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  1. They All Break

    Like Hayden Penn, Mordecai is not a baseball name.
  2. They All Break

    In addition to Price, Boston is losing Wright for 15 games for being a POS.
  3. TT: Pitching staff just about complete

    Evidently Buck let O'Day and Givens break the news. They pulled him into an office and he thought he was in trouble.
  4. TT: Pitching staff just about complete

    Araujo makes the club per Roch.
  5. Who's the RH platoon in RF if Hays starts at AAA?

    Things change, like injuries and other options off the waiver wire. Just looking for what the rule was.
  6. Flaherty Executes Opt Out (Released)

    Flaherty only started 4 games at third in September after Davis got suspended. Johnson, Paredes, and Davis started most of the games at third that month.
  7. Who's the RH platoon in RF if Hays starts at AAA?

    Does the 10 day rule apply before the season starts?
  8. Who's the RH platoon in RF if Hays starts at AAA?

    On the surface it makes sense for Santander to be the RF against lefties. But if they don't carry a bench MI, I think you'll see Valencia in right when Davis starts at first. If Valencia is the DH and an infielder gets ejected or hurt, you kill the DH. It's minor, I know, but Buck usually plays to those contingencies.
  9. My 25-man roster prediction (as of 3/7/18)

    I'd carry the extra bullpen piece, I think. When Trumbo comes back you will need to drop one. Though not many guys have options, injuries have a way of making it work. Or you could go with an in house MI option that you don't care about losing when Trumbo comes back. I think I'd start the season with Castro as the fifth starter and then send him down when Cobb comes up. Should only be 2-3 starts, right?
  10. My 25-man roster prediction (as of 3/7/18)

    I hope they don't use Hays as the short side of a platoon. I'd rather they give Santander full time ABs between RF and DH.
  11. TT: Pitching staff just about complete

    Does this mean the early turn fifth starter, or is Tillman in play here?
  12. No, I now get that you didn't mean September. I didn't know that before my first post.
  13. That's not what I got out of your post above.