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  1. Caleb Joseph pitched today for the Diamondbacks who have at least 5 former Orioles on their 25 man roster.
  2. Breaking Bad and The Wire. I echo Weams with Better Call Saul. It’s still going. I think it’s through three of five seasons.
  3. Says he’s stable and should recover. When I went to bed last night it was eerily similar to Sean Taylor...robbery, shot in leg. Glad to read he’s doing okay this morning.
  4. So what do they do for next year? I don’t understand the nuances of the NBA’s cap structure. They have only a few guys signed for next season including Wall. Can they get rid of Mahimi and Howard and keep Bryant? Would everyone else have to be draft picks and minimum salaries?
  5. What does wcs mean here?
  6. 1B - Aubrey Huff 2B - Bret Barberie 3B - Chris Sabo SS - Manny Alexander OF Jay Payton OF Karim Garcia OF Marty Cordova C Ramon Hernandez Terry Kennedy, Garrett Atkins, David Segui, Sammy Sosa, Brandon Fahey Omar Daal, Sidney Ponson, Matt Riley, Adam Eaton, Rick Helling Steve Kline, Damion Moss, Mike DeJean, Michael Gonzalez, Kevin Gregg, Danys Baez, Jonathan Papelbon
  7. I have it in my top 3 shows of all-time. Russell and Rhys are a couple in real life.
  8. backwardsk

    RG3 2.0

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/ravens-robert-griffin-iii-being-sued-by-former-agent-for-more-than-650000-in-unpaid-fees/amp/ Might need to garnish his checks.
  9. I think it's fair to question the Love, Miller, and Holecomb picks because they went way higher than expected and Love is hurt. However, Dr Andrews did Love's surgery so they are well informed on that. If Miller or Holecomb hit, they'll need to promote Smith before they lose him. I think you may be right on the UDFA OT. They still need a swing tackle and he could compete for that.
  10. Do you have any opinion on McLaurin? I've been reading up on him and really like what I hear. He's dedicated to blocking in the run game and is a beast on special teams. That gives a team great flexibility when deciding who is active on Sundays.
  11. Draft weekend recap: I was bummed out by the Haskins pick on Thursday night when it was made. If you told me before the draft that we'd land Haskins I would think one of two things. 1) We gave up a boatload of resources to go get him, or 2) If he did fall to 15, we'd miss out on a high profile pass rusher. 1) Nope, had 10 picks. 2) Drafted Montez Sweat. Great work. I wanted a guard and wide receiver with the two third round picks. They ended up with two receivers McLaurin and Harmon. Honestly, I wasn't looking at them because I thought they'd both be gone by the their pick. They get McLaurin in the third and Harmon in the sixth. Great work. They come away with two interior offensive linemen. I knew about the Alabama guard/center and he was drafted where he was expected. I didn't know anything about the Indiana guard. They have been able to draft interior lineman in the mid rounds and turn them into starters (Spencer Long/Chase Roullier). Hopefully one can push for the starting LG position. Not terrible They draft a RB who had over 2,000 rushing yards in 2017. He's currently injured. But with 10 picks you can take that gamble if you think he can help you in 2020. Brave pick Cornerback, Jimmy Moreland. I love the Dukes so I love this pick. Hope he has a chance to make the team. Currently, I see them with 13 DBs who could potentially make the team. They'll need to cut it down to 10 or 11. I would really consider releasing Josh Norman if you think Dunbar is 100 percent going into training camp. I'd have to study up on the impact of releasing his contract at this time and determine if the benefits outweigh the concerns. Go Dukes The rest: They get a speedy/productive ILB from North Carolina. Cole Holecomb. One thing for certain is that Mason Foster was slow. I don't know if he can challenge Dion Hamilton for the inside position with Reuben Foster, but he can make an impact as a special teamer. Holecomb, McLaurin, and Moreland can all really help special teams. With the second to last pick they get another DE/OLB. Jordan Brailford. A lot of production in college. Has a chance for the 4th OLB position behind Kerrigan, Anderson, and Sweat. A really excellent draft. Haskins. Things I don't like: He's chunky. You look at him and you don't get the feeling that he's in great condition. Appears that he has a stage dad. Probably not a big deal, but PSTD from the Griffin years. The majority of his deep throws are made with a very good pocket. Can he make things happen under duress. What I like: Rocket Arm. Makes progressions Appears very football smart when interviewed and dialing up plays. Had lots of screens that went for big plays, but made the right decision and hit his guy in stride. I hope they don't force things with him and let him develop with Gruden, O'Connell, and Cavanaugh. He could end up being a great pick!
  12. We're only seven games out of the second wildcard.
  13. During the draft process a number of teams tried to convert to defensive back. He's got the athleticism and football IQ.
  14. Great value with Harmon in the sixth round. I didn't think he nor McLauren would be available in the third. Don't know anything about the Indiana guard or UNC linebacker. Love the Jimmy Moreland pick. Go Dukes! Hopefully the Bryce Love pick works out. It's a risk you can take with 10 picks. Pretty happy overall.
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