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  1. De Grom's elbow is "barking". Going to get an MRI. Good thing he got his money.
  2. Unless there is a crazy video of him taking bong hits, like Miami's tackle, yeah, he's top 10. Maybe even number 5 to Tampa. Yahoo! Sports did their mock draft today and had Marquise Brown to Baltimore.
  3. Wait, are you saying Metcalf is a top 5 prospect or a top 5, receiving prospect? I cant agree with the former, but could get behind the latter. Though I think I'd prefer Harry, Whiteside, Butler, Brown and Brown.
  4. I have a hard time seeing either of those guys slipping past 15. I'd be shocked to see White fall out of the top 10. Guys slip all of the time, but I'd still be pretty surprised. May be a little too high to get Mack Wilson at that spot.
  5. Rueben Foster has been cleared. Big news to get before the draft
  6. Surprised this thread wasn't bumped for the Albies news. Atlanta got themselves two great deals.
  7. It's not so much the challenges, but the under 2 minute situations. You could conceivably look at every pass for pass interference.
  8. Good for you! I have a lot of family and friends connections so I'm really happy for them. I have a picture with John Crotty when he coached me at a basketball camp. Haha. Think Jerome sticks around? What Bennett has done for that program is seriously underrated nationally.
  9. That's what happens when you leave the guy who is on his way out in charge of the tear down.
  10. DeAndre Hunter woke up in the second half. He's usually the best player on the court and last night he finally played like it. That was a really exciting game.
  11. He may play as long as Atlanta wants him. I don't see him going anywhere else either. At $4M per, that's something the Braves may be interested in.
  12. https://legacy.baseballprospectus.com/compensation/cots/american-league/cleveland-indians-2/ What am I missing here. Looks like payroll for the 25 man is down from 2018. In any event, if baseball has a competitive team that are unable to go to $160M in payroll to support their roster, that's a problem IMO.
  13. Cleveland not making Jones a bigger offer is a head scratcher.
  14. Hypothetical: These guys are gone in the top 14 Murray, Haskins, Lock, Taylor, JWilliams, Hockenson, Fant (7) Bosa, Allen, QWilliams, Ferrell, Sweat, Gary, Smith (7) Would you trade up to 15 to take the next pick, and if so what would you give up?
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