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  1. Snutchy

    PED Suspensions Coming

    I cant believe I just subjected myself to reading this mess. This thread has brought out the dumbest of the dumb. Some of you need to be ashamed of yourselves.
  2. Snutchy

    Whither DocShorebird?

    The Doc is very much doing well. I promise.
  3. Snutchy

    Padres DFA The OH Heartthrob: Chase Headley

    I think maybe Brandon Wood as well.
  4. Snutchy

    vs. RED SOX, 4/14

  5. Snutchy

    Cortes is DFA'd, Ramirez brought up

    I'm with you. I was all in on the guy, but it looks like I'm no scout.
  6. Snutchy

    Rare 1-2-5 DP

    How many of them have their actually been?
  7. Snutchy

    Who's Coming Up Next?

    If they don't cut Wright he needs to pitch what Bundy doesn't. Orioles should only use 2 pitchers tomorrow. Bundy and Wright.
  8. Snutchy

    vs. YANKEES, 4/08

    Davis is going to wind up pitching again. That or let Cashner go 30 pitches.
  9. Snutchy

    Mike Wright is not a major league pitcher.

    I'm wondering if they'll let Cashner go 30 pitches.
  10. Snutchy

    Mike Wright is not a major league pitcher.

    Mike Wright has really caused a pickle. This game may go extra innings and Davis will likely have to pitch again. Seriously, there can't be anybody left out in the bullpen.
  11. Snutchy

    Mike Wright is not a major league pitcher.

    See, I'm just don't know about that. He obviously has a live arm and good stuff, but he rattles too easy. Always seems like he has Tillmanitis. Takes him an inning or two before he settles.
  12. Snutchy

    Mike Wright is not a major league pitcher.

    This is not meant as any disrespect to him, but he needs to be DFA'd for a reliever tomorrow.
  13. This is not a reactionary post. He has proven it time after time that he doesn't belong at this level. Even the new version of Tillman is better. Cobb can't get here fast enough.
  14. Snutchy

    TT: Time for Tillman To Go

    I'm at the end of page 4 of this and refuse to read any longer before commenting. I can't believe what I'm reading. To sum it up, 4 games into the season and the Orioles are tanking and should admit it to themselves. 1 start into the season for Tillman and he's dishonest and people do unethical things for money. The inner harbor is filled with the salt of Orioles fans tears. Shew.
  15. Snutchy

    2018 Andrew Cashner

    Not worried about one game that was hovering around 40 degrees. One thing is for sure, his arm is alive and he can ramp it up to throw it by them. He's just gotta locate better, which will probably come with warmer weather.