHIP (did that last year too at Aberdeen) who strikes out more than a guy every inning. Beautiful 5.6 K:BB rate too. All this while he;s almost a full year younger than the league average age. Hop on board, it's not too late!!
  3. what a season he is having! He just does not get the publicity of some others in the system but all he does is produce. He's simply dominating at Delmarva. Can't wait for him to move up.
  4. Amen!!
  5. Apparently, it's true. Sad to see. He pitched very well each year. They must not have been high on him. Hard to believe you can't find room to keep him.
  6. <p><p><p>Thought I'd drop you a line since I believe you collect older Orioles items (hence your sign on name). While I don't really collect minor league O's items, I do collect interesting Oriole and Brooks Robinson items. I'd love to pick up some minor league stuff if and when I can afford. Would love to hear about your collection if you have time to share. </p></p></p>

    <p><p><p>Take care!</p></p></p>

    <p><p><p>Mark Comer</p></p></p>

  7. Just a quick note on Daniel Ayers, he's clearly quite talented and the O's seem to be high on him as well (the promoted him to Aberdeen after his age 19 season). That being said, he's still young and has much to prove. For example, his WHIP is the highest of any of the 18 active pitchers on the Ironbirds. Let's not go overboard on him yet. I will root for him though!
  8. This is a great thread and it shows we have a large hole in LHP, especially starters. I do like some of the minor leaguers mentioned, but most are a ways off.
  9. He's a teenager pitching on a full season squad. Le'ts give him some time to adjust. That being said, expectations need to be realistic. Although he was our first pick, it was in the 3rd round and 90th overall. Historically, that gives him about a 1 in 3 chance of making it to the majors some day.
  10. He's been amazing this season, unfortunately it doesn't look like we will add him next week so..He Gone! That's a shame.
  11. Glad to see him getting some attention. I'll take a 0.619 WHIP any day. Keep it up!
  12. Glad to see other people track this as well. We also lost Rowen and Gailey. Good list!
  13. They also released John McLeod. McLeod was our 21st round pick last year while Koch was taken in the 33rd round. Neither had pitched poorly this year, although both guys were repeating a the GCL level. I don't expect much from pitchers drafted in late rounds but I think Frobby is correct, there must be some other reason(s) for these cuts.
  14. The best thing Hart has going for himself is that he is young...very young. He's still only 20 and is 2.7 years younger than the average hitter in the Carolina league. His improvement so far this year is noteworthy. I will not, however, get overly excited about a month's worth of stats- good or bad. I think there are both things to like and not like about him so far. Like: He's putting up improved numbers (while being rushed through the system). He's batting higher than ever before. He's striking out less often. He's stealing bases at a greater frequency. Dislike: He has no power, he is definitely NOT a 5-tool player. He has exactly two (2) career home runs. For a guy with no power and some speed, he simply does not get on base often enough. A .304 OBP is A-ball is not going to cut it. Sadly, his 641 OPS this year is by far the best mark of his professional career. My conclusion is that we should sit back and let him develop. He's still got a chance, given his young age. However, I also think our expectations should be realistic. Hart still has a long, long way to go to get to the majors but I do think that his performance this year is putting his name back into relevance.