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  1. Corolla35

    Where would Richie Martin fit on the O's top 30?

    I'm surprised Jackson isn't talked about more. Especially since his name was floated around a lot during the Machado trade rumors. I think at least, he could be a solid utility player and a possible 3B interim, if Renato doesn't work out.
  2. Corolla35

    O's claim Jace Peterson

    He might also be our best outfielder not named Craig Gentry
  3. Corolla35

    Another roster move?

    Does anyone know If Rodriguez or Edgin is added to the roster, can they be optioned back to the minors?
  4. Corolla35

    Chris Davis to leadoff?

    I wouldn't mind seeing Sisco try it. Personally I'd like to see Anthony Santander take a shot at leadoff.
  5. Corolla35

    Orioles Interested In Neil Walker and Mark Reynolds

    Why on earth would you have Trumbo on the bench? Get Trumbo out of the everyday lineup. He would still start against Lefties. What is his role? Power threat PH, backup 1B, RF, DH.
  6. Corolla35

    Orioles Interested In Neil Walker and Mark Reynolds

    It was mentioned in some of the previous post, but I think using Walker as DH against righties and moving Trumbo to the bench is an intriguing idea. But I'm not sure the O's have the balls to do it.
  7. Corolla35

    Deadline Deal Orioles Mega-Thread

    https://nolanwritin.com/2017/07/09/texas-rangers-team-takes-game-two-series-angels/ "If the Rangers still believe they can grab a Wildcard spot then moving Profar for bullpen help must happen." I would do Brach for Profar. Kind of reminds me of Koji for Chris Davis. But like that trade, I would want a young pitcher in the return as well.
  8. Corolla35

    Trade for Profar

    http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/jurickson-profar According to this, they want Starting pitching. So I would think you'd have to start with Tillman at least.
  9. Corolla35

    Who will start Sunday? (Dylan Bundy)

    Dylan also said that he would leave the decision up to management.
  10. Corolla35

    Adam Jones and Double Plays

    http://espn.go.com/blog/baltimore-orioles/post/_/id/781/orioles-need-adam-jones-to-start-hitting-like-adam-jones I think the article sums it up pretty well. We may not have any CF prospects, but at this point I would much rather roll the dice on a healthy Xavier Avery/Rickard platoon.
  11. Corolla35

    Reimold/Rickard/Alvarez: Odd Man Out

    I think you bring up a good point. Especially if the bullpen is low on optionable guys. Alvarez being on the shuttle will have much less fuss than someone like Wei Yin Chen.
  12. Corolla35

    any top of the order left feilders available?

    Why not give Reimold a shot, assuming he can get on base. I wouldn't expect him to steal a lot of bases, but I think he has enough speed for a leadoff hitter. Just have to be a smart baserunner.
  13. I'm curious to know why you feel this way. Do you not think Britton has a chance to be a dominant closer on the level of a Mariano Rivera? Or are you against paying top dollar for Closers in general?
  14. Corolla35


    Just a thought, if Jones GDIP so much, then why not try hit and run once in awhile, assuming someone like Machado or Parra is on base. Without looking up the numbers, i'm fairly confident that if the pitch is in the strike zone, then Jones usually can make contact. And if Jones does swing and miss, its usually a pitch in the dirt, which makes it easier for Machado or Parra to steal 2nd. Maybe its just me, but i usually don't see the O's utilizing the hit and run much.
  15. Corolla35

    Trade Watch (It starts)

    Anyone think we have what it take to get Carlos Gonzalez? Like Jay Bruce he wouldn't be a rental. http://www.cbssports.com/mlb/writer/jon-heyman/25252099/cargo-has-hit-the-trade-block-following-trade-of-tulowitzki "The Mets, Angels and Orioles have been the teams most actively seeking a big-hitting outfielder, and Gonzalez would fit the description."