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  1. I'd like to know when he was told he had the ninth. Suero threw around 30 pitches in the eighth. They were up 21-1 when the pinched hit for Suero. Was Kelley up and getting loose after the eighth, or was he told after they lifted Suero? If so, when? In the blowout, did Martinez lose track of his bullpen management? Earlier in the day, Kinzler was traded to open room for a guy who can pitch multiple innings (Suero). Then he can't in a 20 run game. After 30 pitches, he was lost for today anyway. It may seem like I'm defending Kelley, I'm not. You can't act like that. But....I could see how the inexperience of the manager could have put him in a bad situation. Everyone will want to quiet this down, but it's conceivable that there was more to it than being angry about being used in a blowout.
  2. backwardsk

    '18-'19 Free Agency strategy

    Only thing I'd look for in FA is an infielder who can catch the ball. I'd offer Beckham a contract, see if he gets hot like 2017. I guess Villar at 2B. If you are not happy with the utility guys we have now for third, go out and get a guy who can help the pitching.
  3. What did you make of the Shawn Kelley situation?
  4. backwardsk

    The Darren O’Day appreciation thread

    Being in the stands, game 2 2012, with the O'Day chant was one of my better memories at the yard.
  5. Dylan Bundy liked this tweet, btw.
  6. backwardsk

    A big middle finger to the Sox

    While the umpires stop the game, the home team makes the decision to start the game. (At least that's what I read) That's what he's complaining about-they started a game when they knew the heavy storms were less than an hour away.
  7. backwardsk

    Tracking Ex Oriole Thread

    Travis Driskill's son Tanner was drafted by Washington.
  8. backwardsk

    Ongoing Lineup Thread, 2018

    Santander at DH, Valencia at 1B.
  9. Let the Sardinas era begin!
  10. backwardsk

    2018 Redskins

    I'd take him if the price was right and he was clear on his expected targets.
  11. backwardsk

    2018 Washington Nationals

    Severino should get the bulk of the starts.
  12. backwardsk

    The defense thread, 2018

    Thought this would be the best place to put this. Pedro Alvarez taking ground balls at 3rd base #orioles
  13. backwardsk

    Wright vs. Tillman vs. anybody else

    Would he have to go down to get stretched out first?
  14. backwardsk

    Wright vs. Tillman vs. anybody else

    Schoop may go the DL. Keeping Tillman for the bullpen is a bad idea. So if he's not the starter, then there should be an open spot.