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  1. Will they trade with Washington? If not, what contender will be willing to give up big assets for a closer?
  2. Torres to have Tommy John after a collision this weekend.
  3. Milwaukee? They are in first and have a hole at SS. Something around Brinson?
  4. The Brewers and Diamondbacks played last night. Not sure if McCain stayed up to watch, but if he did, he would have seen Davies, Drake, and McFarland combine for 6.2 IP, 10 runs (8 earned). Drake's ERA is now over 5. Hader got called up.
  5. Mark Reynolds went 4-5 today with his 17th HR. He is now hitting .309.
  6. Good for him, man. I'm really happy for him. Should be a confidence booster.
  7. Enter the game,bottom of 9, five RBI. Is that good?
  8. Eh, I guess 22+16 is 38 instead of 48. I guess I'm missing 2 because I was counting Fry, Jackson, and Tejada. I was missing two, but now have them straight.
  9. DD just said that the strength of the draft is RHP.
  10. We'll find out. He's up, Hart is down. I counted 48 guys in Baltimore this season. Am I off?
  11. Well, that was cool.
  12. Star may be up for debate, but he was definitely big.
  13. Sir Sidney!
  14. Houston had six straight losing seasons including three 100+ losing seasons before they started winning again. How do you propose the Orioles go through that cycle in 2.5 years?
  15. What if each single was followed by an out as they tried to stretch it into a double? 'Splain that.