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  1. Cobb only thread

    MLB At Bat. Pay the $3 a month and you can listen to every radio feed available. Even in market. You can also follow every box score as it happens.
  2. Cobb only thread

    Yea I don't see how this makes PHI signing him more likely. He's going to miss two months at most.
  3. I agree. He is a kid that has been followed by a camera most of his young adult life. He is still growing-up. The biggest test for him last year was when Boston tried to kill him on multiple occasions and he handled it well. Could have been a little better with the press stuff, but he didn't fight back on the field.
  4. This thread has just about run its course.
  5. Does adding Moustakas alter the balance of power in AL East?

    If they go that cheap to someone else, it wont be because the Orioles weren't involved. If they go that cheap, just about everyone would be in on them and it would be about preference.
  6. Does adding Moustakas alter the balance of power in AL East?

    Last year he would have gotten 6 years at 15 per. Sickening. There is a strike coming.
  7. Moustakas signs with the Royals.

    Link. Wow. 1 year, 6.5m guaranteed. A 15m mutual option for 2019. This market is brutal. He turned down the 17.4m qualifying offer and lost. Last year he would have pulled a 6 year deal at 15m per. There is a strike coming.
  8. Tillman

    3 weeks left.
  9. Tillman

    I've got a friend who was down there for dream week. He told me that one of the coaches down there said that Tillman was throwing better than he ever has. We shall see.
  10. Updates on Hunter Harvey

    This is also more than likely why he was given #39.
  11. Updates on Hunter Harvey

    Had a chance to listen to the Rays radio feed today and their guys were gushing over him.
  12. Susac Out with Health Issue

    Indeed I do. I had recurring sinus infections for the better part of a year. I would go to my doctor and he would prescribe antibiotics and I would be on my way. It would get better and then come back a month later. Turns out, I had MRSA in my sinuses and had to have a PICC line inserted just above my heart just like Tynes did. I had a nurse come to my house twice a week to check on me. I had to infuse my own antibiotics three times a day for a month and a half. Long story short, they better scrub those facilities and then scrub them again.
  13. Does Adam Jones Want to Stay Here Past 2018?

    Correct. They also extended Jones and Markakis. Those were good extensions. It's not about the ability to retain, it's about retaining the right ones and cutting bait with or trading those who aren't.
  14. According to Roch, Harvey was assigned Gauman's old locker and number. I thought that numbers that low are usually reserved for those going north with the big club? Probably nothing to see here.
  15. I thought it was Darth Vader. But Moose's mom will do.