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  1. backwardsk

    I STILL Love Adam Jones

    Why do you say that?
  2. backwardsk

    2018 Winter Meetings Thread

    Career year at 34, cashes in on $30M.
  3. backwardsk

    I STILL Love Adam Jones

  4. backwardsk

    Will Hyde Bring Any Cubs Coaches/Free Agents With Him?

    Does this include force outs at home?
  5. backwardsk

    2018 Winter Meetings Thread

    Tulowitzki has been released. Eating $38M.
  6. backwardsk

    2018 Winter Meetings Thread

    McCutchen gets 3 years from Philly. Looks like around $45M. Will Jones get in that neighborhood?
  7. backwardsk

    A look back: top 10 prospects from 2011

  8. backwardsk

    A look back: top 10 prospects from 2011

    Whatever. Look at other lists in the AL East. How many collectively produced more than the three Orioles that made it?
  9. backwardsk

    2018 Winter Meetings Thread

    Originally from Houston's organization.
  10. backwardsk

    Week 14 @ Kansas City

    Mark Sanchez started today.
  11. I played throughout high school and played my last season of American Legion in the summer before heading off to college. I pitched against some D1 guys and held my own. I did give up a moonshot to a kid who got drafted by the Twins earlier in the week. When I was younger, I played in a tournament led by future MVP Jimmy Rollins.
  12. backwardsk

    No Schoop reunion

    Club record for homeruns as a 2nd baseman. Use that tidbit to impress at parties. Hope he does well there. He was fun to watch.
  13. backwardsk

    Tracking Ex Oriole Thread

    Rick Kranitz to the Braves. Joins the list of McDowell and Leo Mazzone to serve as PC for both the Orioles and Braves. (I think Kranitz held the title of pitching coach)
  14. backwardsk

    George HW Bush died

    Look up Jim Vance and George H.W. Bush on YouTube. The one about the fishing trip on the Potomac. It's a great clip of the late local news anchor and the President.
  15. backwardsk

    Machado Trade Revisited. What If...

    Are there examples of a player being traded 1 year out from FA and extending with that team? What were some of the bigger deals?