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  1. R.A. Dickey?

    I'm all for it. They need three more starters. If you can get 180 innings of 100 ERA+ for 1/8-10, you do it. (Considering our minor leagu options).
  2. Manager Movement

    What do you look for in a potential manager? Do you want someone with organizational ties? Is it like football where you get someone from a successful "tree"? (Didn't work with Mazilli). Do you care about ability to interact with the media? I'm intrigued by Maddox as a candidate. I can't think of too many ex-pitchers who manage (Bud Black). But in the A.L., having a knack for handling the bullpen is one of the most important things, imo. Having an experienced pitching coach may be an advantage.
  3. Manager Movement

    Mets and Phillies still open.
  4. 2017 A.L.C.S. (Astros vs. Yankees)

    Houston has had a runner reach scoring position every inning through three, but can't scratch out a run.
  5. Mike Maddux for pitching coach?

    When you bring in a new manager, you let them fill out their own staff, imo. So you fire everybody. But that doesn't mean that they don't want him back and he doesn't want to come back. Sure, he's a free agent now. The Cubs job looks attractive, but I just wouldn't be surprised if he's back as the PC...or manager.
  6. 2017 A.L.C.S. (Astros vs. Yankees)

    If I was New York, I'd take advantage of that hole in LF.
  7. Mike Maddux for pitching coach?

    I would love to get him, but I think he returns to D.C.
  8. 2017 A.L.C.S. (Astros vs. Yankees)

    Why pitch Giles here?
  9. 2017 A.L.C.S. (Astros vs. Yankees)

    He almost gave up a cycle to the first four batters. #notashutdowninning
  10. 2017 Washington Nationals

    I know they state that they have released the entire coaching staff, but I wouldn't be surprised to see some or a bunch return. Especially Maddox.
  11. Or had an injury along the way like Harvey.
  12. Expansion/Realignment

    Part of the purpose is to minimize travel, so geographically aligned divisions will happen.
  13. Expansion/Realignment

    Under this scenario, we would only play Bos, NYY, and Tor three times each during the season, if I understand it correctly. Not a big fan of that.
  14. The NBA Thread

    Boston spends $128M on a FA and he breaks his leg 5 minutes into the season.
  15. Favorite Netflix Originals

    Who painted the dicks?