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  1. Bowie's website has him listed as temporarily inactive.
  2. I don't either as long as it stays on topic.
  3. Okay, it's time to get this thread back on topic. This is a good thread that is about to be locked.
  4. I'll tell you why I like and enjoy the Hangout: The actual friendships that I've made through this place. I joined on this very day TWELVE years ago. In that twelve years I've made some pretty cool friends that transitioned offline and met a bunch of folks. I've had countless conversations with @RevOlution that helped me get through an awful breakup in the past. I've since gotten married and have 3 amazing daughters. Rev helped me get through that. I've taken my family to meet @weams and @justD for breakfast on our way to Rochester. I've pounded brewskies with @Dipper9 in Pittsburgh and we keep up with each other. @ScottieBaseball and I trade Mike Tyson memes on Facebook and we keep up with each other. Tony and I will banter on Facebook. He will never admit when I'm right. He's worse than my wife. Doesn't get any better than that if you ask me. I will always appreciate OH for what it is.
  5. Thing is, Trate lives in Bear, DE. That's a hike back and forth to Salisbury. Much shorter drive to Aberdeen from Bear that could be easily commuted everyday. I wonder if he had his sights set on Aberdeen and didn't get it. 35 mins versus almost 2 hours. And I do believe they hired a hitting coach for Aberdeen this year.
  6. That's exactly who he reminded me of. He looked very solid.
  7. Buck's Nuggets and now Brandon's Boys.
  8. I feel like Melvin Mora kinda fit that description. I've had a few tonight, so I'm probably wrong.
  9. Agreed. Shares a birthday with my oldest. Tweeted happy birthday to her a few years ago. I was far more exited about it than she was.
  10. I agree with the travel part, because it really is a wash. It has been 15 years, but they were there for 40 or so. I'm up there a lot and there are plenty of O's fans. Funny story, I was up there a few years ago for an ALS walk to support my uncle. I was approached by this mid-fifties gentleman because of my O's hat. We had a nice long conversation about the history of the Orioles and how much a fan he is. Turns out that he is a senator. Robach or something. My mother in law was quite amused.
  11. Didn't know that, but thanks for the info! I'm in Rochester quite a bit so I was familiar with that part.
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