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  1. 8/19/2017, Replica Camden Yards Night

    I've learned that Sam Horn, Mark McLemore, and Adam Jones all went to the same high school.
  2. Orioles Acquire Miguel Castro Designate Gunkel

    Is he being sent down?
  3. Orioles Acquire Miguel Castro Designate Gunkel

    Is he being sent down?
  4. Prediction for The Last 40 Games

    45-(-5). That's my prediction. I think that'll be a record.
  5. Go. What are your draft/auction strategies this season?
  6. Random Thoughts

    Lots of O's gear represented at Dutch Wonderland this week.
  7. We get Tim Beckham...and its a good pick up

    Beckham signed for $100k less than Posey. He signed for more than the second and third picks, Hosmer and Alvarez.
  8. A Little Redemtion

    I can tell who they weren't offering, Soto, Robles, and Fedde. I wouldn't have sent Britton over without getting one of those three.
  9. We get Tim Beckham...and its a good pick up

    Should we expect Beckham's defensive metrics to improve now that he's not playing half his games on that Tampa rug?
  10. Washington Redskins - Off season changes

    I really like these defensive pick ups: Brown, Taylor, and Swearinger.
  11. The top 8 prospects in baseball are international signees

    Their payroll may be crazy, but they are getting huge production from guys who are not arbitration eligible such as Seager, Taylor, Bellinger, Barnes. Wood makes under $3M.
  12. Don Baylor has passed away

    I read through that and didn't realize Darren Daulton also died.
  13. The Angels are not ahead of the Orioles. At least not at this moment. The Orioles commitment to Miley is nowhere near $20M. Couldn't you make the same point without two untrue statements?
  14. Lack of Salary Cap in MLB

    Yeah, a salary cap would definitely help parity. Look at the NBA. Next year a team besides Golden State or Cleveland may make the finals for the first time since 2014. In the NFL, only 11 of the 16 AFC teams have not gone to the Super Bowl since 2002. I'm sure the 2014 Giants were fooled by the second wildcard.
  15. We get Tim Beckham...and its a good pick up

    I thought it was a done deal that Hardy comes back on the 18th. This makes it sound like a maybe.