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  1. Slow Offseason around MLB

    This article is a good read. It makes me rethink what Harper and Manny may get next year.
  2. I like Castro. He deserves a shot. Aquino is not a guy who can be a fixture in the rotation, but maybe he's someone that you can pick your spots with when the opponent is heavily left handed. Of those four, Ynoa and Aquino did the best with a 4.31 ERA in six starts.
  3. Of course .500 isn't the goal. But we may be a better team than 2017, right now, by rolling out the guys currently in our organisation. I looked at 2017 starts from Ynoa, Asher, Castro, and Aquino. My scratch math has them with 13 starts, 64.1 IP and a 5.74 ERA.
  4. So if they could find SP outside of Bundy and Gausman who could collectively pitch to 5.5 ERA, this could be a .500 team using those guidelines?
  5. The starting pitching facts are illuminating. Then consider Gausman's first half starts (19) had 5.85 ERA. So that, by my math, represents a 6.49 ERA by starters for 105 starts. How hard would it be for Castro/Ynoa/Wright/Cortes/Asher/Lee to shave a half run in 95-100 starts? How would that translate to wins and losses?
  6. Slow Offseason around MLB

    My money is on this FA's name rhyming with Lake Carietta. Just a guess.
  7. I would say that Bonds left a legacy in San Francisco. He left Pittsburgh two years later than Manny. When I think of the Braves. Greg Maddox comes to mind though he came up with the Cubs.
  8. Manny has a history of outslugging Mike Trout in the playoffs.
  9. Curtis Granderson

    I read that the plan was to platoon him in left with Pearce.
  10. Suprising Off Limit Player

    He was the guy that we signed after the deadline, right? Can you imagine the fallout if MLB played hardball and Bishop went on to have a successful career?
  11. SP Openings Across MLB

    Maybe someone like Hobgood?
  12. SP Openings Across MLB

    At least the 2015 and 2017 guys make up 40% of our 2018 rotation.
  13. 2018 Redskins

    Letting Breeland go to FA is how good teams are run (so this has been a rare experience). Draft a player, let him develop, and then he leaves for presumably a big pay day. Draft players (Fuller) and sign UDFA (Dunbar) to replace. Moreau and Holsley have potential to develop and can be the 4th and 5th corners on the 2018 team. I'm hoping FSU S Derwin James fall to 13 in the draft. If not, there are some good DL potential with Payne (Ala), Hurst (Michigan), Via (Washington), Bryan (FL), and Phillips (Stanford).